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  1. Unknown Entity
    June 1st, 2011 7:33 PM
    Unknown Entity
    Hah, I read your "My first team ever!" thread, that team looks like it's way more balanced then my team. My team is basically comprised of pokemon I like, having no regard for balance at all.
  2. Unknown Entity
    June 1st, 2011 4:53 PM
    Unknown Entity
    I could never get DBW in Wrath, it either never dropped, or it did drop, but some other class got it... even seen it go to a few Retadins... like, what the hell is that ****? a Retadin, really?

    Yeah, the hit thing was ridiculous, it was like 26% Hardcap, and you practically NEEDED the hardcap to actually hit things enough to get a decent amount of Rage, and my guild would like never put me into raids since apparently I didn't do enough DPS, even though when I was in Mostly Heroics, 364 PvP Bracers, VP Trinket and Rep Neck/Belt, I could out DPS this DK Raider in my guild, who was in full epics along with some other geared guildies, but it was like meh whatever.

    And yeah, I ain't going back unless Blizzard seriously turns their sh!t around and stops screwing things up and nerfing things that don't need to be nerfed.

    Lolz, "I DPS my kids IRL", nice Team name, nice Execute too. My warrior, Pein... previously known as Irtehsex, don't know why I ever changed it. (Ignore the Gems if you look at it, I just shoved whatever I had on me into the sockets.)

    Well, anywho... back to RNG'ing and EV training/leveling...
  3. Unknown Entity
    June 1st, 2011 4:19 PM
    Unknown Entity
    Oh god! I <3 you, I played a Fury Warrior from middle of Wrath into Cata, they messed furry warriors up so bad in Cata, I want my 93% Armor Pen back.

    I didn't really raid much in Cata, only did like, 2/12 + BH, my Warrior had like 3.8k Resil though, since I tried out Arena's (as Arms) in Cata, wasn't bad... but too many classes were way too OP in Arenas, I also have an 85 Protection Pally that was my first lvl 80 During Wrath, have an 85 Disc/Holy Priest and an 85 Blood/Frost DK whom I loved, DK tanking was/is awesome.

    Furry warriors not being able to pull their weight? If so, it's only because of the ridiculous amount of HIT Blizzard made us need, I believe they reduced it last patch or something though, but even still, at the start of Cata, with my gear Reforged mostly into HIT I had 17% which still wasn't enough, but I was still able to pull 12k on a pug BH, 30k+ on the first boss in BoT (forget his name) and 16k on the Conclave of Wind or w/e with only Heroic blues and 2 PvP peices. Furry warriors were still kickin' it at the top of the meters, if they knew how to play anyways...

    I miss Wrath though, my 4 piece T10.5, 2x Heroic Cryptmakers, all my other gear and my 93% Armor Pen, I'd pull 17-25k on LK 10/25. Those were good times. ):

    Hmm, long post is long.... oh and I remember the boss's name, too lazy to go up to find it and change it, Halfus I believe was his name. /NerdRant ._.
  4. Unknown Entity
    June 1st, 2011 4:00 PM
    Unknown Entity
    Heh, I actually just quit WoW around 3 months or so ago myself, Cata royally @#$%ed **** up, still love Warcraft itself though. Just out of curiosity, what class('s) did you play?

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