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  1. Squirrel
    June 25th, 2012 12:23 PM

    こんにちは :D

  2. Tropical Sunlight
    June 25th, 2012 11:32 AM
    Tropical Sunlight

    Oh, damn. I could never draw Slovenia's roads so accurately.

    I meant, do you have a test for just some subjects you choose, or every subject?

    I'm tied between Batman: Arkham Asylum and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, but I'll probably go with the latter, since he likes cars.

  3. Tropical Sunlight
    June 25th, 2012 10:32 AM
    Tropical Sunlight

    Wow, that seems difficult. Algerian war... was that when Algeria separated from France? Also, what do you mean by communication network?

    Do you have to take these tests for every subject?

    Oh, nice. :D My friend's birthday is coming up this Thursday. I'm getting him a PS3 game.

  4. Meganium
    June 25th, 2012 9:59 AM

    [10:57] -->| Mentalii has joined #pokemonclubs
    [10:57] |<-- Mentalii has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
    [10:57] <mefaiuby> noooo mentaliiii

    you should have stayed lol

  5. Elite Overlord LeSabre™
    June 24th, 2012 1:09 PM
    Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    I remember those days... now granted, I did quite well on my high school tests (and rocked the house when it came to math ) but studying still sapped a whole lot of my time.

    Well, it could have been a lot better, but it could have been a lot worse too... like Champion Alder again. Or *shudder* "Champion" Jerry Sandusky... At least it's a girl, albeit not one of the better looking ones. But really, though. you'd think someone calling themselves Champion would dress like a professional... like business suits.

    Well, the worst thing imaginable happened... guess who rears his ugly head in the world tournament (a stupid idea anyway if you ask me)... and guess who once AGAIN doesn't appear at all :/ So right now, my chances of buying the game is hovering right around the 4-5% mark, to put it numerically. No, it isn't just you-know-who; he's just the latest in a long line of problems (including no Persian, the world tournament in general, stupid minigames like the musicals and Pokewood, the Dream World, the Entralink, the C-gear, too many legendaries, Alder, Burgh, Dunsparce, Rattata, Arcanine, Lickilicky, Tangrowth, Wigglytuff, Cheren being demoted, Bianca's not-improved outfit, no evil badass rival, and the experience earning system). Suffice to say there's plenty I'm unhappy about here.

    Skitty and Delcatty. Fine for Contests, not so great at battling. Persian indeed would have been the better choice, but I'm not sure the developers are even capable of making decent choices anymore.

    Well, I wouldn't worry about getting it done too soon.... right now I'm not fixing to post the next chapter till around July 5, and you said you'd be done with tests on the 3rd, right? In fact, one of my regular readers is on leave so I might back up that posting date till the 8th or even the 9th if you need more time.

  6. Tropical Sunlight
    June 24th, 2012 11:08 AM
    Tropical Sunlight

    Nice, how did it go?

    Oh, we start on the 4th as well, but only this year. We usually start of the 1st if it's not weekend.

  7. Elite Overlord LeSabre™
    June 17th, 2012 1:08 PM
    Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Hello, just to let you know, Chapter One of my fan fiction went up earlier today, so check it out when you get the chance

  8. BBA_Beyblader_321
    June 15th, 2012 1:47 PM

    I started watching Another! Its good! I made the mistake of watching it at night though... (being the pansy that I am~ ") But it is good! I'm going to finish it! Thanks for telling me! ^o^

  9. Tropical Sunlight
    June 15th, 2012 9:40 AM
    Tropical Sunlight

    That's later than anybody I know ._.
    And you start again on September 1?

  10. Elite Overlord LeSabre™
    June 15th, 2012 6:52 AM
    Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    I'm doing pretty good. Ooh, I remember finals week... that's always rough... good luck!

    Awesome! Leaf and Lisa await!

    I hope not (he could always be some wandering trainer now - you're supposed to run into him fairly early on in the game). But why did he have to return in the first place? But atl least there's still hope...A girl champion in a cute dress who could rip your team apart with her powerhouse Pokemon would be perfect... so would a girl in a cute dress as your player character, though. I wish they'd do that in the next set of games (But bring back the black tights; they're the best part of the B2/W2 girl xD)

    Well, I don't know that she did, I'm just expressing my hopes and prayers that she did. And from what I heard, that Akuroma guy's not the professor you get your Pokemon from... you actually get it from Bianca, who's Juniper's assistant. So she might still be in the professor role, I don't know at this point. At least that's what people are saying is going to happen on the site. Everything's getting so complicated with these games...

    Oh yeah, the cat Pokemon (W2 only) is Skitty/Delcatty... not the cat Pokemon I was hoping for since I had a hard time using one back in Sappphire since it couldn't attack to save its life.

    WE WANT PERSIAN IN B2/W2 (both Lisa and I xD)

  11. Tropical Sunlight
    June 15th, 2012 6:05 AM
    Tropical Sunlight

    I will.
    When do you finish?

  12. Tropical Sunlight
    June 15th, 2012 5:37 AM
    Tropical Sunlight

    If you've studied enough, all you have to do is not worry. You'll succeed, I'm sure.

    Today was the last day of school for me.

  13. Elite Overlord LeSabre™
    June 7th, 2012 1:15 PM
    Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Hello, just checking in... how have you been doing? And have you had a chance to read that new story yet?

  14. Tropical Sunlight
    June 5th, 2012 12:14 PM
    Tropical Sunlight

    Well we've finished with the exams here in Slovenia...
    All I have to do now is visit a gallery and make a report on it.

    We went on an excursion yesterday and came home an hour ago.

  15. Elite Overlord LeSabre™
    June 4th, 2012 1:05 PM
    Elite Overlord LeSabre™

    Well, it's a sequel, but the only spoiler you need to know is that Lisa's a secret agent now. And I probably already spoiled that in one of my blog entries If you're still wanting to read and comment, please try to do it fairly soon so I can get the first chapter up, thanks!

    Well, romance is just a subject I don't like touching with my own writing. I'd much rather touch on subjects like money laundering, cars, guns, and the such. Things that make stuff exciting

    Well whatever it is, it looks weird. Why not a nice top hat or bowler hat, something that doesn't look like fake senior citizen hair...

    I don't know if I want to see her (from B/W) as champion unless she gets better clothes (short shorts aren't decent attire in any situation IMO, but especially not if you're going to be calling yourself Champion), but I do agree that we need a girl champion... someone like Lisa would work just fine xD Unfortunately I've heard that Alder aka Cipher Admin Dakim will be returning... hopefully not as champion because he did have much more personality and backbone as Dakim...

    Horrible outfit is horrible. But I did hear somewhere that she's some sort of professor assistant, perhaps to Juniper again. Who's hopefully decided to ditch those sneakers

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