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  1. thegeneticway
    August 30th, 2009 8:48 AM
    I have nothing I want that much What do you have?
  2. thegeneticway
    August 30th, 2009 8:45 AM
    mkay =3
    What about it?
  3. thegeneticway
    August 30th, 2009 8:38 AM
    I start 8th grade in about 3 days.
    And I was bored !
  4. thegeneticway
    August 30th, 2009 8:34 AM
    Hey! How have you been?
  5. Tyros
    August 29th, 2009 10:35 AM
    Oh man, that sounds pretty awesome! Football's not really my thing, but I at least know enough to understand that was quite an achievement. XD Hopefully the boringness of this year is somewhat mitigated by your football year. n.n;

    - Tyros
  6. Harumi-chan
    August 27th, 2009 9:53 PM
    Hey, how've you been? :3
  7. Tyros
    August 26th, 2009 5:05 PM
    You sound absolutely exhausted. n.n; I can understand that feeling, it's no big deal. *Nods some*
    Good luck with everything.
    And, any time. n.n I'll let you know if I find anything else that happens to be super-awesome that you might be interested in.

    - Tyros
  8. Tyros
    August 26th, 2009 5:00 PM
    XD Hey, it's all good amigo. I'll be on there in a second!

    - Tyros
  9. Tyros
    August 26th, 2009 4:07 PM
    Alrighty! You entered my Pearl code, right?

    - Tyros
  10. Tyros
    August 26th, 2009 3:39 PM
    Your Deoxys is ready, if you want to trade for it now. n.n

    - Tyros
  11. Tyros
    August 26th, 2009 2:57 PM
    Oh, man... Nothing lets you down more than when a chain of 37 Eevees shatters. XD;
    Well, except maybe a chain of 39. >__>;
    Aw well, I'll take this time to trade Deoxys over to Pearl so I can go ahead and trade to you. n.n;

    - Tyros
  12. Tyros
    August 26th, 2009 2:33 PM
    Ack! No, wait. XD; Like I said, I have to request that we trade later... It's on my Platinum... And, uh. The current Eevee chain is there, too. n.n;

    Also, which was the good call? That I should clone it? Or that you deserve it? XD;

    - Tyros
  13. Tyros
    August 26th, 2009 2:28 PM
    Hey, you're my shop partner. You gotta get something out of it every now and then, right? n.n Not to mention, I don't really have access to a lot of egg moves, so, since you do, it makes what you were able to do pretty valuable for the shop, anyway.
    If it makes you feel any better, I can clone it, and then we'll both have one. *Nods some*

    Well, cool. n.n Machops look nifty when they're shiny. Eevees do, too... They're just so hard. XD; It's funny, Scyther was supposed to have the same 5% appearance rate, and I got them up to 40 on the second try. So far the best I've done on Eevees is 22. @[email protected]
    Aw well... I'm not a Chain Master for nothing! My persistence WILL get me there eventually. XD

    - Tyros
  14. Tyros
    August 26th, 2009 1:46 PM
    Damn. That's huge. XD Really huge.
    Yep! Not just the Magby, though. 4 Pokemon. I was supposed to IV breed them, but it wasn't looking like I would have enough time for that. n.n; So, instead, I gave her a female of each of the natures she wanted. Along with a male for the Magby, for use in carrying on the Egg moves. *Nods some*
    Either way, yeah. n.n A shiny Deoxys. If you want it, it's all yours. I'll just have to request trading later, seeing as I'm in the middle of (trying) to chain Eevees. >__>;

    They like to break SO. MUCH. XD;;

    - Tyros
  15. Tyros
    August 26th, 2009 1:22 PM
    Ah, man... The life of a genius is a busy one, isn't it? XD;
    Alright, well it's good to hear from you, amigo. n.n Too bad about all the work, but don't worry, it's all good.
    By the way, I got the Deoxys and Elekids from that trade, and you can pick from them, if you'd like. n.n

    - Tyros

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  • About Griffinrich
    I was born on St. Patty's day, am Irish, and like using Absol.
    Yes, I'm lucky. Moving on.
    Well... You could call me a Renaissance man.
    I'm going into my Sophmore year of High School, and I'm currently #1 out of 355. Based on that, you might think that I just sit here at my computer, then go study, study, and study. I find that a waste of time.
    I'm on the varsity baseball team, debate squad, and academic team. What I love most though, is making people laugh.
    Comedy is probably the best thing ever (besides pokemon of course :). You wouldn't believe HOW many people have told me I should just be focused on school, and chillax with the comedy bit, but whateves.
    Laughter is the best medicine.

    - I <3 Sprite
    - I <3 Golf
    - I <3 Baseball
    - I like winning, but I'm also a good sport.
    - I'm annoyed this section is called "Biography" and not "Autobiography."
    - I DON'T KNOW what I want to be when I grow up, so DON'T ASK ME.
    - That gets really annoying at school.
    - Especially when counselors ask.
    - I feel like my Biography has spilled into my interests.
    Bike rides
    In that order.
    Springfield, MO
    Male ♂
    Honors Student
    Favorite Pokémon
    Absol, Lanturn, Eeveelutions, Snorlax, Hitmonlee, Typhlosion
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    Why YES...

    I am a walking contradiction.


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