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  1. Fotomac
    November 1st, 2016 7:33 PM
    Anyway, for the TCNS I'm thinking of expanding the Pokédex to a distinct form known as the Kanto Pokédex somewhere down the line. I know the evolved and pre-evolved forms of all Kanto Pokémon will feature, as will the Togepi line, the Pikablu line, the Houndour line, the Slugma line, and other lines exclusive to Kanto in Gen II/Gen IV. My reasoning behind this, obviously, is a sort of "take that" to the crap mechanics forced upon hapless FR/LG players which force them to obtain the National Dex, after beating the Elite Four, before they could get anything beyond the original 151. Any others that would be good additions? (Personally, I think I should include at least one Pokémon or Pokémon family that can learn Bide by levelling up, what with the TM overhaul I earlier mentioned.) For obvious reasons, I need to know so I can request the requisite backsprite and/or Blue-style art from whoever is able to do them (last I checked, the Blue-style Marill/Pikablu sprite is currently being worked on).
  2. Fotomac
    November 1st, 2016 11:23 AM
    Oh, how do you program new Poké Balls (e.g. those introduced in Gen III)?
  3. BettyNewbie
    October 31st, 2016 10:12 PM
    Yep, I know I'm probably about the only person who thinks of it this way, but I still see Red++ as more of a rombase than a "real" hack anyway, so those hacks are kind of like... helping it achieve its potential. Brown++ is a way of paying tribute to the reason that I'm here in the first place. I found Brown while looking for the normal games, started playing it, and said "Wow, people can actually hack these? I want to do that!" so I googled some tools and started playing with them on my own, in hopes that one day the random ideas and maps I put in notebooks in my spare time could become a "real" Pokemon game, since my current other option (RM2K) wasn't really suited at all to making a Pokemon game due to how different the battle engine was and the fact that you couldn't change it. And the rest, as they say, is history. So bringing the first hack I ever played into the modern era seems like a fitting thing to use Red++ as a base for, and the Orange Islands are a bit of the same. I also remember the old incredibly lackluster Orange Islands hacks, and thought it would be fun to try and do them properly for once.
    Brown really is an incredible hack. It was the first game to really show people what could be done on a simple Gen 1 base. It deserves the ++ treatment, I'd say.

    Here's a Let's Play of that crappy old Blue hack I mentioned earlier. It's called "Pokémon Orange," and for whatever reason, you play as Jessie and your rival's James (although, as expected, their battle sprites still show Red and Blue).

    I still have lots of things. Hell, I still listen to cassette tapes. And even though I don't like routinely listen to that stuff, it's still nostalgic for me, and I do still listen to late 90s pop sometimes. Idgaf what people think of me for it lol. And as we already established, I never "grew out of" Pokemon. I remember one time relatively recently, I was over at Mom and Dad's house, and Mom was all "Well, I guess you were right after all." and I was like "...about what?" and she was all "Back in the 90s when I said Pokemon was a fad and you'd grow out of it, and you said you wouldn't, there were adults who played Pokemon, and you would still be playing it when you were an adult. And well, you're an adult, and you never stopped liking it, still play it, and still hack it, so I guess you were right and I was wrong." And I didn't really know what to do with that.
    You're amazing.

    I'll admit that I sometimes go back and listen to the stuff I listened to as a kid in the late 90s/early 00s. It makes me feel good and nostalgic, regardless of whether or not it's "cool" or "hip."

    Pokemon takes me back to that era, too, although in different ways. It's one reason why I have trouble connecting to anything past Kanto/Johto/Orange. Hoenn, Sinnoh, and the like just weren't my era.

    They already added Digivolving, at least they didn't get the animators from Digimon to take over, too. Not that Yokai Watch is any better, though.

    Sun/Moon might as well be called "Pokémon Does Yokai Watch," because obvious ripoffs are obvious...

    Sad to see Pokémon reduced to chasing after some dumb kiddy crap like Yokai Watch. Remember when Pokémon was the one other franchises were ripping off?

    As stupid as it looks, going back and reading old Pokedex entries, it seems like Alola Exeggutor is really what he was supposed to be all along. Dex entries often say that they originated in the tropics, and grow a lot bigger in sunny tropical areas. So in that sense, they aren't just BS-ing, they're making good on what they always said. Although to be fair, Hoenn probably should've had Alola Exeggutors too by that logic, and that still doesn't explain the stupid Dragon typing.

    I can't make any excuses for most of the others, though. Dugtrio over there looking like the He-Man Triplets and whatnot.
    I've heard that Alola Exeggutor may have been inspired by old TCG art of it:

    As for the Dragon typing, I have no clue. Of course, this marks the second time in a row that GF slapped the Dragon typing onto the alternate form of a Gen 1 Pokémon (first one being Mega Charizard X) instead of doing anything with the ACTUAL Dragon from Gen 1.

    (Seriously, they doled out Megas to literally every pre-Gen 5 Pseudo EXCEPT Dragonite. If Megas have to exist, they should at least be fair.)
  4. BettyNewbie
    October 30th, 2016 8:21 PM
    Even if it doesn't get included in Red++, I have a feeling that I'll end up involved in an Orange Islands hack using Red++ as a base at some point. I wanna say I've discussed the idea with Cartmic (another old hacker who I keep in touch with) so that could still happen. We've also been given Koolboyman's blessing and support to make "Pokemon Brown++" once Red++ is done. It would be the same region and story as Brown, but with all the updates and features that Red++ brings to the table, and any other tweaks and improvements that we (including Koolboyman) think are fitting. So those are two things to look forward to at some unknown time in the future. Gotta finish Red++ first, and gonna be finishing Christmas before that, so it'll still be a ways off. But yeah.
    Whoa, you're planning a Brown++? That would be awesome!

    I have yet to really see a hack that does the Orange Islands justice. Way too many crappy GBA hacks like Naranja floating around. I've also played this really old/bad/glitchy Blue hack that was based on the Orange Islands.

    And yep, I still have that soundtrack on CD, and actually listened to it the other day because I could. And yep, I'm very familiar with Billie aka Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler :p
    Wow, had no idea you still owned it, let alone still listened to it.

    I had it as a kid, but I gave it away once I hit middle school. I grew out of teen pop around the time I grew out of Pokémon.

    Yeah, I really dislike the art style they went with for the Sun & Moon anime. He barely even looks like Ash anymore.
    It looks really cheap and outdated. I guess after the ratings collapsed in the XY saga, they had to slash the budget and cut corners.

    They're also trying to appeal more to the Yokai Watch crowd, which of course means that Ash needs to be hit with the stupid stick and act like some dumb n00b 8 year old.

    Double Battles would've been a nice gimmick for them. It would've been their style, too, since Gamefreak loves shoving a new battling gimmick in our faces when they come up with it. Oh, there are Mega Evolutions now? Better make XY/ORAS be like 99.44% pure mega evolutions. Oh there are Z-Moves now? Rev up those Z Bracelets cause we're going Z-Moving!
    At least doubles weren't completely dropped/scrapped after Gen 3 like Megas have seemingly been in Gen 7. And, Z-Moves don't seem to be anything more than a glorified Explosion, completely lame and useless.

    And, DON'T get me started on those "Alola Forms." Talk about a new low from GF...
  5. Fotomac
    October 30th, 2016 6:09 PM
    Alpha 2.0 is now available, and as always, I've included a copy of the source code with it.
  6. BettyNewbie
    October 30th, 2016 6:07 PM
    Well, Johto is my favorite region, but the Orange Islands were fun. So if I had to choose, I'd go with my favorite region. :p
    All I can say is that I trust you to handle it well, no matter what you do.

    Yeah, I sometimes wish we could go back in time and stop 4kids from being a thing, and let someone who knew what they were doing be in charge of the dubs, for that and related reasons. #BrocksDonuts
    You'd really love this.

    The soundtrack that 4Kids threw together for the first movie is SO dated it hurts. It's a literal Who's Who of cheesy late 90s pop music (Britney, Christina, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, Aaron Carter, the list goes on).

    As a Doctor Who fan, you should probably recognize the singer named "Billie" on the soundtrack.

    Ash's OTP is Ash x Being 10. I almost believe the fan theory that Ash never grows up because he saw Ho-oh at the start of his journey. According to one of his 'dex entries, "It possesses seven-colored wings. It is said that those who see Ho-Oh are promised an eternal happiness." What is eternal happiness for Ash? Being 10 and on an adventure with his Pikachu.
    Yeah, that theory actually works pretty well, LOL. I hope they have Gary return with Blue's new grown up design just to finally prove it to us and give us a good laugh.

    Plus, Ash, if anything, may have actually REGRESSED in age in the Sun/Moon series:

    What's worse than being a stupid 10 year old loser? A stupid 8 year old loser, that's what!

    Gen 3's, like you say, had the Champion being the only one people talked about, reused types (did this with the Gyms too) and had trainers that couldn't put together a decent team with the Pokemon they made available. That aspect of Gen 3 felt rushed and was a let-down in general.
    If there was a gen to do something different with the E4, it was Gen 3. Why couldn't they have based the Hoenn Elites around a theme other than monotype? Or, made them all double battles? As the first non-Indigo E4, they should've had a different "gimmick" to set them apart. Instead, what we got were poor man's versions of Karen, Agatha, Lorelei, and Lance, with half of them not even able to throw together decent teams.
  7. BettyNewbie
    October 30th, 2016 3:46 PM
    They haven't been scrapped yet, I still want to do them. I just mean if there turns out to only be enough space for one region, then I would go with Johto. But whether or not they make it in, Tracey will still happen. I probably worded that wrong. I just meant that I have my doubts as to whether both will work, and if they don't, I'd go with the canon regions. But like I said, I do still want to use the Orange Islands too if I can.
    I kind of favor Orange over Johto since A) it's never been in a game so it'd be new, and B) it's more connected to Gen 1. Plus, having Johto means having to do something with Ho-oh and the Dogs, which may take attention away from Lugia and the Birds.

    I wanna say only the second movie actually came to my local theater. We had to drive to another city to see the first one, then the second one came to the theater here, and then I don't think the third one came here but I could be mis-remembering. I'm not surprised at all that it did poorly, although I am surprised that critics liked it better than the first two.
    Yeah, I saw all three in theaters myself. I loved the first two, while I thought the third one was boring.

    Again, critics clearly weren't the target audience for these movies, so them liking Entei better than Mewtwo and Lugia doesn't mean much. Plus, the Mewtwo movie suffered from having a bad dub, so it's almost not even a fair comparison. I think the first movie would've scored far higher had the dub closely followed the original Japanese version.

    Exactly. Ash is a lost cause at this point, he's always going to suck, and gets worse with every new season. But the characters they don't show can be doing anything that makes sense for them in our minds.
    Which is why I can only laugh at Pokeshipping 2.0, aka. Amourshipping. These teens seriously thought that Serena was Ash's One True Love and that she was going to join him in Alola and eventually grow up to marry him and all that crap. They completely fell for the writers' shipping bait and are now all shocked and butthurt that Serena's getting promptly written off and replaced with a new girl just like every other female protagonist on this series.

    Ash is always going to be some dumb 10 year old forever and ever, so he's never going to have a One True Love. It's a waste of time to ship anyone with him at this point.

    I don't know, I feel like Gen 3 was still really the start of it, since the E4 in Gen 2 was just a continuation of the story from Gen 1. Obviously, Agatha and Lorelei being unceremoniously scrapped was a bummer, but I still feel like Gen 3 was worse about it than Gen 2 imo.
    If Gen 2 seemed a little better, I guess it was because the Champion was a former E4 member (Lance) instead of a brand new character like Steven or Barbie.

    Gen 3's biggest problem was that it completely reused types that had already been used in the Indigo E4. For being the first non-Indigo Elites, you'd think that GF would've been more creative with the Hoenn E4 (especially when Phoebe and Glacia didn't even have enough Pokémon of their respective types to put together decent teams).
  8. BettyNewbie
    October 30th, 2016 2:15 PM
    And yep, the planned post-game is Johto. What I'd kinda LIKE to do is put in a small Orange Islands as a second region, then let you go to Johto. But that is probably going to be too much, so Orange Islands will almost certainly be cut in favor of Johto. ROM size shouldn't be an issue, but space in the save file might become problematic with too many areas, since I'd have to have space to store flags and variables used by all the new events and trainers and whatnot. So I feel like it would be better to stick with canon regions than anime-only regions in that case.
    So, the Orange Islands have been scrapped. I guess we're not going to see Tracey, then?

    I don't think the Entei movie even came to the theater here. I know I watched the first two in theaters, but I only saw the later ones by renting them on VHS. The Entei/Unown movie was pretty weak for sure. I'd rather have had one that was Ho-oh and the Dogs instead, and gotten a better Celebi movie earlier like you say. I think others would've felt the same way, too.
    As far as I know, Entei was the last Pokémon movie to be released in theaters nationally in the US, and it was a total flop (although critics supposedly liked it a little better than the previous two, but critics were never the target audience of these movies anyways).

    According to Bulbapedia, Takeshi Shudo hated how the movie turned out:

    The identity of the woman who returned home with Spencer Hale was not revealed in the movie itself, but was confirmed in the screenplay to be her mother. This also acted as one of the reasons why Takeshi Shudo retired from making Pokémon movies after this movie as well as the start of his retirement from any Pokémon anime-related media, as he, upon learning who she was by getting a copy of the screenplay, mentioned that Sonoda had fundamentally misunderstood the point behind his screenplay, stating that had his own mother been alive and he been in Molly's shoes, he would have never abducted another person's mother.

    Well, we can still have the head canon that she went on to fulfill her dreams off-camera eventually. I'd rather believe she did it and we didn't get to see it than believe she was stuck being miserable and forgotten.
    Yeah, that's about all we have left. *sigh* I guess, at least, we didn't have to see Misty remain a perpetual 10 year old loser for 20 years like a certain other character.

    Well, it started in Gen 3, which is one of the times we got a new showrunner and the games tried to distance themselves from the old games. I'm sure it's just another thing they did to try and make things fresh that didn't work out so well in our eyes.
    Actually, I'd say that the marginalization of the E4 began in Gen 2. Those were the first games to treat the Champion as a separate, more powerful trainer rank (instead of simply whoever beat the E4), and the replacing of Lorelei and Agatha without fanfare marked the beginning of E4 members being seen as unimportant, disposable characters.

    And, while the Gen 1 Elites had anime cameos and got to appear in stuff like Monopoly and Master Trainer, the only non-game canon to even acknowledge the Gen 2 E4 was Adventures (which acknowledges everything from the games in its own twisted, emo way). Karen and Will never appeared in the anime, nor in any other manga or promotional tie-in.

    (This, by extension, has also meant that Janine doesn't exist anywhere besides the games and Adventures, as well, since she only ever existed to fill Koga's old Gym Leader role. Plus, the anime had previously created a new character in Aya that already filled any role Janine could've possibly played in the anime, anyways.)
  9. Fotomac
    October 30th, 2016 9:16 AM
    Well, actually it's rather difficult to just copy and paste everything when you don't know what to copy and paste. But in any case, the Github rep is now up, with a couple of constants I had time to do last night plus battle sprites for the Gen I and Gen II Pokémon and backsprites for the Gen I Pokémon, just to give people an idea of the visuals to expect. I'll try to do some more work on it later this week, but for now I've got to finish work on the next alpha for the TCNS, which is due for release this evening.
  10. BettyNewbie
    October 29th, 2016 8:24 PM
    That could be cool! Yeah, I'm sure people wouldn't expect it if they go into Cerulean Cave and see Rockets inside. Then Sabrina could be stood on the pedastal in front of Mewtwo and talk to you, then a couple of Rocket Executives show up, and the two of you battle them. It would be sort of like the Lance event in GSC. Then once the Rockets are defeated, Sabrina lets you talk to Mewtwo.

    Then, after that, you could get a call from Prof. Oak asking you to return to the lab, and he'll give you a ticket so you can take the Seagallop Ferry to Johto, to help investigate rumours that Team Rocket is causing trouble over there, as a nice segue into the post-game.
    Glad you like the idea. Even without Sabrina, I always felt that Cerulean Cave should've been part of a TR plot. It's kind of dull in vanilla, where it's nothing more than a place to catch Mewtwo and grind on high-leveled Pokémon.

    So, Johto is the planned postgame? Always wanted to see how it was before GSC.

    Definitely agree. A Celebi movie more closely related to the game would've been better than the Celebi movie we got and definitely better than the Entei/Unown movie.
    It may not have also bombed in theaters like the Entei movie did.

    Plus, this also means that they could've also done a movie based around Ho-oh and the Legendary Dogs since Entei wouldn't be getting its own movie. Never liked how Ho-oh never got its own movie.

    As for Misty, it definitely hurt to see her grow as a character just to stagnate and be swept aside.
    Hard to believe that it's now been 11 years since she was last seen on the show, and 14 years since she was last a regular cast member.

    What upsets me the most about her was that she was written off without having ever been allowed to fulfill her goal. She wanted to be the greatest master of Water Pokémon, not be stuck running a gym with her bimbo sisters. We got glimpses of this with the Whirl Cup arc, but it was her final season, so it was too little, too late.

    It is really weird how they've started doing that sort of thing with the E4 though. They're supposed to be the greatest trainers in the region, and to a certain extent, they're kind of like the defacto military, stopping threats that are too great for the normal police force (since Lt. Surge was an American, the Elite Four are probably like the JSDF) as evidenced by them being dispatched to take down Team Rocket attacks. To have them suddenly be ignored is such a weird shift.
    I'm not sure if they were necessarily the military (I always felt that Rocket butt-kicking was something Lance did on his own time), but they were definitely treated as more important characters in Gen 1 than they were in Gen 2.

    I mean, consider that they were the among the few NPCs to even have unique OW sprites in RBY, something that even the Gym Leaders didn't have. They were also frequently alluded to throughout the game as these powerful, superstar trainers that others looked up to.

    It seems that the shift to the E4 being generic bosses happened once they started making Champions their own characters (vs just being the rival like in RBY). They started to no longer be seen as the strongest trainers in the game and became just obstacles standing in front of the Champion, little different from the Lasses and Youngsters you see in front of Gym Leaders. Wonder why this happened?
  11. Fotomac
    October 29th, 2016 8:15 PM
    It's actually a bit hard to build from scratch, which is what I was planning to do. Obviously, I'll start with the constants folder, since that seems to be easiest.
  12. BettyNewbie
    October 28th, 2016 9:13 PM
    [QUOTE]Only catch with that is, why was Sabrina around to befriend Mewtwo? It doesn't seem like it would be immediately apparent what the Gym Leader from Saffron was doing in Cinnabar Island's research lab while it was working on a top secret experiment for the Rockets. The logical answer seems to be that she was hired to help control Mewtwo once it displayed Psychic abilities, and she befriended and helped Mewtwo instead of trying to domesticate him for the Rocket Scientists. I guess we'd just need to have a way to explain that in-game.[/QUOTE

    That's a really good idea. Sabrina, of course, probably needs to be in Cerulean Cave. Maybe, there's also Rockets in there that she and Mewtwo are trying to fight off.

    They should've just done the GS Ball the same way it was in the games. Have him receive it in Goldenrod, take it back to Kurt, and then encounter Celebi. Have it not even be part of the normal episodes at all, and purely part of the Celebi Pokemon Movie. There was no need to make such a long and awkward deal out of what was originally a tiny side quest key item.
    It would also worked had they just done Celebi as the 3rd movie instead of Entei. The first Johto season ended with Ash delivering the GS Ball, which could've then been immediately followed up with the movie.

    Johto's lack of character development is a sore spot for me, as I really hate how the show handled Misty after Orange.

    Another possible idea is to expand the Item pocket even more, add some additional pockets for Berries and for Medicine and stuff, and then shrink the PC storage. I figure keep it around for things like the Potion at the start of the game and some other things, but maybe decrease its space to like 20 items, since you'd want to keep most of them on you anyway. Just a thought.
    That could work. I rarely use the PC in any gen besides the first, and that's only because of how awful the bag is.

    I looked back again, and I was wrong. It doesn't have any art of him, just his sprite blown up a bit in that section. Given the coloration all trainers used back then, that meant he had purple hair, as you pointed out here. My bad :p
    Well, the purple hair was actually an early anime design, and most strategy books even back then didn't use anime art.

    Looking around, it appears that Purple Lance also appeared in the second Master Trainer game they made that was based on Johto/Gen 2:

    Weird that he still had his old RB anime look here instead of the one he would actually appear in the Johto anime with. However, the game came out in 2001, and Lance didn't appear on the anime until 2002, so it's possible that no Gen 2 artwork for him existed yet when this was made.

    I should also point out that unlike in the original Master Trainer, the E4 don't appear in this. Gen 2 seemed to mark the beginning of E4 members being non-entities overshadowed by Gym Leaders and Champions rather than important, powerful NPCs, a trend that sadly hasn't broken much since then (step forward, PWT).

    The Gen 1 E4 still gets attention (most recently in Generations), and the Sinnoh E4 surprisingly got a lot of love from the Ash anime, but otherwise, the majority of E4 members are generally ignored (heck, the Gen 2 E4 likely doesn't even exist in the anime), many of whom aren't even anything more than generic punching bags even in their games. Pretty unfortunate.
  13. BettyNewbie
    October 27th, 2016 10:51 PM
    I could see that working, yeah. I also feel like Team Rocket needs to have some post-game encounter involving Mewtwo. I know Giovanni disbanded it in the gym, and I know that the Sevii Islands in FrLg had a Rocket event that was a precursor to the ones in GSC. I somewhat like the idea of various groups of Rockets acting autonomously, possibly with some in-fighting amongst Admins, and some groups not realizing Giovanni is gone, then the group we see in GSC would be the factions that won out. Not sure how to translate that idea properly into gameplay though, sounds more suited to a fanfic than the post-game of what is otherwise a pretty normal Red Version game. But even if it doesn't go in-depth with those ideas, I could see some sort of Rocket event where they are trying to recover Mewtwo, and also some events with the admins from HGSS as foreshadowing, while also completely ignoring the Sevii Islands (since this isn't a FireRed demake). I wouldn't make Sabrina into a Rocket or anything, but I can see how her involvement makes sense. Not really sure what to do for it, though.
    Maybe Sabrina befriended Mewtwo, who destroyed Cinnabar Mansion and fled to Cerulean Cave to escape from Giovanni and Team Rocket. Mewtwo could take some of his personality and backstory from the original Japanese version of the first movie, where he was an anti-hero rather than a villain (unlike in the dub).

    I wonder how it would feel to go back and watch the Johto series but skip all the filler episodes as much as possible? It's been so long that I'm not sure how horribly disjointed that would be, but it seems like an interesting idea, given the nature of the Johto arc.
    You can try it using this list. Keep in mind that the first Johto Season actually starts with the last few Orange Islands episodes, and that the last few Johto episodes are actually part of the first Advanced season. (Don't ask me why, but that's how this list is organized.)

    Of course, filler wasn't the only thing wrong with Johto. There was also a huge lack of character development, especially for Misty and Brock, and then there was the debacle that was the GS Ball.

    It isn't the same size bag as Gen 1. The PC is still 50 items like it was, but the Pack was increased slightly to 30 items instead of 20, bringing it up to the size of Gen 3's main item pocket. I was going to add other pockets while I was at it, but I wasn't really confident enough to try something like that in v2.0, and I couldn't go around shifting data in RAM and the save file in a minor update, so I'm just having to wait. But yeah, in v3.0 the plan is to have:
    - 30 item "Item Pocket"
    - Ball Pocket with enough slots for each type of Ball. Not sure on a number yet because I'm thinking about adding some of the specialized balls from later gens.
    - Key Item pocket, that can hold all Key Items. Some will be removed, such as the Town Map which would be part of the Pokegear thing
    - TM Case/Pocket that would hold all TMs and HMs. The plan would be to use a flag array like I said, meaning that instead of... 55 items times 2 bytes per entry plus the amount of items and cancel option, so.. instead of 112 bytes being needed to store the TMs and HMs as a normal item pocket, using a flag array would let me use... 7 bytes. That would only work since I wouldn't need to store a quantity for each item and they wouldn't need to have an actual Item ID. To be honest, they're barely items as it is, they're already treated as a special case in just about everything that DOES anything with items, they just have Item IDs so they can be in Item Balls and Marts. Sorry if that got too technical. Long story short, they don't have to act like normal items, so I can do them differently and save a lot of room by not treating it like a normal item pocket.
    Even with 10 more item spaces, the bag's still far too small.

    Love your ideas for the v3.0 bag. Sounds like it'll function similarly to FRLG's bag (which used a case for TMs instead of a normal pocket).

    I can see the Clair connections. I forgot that he used to be purple, even though I had Pokemon Monopoly, Pokemon Master Trainer, and the Gen 1 strategy guide lol.
    I've read that the purple hair came from his RB sprite:

    By the time of Yellow, official art came out depicting him as a redhead, and the rest is history.

    BTW, what strategy guide are you referring to? I know Purple Lance was in those board games, but I don't recall ever seeing him in any strategy guides.
  14. Fotomac
    October 27th, 2016 11:18 AM
    Oh, I'm thinking of moving HandleBuildingRage from "engine/battle/core.asm" as part of a bug fix. To what file and folder would you suggest I move it?
  15. Mugdho01
    October 25th, 2016 9:50 PM

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