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  1. giradialkia
    January 21st, 2010 4:59 AM
    Well man:D
    Mûcho brón orm for the late reply, again
    Yeah, regarding the hack, how about I PM you the basic outline of the story, and you tell me what you think? (I think that's what I'll do- basically, it's you, and my other friends Kai and Sav [here, on this site] that have been helping me out, be it with ideas, fakemon, and, in your case, overworld sprites. So it's only fair you guys have a say in some characters and twists in the story and such. You're all part of the ~team~, lol:D).
    I know what you mean, the only thing I really plan to cheat for anymore is the Event stuff, like a Movie Celebi in HeartGold, to do the Giovanni Event. Everything does get boring when you can just hack it in, I'll agree.
    Our water came back Sunday morning, thank feck. High time it did. And now it's all dirty, but we couldn't drink the tapwater since the floods anyway, so that's not really a problem.
    Ah, sure it's TY, make the most of it and just fail everything. No.. No, you probably shouldn't do that, actually. But it's only TY, nobody's gonna hold it against you if you can't be arsed:D except maybe your mam. Mine would, so... XD
    School was off today. A poor girl in third year committed suicide on Sunday, and her funeral was today. I didn't know her, but it's still a bad thing to happen :/ though I'm going over to my friend's place in a while, thank god I've no homework to do.
    Oh yeah, and another friend is making me a fake ID. Excellent, I say getting into pubs can be a bother when your only 16. "Look... I'm getting in eventually, it may as well be now".
    How are you? How was Karate:D? I did that for a few years. I stopped after I won a plaque thing, though. The going was good, lol
  2. giradialkia
    January 14th, 2010 11:13 AM
    Damn, busy week.
    Sorry for the late reply, I've been doing crap all week, and every time I logged on I'd end up lurking and having to do something else. When I'd go to write a decently lengthy reply I'd always have to stop for something, and never got to finish, lol.
    Anyways, I've had a relatively boring week. Although I'm getting all of my homework done, which is good, I suppose. Today I had a free class so I brainstormed in a copy. I've found a Legendary for my hack- Deoxys. I've a great plan for it, and its several forms.
    So, I've not been up to much, other than school. Our water was turned off again this week :/ I wouldn't mind but it was gone when the floods were happening. Ironic they wouldn't use it, Rainwater can't be THAT dirty, lol.
    Haha, I have friends who cheated. It wasn't that obvious, though, until I actually looked at where they got they're Electivire (route underneath Solaceon at lvl 78). They can trade, so I assumed they had, to get tons of cool evos like Dusknoir and such.
    Oh, right. Best you don't ask your mam to adopt me, so. Schools back anyway, so... Lol, jk.
    So, you've been back to school, yeah? Any yoga? :D
  3. giradialkia
    January 11th, 2010 4:48 PM
    Gah. Ask your mam to adopt me, if you'd please... Lol jk. That's ok, I'm enjoying the life of You, haha. To be honest, it makes conversation easier if you talk alot, too (not a bad thing). It makes me feel better about rambling, and certain things you say make it easier to reply, if I can relate (which is surprisingly often, lol). My mam is the total opposite, though, even if everyone else wasn't going, if the school said it was going ahead, then there's no hope. She'd drive to the gate, and doubt us if we said it definately wasn't on, lol. She's my mam, yeah, and I do respect her, but she has far too much faith in any form of higher authority. That's probably why she's so religious.
    Nnyeh, I'd hate neighbours like that. Watched ye? :D lol, kinda strange, aren't they? Tell them to go play a Wii or something. (off topic- I've nothing against Wii's, and would gladly take one if offered, but they've become far too common amongst young children and old people, there's feck all good Nintendo games, on DS or Wii, anymore, because the makers are too focused on frickin Sudoku puzzles and fitness plans). [/vented]. When is HGSS out, again? Can't wait.. May get my little bro to go in and get it for me, I don't think I can face a shopkeeper. When I bought Platinum, the guy was actually wicked about it- said how addictive they are and all. I was still embarrassed as hell, though :3
    Hmm.. It's not god-awful, I suppose. It's only really embarrassing if people from school are there, but usually they're off their tit$ and think it's savage (they're ok, just not my style of music, lol). Yeah, I'd a small class in national school, too- 6 boys, two girls. I didn't know anyone properly in secondary school, I just hung around with a few people I vaguely recognised. Funnily, the boy I sat beside on my first day was the one I had to carry out of the pub a few weeks back, lol. Whoa, according to my phone, this message is 1991 characters long. Cool. I've 3009 left to fill, as of that "9". But I wont, lol.
    So any craic wit ya, in general?? :D
  4. giradialkia
    January 11th, 2010 1:40 PM
    Lol, I don't think you're vain, man, it's fine:D.
    EXCELLENT, she's great, that's exactly what I meant. Thanks a million:D
    Ah.. How I would like to not go to mass regularly. My mam is like, trè religiquê (bit of a random one there, as I haven't done french in 4 years lol). No, she's overly religious nowadays, and I'm still trying to convince her that, try as she may, forcing her beliefs onto me isn't the same as me believing. Well, that makes her sound really bad- she's alright, I'd say give it a year or two and she'll leave me alone.
    Wow, sick for five? And they wouldn't make you do them whe- wait, you're in TY. Of course they wouldn't :-P.
    Lol, I live smack in the middle of nowhere, I know how you feel- if it gets you any closer to civilization, take it:D All my friends are spread out, frickin annoyin during the summer when there's nothing to do.
    Ah, barbands. Your dads preparing for them, my dads in one. It's one of the most embarrassing things in all of existance, trust me. Although the two other guys are pretty cool, so at least he's not playin with.. I dunno where I'm goin with this one.
  5. giradialkia
    January 10th, 2010 7:15 AM
    Oh, she's grand:D I'll insert her later, I'm not at home now. If you have time, could you do another girl for me? I'll describe what I'm looking for- if you play RSE (literally, open the Rom now, lol) and go to Petalburg City, exit to the left. The very first girl you see, walking around near the "tall grass"- that's what I'm looking for, but in FR style. Only if you have time, and still, you can tweak it however you like.
    Ah, religion. I'm at a stage in my life where I question the existance of God, and Religion class is currently "offtopic" anyway, haha. Our teacher spends the class talking about sex, STIs, alcohol and drugs and stuff, nothing really to do with Religion. But boring enough to fall asleep, so... xD He sounds like a dick, though, if he failed most of ye :/ but that makes it ok, if almost everyone else did =] OMG my religion teacher says "a'ight" (as in "all right" but it just sounds like "ITE") too much. We once counted in 3rd year, something like 337 times in a class? But she caught us and went all sombre and lesbian, saying it was "a very serious offence, that could put us in alot of trouble if we did it again". Naturally, we pissed ourselves laughing when she left.
    Eeeeuh, your business teacher does sound a bit creepy. There's a teacher a bit like that in our school, but he only really favours those who are good at it, or those who lick up to him. I never had him as a teacher (thank FUC*, because he talks the greatest amount of muke. He once supervised me for a free class, and he kept trying to show off the music on his laptop, and how he bought a software that lets you make video presentations with soundtracks and crap. I was all "So? Windows Movie Maker can do that and it comes with the laptop for free, you ****"). Then I did a bad Physics test, or something x3
    Oh right! Do you get to serve people? Lol jk. (do you?) what kinda stuff do you have to do, cleaning and stuff?
  6. giradialkia
    January 9th, 2010 10:44 AM
    No bother at all, sure we're all busy Great, you sprite awesome nerds. I got to insert your earlier ones today, too, and they're perfect:D I've had to edit the colours a bit to make them fit (ie the Black haired boy now has dark purple hair, lol) but they actually don't need much editing to fit into existing palettes, so you're grand. Thanks, man:D
    rofl, I just read back over my last message and that Gaeltacht part looks completely random, like it came outta nowhere. I'd written that I liked Irish, but must have erased it somehow. Lmfao, it looks like I said I was fluent in maths, wtf?! Sorry, I'll be more careful (how did I manage to do that? Lol)
    yeah, school is awful. Stupid essays and doing stuff... Yeah, some of my teachers are pure annoying. Others I like, but are still annoying at times:D
    so you were workin yesterday? What did you have to do? xD
  7. giradialkia
    January 8th, 2010 12:28 AM
    Sorry I didn't reply til now, was doing homework and crap.
    Thanks for the sprites, they're great. Next (if you're up for it), I'll give you three to do (if that's ok. Sorry, thanks). I need a School boy sprite- you know the guys in RSE who are nerdy-like? I need one in FR style (I've got the Super Nerd sprite from FR inserted, but still need to replace the schoolboy-nerd). Also, another plain boy and girl. (both normal sized). Take your time, as I certainly have to now that school is back. I barely got anything done.. Again, colours can be anything, as I'll have to edit them anyway (although you've a nice eye for colour, changing a palette slightly won't be too hard. You see, it's the colour order that matters in the OW sprites. If you just import any old indexed sprite, it'll look fine itself, but would screw up any other sprites using that palette. Which is why it was easier to import all of FR's overworlds together, everything just looks nice, lol).
    Yeah, maths is my only ordinary level subject, thankfully. I went to the Gaeltacht 3 times so I'm actually nearly fluent in it ("nearly" because naturally there are still some words I don't know, usually about stuff I don't find interesting, haha).
    Since you're doing the Overworlds for me, I'll do a special patch for you with Swolphe as the region name, lol.
    Gah, this is like the only advantage of being up early, can go on the mobile internet to reply, lol. The weather is worse today, but school is still on. I haven't my German done . I hate German. My teacher looks like a frog and has a shrill voice.
  8. giradialkia
    January 6th, 2010 4:57 PM
    Bah! You are EVIL! I NEED there to be no school tomorrow, I've far too much to do, lol. Yeah, a midget girl is good:D no "inner tube" on her, though, I've already got the FR tuber sprite (btw, don't delete those from your album, plz and thanky). If you want to do more exciting ones, you can. I've yet to come up with final concepts of the important trainers, but once I do I'll give you details on the Rivals and Leaders and such. Thank you, you are teh epick x3.
    Blast, i'll be in school in... 8 hours. Meh, not tired. There is a good chance it'll be closed, though, or that we mightn't be able to go. The roads are really bad, it's a bit freaky. Is it snowing in torrents down in Corcaigh?:D
    (by the way, that's a good Junior Cert, well done. Yes, cramming works, lol. For last years maths Christmas test, I had to do a rehearsal after school for the Talent show the night before. So I asked my little brother to take my bag home- left it on the bus for him and all. I get home, no bag. And my maths test being the next day, I was furious. I had to cram in two classes, and I got a B. I was satisfied. I'm in Ordinary maths, but frankly I'm fine with that, Higher Level frightened me at the start of last year (I'd done Ordinary for the Junior, but tried Higher level in 5th, for a couple of weeks. It was awful. At least I know what I'm capable of, now). Don't worry about "rambling" or talking about yourself, I don't mind at all. I do it myself (even if, as you say, you do it more than anyone in the world, that's fine, lol):D
    Ah, that random buttons thing could work. I'll do it now, on speed text-
    Rofl, 5 closed-eyed results. I may go with Idola, it sounds regionish. Unlike semi or toil. (wtf, Swolphe?)
    omGEEE. I've come up with a new story, evil team and all. This is excellent, the only thing wrong is between now and June I've feck all time to hack :`(
    It's hilarious, I technically now have a hacking team. You're my spriter (per se), and two of my other friends here are coming up with Fakemon for me. This just came together in like two days, rofl. Great.
    So what are you gonna get up to while you're not at school (you evil evil man).
  9. giradialkia
    January 6th, 2010 2:36 PM
    Hi, sorry, just saw them- *claps*
    They're perfect! You're a legend, thank you. If you want to do more, an ordinary girl will do. (the only ones left are "ordinary" people that aren't trainers, lol). Not a young woman though, a girl, with pigtails or something. Thank you SO MUCH, this is brilliant. *runs wildly*
  10. giradialkia
    January 5th, 2010 4:57 PM
    Sorry man, I can't see any sprites. (I dunno why? If you want, just make an Album and upload them there. No hassle, though:D)
    Oh my god, your poor cousin. Talk about awkward. I've an aunt teacher myself, and her kids are kinda harmless. They'll undoubtedly have 18th's like that, but probably would be too innocent to care.
    I dunno if I'll have a big 18th. All my friends'll be 19-21, so they'll probably be too far in life to celebrate 18ths. Then again, they're not dick heads, so if I did actually celebrate it they'd come, so.. Meh .
    You know, I may re-download it. Although.. I'm pretty sure it charges a few of my friends who use it, too, so that sucks too. I wonder though, that's probably Vodafone charging me, because Opera obviously uses their network to connect to the internet.
    Rofl, Finntoh. That is an excellent idea. I might actually do that (incorporate my name into it). Like Eofin. No or.. Finnoh. Nah, sounds too much like I'm suggesting a fish theme. Lol.
    Oh, yeah, my parents used to get pissed at low grades. If I'm honest, in National school I was a swot. First two years of secondary school.. Were crap for me, so I didn't bother. But then around last year I sorted it out and now I'm relatively good in school (aaand just in time for the Leaving Cert! Excellent timing! Lol)
    [/life story]
    sorry bout that, I vent, occasionally :D
    So yeah, if you want, can you post the sprites in an album (or just try again, so I can see them)? I think you tried one before, I couldn't see that either. Sorry for the trouble, man.
  11. benthekid
    January 5th, 2010 3:55 PM
    you have to join first
  12. benthekid
    January 5th, 2010 3:43 PM
    so joined yet?thanks for deleting ()
  13. benthekid
    January 5th, 2010 12:51 PM
    hey do you wanna join my website?
  14. giradialkia
    January 5th, 2010 10:29 AM
    I'd meant if Opera Mini was free to use. If it is... That's annoying, because it charges me 99c/€1 everytime I use it. Which is much more often than the regular Mobile internet, as I don't like how it's rendered, the pages are split into loads of mini pages and it takes ages to see anything.
    Again, going back to an earlier topic, did you say you had Emerald on your phone? (or was it just the GB/C games?).
    Anyways, my hack- it not a remake, it's got a new region, which is currently unnamed (something like Rentoh, but that's too much like Kanto, Johto or Sinnoh. If something original, but not stupid sounding, comes, I'll use it, haha). I had planned to have a few fakemon, but now I'm not really bothered. I lack enough creativity to make up too many new ones. I may insert a few- a good friend of mine said he'd come up with some, and I haven't heard from him in a while, so when he gets back I'll see what he has for me and use it. I owe people enough to use what they give me, haha. Unlike me, he's really creative, so they'll be much better than teh epick 1s Ii maed... Lol.
    If you have any ideas as to what Legendary would be good to use for the story, send me a PM. I'm kinda stuck, I had a story planned but when I changed my base to Emerald, limitations occured and such, so that story/Legendary doesn't really fit anymore. It can be a Sinnoh legendary, too- they're easy to insert.
    I've just got my sister to measure me and...
    I'm actually 5' 6 1/2", lol. That's savage, I misread your msg at first, and thought you said just 5' 6". After measuring myself, I read yours again, hahaha. They're.. All taller than me. One of them 6' 4", lol.
    The friend who got smashed is 17. And both his parents are teachers, his mother actually teaching in our school.
    Oh god, my parents.. well, they were really strict. Now, though, they're kinda laying off? I haven't done anything to get in trouble for a few years now (unlike my brother and sister) so they trust me the most. Which means they don't check up on me often, so when I ask to go out they wouldn't need to hear from me til the next day, lol.
    Rofl, greetings Andrew Shortall (formalities ftw). It sounds like "short-tall", and your of average height, haha- fitting.
  15. benthekid
    January 5th, 2010 7:26 AM
    hey sup?

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