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  1. The Grubby Pup
    November 30th, 2012 3:49 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    LOL Okay, okay. Let's talk about what you're into, dude. I mean, something u really enjoy. Who knows, I might like it as well.
  2. The Grubby Pup
    November 29th, 2012 9:48 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    those option sound rather drastic. LOL I doubt anybody would believe you're mentally ill...Aaaaaand, breaking your leg? The very idea of that sound painfully insane...Well...Unless you really don't wanna go, I prolly just use that as a last resort. >.<

    You seem to be able to understand the english language quite well. Once your 18 birthday come...You should totally leave...I'm only sayin, if you really don't wanna go into the corps, bruh.
  3. The Grubby Pup
    November 29th, 2012 2:36 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    That sux man...You just don't know. And I feel for ya bro. But damn...being forced...U weren't kidding about you guys government. It is strict, huh?
  4. The Grubby Pup
    November 29th, 2012 2:34 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    damn that sux. But I guess...Hm...Did say your government was quite strict. I'll feel for ya bro. But...u still have a bunch of time left.
  5. The Grubby Pup
    November 27th, 2012 1:46 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    long time, no see, bro.

    Anyways...well, then it seem you have plenty time. You're gonna go when you're 18, huh? How do u feel about it, tho? Are u okay with it?
  6. Reddo
    November 21st, 2012 5:18 AM
    Hi! You are a nice person. I want to be your friend. =)
  7. The Grubby Pup
    November 19th, 2012 8:11 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    Compulsory National service? Like…you’re forced to go there? Hmm…Well, you’re not going RIGHT now, are ya? I mean, you’re only 15 right now. Man, so young. But I guess going to army will make you more of a man…or so I heard. I wonder what they’re gonna make you do…
  8. 阴魂君
    November 18th, 2012 8:38 PM
    xD It's great. Welcome!
  9. The Grubby Pup
    November 18th, 2012 4:23 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    "paying" my bad. typo
  10. The Grubby Pup
    November 18th, 2012 4:23 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    9 dayz without the interent?! Holy sh*t. Actually I went a bunch of time without the internet before...everytime is because I wasn't playin my provider. LOL Wait...hold up, you're goin into the army?! What the hell?! I...I'm sorry I couldn't do that. Does that make me sound selfish?
  11. The Grubby Pup
    November 17th, 2012 10:46 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    Whoops. You did say you were going with your class. My bad, that was a dumb question. Anyways, if teachers and classmate are going it sounds like a fieldtrip, right? I had fieldtrips where I’m away from home for awhile; prolly 2 dayz max, like you…but we never went out…well, outta state. The last time we had a fieldtrip like that, I was prolly in 8th grade…I think. It’s been awhile.
  12. The Grubby Pup
    November 17th, 2012 8:11 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    btw, I like your new icon. LOL da dude on their looks surprise as f*ck! >.<
  13. The Grubby Pup
    November 17th, 2012 8:10 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    I was only messin’ with you. And each person prefer their own type of game and I’m not gonna knock on ya just because of that. Anyways, you’re gonna be, like, a foreign exchange student or somethin? Heheh. Do you have any idea what you’re gonna do once you reach China?…and are you going by yourself…or other folks will be accompanyin' you?
  14. The Grubby Pup
    November 17th, 2012 12:41 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    I’m gonna be dumb and ask: what’s Dota 2? What does it stand for? LOL You’re going to china Monday. What’s the occasion, broski? And you don’t play RPG games *le gasp* So, you don’t play Pokemon?! What are you even doing here then? JK But rpg game have always been my favorite, I’m not sure why, tho. I like turn-base ones with action commands the most. I also like fighting games like SSBB, Dead or Alive, Marvel vs. Capcom and junk.
  15. The Grubby Pup
    November 15th, 2012 8:47 PM
    The Grubby Pup
    oh, incase you didn't noticed...I do enjoy a good RPG game. >.<

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