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  1. Jorah
    May 9th, 2009 1:57 AM
    Well, here's some Joey pictures and Joey/Tea and Joey/Mai. I only have 1 of Joey and Ishizu together and it's quite a distance away...A few of them aren't great quality and I'm never sure if I've taken enough. That might be because I usually take loads or because I actually haven't XD It's actually kind of harder going back through episodes. If they aren't very good I'll get some more

    I don't think I'll watch GX. No Bakura :P XD It sounds a bit stupid to me anyway, Kaiba makes a school for playing card games? Because saving the world with card games wasn't odd enough? XD
  2. Tenn Kujo
    May 8th, 2009 9:25 PM
    Tenn Kujo
    Ah, okay. xD I knew it was a Pokemon character, but it was so edited that I couldn't tell who it was.. it was bothering me. -weird. >w>;
  3. Tenn Kujo
    May 4th, 2009 8:30 PM
    Tenn Kujo
    what the.. who is that in your avatar? xD
  4. Jorah
    April 27th, 2009 9:28 AM
    Him being Zorc was really weird XD So he created the Shadow Realm then, weird haha. Oh, I was talking to some people and they reckon he wanted to destroy the world because his village was destroyed, too, apparently the dub glossed over how messed up it made him by just saying "they destroyed the village because they were evil"

    Ahhh! You should've asked me for screenshots *ages* ago! I'm sure I've almost got every episode with Bakura in *is not obsessive* and I delete the episodes off when I'm finished. But I've still got loads of the the last few of season 5 left on my harddrive that I haven't finished yet, and I've got a few random English ones lying around somewhere from season 1 and 2 so I can defiantly get Joey ones. Oh, I think I've got the one where Mai wakes up from season 3. If it's any from season 4, you'll have to tell me the specific episode because I didn't get any episodes from there and the whole season is kind of a blur to me...

    I ramble, I've got episodes 221, 200, 142, 218, 220, 223, 224, 28, 81 and 13 left. Should be alright for Joey and a few Joey/Mai ones and I can get the episode where Mai leaves in season 3. Do you have any idea what episode Joey and Ishizu are together? Hmm Joey/Tea is kind of hard, I'm sure they hardly talk to each other lol but I'll try. Yeah, if there's any specific episode screenshots you want, just ask, I found a site where you can get all the episodes raw after searching for a while, I was determined to get them for screenshots because I had no idea where to get them otherwise (other than cropped ones :/) Well, this should be a fun little project for me XD It'll probably take me a few days, maybe a week because I'm lazy

    Oh yeah, I just watched the last ep in Japanese and it had a whole scene at the end that the dub didn't! I guessed that Japan didn't have the Yugi and Joey talking through the end part, but when that scene finishes it goes onto the ending theme, but the ending theme animation is changed to show them all going home on the aeroplane! You actually saw Serenity wearing different clothes ~ I thought it was so cool but really sad that the dub didn't keep it, they could've just dubbed it over with talking instead of having the ending's really sad, but it makes me happy it didn't end so abruptly ~ OK, I write too much
  5. Jorah
    April 26th, 2009 7:02 AM
    I just hated it because it had nothing to do with anything and was boring.

    I've finished it now, I'm so sad aww. Mostly because normal Bakura was *hardly* in it at all! He was so ignored. It was great that Yami Bakura was the final villain and everything, but I felt really sorry for him because his village got destroyed and he saw everyone killed, and even though he told this story a few times, no one even said "that may have happened, but that doesn't mean you should destroy the world" if someone had said that, I would feel less bad for him. I still don't get why he wanted to destroy the world because *he* would've been destroyed as well. Zorc was just disturbing...It was kinda sad that Atem had to leave. It was more sad that it just kind of ended without them going home Oh well, I still have the abridged series to watch through, perhaps I'll watch through some episodes in Japanese, get the eps from season 1 that I didn't get screenshots from, look through fanart, AMVs hahaha. I've been watching it for 2 months and I quite like the series ~

    Oh yeah, I was *really* surprised when Atem found out he was just playing a game, I had no idea XD Even though I had already watched season 0 XD
  6. Jorah
    April 19th, 2009 4:44 AM
    I think the person got mixed up with the manga lol.

    I really liked the finals, and loved Yami Marik vs Yami Yugi, and I actually found it unexpected that Marik become good XD They're really bad friends to Bakura, seriously, they completely ignore he was in the Shadow Realm for ages and get annoyed that he was eating food. I can't remember much more because I'm on season 4 now and it's BORING. I hate it. The only part I liked so far was Yami vs Yugi and that was about 30 episodes ago. The oricalcos thing is annoying me and it all seems to have nothing to do with anything, except Yami may have been an evil pharoh but he's not evil anymore. The Australian motocyclist's accent *really* annoys me but it annoys me more when people comment saying he's English. Urghhh I can't wait for season 5, it looks so much more interesting. I want to skip through this season but I think I might miss something, so I can't, so I'm just trying to go through it fast. I'm on ep 178 and can't remember much of the last 30 or so episodes XD Except Mai has lost her soul, Joey has lost his soul, Kaiba got angry Yami lost a duel and Yami and Kaiba are having another double battle

    Did you like season 4 much? My sister says it's her favourite season, but I think it's the worst season

    Oh wait, I got onto season 5. Another tournement. With Kaiba XDD Still better than season 4
  7. Tenn Kujo
    April 17th, 2009 8:18 PM
    Tenn Kujo
    Both, probably.. :/ yet they would all disagree, because some of them could be either/or without knowing it.. if that makes sense. xD; Makes me feel weird, because I've always looked up to the staff. I remember when I was a noob, going "MAN the staff as so COOL. ; ;' these days are like "MAN I HATE the staff. O<".

    & yeah.. people at Bulbagarden are mean. ; ;
  8. Tenn Kujo
    April 17th, 2009 1:15 PM
    Tenn Kujo
    Thats true. xD; and yeah, some of it is deserved. I never realized how many people dislike PC's staff, though. :/ I can't see why.. This place isn't like Serebii much at all. D:
  9. Tenn Kujo
    April 17th, 2009 11:08 AM
    Tenn Kujo
    Yeeeah, I hear ya.

    & mmhm, so far, yeah I do like it. No complaints, I just like the fact that I can help this place out somehow. :3 I didn't expect to ever become a mod, though. xD; ...Do you like being a mod? o.o
  10. Tenn Kujo
    April 13th, 2009 1:56 PM
    Tenn Kujo
    o.o Oh, thank you. :3

    Honestly, I'd like to be an S-mod eventually, so I could help out in more than just one little area.. xD; but I doubt I'll have the time to devote.
  11. Jorah
    April 12th, 2009 10:20 AM
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot about some of them wanting to be Tea and one of them going for Serenity o.O Creepy. Oh, so there was God/Bible stuff about Noah's Arc, then? XD So Noah did die then? That's sad, I felt sorry for him just being trapped there :/. It kind of annoys me now how 4Kids said "he'll be alright"

    Cool, I can't wait to get to wherever Bakura does something, I suppose it is big since in the abridged series they keep going on about how he's not a main character XD Oh, someone told me Bakura was injured by him stabbing the Millenium Rod into himself in the Japanese version? Do you have any idea if they just mentioned that or shown it? I haven't really got much further so nothing to talk about except Yugi had a really long battle with Kaiba and now Kaiba's having a duel with Joey ahh I just want to get to the finals

    Haha I thought it had something to do with him looking exactly like Kaiba in season 1 but I thought that was too obvious XD
  12. Jorah
    April 6th, 2009 9:30 AM
    I've just finished off the virtual world arc Random points: At first I was really annoyed there was a tournament within a tournament ahhh. I hate card games! I was really annoyed with the big 5 who started off playing a card game and when they lost, they tried to get the body anyway. What was the point in the card game? XD I really didn't like any of the duels with the big 5. I *really* liked the Kaiba story though, I hated Gozoboro, he was so mean. I didn't realise Noah and Mokuba were step brothers and said something about Noah and Mokuba shipping on one of the videos o.O I liked Noah's duel (so many comments talking about his life points being over 9000 XD) I feel sorry for Noah being trapped in the virtual world. They've only *just* mentioned Bakura when they got back into the blimp and when Joey asked where he was Yugi just said he went outside to get fresh air...they really like ignoring Bakura

    I don't mind the "card games are serious business" thing because the just idea of a card game tournament is funny to me XD I just watched the 4 way duel to see who goes against each other and it was hilarious, they should have more 4 way duels XD

    I didn't get the joke about Kaiba, is it after the virtual world arc?
  13. Tenn Kujo
    April 5th, 2009 11:54 AM
    Tenn Kujo
    You get sharp objects?? o_o

    Makes me wish I wasn't so nice.. xD; /kidding.
  14. Jorah
    March 23rd, 2009 12:38 PM
    I wanted to finish off s2 before I replied And it is AMAZING. Y'know, Yugioh is seriously underrated, the story is great! I would never have thought it was so good (I used to just hate it when it was on TV, actually XD I only watched a few random episodes of s1). It's a lot darker than I expected, although I agree that the dub is much watered down, now I would find it incredibly stupid if someone compared Pokemon to Yugioh, and I know a lot of people do just because they are both popular animes, when they are nothing alike and do not seem to be for the same audience at all o.O

    I didn't like season 1 so much because there didn't seem much point into doing anything other than they wanted to get back his grandpa, but I love all the stories with everyone in season 2 and all the Egyptian stuff. I watched some of the Marik episodes in Japanese, and his dad is sick and twisted, he scratched all the markings in his back with a knife when he was 10 The dub didn't explain what the ritual was at all. I still felt sorry for him in the dub when he went outside and didn't know what a TV was (it was hilarious when he was pretending to ride a motorcycle though aww XD) but in Japanese I almost cried when he his dad was slashing that stuff into his back. I noticed how the scene with Marik "going yami" (that sounds so funny XD) seems heavily edited. I haven't watched it in Japanese yet but apparently Marik stabs his dad to death. I'm seeing more and more similarities to Pokemon by the second ~ Oh, I also noticed the difference between the end of Yami Marik vs Mai in the dub and original, in dub it just seemed like she would stay there forever, Jap seemed like she would have a slow and painful death through suffocation, but both seem pretty horrible. It also seemed more obvious that Yami Marik had a weird attraction to Mai, but I still got that feeling from the dub as well lol.

    So I've just finished watching Yami Marik vs Yami Bakura and that was really cool ~ Marik arguing with Yami Bakura was way too cute...but I don't ship them haha. I was so sad when Yami Bakura lost, I hope this doesn't mean he's not going to be in the show for ages! I know he comes back because I've watched season 0 and the abridged and Zork is in I assume Zork is still to come XD Don't tell me anything about it XD I hate spoilers haha. Yami Bakura in the puzzle is definatly interesting, I wonder how he gets out.

    Have you ever seen season 0? There's only about 27/28 episodes but I really like it

    Oh...sorry for my huge VMs all the time XD But I can't help it, I really like this show now haha
  15. Tenn Kujo
    March 20th, 2009 10:40 PM
    Tenn Kujo
    That makes it sounds like mods have to be mean, or something. xD;

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