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  1. Åzurε
    January 28th, 2010 10:29 PM
    I just got a Google ad for a Moog Etherwave (an obscure instrument) in the Pokemon Q&A thread I just started. \o/
  2. ArcanineOod
    January 7th, 2010 4:47 PM
    I do apologise if my comment in the weapons thread seemed at all rude. I was simply taken aback by the whole "You'll get yours" thing. =3
  3. I Laugh at your Misfortune!
    January 4th, 2010 6:45 PM
    I Laugh at your Misfortune!
  4. I Laugh at your Misfortune!
    January 2nd, 2010 2:29 PM
    I Laugh at your Misfortune!
    Why use a sword? Sword-chucks, yo!
  5. I Laugh at your Misfortune!
    January 2nd, 2010 5:37 AM
    I Laugh at your Misfortune!
    Yes....and it's a bit difficult to protect yourself with a wardrobe.
  6. I Laugh at your Misfortune!
    January 1st, 2010 2:00 PM
    I Laugh at your Misfortune!
    thanks...I think

    but thanks to the second thing :D Nice to see other people who get the reference...I hope
  7. Roger Davis
    December 28th, 2009 7:28 PM
    Roger Davis
    Yep, it is. Thanks. I'll remember to wish you happy birthday then.
  8. Roger Davis
    December 28th, 2009 12:43 PM
    Roger Davis
    It was alright, tons of stress throughout the whole season though. I got a couple of video games and tons of DVDs and some money. I have no clue what I'm getting today for my birthday though. :P
  9. Angerwolf6
    December 28th, 2009 9:49 AM
    Yea I know
  10. Roger Davis
    December 27th, 2009 10:44 PM
    Roger Davis
    Hey! How were the holidays for ya?
  11. Miz en Scène
    December 16th, 2009 1:40 AM
    Miz en Scène
    That needs to be on a T-shirt.
    It actually is a T-Shirt. XD
  12. poopnoodle
    November 13th, 2009 11:08 AM
    Well, it's good to know you're not a blind follower. But yeah, I'll end it here. :3
  13. Miz en Scène
    November 12th, 2009 9:52 PM
    Miz en Scène
    Well yeah, I guess they were Cain and Abel. XD
  14. Miz en Scène
    November 12th, 2009 6:52 PM
    Miz en Scène
    In Islam, God isn't selective. Humans have absolute free will to do whatever they want and will be judged when the time comes. God does not intervene with the human psychology unless you be him for it(such as praying to God to have better control over your lust). God needn't actually send Muhammad to preach humanity if humanity hadn't deviated in the first place.

    During the prophet Adam's time, his two sons Habil and Qabil, had quarelled, or rather Qabil had quarreled over who was to marry whose twin sister(explained on request because it's not relevant yet.). Habil had been the obedient one.

    Thus, after killing Habil, Qabil felt shame and ran off with his wife to start a new life elsewhere. His descendants became lost and committed many sins from being away from the teachings of Adam. Adma later had another son who went on to become the successor.

    Throughout history, God has sent plenty of his prophets to guide humanity back to the straight path. Most people didn't listen. So in that sense, God is not being selective in Islam.

    Well, this is my opinion anyway. XD
  15. poopnoodle
    November 12th, 2009 10:57 AM
    My family and friends, and even myself personally have found internal inconsistencies in things like Islam. (wish I could recall and give examples right now...>.<) I have compared such examples to my own faith and found nothing that conflicts.
    Are you saying you've found no inconsistencies and contradictions in The Bible?

    You know, in all honesty I like this kind of thing. At least you and Luck remain civil when discussing this sort of thing. Too many people just freak out over this, even over the internet... and seriously move to profiles plz.
    I try to stay out of these discussions because I've grown up in a very conservative, Christian community, where any discussion of this leads to me being immoral/needing prayer/a woman who needs to be cooking and not thinking, and often times my IQ dropping at least 30 points depending on who I'm speaking with. We don't have to continue the discussion, and to be honest I'd rather not. :3

    Sorry I didn't take the miniature debate to the VMs earlier.

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