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  1. ThePachCode
    April 21st, 2009 1:50 PM
    Are the Thunderbolt and Ice Beam moves ever going to be released into TM's,
    and if so, will they be in this next beta?
  2. runner drummer
    April 20th, 2009 7:34 PM
    runner drummer
    Thank you for Shiny Gold
  3. HackChu
    April 20th, 2009 12:45 PM
    just wanna say good luck with what ever it is that your doing,and say good luck into trying to complete Shinygold,we just have a little more ways to go and it will be finished.Just wanna say again good luck with it and the Community looks foward to it!
  4. kaosman14
    April 20th, 2009 10:58 AM
    gracias zel por tu informacion pero no veo el link de pokemon orange por ninguna parte =( o no se que hay que hacer...
  5. Pokepal17
    April 19th, 2009 10:41 AM
    wow, a lot of people have to go back to school tomorrow (including me ¬_¬)
  6. PokemonTrainerDaslim
    April 19th, 2009 7:45 AM
    yo Zel so whats up sorry i wasent Online i got busy all this spring break it was a good vaca too bad its over tommorow T-T
  7. mewthree w/armor
    April 19th, 2009 7:40 AM
    mewthree w/armor
    We don't talk that often? Dude, get on MSN and poke me. Not like I'm never on. XD
  8. Platinum Lucario
    April 19th, 2009 12:47 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Hi, what's up? It's been a while. ^^
    How's Shiny Gold been going?

    Anyways, my Easter Holidays went pretty well. I had 2 weeks of my Easter Holidays here in Australia.
    But one problem though, Term 2 starts tomorrow. So yeah, unfortunately. :(
    Man, if only if there was another week of holidays. T.T

    Time sure does fly so quickly, doesn't it? :P
  9. ~Teh Panda~
    April 18th, 2009 11:21 PM
    ~Teh Panda~
    Well, guess what? I am getting a puppy , my life is back on the tracks and you can't be that boring :O. xD

    College from what i hear is the best time of your life. So enjoy.

    nyways I am off to bed c ya later :D
  10. destinedjagold
    April 18th, 2009 3:51 PM
    you haven't eaten yet? o.O
    *gives cookie*

    so ya got Brown, huh? Cool! :D
  11. crzyfreak
    April 18th, 2009 2:11 PM
    hey zel how do u download shiny gold
    can u give me the link please and thank you
  12. spaceboy827
    April 18th, 2009 12:52 PM
    ah, makes sense :/ now i feel stupid
  13. zel 2.0
    April 18th, 2009 7:19 AM
    zel 2.0
    Hi, I just got Brown. I guess it's time to give it a try a bit, but first thing's first. Gotta eat! See ya'll!
  14. destinedjagold
    April 18th, 2009 7:13 AM
    you're online.
    elow there.
  15. zel 2.0
    April 18th, 2009 6:25 AM
    zel 2.0
    @Punk_Rocker: Gimme a break! I'm trying what I can! '

    I wonder how many know where it is located? Alright! Exam Time!

    @spaceboy: The game of guessing when the next release will be. A game that nobody (including me) will ever win.

    @Pokepal: Haha, since I use Scripted and it cant read too many lines (and it reads a good bunch, anyway), that's one script that's splitted in several parts

    Not like I'm a fan of DP graphics, really. I just like to mix a bit of every generation for my game.

    I'm not sure if that is possible. Probably M_X could figure out but I'm trying not to bother him as he has his stuff to do

    My timezone is UTC-3

    lol, just that.

    @Trebuh: Remember that some palettes get repeated a few times. Perhaps you changed the palette that was used for something else (yeah, it had the same colors but it's used for something else), try to see if there isnt another match when you are looking for the colors in the hex editor. Change just one value and see if there is any change in the emu, if there is then eureka, that's the palette to edit.

    @zarazone: Close the emu, delete any .sav or .sa1 file generated for the game. Then open the emu but before loading the rom, go to Options->Emulator->Save Type, and set the Flash 128k option. Then load the rom and start a New Game.

    @Buizel9: Just trying to fit everything in my free time. It's quite crazy and I'm still wondering if it'll work. Work is fine, hacking... well, when I start this afternoon perhaps I could answer that

    @kaosman14: Te respondí en tu PM, chequealo.

    @nofamenogame: No, upgrades everyday. Am I an antivirus or something?

    It's still in progress. I'm really not too sure what you were asking... :\

    @fcbfcbfcb: Nope.

    @gresleyds: Fixing stuff, after that I'll start a more serious Beta testing.

    @Darkshade: Fine, I was quite sick last weekend but now it seems I'm pretty healthy

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