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  1. Citrinin
    August 8th, 2009 9:53 PM
    I can definitely see why you did it, but this post seems positively psychotic. XD
  2. txteclipse
    August 8th, 2009 8:41 PM
    I found your ice cream post on Val's profile because I'm a stalker. The best ice cream ever could also possibly be Banana Split by Haagen-Dazs. If you haven't tried it, go do so now. If you can even find it, that is.
  3. JX Valentine
    August 8th, 2009 2:07 PM
    JX Valentine
    (I'll be amused later tonight of you trying to lift something huge.)
    It'll be like watching an ant lifting something several times her size. Yes, it would be perched on my head/back/jaws.

    But sure, you could handle all those jobs. I can't cut straight, and my penmanship leaves something to be desired. XD

    Here's Val kicking butt, and shoving her hand through her arm.

    And her punching Andy into the end table.
    Val is now my favorite character in your little family.

    Last, we have Ender saying he has five BFFs, and Angel looking at him funny.
    Clearly because that would be freakish for a Wiggin. Or because Angel knows this kid will manipulate everyone into loving him. Including the rabid Christian boy.

    Ender jumped on the computer and started playing the Sims 3. Judging from his facial expression, he was playing the Sims 3 version of his family.
    Aww. He takes after God.

    But I honestly remember my rage after I read that book that Card turned his main character from someone who kicked a lot of ass in many ways into some easy way to make money. Because A War of Gifts would have been a perfectly fine story even without Andy being mentioned.
    Well, m'dear, as you know from the rant, I'm inclined to agree. Ender was just sort of there to prove that he was an awesome people-person. Personally, I thought it would've been better if Dink just got through to Zeck, and I still don't buy their explanation for why he didn't.

    I'll wait until you're done reading the book before I finish ranting. And yes, I'll be able to get into full ranting mode at the drop of a hat if you mention that book.
    A War of Gifts.

    (Which leads to a funny story. I was by the lake's shore reading and listening to my headphones when I heard a car pull up. Cue me jumping behind a pile of dirt and sneaking through the woods like an escaped criminal. I didn't stop sneaking until I hit the road, which I proceeded to run down, thinking "Math class can wait. I'm getting out of here!")
    And now I have ideas on how to greet you.

    That post... I really don't understand people's thought processes. Because that person had to:

    find your profile
    click on the statistics tab (instead of using the lovely box for VMs)
    go to the page that lists the threads you started
    randomly click on random thread
    post a reply asking simple question that could have been answered if the person just read a forum description

    I'm really not following this thought process, and attempting to do so is causing a headache to form above my left eye. Which means it will turn into a migraine. Which means that Scotty will be trapped in a windowless, doorless box whining about food while I call him several colorful names.
    In that case, I proceed to encourage you to think about this for a bit longer.

    But yes. I'm shiny (not sparkly), so I attract stupid people like moths.

    Like a rainbow of insults! <3
    *imagines a sparkly, rainbow unicorn prancing past Scott for some reason*

    Why do people stalk you, though?
    Because I'm sexy, and they're jealous.

    Seriously, I don't know. Maybe it's because I just give off this vibe that attracts shady people with nothing better to do. That's all of the people who've been stalking me, at least.

    But, I mean, why does random newbie go "lol, let me bug this person! :D" and it's you? Why you? Out of all the other people? And why go through...
    I have no idea. I have no shiny, blue badge, and there's the other people with the general guides. I mean, why don't they just go try bothering Frostweaver? That'd be fun (and hilarious). Or, better yet, Pichu?

    Oh God. Sending them to Pichu.

    Oh, and when you mentioned Eureka, I thought that you were admitting that there is another woman in your life. Then I got smart.
    But she is my other woman. She's elegant, sexy, and is compatible with Windows XP and Vista!

    I am also jealous of the fact that you had a Jones soda. My workplace stopped selling Jones soda, which upset me. I would drink many bottles of that soda if I could, but no, ghetto land had to stop selling them!

    We at least still have Faygo.

    Which doesn't make up for the lack of Jones, but whatever.
    ;_; It really doesn't, but hey. You've got… diet… chocolate… soda.

    Um, maybe petition to get Jones back?

    What kind of Jones was it, by the way?
    Green apple. My favorite. =D

    Also, because you cut your finger, let's hold off on the fun times, kay? I'm an Undead, not a full vampire.

    The Edit: So, apparently Ender (the Sim) thinks that his older brother is a dog and should learn to "come here". I'm confused and disturbed.
    As long as he doesn't break out the gear, you're still good.

    Ansset is the hot one. He doesn't have the glasses anymore, because they weren't showing up correctly, and I have to figure out what happened there.
    Aww. Please do. ;_; It made him look like a sexy nerd.

    Ender looks like Scotty.
    Except not as insanely happy about lightning.

    Speaking of Scotty, he called Orson up for a trip downtown. They proceeded to have tickle fights, and Orson admired (he wanted to give his brother a back rub!) Scotty and told him lots of dirty jokes. It was all very very gay.
    Can the Wiggins be anything but gay? (Also, is Val a lesbian?)

    I don't think cute can be applied to anything in the Enderverse. Maybe those adorable little rabbits that hop around the woods of Greensboro, before Peter dashes through and chops their legs off.
    Or the squirrels. The poor, poor squirrels.

    (This reminds me of the time I went walking to class one rainy day, and I was looking over towards a tree to see something gray and soggy fall out of it and land on the ground with a thump. Then, the squirrel uncurled itself and shot back up the tree with an angry expression on its face, like it was pissed off at the tree for making it fall out. And I couldn't help but aww at the fact that it fell out of the tree and landed with a cute, little thump.)

    So says the one who "Awww"ed at the end of Ender in Exile because it gave her a fluffy plot bunny. Even though it was...not Aww-inducing in the least for normal people.
    Things I'm taking with me on the plane to the Philippines now.

    Even though Zeck shouldn't be his enemy because it's not like the two actually talked to one another through the entire book until the end.
    Seriously. Zeck didn't even pay that much attention to Ender at all, and all of a sudden, he spots Ender and goes, "omg u got thru 2 me!" I mean, looking at that part again, the only opinion Zeck has of Ender is, "The hell do I owe these collective people anyway? Oh wait. I should be a good Samaritan to the general population." And before then, Zeck only noticed Ender when he randomly piped up in the Dink versus Zeck fight, which just warranted a, "Goddamnit, kid, shut up" sort of response from Zeck, if I recall correctly.

    Which now makes me picture Andy walking down the street, getting punched by some random person, and Angel kicking him as he goes down.
    More things that need to be included in fanfic. Or made into a Sim screencap story. I'd totally read either.

    I was going to make a dirty joke about your last sentence, but you said "literary" equivalent, so...
    Considering this would be a dirty joke about Chinese water torture, I have to question your kinks again.

    …And then invest in some good chains, a chair, and a basin. Whenever other Smithies come in the bathroom and see me dripping water onto your forehead with you chained firmly to a chair, I'm just going to explain that it's kinky.

    This is bothering me, but it's also really awesome, and I don't know if you would be interested or not in it. See, there's plans for a Steampunk Disney game for the Wii, and for some reason, you liking the Steampunk style is staying in my mind. Either I'm really right, or I'm confusing you with a post made years ago in a Sims 2 community by someone I don't know.
    Any –punk is cool in my book. (But steampunk brings up fangirl-related squees because a certain someone likes dressing up/living like he's in Victorian London. I have no doubt he also has something like this somewhere in that cottage of his.)

    I'm curious, though. It's not a Kingdom Hearts kind of deal, is it? Not that I have anything against Kingdom Hearts, really. I'm just thinking that's usually a PS franchise, so WTF are they bringing it to the Wii for?

    But hey, anything else ees shiny.

    I am also out of strawberry lemonade and margarita pizza. Hold me.
    If you're going to choke someone during withdrawal, let me nudge you over to the FFL.

    Which is a very entertaining image, by the by. XD

    In the meantime, ooh. The art looks pretty shiny, although the kid in the green suit (Ender, I suppose) looks like his head's a bit… big. Which might actually be fitting for Ender.

    Also, I didn't know Bean was black. I can only imagine what the kids on Hatrack will be saying about all of this.

    This just may be the best ice cream ever.
    It sounds very tasty. I'm envious. ;_;

    It has to be good. There's a flying house on the package.
    So it's fully endorsed by Dorothy Gale of Kansas?


    I want the original copy.
    The original included this line (paraphrased because I can't remember the exact words):

    So, that doesn't mean it's about to be closed, and Astinus would think kindly of you if you shut up and actually did your job before trying to do hers.

    So, it was pretty much the same thing, just with a couple more words that were taken out because then I remembered that some of the green names and a number of the blue ones don't actually like me.

    I also come bearing a question. This morning, my mother was looking through an old photo album, where she found two postcards from a tavern. She called me over to point out the name of the tavern ("Wiggins", which then set me off to explain that it doesn't count because his last name doesn't have an "s" at the end of it). Then we found out that said tavern is located in Northampton, Mass.

    Any idea about this tavern?
    Admittedly, I had to look it up because I haven't heard about it before, and it turns out it's in the ritzy hotel just near the crossing of the two main streets in the city. If it's the same one I'm thinking of, it's not exactly casual, but it constantly advertises that it has the best brunch in town. (Which I admit is weird for a tavern, but hey.)

    Also… only review I could find so far. We could still try it if you're curious and in the area. Mmm, salmon.
  4. Sike_Saner
  5. Caliban
    August 7th, 2009 12:20 PM
    Originally Posted by you
    Would you like to read long story about Ze Great Astinus?
    I replied in the affirmative.
  6. s l u g
    August 7th, 2009 11:52 AM
    s l u g
    Hey Ellow, hope you haven't forgotten me :3
  7. Sydian
    August 6th, 2009 8:07 PM
    Or crack. You forgot that option. Make a huge arse link in your sig that says "RULES ARE HERE READ THEM NOW" or something. With lights and sparkles and donuts.
  8. Sydian
    August 6th, 2009 7:57 PM
    Getting enough bad fics tonight?
  9. Sike_Saner
    August 6th, 2009 3:21 PM
    Yeah, and how much for the pak'ma'ra and shells with bacon bits? o.o

    X3 I'm picturing the flailing hamster, and the image in my mind is both adorable and highly amusing. XD
  10. Gummy
    August 6th, 2009 5:16 AM
    You're right about thinking I mean Thursday as tomorrow. The day doesn't start unless Gummy wakes up. And don't worry, there's nothing wrong, I simply need a little help with planning the PC writing contest (and I wanna chat with my Asty).
  11. An-chan
    August 6th, 2009 1:30 AM
    Aaaaah.... It was so awesome, I didn't want to come back home at all =D I'd link you to my travel blog, but it's in Finnish so it wouldn't do you much good. So, I'll try to tell you as much as I can... Well, I mostly stayed in Osaka, but I also visited other cities like Hiroshima (it was actually a really cool city), Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara. I can't really describe it all very well, but it was seriously awesome to visit cities that actually have almost as much population as my home country xD Well, except in the case of Tokyo, which has about five times the population of my country, but it was a bit too big to grasp in a short time anyway. I really, really loved it there: the food tasted good, the people were friendly (especially old ladies in shops and restaurants... We were a bit confused about what to do, so they guided us with their adamant attitudes and the two words of English they knew. A good thing I speak Japanese =D) and most of the places were just simply something else. I especially liked the temples there. It's amazing how you can turn from a street with heavy traffic and SNAP! you're in a quiet temple and can't hear most of the cars anymore. And when you walk through the wooden, incense-scented temple area and come out on the other side, the street there is full of colourful shops with one or two people yelling their best bargains out loud in front of the shop.

    It was really exotic for me, since I normally live in a small, northern country where people rarely say anything to people they don't know, including clerks in shops and so on. Thus, nothing in Japan was a letdown for me, I had only positive surprises while I was in there.

    If there's anything specific you'd like to know, ask me. I don't really know which bits would interest you the most, so I was kind of vague here... But, yeah, go ahead and ask, because I really like talking about my trip. I wonder why? xD

    P.S. While we were in there, I made my fiancée read Ender's Game. He loved it. I still don't get why the Finnish front cover has a picture of a hand on it, though.
  12. Caliban
    August 6th, 2009 1:15 AM
    Ok, then...
    I iz in ur profile shovin' de character limit up Bean's ass...
  13. Caliban
    August 6th, 2009 1:10 AM
    Uh... text only?
  14. Gummy
    August 5th, 2009 10:03 PM
    Gummy will need Asty on MSN tomorrow, if that's at all possible. <3
  15. Caliban
    August 5th, 2009 6:55 PM
    Cool. Why would Val smash Ender into a table? I thought he was her favourite li'l bro...

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