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  1. Sakura Rain
    July 3rd, 2012 4:44 PM
    Sakura Rain
    Idk if you're lazy anymore though, since you've got so much coursework

    So you'll need to read through

    Yellow arc
    G/S/C arc
    R/S arc
    FR/LG arc
    Emerald arc
    D/P arc
    Platinum arc
    HG/SS arc

    IN THAT ORDER. welp you're buried in coursework this week so ;; there's a Cherrim in Platinum arc, though it's in emo-form most of the time XD

    Kk. I'm gonna go look at yours, and see what it looks like. I might make mine later this week though, because of the holiday. WHY DOES EVERYONE SHOOT FIREWORKS OFF AT 3 IN THE MORNING CUT IT OUT YOU DAMN KIDS I'M TRYING TO SLEEP

    So you're known literally everywhere as Cherrim...so why aren't you known as "Cherrim" on PC? Oh wait, you've been here since '03, there was no Cherrim back then derp brb dying
  2. Captain Fabio
    July 3rd, 2012 6:32 AM
    Captain Fabio
    I shed a tear closing this thread, but it was time for a new one.
    Over 4 years! XD
  3. Jellicent♀
    July 3rd, 2012 5:06 AM

    ...yeah true dat. xD BUT OH WELL. Maybe you're just a winter person? c:

    omg I'm the exact same way. People are always asking why its easy for me to flirt and I'm like, "I was flirting????" I always thought it was called being nice. xD Being set up sucks, if anyone offers, SAY NO IMMEDIATELY.

    See, that's my problem. I never check them! xD I hate making notes like that. Like, at the time you made a little secret code, and like, two days after you're all like "wtf did I just read?"(omfg I'm a religious history NUT. legit, I could talk about them forever.)

    I has a kitty! c:

    YAY GPX FO' SHO. I'm trying to get some achievements cuz dang my account's pathetic. xD
  4. Sakura Rain
    July 2nd, 2012 9:20 PM
    Sakura Rain
    lolololol we are the laziest queens of wall'o'text y/y

    This site here has Pokespe up to Platinum Vol.40. This is where I've been reading it for years fksldfjs. How far did you get because damn. DOOOON'T START READING IT NOW THOUGH, YOU NEED TO SLEEP

    And like...you just pick a username and off you go? Because I've seen people's tumblrs with all sorts of fancy stuff and I'm like "noooo I just want to stalk around and lurk and stalk erica I don't need all this fancy stuff" DX well, since I am le talentless at art, maybe it'll be easier for me. idk man, I'll think about it. who am i fooling i'm gonna do it but i'll be all nervous and crap and siiiiigh. I need anxiety medicine.

    OMG LMAO. Erica you're the best <3 and yes honey, go on to sleep and be well-rested for ALL THE STUFF YOU HAVE TO DO TOMORROW.

  5. Shining Raichu
    July 2nd, 2012 9:09 PM
    Shining Raichu
    LOL yeah, a while ago. AlexOzzyCake made a thread about it and I think it was pretty much unanimous yes XD
  6. Sakura Rain
    July 2nd, 2012 8:55 PM
    Sakura Rain
    ohgod sorry i know it was far too long but i had too many feelings okay ;;

    Okay hun, take your time! I'm reading Pokespe and kind of not really paying attention to PC atm anyway, lol

    YOU NEED TO HELP ME THOUGH because me + technology = apocalypse 2012 annnnd i'd rather wait until you're un-busy before i get one

    holy slkfjsdlf. Make sure you get enough sleep, dear!
  7. Shining Raichu
    June 30th, 2012 7:22 PM
    Shining Raichu

    You wrote Pokemon Groups instead of Pokemon Clubs
  8. Jellicent♀
    June 30th, 2012 9:20 AM
    ALSO, just added you on my pal Pad on GPX. B]
    You should be able to tell it's me. xD
  9. Sakura Rain
    June 29th, 2012 10:20 PM
    Sakura Rain
    So um.

    Was going to add this to the wall of text down there but it's long enough as it is

    Was lurking tumblr and found this post






  10. Sakura Rain
    June 29th, 2012 7:26 PM
    Sakura Rain
    Yeah, I keep getting Cloudflare'd even now. Idk what's up with that, it's only for like a second though. Wish I could donate some money so we could get a better server. NO PC MAKES ME VERY SAD and I wish I could help you guys out BUT ALAS, I AM LE BROKE fml.

    OMG THAT WOULD CAUSE APOCALYPSE 2012 Y/Y? the thought of six different wall of texts makes me tremble in fear And I really do mean well, but I'm just so absolutely terrified of saying the wrong thing that my brain shuts down omg ;; Annnnd yeah, colleges in the States like, require everything. Your whole life story, everything you've ever done, that one test you failed in third grade, eeeeeverything. wtf is a "bursaries" seriously i don't know omg brb dying

    (Thanks dear. ;_; I was really good at anything history in school mostly because of awesome teachers <3 annnnd then we had like a photography club and I WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST AT THAT, OF COURSE, and then when we studied astronomy I was aces at that too, but school in general was not too incredibly fun for me.) yeah, thought I'd attempt to break it up a little bit, kdsfjlsdk. and I mean we could always do gif posts but I think this gif explains like every single one of my vms/posts


    Awww thanks dear -hugs- I've met ones who spell it different ways (Kallie, Kali, Cali) but I always liked my spelling more just because it wasn't often used, and I looked it up for like the first time last night, annnd it's one of many names derived from the greek word "kallos/kalos" which means "beauty" which makes me feel a little bit better about myself ;___; annnnd I've met some Americas before (no. Really.) and I really don't understand why you would name your child after a country. What is this i don't even.

    Omg my dad's boss has one of those houses up on the mountainside, and I asked him (the boss, not my father) what would happen in the event of a landslide, and he said there are no landslides on mountains and I was like this:

    and this

    and I never thought I'd actually find a use for this one but

    PSSSST, LANDSLIDES. I DO NOT THINK IT MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS. We actually got to stay at his house once and this was me the entire time


    What honey you're only three years older than me you're still young omg Found the table flipping! It starts at like :43 seconds, but you might want to watch before that for the context. It's absolutely insane and I was frightened. omg I watched Toddlers and Tiaras once and the little girl was crying and the mom goes "don't look at the camera while you're crying" and I was like "whyyyyy" IT IS REALLY CHILD ABUSE IT IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. whyyyy do you keep these shows on tv my fellow humans?

    TELL ME ALL OF THEM. 109F today so still couldn't go to the drugstore, didn't get to sleep last night until 5:30 am, have consumed endless amounts of caffeine today, still tired. fml

    omg you actually have native heritage? Mine's like 97% Irish and 3% other stuff. I think my great-great-great grandfather on my dad's side was from Switzerland, so a bit of Swiss as well. I would be extremely shocked if I actually had a bit of Native American blood, lmao

    Okay because when I think of Catholics I think "OMG THEY'RE GOING TO MURDER ME BECAUSE I'M NOT CATHOLIC" I think I'm supposed to be Baptist? Idk lol but then I realize that not all of them are like that and then I feel bad ;_; And I know next to nothing about Baptists, because after my granny died when I was 12, I stopped going to church so idk what they're supposed to be like. Too scared to google it. do you know I googled the Holocaust once for a school project and LSKD:FHIDWOGH:OESFJSDIGLHSDKLFJESK BRB BAWLING MY EYES OUT/THROWING UP/HAVING NIGHTMARES FOREVER

    Lol. They totally knew what was up. I could neeeever do a hunger strike, I love food too much <3 and S:LJKDFJEWIOGHDSILJFSDKL DID YOU GET LIKE A RAVENCLAW TIE OR SCARF OR ROBE OR SOMETHING? omg omg you need to go again sometime so i can go with you <3 I neeeeed a Hufflepuff scarf and a tie. I NEEEEEEED IT. Plus a wand and stuff omg disney world ;_; I want to go back again too! Erica we should live in Neverland y/y? omg I can definitely see how it would be crowded omgggg. POTTERFANS EVERYWHERE RUN AND HIDE.

    Um I think it's because God/the bible forbids war? I think that's why, but then in the bible it says we need to kill everyone of different faiths...well what do you think that's going to cause? WAR! I've never seen such fanatics in my life, and omg I went to a military funeral once (no one I knew, just to pay respects) and they were there but then these people on motorcycles showed up (they attend military funerals specifically to scare off the Westboro people) and then there was like a riot and the Westboro people had their car tires slashed and I was like "GOD BLESS TENNESSEE FREE ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE except you twisted bastards GO AWAY" but at the same time I felt bad for the mourning family having to put up with all of that. IT'S REALLY NOT COOL TO CELEBRATE SOMEONE'S DEATH, ESPECIALLY SOMEONE WHO IS FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOM. /rant

    I want to omg. But mama doesn't really want to leave Tennessee or my father, for some unfathomable reason. I mean, if I had to put up with what she has to put up with, I would've left a long time ago. My parents have been married for like forty years, and never once have I seen my dad show my mom any sort of affection. Like, at all. No hugging, no touching, no kissing, no affection whatsoever. wtf (THAT'S OKAY I WOULD RATHER HAVE FREEZING COLD THAN BLISTERING HOT. Like, seriously, it is 8:27 pm here, and it's still 100F. please kill me.) and that's the thing with my dad, he's malicious about everything that even slightly disputes Christianity. Can your dad be my dad too please ;__; omg then you would be my Canadian sister hell yes please. Annnd I want to know your mama, omg. Conservative thinking dominates the south, and I'm stuck in the middle of it fml.

    I KNEW IT. So the next time my dad goes to get a haircut, will you fly out of the sky and idk hit him with a house or something and then we can go get oreos omg i love them or ice cream or milkshakes or something <3 AND YES YOU ARE AWESOME YOU ARE THE CHERRIM GODDESS SKDLFJSDLFJSDLGK.

    I didn't really mind essays, per say. It was just sort of hard to come up with the words and usually my mama would help me with them XD I know I'd never be able to major in Math because I'm stupid y/y but ksjdlfdjs your papers are still religion related? I would like to think that God loves me but I'm not so sure. ;________; You could just copy some of our old vms for KH essays lmao. Or get the stuff from s-e fanclub, that's enough material for about nine novels lol.

    IRELAAAAAAAAND. Love love love it! It is one of the most gorgeous places I've ever seen (in pics, lol) and I want to visit it one day when i'm not le broke and my great-aunt actually went over there and met our relatives and apparently they were surprised to learn they had relatives in the States lmaoooo.

    I sort of also want to go to England not at all because I have like three friends living there and my internet british sister also lives there fdsklfjl because they're both such fascinating countries omgggg. I found out which county my great-grandparents came from and everything, and I was like "MUUUUUUUST. KNOWWWWW. MORREEEEEEEEEEEE."

    Omg I made the awful mistake of asking my father (!) about it when I was little me. He said that all of the scientific evidence of dinosaurs/cavemen was faked (!?) by the godless scientists (WTF) and if I didn't stop asking questions, he was going to throw me out of the house (keep in mind, I was little me, like around seven years old. wtf). I still consider myself a Christian, I'm just...a selective Christian, yeah. Because I know I can't be a properChristian because I have LGBT friends and friends of other religions/no religion. My dad knows nothing about this and I intend to keep it that way, haha. omg just had a mental image of him meeting all my pc friends and his head would explode brb dying of lol And yeah, I think as long as your morals are good, you're a good person. You're not like THE DEVIL HIMSELF just because you have a different point of view on things.

    also I love dinosaurs too omg <3

    We are the laziest queens of wall'o'text, y/y? I might wear my jacket to Mtac next year, but just as a normal piece of clothing lol normal

    THANK YOU DEAR SKLDFJSDLFJS ILU. I've never met any of my friends outside of pc, although I reaaaaally want to meet like all of them. But I'd have to go to Canada for you, and then Britland for internet british sister, and then to Wisconsin for internet bff and ldkfjslf. TWO OF MY FRIENDS ACTUALLY LIVE IN AMERICA, IN THE SOUTH, SOMEHOW, and the rest of you are all over 9000 miles away from me fml. AND NO, YOU'RE NOT, BECAUSE I HAD A DREAM ONCE THAT I MET MY INTERNET BRITISH SISTER ;___;

    Yeah, I remember hearing rumors a while back about a KH HD collection. If I was to get BbS in High-Def I would legit weep with joy. KH is kind of multi-platform already lol, but I and II were both on PS2, which makes me think they'll keep it on the PS. Which one is debatable, though, considering the release date for KHIII appears to be "WHEN IT'S DONE STOP ASKING USSSSS". and me toooo omg. 3DS is bulky enough as it is! Plus I have a red one and I need a green one fml. when you get the english model, you need to get a pink oneeee.

    OMG YOU'VE UNLEASHED THE MONSTER WITHINNNNNN (do you want actual vocamusic or vocacovers? whatever I've got plenty of both)

    This would not be most people's first choice of a Gumi song, but I love it. Bear with the chipmunk-ness at first, it gets better

    This is the best subbed version I could find of this song, I like it lots too!

    Actually planning on using this one for my next theme, lol. I have no idea what's it's about but it's awesome. Couldn't find a decent subbed version with just Gumi, so there's someone singing with Gumi too, sorry about that

    Have no idea what this is supposed to be about either, but it's awesome

    This is Kagamine twins singing a Miku original, it sounds ten times better with them also hope you're not an audiophile because hoooo boy. This one is better quality but the lyrics don't make any sense imo. well neither did panda hero's but I still showed it to you lmao

    Annnd then Miku originals with human covers

    Finaaaally found english subs for this, fml
    This is the same song as the Kagamine twin cover up above, but holy hell that voice
    That voice
    skdfjslfs subs here mute the audio because miku

    and THEEEEEN songs by vocaproducers that aren't sung by vocaloids (like, human-original songs lmao what am i talking about)
    This might actually be my favorite song ever
    This too

    ohgod that doesn't even begin to cover my big-ass collection of vocastuff i might send you some more stuff by pm because daaa-aaaamn there's so much of it! And I wouldn't classify myself as a weeaboo because aren't they, like, really obnoxious and they think Japan is the perfectest of perfect countries and hate every other country and think Japan should be the only country in the world? (according to my bff irl at least) this would be me with ireland lmao and it's not really daunting, you just listen to whatever songs are your favorite, dear~ Vocamusic to me is a lot different than mainstream stuff. Like, it feels a lot more deep and real than mainstream stuff? Idk even what I'm talking about anymore fmllll. omg I couldn't survive without my iPod ;___; I love it because I'm able to drown absolutely everything out with my big clonking honking headphonesss.


    10:25 PM. IT IS 99F. COMPLETELY LEGIT. There are storms out on the east coast right now, I'm very tempted to speed-drive out there and like dance in the rain idk. Want to go to Canada too, with their fabled 80-degree temperatures. Still melt in anything above 86F. Bother.

    ...WELL SO DID I UNTIL JUST NOW. Legit, I thought it was nose-hair fro. brb dying of lol. Trubbish is a trash-bag. Garbodor is a trash-bag. I am a clean freak. So, it's only natural that we are mortal enemies. I sort of like Vanillite though. It's cute <3

    that was like, the whole point of the game. The "Distance" in the title, I think, was stated to represent the distance between Sora and Riku? in related news, I put all my soriku pics in a folder entiled "FANGIRL TIME" does this make me a horrible person I was happy for any sort of glimpse of them, especially seeing as KH3D sort of forgot about them until the endgame. You would have to walk me through it, because I've never had a blog of any kind ever and it sort of scares me BUT ALL THE GIFS and cool stuff omg i want one omg omg OMG THEN WE CAN WALL OF TEXT ON TUMBLR ERICAAAAA

    I thought it was a he, I just couldn't remember lol. R-really? I sort of liked Aipom, but yeaaaaah I share your hate for Ambipom. Lol, I had a Level 100 Arcanine (its name was Growly <3) waaaaaay back in Red version, so YAY FOR GETTING FAVORITES TO LEVEL 100. want to get my newly hatched shiny growlithe to level 100 omgggg <3 It doesn't really weird me out. Then again, I'm starting to think that we were twins separated at birth and your parents are actually my parents lmaoooo.

    I KNOW RIGHT? It legit took me three hours to write this (had to look up all that vocastuff too)

    OHHHH GOD BRB DYING OF LOL. if the server wasn't so crappy this could completely be the real life

    Yeah, start using some gifs or something. IT'S FUN
  11. Zet
    June 29th, 2012 6:13 PM
    why is PC having some many issues? My return would have been spectacular! D:
  12. Mezzo
    June 29th, 2012 4:43 PM
    *Leaves a random VM.*
  13. Jellicent♀
    June 29th, 2012 3:21 PM
    It isn't depressing! It's still happy, just with darker colors. Almost like wintery jewel tones. o3o

    I'm bad at small talk, too. D: Especially when someone tries to hook me up on a date with one of their friends and it's all like, "Sup." Like, it's just so terrible and awkward idk whotf came up with small talk but they need to be hit. Dx
    ...I might have to start doing that. I use the notepad on my phone for my work schedule, but that's about it. maybe I should start putting little notes on it, too. xD Of course I saw you two talking religion somewhat, which is something I can talk about for hours, too! c:

    Holy Hell. Like, that legit made my heart skip a beat. I like legit can't even imagine how they must feel. :c

  14. Jellicent♀
    June 29th, 2012 12:04 PM
    lol, yeah that might cause a problem. xD
    Maybe you should do darker colors with light pops of a lighter color? Like, jewels tones ad then pop a bright in there?

    lol, that's good though! I used to be like that, but after a while I just nothing popping into my head! D:
    I'm like a goldfish that way, I think of something, forget it, and then think about it again as if I've never thought of it before. ;; Gets kinda bad after a while. xD

    And what's this about a mall collapsing? DDD:
  15. Sakura Rain
    June 29th, 2012 1:31 AM
    Sakura Rain
    omg wtf what happened why was pc out for like all day was it because of all my gifs? ohgod i'm sorry brb dying

    omg I would do that too if we actually had that many short vms because we totes have short vms amirite Well, that definitely explains my nervousness around other races. Small town, remember. Whenever I talk to someone of a different race I start panicking and thinking "holy crap i have no idea what to say oh god what if i insult this person" and yeah. omg lol that's hilarious. Don't they have to have a certain percentage of minority students? I know that was recently an issue in Tennessee, somewhere. not where I live though Like, one school had overwhelming numbers of minority students, while the school just down the street was legit 100% white. I think there were accusations of segregation and racism and the whole thing was just naaaaaasty.

    (Seriously, why isn't it? Bad teachers are like the entire reason America is considered the country with all the stupid people. I mean I don't think I'm that incredibly stupid, but to this day I'm still not good with math, all because of one bad teacher. Yeah, when workers' right are legitimately being ignored, then unions are great. When it's just a bad teacher whining about how they're doing "great work" and they're "important to the community" and the complaints against said bad teacher are, in his/her words, "omg the little brats are just trying to ruin my life" theeeen not so much for unions. This needs to be changed asap D;

    CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY. that's the only snape teacher I ever had, but I had quite a few lockharts as well, fml. omg omg why is this so gut-bustingly funny to me

    I really like my name, because I think it's pretty, but at the same time it's "LOL CALLIEFORNIA" and I'm like "i've never even been to california it's too hot please stop saying that. I make exceptions for a few people, but when it's just like acquaintances going "LOL U R CALLIEFORNIA" I usually start throwing things tbh. I've never heard annnnnyone make a pun out of the name Erica, lol.

    see the stilts in the back? IT'S HANGING OFF THE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN. There's a ton of these all over the mountainsides but not in the park proper, that's protected land you greedy bastards and they generally make everything look fugly. I think they also built them up like that down in New Orleans after Katrina? Or pretty much anywhere that a hurricane could possibly hit.

    Oh, it's great! It's surprisingly clever, for a kids show. holy balls the weekenders that was forever ago I prefer cartoons to most of the stuff currently on American television. 'Specially, like, the Housewives of New Jersey/Orange County/a loooot of other ones that I can't be arsed to remember. Don't know if you know anything about them? They're basically reallllly trashy/full of drama reality shows about housewives? Idk I never got how they chose people for it. ANYWAY, my mama was watching one once, and I happened to walk in, and some crazy lady was flipping tables. Legit, tables with food and stuff on them, up in the air they went. i was scarred omg

    omg hun thanks for the suggestion whenever it's not spontaneously combusting outside I'll go to the drugstore and see if they have it. Desperately need something to help me sleep, besides Benadryl.

    Yeah, Eagleland quite famously did that too. They still live on reservations too, but they don't have to, but I think the government pays them to stay on the land? Or they don't have to pay taxes or something but they definitely get a benefit of some kind from staying on the reserves.

    That's great! When I think of Catholic (or any religion, really) schools, I think "OMG FAITH FAITH YOU MUST BELIEVEEEEEE OR THE MIGHTY SMITER WILL SMITE YOU OMG you're going to hell" so that's like a breath of fresh air, really.

    YOUR ABILITY TO ADAPT TO NEW PLACES, LEND IT TO ME. sklfjdlfs the last time I traveled far out of Tennessee I was tiny me srsly, I was like three and it was to Disney World and I don't really remember it fml. OMG OMG SOOOO OFF-TOPIC BUT YOU AND I NEED TO GO TO THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER IN ORLANDO OMG KJSDLKFJSD:HKGLSIFHI thinking of disney world made me think of it lmaoooo

    I think everyone is infuriated by them, imo. They sort of remind me of a cult? It's really scary, tbh. I mean, these brave men and women go out and fight for your country, have a very high chance of dying, and when they do, you...thank God that they're dead? What is this i don't even. and yeaaaaaah my dad watched a news report on them once, and while he didn't agree with their stance on soldiers, he completely agreed with their LGBT stance and said this gem: "Hope they burn those hags at the stake. They're not natural." I JUST DON'T EVEN WTF THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING EXCEPT FALL IN LOVE ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW KFJSDLFJSLDFSJD brb angrish. And also, if such a charity exists, I want to donate to it omg. after I get my own place though, I don't fancy having my head blown off by my insane father, thanks

    Honey, you have noooo idea. He does stuff that he knows will make me sad/angry/terrified, just so I'll cry or whatever. Some people just should nooooot be parents. My mama is okay though, it's just my dad with the problem. Are your parents nice? I hope so; you deserve nice parents <3 AND I KNOW RIGHT I would like to think God would love me no matter what or at the very least, more than my father does annnnd he wouldn't smite me just for having friends of ~different faiths omg~.

    SO DO YOU FLY OUT OF THE SKY AND ATTACK THEM *shot* Serious-mode, it is sort of funny omg. Omg dear thank you ilu <3 and it's brilliant none of my friends on PC judge me and I can talk to them about anything and it's brilliant

    I was like that in high school, lol. If I had to write an essay or whatever I was like "i can't think of any wordsssss" whereas on here I'm like

    Omgggg. I want to learn about all the religions and cultures and fffff. I'm especially interested in Irish culture, since I have untold amounts of relatives that live in Ireland that I've never met and I just find everything about it fascinating. and apparently my grandparents were immigrants from Ireland? My mama is American-born and so am I though, but jskfdfjsldfkjs ireland

    and once I asked the teacher "If evolution is entirely fake how do you explain the cavemen" because you know there's actual scientific proof of cavemen. And even if God created the cavemen, they would have had to eventually evolve into the humans of today, right? idk see this is why we should have been taught evolution For some reason, I got reprimanded for that, even though I was just asking a question. because that's what you're supposed to do in class. Ask questions. It's how you learn. Wtf.

    Omg me too. I was in middle school and was going to Mtac and I threw a cosplay together in like five minutes lmaoooo. Haven't cosplayed since, it's too much of a hassle kdlfjslfsd. No, I actually want to wear it irl and idk scare small children with it, lmao.

    Lend it to me, then~ and yessss omg we need to rent a whole convention center and have like a pc get-together omg but if it was in NA britland/overseas in general people couldn't come brb dying. And gaaaaah if it uses batteries I used to spend like a ton of money on batteries back when I used a Walkman/CD player, and then when the Wii came out, but I realllly don't want to spend all the money on millions of batteries for Wii U. Omg, what makes you think it'll go to Wii U? KHIII, at least, will probably be on PS3 or 4 or perhaps even 5, given Square's track record. Btw, speaking of Nintendo, if the new 3DS XL comes in dark green I will legit cry. ;____;

    Omg she is so adorable and she has so many nice songs but then I listen to her and it's like a thousand chipmunks in my ears. You neeeed to listen to Gumi, she's fantastic imo. hello i am callie and i am a vocahag fmlMy iPod is flooded with vocacovers and new age music and a bit of Irish music, lmaoo.

    GUESS WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE 109F NOW FML. This heat wave is unbearable. ericaaa is it cold at your house can i come stay with youuuu

    Nosepassssss omg it's so derpy but it's fantastic. I love it just because no one else does and I like to love on pokemon that usually get no love. Except for Trubbish/Garbodor. HAAAAATE THEM. Wailord omg that thing is as big as six houses omg. SWABLU/ALTARIA ARE WIN, Altaria's even more underused than Flygon ;___;

    it was because nomura wanted you to play both stories, right?whyyy couldn't he have made it like bbs I mean, unless you want to see the part at the end where Data-Namine tells Sora about the people he's supposed to save and you get a glimpse of BbS trio. What it's BbS trio they are entirely underrepresented amirite I'm addicted to it too and I don't even have one and omg internet I love it it's so incredible

    Yeah I was stalking your albums don't judge me I LIKE PICTURES and I saw him (her? can't remember must stalk more) omfg really? How on earth did you pull that off *_*


    btw, you know how PC censors swearwords with *? You guys need to change it to ♥ it would make me legit lol

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    I'm a university student who's been in university for FAR too long thanks to chronic illness but I'm finally starting to figure out what I want to do in life. I really enjoy amateur translation and in the future would like to make it a little less amateur! My ideal career right now would be video game localization and I'm currently shifting gears to try to make that happen but we'll see.

    I play a lot of video games and am always up for talking about my favourites. I've listed all that stuff below so please don't be shy about coming into my VMs and jumping right into a discussion about anything we're mutually interested in. No need for formalities or small talk, you can just pretend we've known each other for years. 8) I don't bite!

    When I'm not on PC, I am virtually always on twitter so feel free to follow: @Cherrim

    [note: my profile background is by pokemonpalooza on tumblr!]
    Fandoms and interests! Here we go, in no particular order (usually):

    Kingdom Hearts (BBS♥♥♥), Final Fantasy (VI, X-2, Dissidia), Tales of Series (Abyss♥, Xillia♥, spinoffs), The World Ends With You (Pi Face♥), Ace Attorney, Assassin's Creed, Ghost Trick, Professor Layton, Okami, Hatoful Boyfriend, Cave Story, Left 4 Dead, Puzzle Agent, Portal, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP, To the Moon, Plants vs Zombies, Bioshock, Picross, Minecraft, The Walking Dead, ....oh! and Pokémon, of course.

    TV & Movies:
    Parks & Recreation♥♥♥, I.T. Crowd♥♥, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Cardcaptor Sakura♥, Steven Universe, Avatar: TLA/Legend of Korra, Firefly, Marvel movies (Iron Man, Avengers ♥), Ghibli (Arrietty♥), Pixar (Nemo♥, Inside Out), Departures, Disney (Tangled, any rennaissance film), How to Train Your Dragon, Monty Python, + any number of childhood shows

    Harry Potter, A Song of Ice & Fire, anything Michael Crichton (Sphere, Jurassic Park), some John Green (Abundance of Katherines, TFiOS), Philip K Dick short stories, Fahrenheit 451, anything John Wyndham, Hunger Games series

    Nerdfighting, tabletop gaming (getting into this more and more), Japanese language, linguistics, math (mainly number theory/pure math, some calculus, some logic, and algebra), programming, visual art (I draw, don't do much else but appreciate all kinds), collecting Cherrim, sleeping (when possible)
    Waterloo, ON
    Female ♀
    cherrim aficionado
    Also Known As
    Erica, Lightning
    Favorite Pokémon
    Cherrim, Probopass, Whimsicott, Cherubi, Pichu, Vanillite, Litwick, Joltik, Nosepass, Houndour
    In-Game Name
    X: Erica / OR: エリカ
    Go Team
    Discord Nickname
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Posted November 26th, 2013 at 3:38 PM by Cherrim Comments 2
Posted in Uncategorized
Lightning → Cherrim

Part of me wonders if people who keep up with me off of PC will even really register my name change...? So many people associate ME with the name Cherrim before even the Pokémon that it wouldn't surprise me if everyone forgot it wasn't my name here too.

But anyway, yeah, name change! I've had the name Lightning on PC for over 11 years now so this is kind of a sudden change but, honestly, I've wanted to switch to Cherrim for years now. I couldn't back...

Posted April 3rd, 2012 at 10:40 AM by Cherrim Comments 6
Posted in Miscellaneous , Gaming

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the Kingdom Hearts 3DS, although I really wanted it because it was gorgeous. ;_; Play-Asia never put it up for preorder, though, and whatever allocations they got were sold out by the time I checked the page again. That's annoying, but apparently it was going for like $500 so it's probably a good thing I didn't even have a chance to buy it. :x

So instead...

Posted November 27th, 2011 at 6:29 PM by Cherrim Comments 9
Posted in Miscellaneous

I would never have made it out of my room this morning without this detailed step-by-step solution.

Posted October 8th, 2011 at 5:56 PM by Cherrim Comments 9
Posted in School , Real Life , Miscellaneous
It's been a while and I was really inactive last month and I feel bad about it. So here's what I've been up to.

I started school again.
I took a term off of school last winter and worked over the summer, but [s]because I was kicked off my dad's drug plan for not being in school[s] I wanted to get back to doing something so I registered for classes this September and I'm back as a full-time student. I decided while I was down that I wanted to take on a minor so now I'm aiming for an East

Posted June 4th, 2011 at 9:46 PM by Cherrim Comments 5
Posted in Pokémon
So tonight, I figured out what Cherrim (bud/emo form) is. It's a Cherubi wearing an eggplant for a hat:



Yeah hi guys, I haven't been doing anything important. I want an eggplant hat. I found a knitting pattern for one so I might try to take up knitting....
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Nice new name 8) and...
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Cherrim! I want a 3DS...
Posted June 1st, 2012 at 3:38 PM by mineox100 mineox100 is offline
envyenvyenvy, the pink...
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I spied KH3D and immediately...
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