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  1. Raichu1988
    April 18th, 2011 10:23 AM
    I'm glad you are enjoying Black so much. I love it too! I think Black & White were really well done, not just from graphics but I really liked the story and the new pokemon grew on me. And as for SS, I really hope you'll get a chance to play that as well. To be honest, I haven't played HG much since I got attached to Platinum and now Black, but once in a while I pick it up and try to progress a bit further in the game. There are some legendaries I really want to catch in that game and try and SR for. XD
  2. ponpasdejabon
    April 17th, 2011 4:36 PM
    Mmmm.... Ok! But i have to tell something... My dad says that i cant play NDS in Mondays to Fridays (yeah, fridays after school i can play) xDDD.

    You 'crew' HUNTS shinnies, no? that means that WE CANT use Pokesav, right?
  3. Steven
    April 17th, 2011 4:24 PM
    Thank you! And that wasn't intentional. o: But neat~

    Yay for the club! :D
  4. Nihilego
    April 12th, 2011 11:58 AM
    Oh, thank you! It would have taken me forever to find out otherwise, lol.

    Incidentally, I was slightly amused when I saw this;
    Wild Pokémon Encounters: 187
    Trainers Battled: 152
    I never knew there were so many trainers in the game, haha.
  5. ShinyDoug
    April 10th, 2011 1:42 PM
    I like Dual Hunting. It seems more interesting. If you don't like fast individual hunts, you can always RE/SR/MM different things on each game.
  6. ShinyDoug
    April 9th, 2011 5:16 PM
    I'll probably be on SPPf more though, since I'm often on my DSi and it takes forever to load PC
  7. Steven
    April 7th, 2011 2:37 PM
    Mhm! Thank you! :D
  8. MetalMario
    April 6th, 2011 11:02 AM
    Without re-saving, FR/LG behave a lot like Emerald. It works better since it seeds using the time spent on the intro, rather than always 0 like Emerald. It gets better if you re-save every now and then, since they save some random numbers to seed from when you save. These could be taken from time played, steps taken, or the current RNG state; I'm not sure exactly. I always walk around and re-save every 25 SRs just to be safe. I've gotten 3 Game Corner prize shinies from unique frames on the same save file this way.
  9. DarkTorchic
    April 6th, 2011 4:41 AM
    Oooh man that's to bad. mabye you could go to a public place (e.g. library ), the could have accessable wifi. Good luck I hope you find a spot and get that vicitini (If it could breed I'll would trade you one )
  10. DarkTorchic
    April 5th, 2011 11:49 PM
    Well I'm actually also using a neigbor's wifi because i don't want to change mine, I was just sitting outsite went I just tried the search accespoint button and well what do you now ther were wif connection without password which it could acces, my japanese ditto is very first pokemon I got through wifi. Because of that I can finally MM for shinies I'm so happy
  11. Steven
    April 5th, 2011 12:56 PM
    Congratulations to Fufu for winning the thread.
    How did he win the thread? lol
  12. DarkTorchic
    April 5th, 2011 2:48 AM
    About the wifi problem, yes you can turn your settings back it's just a little bit of work. But which error code do you get from nintendo, you could check it on the site of nintendo. Somekind of routers just don't support wifi. Good Luck hope this helps.
  13. Steven
    March 17th, 2011 4:39 PM
    It's really hard to do though.

    In the early Japanese games, you just had to use Surf on the first E4 door. xD I loved it!
  14. Steven
    March 17th, 2011 4:06 PM
    You have a Japanese Pearl/Diamond with the E4 glitch?

    Or do you mean the Void Glitch, where you basically just glitch the game out and walk on a black void?
  15. Steven
    March 17th, 2011 3:14 PM
    All you have to do is go to the Wifi Menu for the Pokemon game and choose "Find access point" then click the unlocked one and it will automatically set your DS up.

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