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  1. Ageless Irony
    September 18th, 2008 5:51 PM
    Ageless Irony
    Hey Asty! Nice to see you in Lightblue again!

    Yeah, I'm going to post another chapter, I've just been having a horrible time with school and girls and work and school...And school.
    Did I mention school? xD
  2. Gummy
    September 18th, 2008 5:18 PM
    Well, you just told me that you have not checked my contact info for... 3 months?

    I actually deleted the messenger for now, as it was giving my computer problems. But when I do get it back, you'll be the first to know.
  3. JX Valentine
    September 18th, 2008 11:25 AM
    JX Valentine
    XD Such is life, I think.

    Also, that should be a PSA. Along with the one described on Steve, Don't Eat It involving eating babies.

    Aww. I thought you wanted to use the whip.

    As for lurking, it's all right. When I get more time, though, I'll totally pimp out the fanfiction forums. Because that's pretty much what my original focus for the boards was. And it should totally remind you of Battle School. Why not? We're already making a ton of Serenity jokes as it is. XD

    And indeed I am. =3 Thanks. It's like a load's been lifted off my shoulders. ...Although I still get my time eaten up by something. I totally blame the sex.

    As for the server, go figure. XD Repairing the board usually goes like this when it comes to SA:

    Step One: SA spots problem days after it occurs.
    Step Two: SA fixes problem.
    Step Three: SA promises problem won't happen again.
    Step Four: SA leaves board alone and returns to his work.
    Step Five: A day later, something else that's catastrophic happens to the board.
    Step Six: It resolves itself a few days later without SA around.
    Step Seven: Repeat steps five and six as often as necessary until SA finally figures out there's something odd going on, at which point, proceed back to step one.
  4. Alter Ego
    September 17th, 2008 1:02 PM
    Alter Ego
    More like something I learned from a fighting game (fave character uses drills for all her attacks XD), but close enough.

    And like, no worries about instant messaging thing. I'm one of those people who can almost carry on a convo in monologue, so if you leave any pockets of awkward silence I'll be sure to fill them up with inane blabber. 8D Just, you know, let's at least give it a try sometime when you're not so bogged down by work, 'kay? :3

    And yeah, I know you're female. Just thought I'd play into the whole 'unspecified gender field' thing. ;D

    Sorry this is such a 'meh' VM, by the way. I'm just totally bogged down by this cheesy discussion topic. Lifelong learning. *Headdesk* How am I supposed to think of fifteen non-trivial questions for something like that? D:
  5. Alter Ego
    September 17th, 2008 5:16 AM
    Alter Ego
    Astyyyy! My very special FBFF! *Drillpoke*

    You need to get on MSN sometime, yes you do. Because I've been meaning to talk to yew, but your MSN handle, my good sir/madame/it is constantly on offline and that makes me very, very sad. ;;

    I briefly considered slitting my wrists and writing a very emo entry about this in my PC blog, but I was afraid that the blood would make my keyboard all sticky and icky so I wrote you this visitor message instead.

    Oh, and hi. =D
  6. JX Valentine
    September 17th, 2008 4:18 AM
    JX Valentine
    Aww. But crack is fun! ;.;

    Also, went ahead and proclaimed it on the thread. (Is it bad that I randomly break out into rhyme?)

    *hugs* Thanks. And I'm open if you need to talk about something too. =3 And yay for not killing the conversation!

    As for modding drunk, well, I still have Firefly. XD
  7. JX Valentine
    September 16th, 2008 7:03 AM
    JX Valentine
    Finally finished that long response. XD

    Dear Gilean, it’s everyone’s favorite way to respond to VMs/PMs: Microsoft Word!

    Microsoft Word is love for the people who still stick with Microsoft instead of Linux and the awesome that is open source.

    Like, uh, me. *waves hi from her shiny Microsoft 2003*

    And not only is it Microsoft, it’s the 1995 edition!

    And that's awesomely special.

    But yes, this was the only way I could organize out my thoughts and all without ending up with verbal diarrhea. :<

    At least it's not like mukting rainbows. As sparkly as that is, that's usually a bad sign.

    The funny thing is that from what I’ve seen, it’s when there is a lot of active working staff that the forums are actually active. Take PFU and SPPf (lulz) for examples and comparisons. PFU has a very small fraction of those listed on the Forum Leaders page who are what would be considered "active" to the normal member. SPPf, however, has a lot of members that are around in every section, taking part in normal discussions. (It’s also the same on PC.) And I guess that that means that the majority of normal members feel safe posting because they can say what they want and not be trolled. Plus, it offers guidelines, and lets the normal members know that there’s someone watching over them protecting them and keeping everyone (or nearly everyone) in line.

    That and it makes the community feel comfortable by erasing the line between staff and regular members more, I think. If a member looks at a staff member who only comes on to mod, I guess it would make the member feel as if the staff can't relate to them – kinda like they're aliens or just robots. Because the staff sets the feeling of the board, the board ends up being a little colder.

    But if that's just rambling, yeah, you've definitely got a point.

    I like the latter better because it means that I can state my opinion without someone mindlessly flaming me and the staff not doing a thing.

    Or participating it. Definitely agree here.

    I had a point with all this. I swear I did. It’s just that I found some Bert/Ernie slash and started reading that while writing this. Right now, I’m innocently whistling. (Rule 34: raping your childhood!)

    But it's practically canon! Oh, come now. Two straight young men who aren't related sharing an apartment for that many years? Either they're really close friends, or they're "really close friends."

    If SA really wants the reputation, he needs to work for it. Twiddling with a few small pieces of code and not signing into the forums for days at a time isn’t a good way to get reputation. He should ask for help to run the website, but SA asking for help would be like OSC admitting Andrew’s gay. It’s just not going to happen.

    You have a good point. I really couldn't figure out what it was about PFU that was so great. People say it's the community, but really, the community is filled with drama and morons. It hasn't been great since 2005, and then SA booted out or chased away the intelligent members of that time.

    And you're right he in that he needs to work for it. I don't know what he's doing with that board, but opening it without saying a word in response? I don't think he's taken me seriously when I said he's running the thing himself.

    I’ve only been there once, but the who "red Poké ball" skin irked me to know end.

    Agreed. I use the snowflake one, but even then, it's pretty godawful. SA's actually admitted he's no website designer when it comes to aesthetics. As in, he can't format and make something look good if his life depended on it. So, we've got pretty godawful layouts and skins (and, for that matter, organization).

    Which includes the crappy Halloween one we had not too long ago. Put it this way, you don't want a dark layout from SA. What he did was essentially take a dark gray background and smacked BRIGHT orange and BRIGHT purple text on it. With BRIGHT green links.

    My eyes were sad, and I went back to Liquid Gray.

    I can’t really blame you, nor should you berate yourself. Yeah, there was probably something you could have done, but it’s not like you’re the only staff member at all on the entire board.

    True, but I was the most active and the most serious about it other than Eki (who, between you and me, probably won't be a mod of Firefly because he gets a bit verbally trigger-happy around the members). Literally half the staff has stated they really didn't want to do the job or were leaving PFU if I left. It's great that they support my decision to leave and, back then, ease up, but, uh, it's not too helpful for a staff.

    I could've modded someone else, but unfortunately, the options weren't that great. The only other active members in those areas were Shine Diamond (who I don't know that well) and maybe Misstres Meg.

    (Haha, I think I don’t care at this point who sees this. XD)

    Neither do I. XD

    Weren’t a few of them, before they became moderators, the subjects of your many rants on LJ about the stupidity of PFU?

    Ironically, yes. And yet, I still thought they were better than any other alternative on that board. What does that say about the population of PFU?

    And Sol? So not included in that monkey crap. You’re not kidding at all when you say he’s the only good candidate for admin on that board from what I’ve seen.

    Well, if we count the inactive ones, El Nino, Alpha, Ramen Pirate, and Twister were pretty cool too. But unfortunately, none of them were active or wanted the job either. XD

    So if you don’t want her wrath, you just have to think she’s the greatest thing ever or else you’ll get an s-mod running around after you.

    …Is she still fourteen?

    But Yami is still stuck in the same way that she reviewed three years ago. She’s never going to change. Nothing’s going to force her to change, nobody can say anything to her, and it’s just…ugh.

    And meanwhile, poor Silawen is doing her best to provide a better example for the younguns. *headdesk*

    It’s just that Yami will think I’m back to stick up for her and be her best buddy again, but I’ll have to say that she’s wrong. And getting her response isn’t one that I want to get. =\

    Ha. I know what you mean here. Silawen and Farla have already mentioned how she's whined about a backstabbing ***** who did pretty much the same thing.

    Awesome! I’ll get on it once I finish this post-Game fic I’ve been writing.

    Ooh. Good luck. Will we see it? =D

    I’m just unsure if I should include snark or not. It would be difficult for me not to since that’s how I am. XD

    Why not? The guide's almost full of it anyway. XD

    By the way, "Xanthine" would be an awesome name. But then again, I’m just a big giant fangirl for words beginning with X. *hugs book*

    You're a terrible, terrible influence on me.

    Edit with smexy ninja weapons to be used at a later date: Caius/Scythe said that you joining our pairing would be awesome. So PC better watch out, because there's now a new smexy sandwich. XD (Oh dear Andy Apwit's mother's garter...the innuendo on that is astounding.)

    Sweet! 8D Is it already noted in the Pairing Thread, or should I go and do it? Mmm. Sexy, sexy sandwich.

    Also, I'd like to take the time to thank you for your advice and opinions. What you said here is pretty much what finally got me to get off my rear, leave PFU, and strive to make Firefly better. (Although Macabre's not helping all that much, but I will probably punch him in the face if he keeps this kind of attitude up.) You've also gotten me back to FFNet, and I'm already feeling like I'm actually coming home in a sense. That is to say, I'm going back to the stuff that made me enjoy fandom (site building, fanfiction, reviewing), and I'm definitely happier now.

    So, thanks so much for finally talking me into doing it.

    Also, lolwut. This turned out to be four pages too. XD
  8. JX Valentine
    September 16th, 2008 6:33 AM
    JX Valentine
    Thank you. =D And I will. Just as soon as classes are over and I'm less likely to keel over out of weariness.

    Also, okay. XD; I hope you get well soon, though. *hugs* (Jesus, an Astinus that doesn't want to look at Andrew Wiggin?)

    Also also, working on a response to that four-page Word document. Even if it's dreadfully belated. ;
  9. bobandbill
    September 15th, 2008 4:33 PM
    I'm fine. Besides the fact that it's exams a plenty for me now... plus side is that for days without exams I don't have to go to school, like today. Pity about having to study...

    Heh, nice announcement there. It has been happening a bit more recently though, good to see you taking things into your own hands.

  10. Disturbed
    September 15th, 2008 7:41 AM
    Heh, thats completely fine. Even though I live in the center of the state too, in glastonbury.
  11. Disturbed
    September 14th, 2008 5:18 PM
    Another person on PC that lives in CT, well atleast I think you do (Connecticut's House of Card, so I thought you lived in CT) Whereabouts in CT do you live?
  12. Konvict
    September 13th, 2008 11:58 PM
    Sorry, Astin. My fanfic... made my friend itch to bump. It obligated him to do so!
  13. Avey
    September 13th, 2008 1:56 PM
    Why do I feel like "nyah-nyahing" and saying "It's a good thing I'm back"?

    I never really figured you would leave, in complete honesty.
  14. icomeanon6
    September 12th, 2008 1:45 PM
    Verbosity isn't a problem, it makes my profile page look more productive! *gives thumbs up*

    Seeing as I live in Suburb-ville, USA, I don't get to see that many bright stars. That's why I'm so glad I went on that trip last summer, it was so clear you could actually see shooting stars with reasonable frequency, not to mention the Milky Way, which is quite a spectacular sight. I really wish people didn't feel the need to leave street lights on all night, it just drowns out the stars. Maybe someday when our oil usage is down significantly the air will get clean enough to see the stars even around cities. (Great, I just used wishful thinking, now I'm set up for disappointment. *headdesk*)
  15. JX Valentine
    September 11th, 2008 8:01 PM
    JX Valentine
    but why post on a board where half the staff isn't active?

    Free range to be stupid.

    Although that's why I've enabled member moderation.

    Plus, there are quite a few sections on PFU that look completely dead.


    Why SA is keeping a floundering forum alive instead of just taking it out back and shooting it is something no one will never understand.

    I think I know the reasons why, but they're still fairly illogical. See, SA still wants a good reputation, despite the fact that he's barely checking the board nowadays. He's constantly talking about upgrading the Pokedex with complicated codes in order to make it a cutting-edge 'dex (even though the information is so outdated it doesn't even take into consideration anything after FrLg). He's under the delusion that, somehow, people are benefiting from the site. ...Even though the boards aren't much to be proud of, and no one actually goes to look at the main site anymore.

    For some lulz, mod Kitty Pikachu in Current Events. And Vincent gets S-Mod position. I'll tell you the rest later over MSN. XD

    XD So very tempted.

    (No wonder Vincent thinks being rude is key to becoming mod. Not only did Eki review that way, but so did VaanAshe. o.o)

    Oh, Jesus. I forgot about that. I really let the fic forums go at one point, which is a shame because that's really where I started (other than anime). In any case, I think I'm at fault here because they think snark by itself = good review. A la Shrike, I suppose. All that MSTing to point out flaws might've screwed up their judgments.

    Moving from one forum to another, I'm assuming Yami Ryu is rather well-known on SPPf. She used to be a moderator, and I would love to know who thought that was a good idea. So she became good friends a few of the staff members, some of which are still currently on the staff. Her two bestest buddies ever mod the three forums (Fanfiction, Fan Art, and RPG) that she mainly posts in, so she can get away with pretty much anything she wants. But even though she posts in three sections, she's still well-known everywhere, since each time she "leaves" SPPf, it's a big effin' deal with swearing, tantrums, and lols.

    Ha. Well, then, the question is, is she respected? Or is everyone except Shrike and her mod friends actually just getting those lols? XD

    so I don't really know what she said.

    Yami misses the point of the fic.

    I'd log in to get the PM she sent in response to my reply, but unfortunately, certain morons seem to like stalking me. Every time I log in, they think I'm stealing from SPPf or something stupid like that. (It's hilarious. I once saw this brilliant person show off my profile to "prove" that I was "ripping off the ASB"... when in actuality, I only ever actually posted on the fanfiction forums and the gaming forums and never set foot in their league. Way to go with your logic, SPPf!

    If you would like, to make your load easier with the reviewing guide, I could write up the "You need to explain things, you moron" part. Between Yams and Vince, I could come up with some examples. Plus, it's already kind of written in my mind.

    Sure. Go ahead. =D That way, it doesn't look so bad when I go to add the "this is how not to respond to a review" part.

    On forums: to raise post count, because as someone once said, "post count is epic". XD

    Good point.

    On I dunno. Never understood anyone who posts on there.

    Well, except Farla and the like who actually leave decent reviews. Other than that, the stories aren't too great, and the reviews aren't much better.

    ...And yet, I'm sorely tempted to create a new account.

    Apologies for the randomness of this message. I had no idea what I wanted to say, but said it anyhow.

    No problem. That's the best kind of message. =D

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