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  1. Ray Maverick
    September 17th, 2012 11:22 AM
    Ray Maverick
    I am seriously sarcastic! :D

    That's exactly what I was going for.. mind you, this Prophet is one of the characters I'll be controlling in the RP. <: Have you ever wondered what species the Prophet and the Master are?
  2. Ray Maverick
    September 17th, 2012 10:54 AM
    Ray Maverick
    Oh, you are so hardcore.

    How about the Prophet? How'd he seem?
  3. Ray Maverick
    September 17th, 2012 10:22 AM
    Ray Maverick
    Brought to you by the awesome me! I had sudden inspiration to write this and I answered to it asap, as I wouldn't want to face any whips from lady Claire~ xD

    By the way... the next chapter is where Claire makes a stunning entrance! :D
  4. Ray Maverick
    September 16th, 2012 8:40 AM
    Ray Maverick
    In response to your PM, I think that's pretty original, this method should work out!
  5. Ray Maverick
    September 16th, 2012 2:58 AM
    Ray Maverick
    By the way, here's a peek of how I imagine Shango's homeland:

    And, I decided that Claire should be a Ninetails. I have special plans!
  6. Ray Maverick
    September 15th, 2012 12:39 PM
    Ray Maverick
    Chapter's finished! The title needs to be worked on, though. 'Showdown' should have been the title of the next chapter.
  7. Ray Maverick
    September 14th, 2012 2:48 PM
    Ray Maverick
    It's alright, it happens to me as well... can't pass all of my thoughts through my hands.

    That's something I do too, but it usually has to do with nature. I was observing the stable waters of a lake and the running ones of a river for hours, wondering what made them flow so... uncontrollably. The gravity can't be the only reason, nor the 'friction' the atoms find on the bottom... so what is it? The movement of earth? Same goes with air. I have a feeling nothing is random, that it happens for a reason, but at the same time, no reason at all. But the thought of the earth moving gave birth to new thoughts: what if the flow of time is actually related to the circles the planet is doing every 24 hours? It seems like every natural event is taking place according to this circle. And I wonder, how is time flowing in outer space, where there is absolutly nothing? Is it a straight line, or, it simply does not exist? Meaning the universe is indeed infinite. Regarding the matter of time and earth's movement, does that mean that time itself is actually performing circles? If that is so, we can imagine time as a ring. We, the present, are somewhere on the ring, the past and the future somewhere else; that would mean that the past and the future are actually connected. How mind blowing would that be?!

    lol excuse my philosophical trains of thoughts - it's just that I've been holding them inside for a long time. It's 2 AM and I should be going anyway xD Right after I answer your question below! I don't have any chances to let out my philosophical thoughts either, but I don't mind. I usually converse with myself, actually - that's why I wouldn't go insane if I was all alone in an island. xD

    Our mind is designed to receive affections from the world that shape it and direct it, and that is starting to happen when the individual is still an embryo, I believe (it has been proven by scientists as well). The information our brain collects, any information, seemingly important or trivial, is stored to our subconcious. We are aware for example, that the sun will rise from the East, and not the West. The ability to understand these worlds is, well, completly inexistant, because as I said, we would need to erase the information we collect throughout our life, and that is impossible. And even if it was possible, we would need to reconstruct our subconcious in an enviroment that fits the image of this 'world', but that's also impossible because we lack the means to do so. Anyway - have you noticed that the people who suffer from amnesia do not actually forget how to speak, how to act in general? That means that there is a certain part of the brain where the specific, basic information is stored, and that includes how the universe works.

    Maybe humanity will advance so much, one day, that it'll be possible to create other, multiple realities. But I'll be dead by then, so it's not any relevant to me. xD
  8. Ray Maverick
    September 14th, 2012 2:22 PM
    Ray Maverick
    I don't quite get what you mean that they have done it again; I'm thinking it was simply inspiration that led him to it and not anything else.

    Of course, yes, wiping off our perception of the universe or people or anything else for that matter is simply impossible... I was thinking about this alot lately - imagine what the perception of life in the Pokemon world would be. It'd be so different from ours, it's impossible to picture or put into words, and that's what troubles me: our versions of the Pokemon world don't even get close to the truth... that goes for every other world, needless to say.
  9. Ray Maverick
    September 14th, 2012 2:10 PM
    Ray Maverick
    The means to do so, of course. The first man that ever drew something for the first time, had not done it ever again, obviously.

    You know, I have this theory, that if we truly want to understand how the universe works, our perception of it must be completly erased and re-composed based on what is already known about it; or even dare to suggest some new elements to enhance it. Anyway, my point is that, what if that happened towards the matter of understand each other?
  10. Ray Maverick
    September 14th, 2012 2:01 PM
    Ray Maverick
    That is not what I mean by dedication...

    Quite sad, indeed. I see the lack of the ability to listen, understand and adapt to perceptions other than their own in people every day. And it's proving itself over and over again, by trivial things, even.
  11. Ray Maverick
    September 14th, 2012 1:48 PM
    Ray Maverick
    Ah, but the first drawings of man in the caves were perfect, at least for their standarts, and they had no dedication at all! However, I do believe dedication helps. It's about perception, too, you might not think your work is perfect, but somebody else might think just that.
  12. Ray Maverick
    September 14th, 2012 1:38 PM
    Ray Maverick
    Yeah, it makes sense. Me, on the other hand, I don't try too much for perfection. I believe perfection in art (be it a novel or a drawing) comes from inspiration and not dedication.
  13. Ray Maverick
    September 14th, 2012 12:53 PM
    Ray Maverick
    Yes, I am sure, lady Claire! I haven't finished all of it, though. It's kinda late here and the day's events tired me. :D I'll continue tomorrow.

    I can relate to that, but why are you so hard on yourself? Is it because you feel insecure, perhaps?
  14. Ray Maverick
    September 14th, 2012 12:19 PM
    Ray Maverick
    I guess that's how you are :D but really, your work's good so far, you deserve to brag about it. xD
  15. Ray Maverick
    September 14th, 2012 12:13 PM
    Ray Maverick
    Oh, don't be silly! Why not? I'm sure it'll be great. I'll get on reading it right now.

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    I do love to RP. I try and sign up with the ones that have an unusual or creative storyline. I'm always looking for others who are crazy active role-players also. If you happen to be one of those, go ahead and send me a friend request. :D
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