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  1. Snoaz
    July 31st, 2009 3:55 AM
    Ah, thank you! :3

    And you still have study session? Poor you... (lol, you should have told them about Oldrival; spread the love! ;D)

    Anyway, I've done thirty prompts / one-liners / something. It isn't final yet, but so you can get the idea: I'll put it in the spoiler. (I don't know if I'll write a prompt for every single one; some lean themselves better for that than other. In any case, it is more of an ongoing 'story' of their relationship than seprate pieces.)


    Thirty ways of Blue and Green


    She was used to whistling and craned necks, a constant flattering for her ego. But Green’s withdrawal the first time they met made a more profound impression on her than any meaningless compliment ever could do.


    Her charms were many-sided and could win any man over; except the one she truly wanted.


    Their conversations were an ever ensuing game of wit and pin-pricks, of keeping a straight face and laughing behind your hand; both never admitting to the thrill they got out of it.


    Every message he received was signed with three x’s.
    When asked, she answered with a frown it was accepted English. And had he any idea what it meant?
    He told her to go back to class and stop sending him notes.

    (He still smiled every time he got one.)


    Blue had kept a journal since she was a young girl. She entrusted the paper all her mind’s troubles; her joy; her sorrow.

    But recently, it spoke mostly of Green.


    He hated sloppiness;
    He couldn’t stand too much noise;
    He disliked lies with a passion.

    That was why he was so surprised that every time he was somewhere he wished that girl was on his side.


    Happiness was something for in children’s tales, he told her. Still, she kept on dreaming she would get a fairy-tale of her own one day; she would be the princess, and he her knight in shining armour.


    Despite her tricks and abilities, she never once was able to beat him.
    She said she kept on challenging him because of her wounded pride.
    But the thought that was on her mind always stayed the same:
    The day I’ll outdo him in battle, is the day I’ll win his heart.


    Someone once said dreams were the passage to one’s soul.
    If that were the case, Green very much liked to hide his forever


    Their hands softly intertwined: hesitant; careful. The feeling they received made them smile despite themselves, a warm feeling spreading through their body and lightning the room.


    Her mantra always consisted of the same sentences.

    never give up.
    never accept a no.
    never let them see your doubts.

    She said it over and over to herself, and one day she had success; one day, he finally yielded to her


    He said only a miracle could have let him fall in love with her. She replied slyly it were just her irresistible charms.


    Strawberries were her favourite fruit; she’d suck on them till her lips were of a blood-red colour, moist with the squeezed juice. She was shocked to discover that kissing made her lips redder than her favourite fruit ever could – and after that, she preferred love above anything else.
    she had always considered herself a good kisser. till she met Green.


    In a fit of love and dedication she blurted out she’d die for him. He answered dryly she wouldn’t be much of a girlfriend buried under the ground.


    He said it was because she was different:
    she had character, not like other nameless girls.

    But in the back of his mind, he wondered if it had been fate that brought them together.


    He read her actions like a book and understood her better than herself. She thought it a pity she couldn’t fool him anymore – but it was a prize she was more than willing to pay.


    She loved his eyes the most.

    Of course, he was perfect in every sense, from his dark hair to his fine hands (and much more.)

    But it was with looking at his eyes that she had seen
    the truth;
    the light;
    the future;
    and had fallen in love with him head over heels.


    She liked to play with his heart and his mood like a cat with a mouse; only to discover that in the end she was the only one who got played


    She said she was thirsty.
    He handed her a glass of water.
    She dove for his lips.
    It’s a different kind of thirstiness, she said.
    A longing with every fibre in your being
    like a drowning person for land;
    a desert-dweller for water.


    Sometimes, she drove him mad.

    He told her she didn’t need any more clothes; she’d buy a dress.
    He commented she looked nice; she’d ask him to repeat it twenty times.
    But when he told her he liked her no matter how she looked, she just shook her head.
    Vanity is a thing that can only be understood by a female, she said.


    As a woman, she believed in intuition. As a man, he believed in rationality.
    But in the end it told them the same thing: on their own, they wouldn’t live to the next day.


    She asked for


    But the colour she loved most, she said, was simple green.

    She held the apple out to him as the evil queen had done to Snow White; but her eyes promised love instead of poison. And as the beautiful princess had done, he took the fruit out of her hand; discovering it to be sweeter than anything he had tasted before.


    The thing she shunned most was the foundation for his everything; but when they said ‘I love you’, both knew it was the truth.


    She wouldn’t say their relation was perfect.

    (Perfection only existed in children’s tales, he said.)

    But it made her happier than she had been in a long time – and for that, she was willing to forget the cracks in the mirror.

    Her skin was soft and warm, her body rounded in a way he could never have imagined himself. It was in that moment he decided he was probably the luckiest man ever to breathe.


    For Green, the world was full of questions and answers. When he was young, he wondered why the stars twinkled as they did, and found a reply in books; when he got older, he searched for the best way to train his Pokémon and became Gym leader. The one thing he didn’t question was his love for Blue; and that was how she became the only sure factor in his life.


    Their love was like the ocean, capricious and deep. After a stormy day, when the waves would crash down on the shore in a gathering of foam and water, a bright interval dawned; and they’d love each other like the day they first met.

    As two polar sides, they attracted and repelled the other; never being able to let go.


    She was enthusiastic about everything she encountered, embracing new challenges with a smile and a wink; he watched from a distance, weighing the risks, anticipating possible outcomes. His aloofness matched her zeal: and that made them a more compatible couple than anyone else.

    I have to ask you in particular if number 24 is clear, cause I realise it can be interpreted in two way. (And only one of them is right.)
  2. Snoaz
    July 31st, 2009 12:58 AM
    Well, I first wanted to that alphabet thing.

    But turns out, I have too many ideas in my head (curse my mind). Only with the x, I could get one good one, haha. So I'll probably do random prompts - have to get a few more. And I tell ya, I love doing this! It gives me a chance to be vague and poetic for a change, instead of always wondering about the plot and good-flowing conversations.

    I couldn't find any prompts on FF btw - guess you have to look at the right places. But you can just use those prompts, you don't have to credit or anything? Well, that is handy. Although I'd rather make my own ones, I might use some ideas in the future.
  3. Snoaz
    July 30th, 2009 12:46 AM
    Of course I'll wait for it! It doesn't matter, like I said, take your time for it! ;) Better a late, good review than a hasty, short one! ^.^

    Oh, and I can't wait to write something like that with Oldrival. I've seen alphabet fics, so I had also thought about that... but what do you mean with prompts to pick from? I thought you had made them all yourselves - and I was going to the same. Or is it customary to pick from a list or something? :p
  4. Lash
    July 24th, 2009 7:49 PM
    I'll probably have it sent to you before the night ends, but I'll have to tell you something before hand: It was running too long, 9000 words plus, so I had to divide Chapter 4 into two halves. I thought it would be better than just seeing an onslaught of thousands of words :3
  5. Caliban
    July 24th, 2009 4:43 PM
    Right, bye!
  6. Caliban
    July 24th, 2009 2:52 PM
    Ok, cool. I like the style that it has been made in. I wish mine was as good...
    Anyway, thanks for responding!
  7. Lash
    July 24th, 2009 4:30 AM
    Well, the chapter still has a couple hundred words to go before I finish, so would Saturday/Sunday be alright for you to beta?

    I'm probably saying to much, but inside Dark Cave, I put a Maro-Cubo family: Three baby Cubone's, one mother Marowak <33333
    I know you will love to read that part :3
  8. Caliban
    July 24th, 2009 1:52 AM
    This VM is on a totally random whim of mine, so please don't take it the wrong way. I saw it, and I just had to. Why? *responds to sig*
  9. Lash
    July 23rd, 2009 3:06 AM
    Almost done, I think I'm gonna shoot for a Friday/Saturday release. Want the chapter beforehand?

    Dunsparce is in this chapter <3
  10. Lash
    July 21st, 2009 5:05 AM
    Yeah, but the perverted-ness will gtfo when he's in Goldenrod, but its too much of a story spoiler to tell. The story idea for that changes some of his decisions by the end of the story. I think that's a good reason why I can't tell XD

    Still, the time his perverted side is revealed shall be a funny one. Or at least I'll try my best to MakeDamnSureBack Sunday>.

    But yeah, I'm also going to go with the stupidity part. I'm also thinking of making him cuss more.

    Also, I know you will absolutely heart Ledyba <3
  11. Lash
    July 18th, 2009 3:14 AM
    It's going to be fun explaining the cuteness of all the bug Pokémon throughout the chapter <3

    I fixed up the things you pointed out before posting it, so take a read any chance ya have :D

    edit: lol, I just noticed the review you posted XD [/is two hours late to reading it, wtf]
    All and all, thanks for the review.

    The reason for Patrick's perfection is because this isn't his first journey, he had time to build his maturity between quests. Alas, I shall study characters with flaws/imperfections to help spice Patrick up.

    edit2: Think it would be a good flaw if I revealed his perverted side? XD
    Other character flaws I'm thinking about are ones I have: Plain out stupidity, impatience, and even laziness.
  12. Lash
    July 17th, 2009 5:30 PM
    Well, it was more of something he said. He said "Frick" when he noticed how late it was, which is what Elliot usually says when something goes wrong or not according to plan XD

    Something I'm sure you'll like because its friggin' cute:
    I have a slightly smaller than normal Caterpie trying to eat Cyndaquil's food, but he is forced to share. I included the cuter parts of its anatomy, like its big ol' eyes. Then, it will have a bit of trouble getting up into the tree with its fellow Caterpie for the evolution process x3
    So, yes. I am including the evolution process for bug Pokémon throughout the chapter. Thought it would be fun, considering how many bug Pokémon there are at Route 30 :3

    Also, another spoiler.
    Seriously, open at your own risk.
    Patrick catches a Ledyba.
  13. Lash
    July 14th, 2009 5:23 AM
    Of course, just imagine a newborn Igglybuff <3

    I hope you enjoy the battles. I actually gave reason for the first battle to be short (immobilization), while the main battle near the end, I worked on so it's not done in a flash like earlier battles were :3
  14. Lash
    July 13th, 2009 3:32 AM
    Don't forget about Jigglypuff, just look how small and cute it is when young <3

    Yep. You will probably have a new PM next time you get on, hopefully.
  15. Lash
    July 13th, 2009 3:13 AM
    The largest panel is the ultimate cuteness.

    Yeah, but that'll be a couple months away.
    And, I am. Almost done.

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