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  1. Sector
    August 13th, 2012 4:22 PM

    Well still, imagine that you didn't know a thing about having relatives that does the ghost-chasing stuff, but finds out that your cousins actually do? Its quite shocking at first lol after a while its like...meh it's whatever haha although its on my dad's side, I don't really care what they do x)

    So its August, how soon before you go back to your college classes?

    How was your weekend? \m/
    How was Dark Knight Rises??? & Did you see that trailer?

    Oh yeah, I've definitely missed replying back to your VM's
  2. Squirrel
    August 12th, 2012 5:53 AM
    hi n.n
  3. Sector
    August 11th, 2012 5:12 AM
    Ahh you're going to love it! Dark Knight Rises is the best! BUTTTTTT The Man of Steel will top it! Pay attention to a trailer beforehand, I don't know if it shows in all theaters or in selective theaters or whatnot, but they will short a brief trailer of it coming in 2013. Can't wait! Tell me what you think about Batman 8 years later? (Yeah, Rises take place 8 years after the first one, apparently).

    I actually have cousins on my dad's side, who I think are WEIRD & creepy, but they call themselves "Ghost Hunters" & chase ghosts down, do rituals & stuff. I never personally sat down to get to know them like most families do but just those few times I've been at their houses & talked to them, I was the only person in the world that knows them but didn't have a clue they do what they do. So that's why I asked if you believed in something like that lol

    Ahh I'll leave this message short this time Won't be on this site much today since I got a race on today & my best friend is most likely going to stop by so I won't respond until tomorrow. Have fun tonight! (That is if you're going at night, which is the best time! Tradition!)
  4. Sector
    August 10th, 2012 1:36 PM
    For a long time now I wanted to get Brawl 100% completed. I only need 6 more stickers & its set!! Now it'd be all fun & games! Wish me luck! haha I hope I can get it done before Sunday. Since the races are on tomorrow & Sunday, that's my goal x)

    Oh yeah, about the answer to your Strawberry Milk from Nesquik, ever tried the Banana-Strawberry ones? Now THAT one is my favorite, its a great combo. Brilliant! Genius! Ah-mazing!!

    Wellll you see Mint smells good & they taste good. Oh the smell does stay with your mouth for a bit. Idk why I like it but I don't NEED it hahaha Though everyone else tried it here, they all dislike it

    I didn't register myself to vote, 'cause I just don't care who wins. In fact, I don't want any of them to win! I just get annoyed that its ALL, I mean ALL they ever talk about on facebook these days. Mhm haha are you voting?

    Thanks! I saw the picture and put it up on my profile, then noticed how its set (Hands in the text box area, perfection!), I needed to keep it this way.


    ^I couldn't get a better view without blur closer up, so this will do. I tried searching online for the exact one of this, but its like I have the only piece? :O I think I got a rare one! haha

    So here's an interesting question I'm about to ask you. Do you believe in ghosts, witches and all that stuff? Vampires even? lol
  5. Sector
    August 9th, 2012 1:49 PM
    Oh no, if I was related to everyone, then it'd be impossible to find someone and marry and have kids and...and...and the world would be crazy, I think its time to move planets LOL I'm not related to Victoria Justice though, just my sister's ex and the two sons they had together

    You can only be good with a certain characters if you know how to use them, I always use Peach and do everything with her, so of course I know how to treat her with care She never fails me and I never fail her! Even though things can be frustrating at times, we never give up! I know, I know, its just a game but I'm me LOL

    Well if there was a Gatorade Zero or something, I'd probably buy that more haha. Uhh does Gatorade even have Strawberry flavors? If so, I've never seen 'em. Personally I don't really think it matters which one to drink lol. Though Powerade Zero doesn't have sugar, that's why I drink it. I had a regular Powerade once before, yuck, I'm not used to those taste anymore haha. Powerade is made by the Coke companies though, you should drink more Powers than Gators! haha

    Nahh, I don't remember the original Oreo Cookies giving you some mint tasting. It's definitely better with other stuff

    I know, that's partly why I'm not going to the academy up in New York where I want to as a producer, or wanting to attend the school down in North Carolina for NASCAR Crew. More or less the economy makes it hard to find a job these days. The government stinks, politics stinks. Everytime I look @ my facebook feeds, my friends are all trash talking this Matt Romney guy while the others are exciting to be a part of his campaign or whatever. I just........hate it haha

    I just recently bought this key chain strap thingy (I think that's the right name for it?) and it is a real good design of Superman! :D Want to see? Also got the Superman Logo Keychain as well. I really love it lol SUPERMAN FTW! I like him a lot better than the Batman

    So I decided to make my profile beautiful on here with some help from my friends. How does it look? x)
  6. Sector
    August 8th, 2012 6:19 PM
    Katie Victoria...now that's a wonderful name combination right there. I actually like it haha. Definitely beats my whole name, all 3 of them. Though when you said Victoria, I immediately think of Victoria Justice haha. She's related to one of my sister's ex by the way! So two of my nephews are too!

    So aside from the interesting mall trip yesterday in Sandusky with my two friends, going to Olive Garden for the first time ever, & my driver winning the race on Sunday, I just never felt any happier what I did today. I officially defeated Boss Battles on Intense with Peach in Super Smash Bros Brawl! :D She's my hero <3 haha I still can't believe it. The most frustrating thing I've done since..well getting Albratross in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour wasn't even that frustrating x)

    All-in-all, I'd like to say Peach & I can do anything, even the impossible. We're still at it! <3

    I do have strawberry milk from time to time, Nesquik. Though I could had sworn I saw a gallon of Strawberry Milk somewhere before. O.o Otherwise...that's why I don't drink it much. So I just stick with the Powerade Zeros haha Why do you not like it? :O What kind of pop do you drink/like?

    The extra ingredient like with Cool Mint or the Triple Double Layers with chocolate/vanilla Oreo cookies. Eating Oreo Cookies in its original form is dull, need something interesting to it

    Oh, you didn't think you'd make it? Why wouldn't a school take you in, you're gifted! It'd be impossible to not get a Master's Degree in Goofy. I mean seriously.

    Ehh, if its meant to be, then I'll go to church someday. Right now I just don't feel it. Not yet anyway. How have you been lately? O.o
  7. Sector
    August 6th, 2012 7:21 PM
    Do you think before you act?

    My middle name is.....my middle name is.....*cough*Aron*cough*

    I hate it What is yours?

    Someone seriously said that with my looks, I very well looked like Jesse McCartney & Aaron Carton combined. O.o Like really, just because we have identical names xD Plus, mine's one A so...I can never understand how my mom came up with my name, I'm suppose to be named after something related to Elvis Presley, her hero. Mhm

    I used to be chocolate-aholic, like you wouldn't know Chocolate Milk was my #1 thing in life! Now? I gave it up, I drink/eat more strawberries lol. Like the only drink I really ever drink is Strawberry Powerade Zero. Before that I was on Grape Powerade, and before that...yeah I stopped drinking pop (or soda, whichever you call them) because I had acid reflux Same time when I was in South Carolina & all. Now I don't drink any of that stuff. Honestly I feel so much healthy without them! Screw Pepsi lol

    Nahh, regular Oreo's are good, but better with extra ingredient.

    That's good, be 25 first then have kids. Or a kid. You only want one since you said "a child." Right?

    My mom went when she was younger but we aren't religious either, the churches I went to I went all by myself on my own doing. Now I don't go to any lol Though I've watched movies like..Fireproof (very, very good)..I want to feel the changes the main husband went through. He just look like he feels a lot better connecting to God & everything. *sigh* I just don't know when it comes to this sort of thing lol

    I did no such thing. I really didn't care for school that much. I just...lived each day as I'm getting closer & closer to graduation, that's all haha. My school in Norwalk was the nicest school, most organized in the northern Ohio actually. So I was lucky enough to go there rather than the other ones outside of town. Did you go to a private school or just public? Because I think private when you said that "you actually got into a good school"
  8. Sector
    August 6th, 2012 12:46 PM
    It is If the entire world were utopia, I believe things will all be better off than they are now. As much as I hate the news, just hearing/seeing the news on TV about these killings just disgust me. People need to start thinking before pulling their actions like these.

    Well ya know, if you feel comfortable calling me an uncle just for the heck of it, you're free to do so LOL Jesse is just.....dull. Not much excitement behind it. But most of the time I'm just "meh" about it that I don't mind it. Because my middle name=I hate with a passion. Just like my sisters, if you call me by my middle name, I'll ignore you lol. I actually love it when people call me Sector though <3

    Favorite flavor? You know, the usual Chocolate vs Vanilla vs Strawberry rivalry haha. As for Oreo's, I actually love the Green, Cool Mint kind. My nephew loves the blue one, which I assume must be Blue Berry? If so, I never see them in stores to buy them. Bummer lol

    Oh yeah. I hope you don't have a family THIS soon. You're at the end of your college career & is about ready to have a teaching job following that Making yourself the right, smart decisions is always top priority, right? \m/

    Ahh. Do you go to church? Believe it or not, this is something I find myself struggling with, have to many questions needing to be answered. attending to 2-3 different churches all being different religions didn't exactly help that out I suppose. My parents watch Joel Osteen & I don't even bother to pay attention to him...Though he's a cool guy also.

    I didn't do anything in high school either, I mean I was on student council my freshman year, though I didn't do anything. I wasn't on anything else until my senior year, when I signed up to do the school play, I missed the audition Oh well, my mom wanted me to sign up for bowling, which I didn't do but instead I signed up to be track manager, which was interesting. Since my best friend was track manager as well lol. Though I do wish I did track my whole 4 years as well as Baseball. Its not to late, when I have kids, if they would like to, I'm going to make sure they don't make the same mistake I did!
  9. Sector
    August 5th, 2012 10:44 PM
    THANKS! Except, it was a rain shortened race & that's how he won. Although since it stormed like crazy last night & this morning here, it went to Pennsylvania where they raced. Unfortunately the lightning struck the grand stand & hit around 10 people. One......didn't make it. :\ NASCAR made a thread about it, strange how that happened and the shooting in what..Wisconsin(?)..both happened on the same day. Such a sad, sad world.

    Well how was it(prom)? Mine was definitely lame, for me anyway. *sigh* I absolutely hated it x(

    Mister Uncle? lol I'm not sure if I liked that or "Uncle Jesse" O.o You do know Jesse's my real name right? I actually don't really like it. Why mom, why did you name me that. lol But yeah, I have a niece who calls me Uncle Jesse & I'm like..."UGH, stop it" xD It just doesn't sound right to me haha

    Speaking of, took my nephew home so now life is back to the boredom days. Back to basics....yeppers. O.o

    I don't really like chicken myself either. I do love fish however! Salmon Patties <3 My best friend actually tried that with mustard, and made me try it. As a mustard lover, I got a new taste for food just recently!! You practically love every junk food that exist in this world right? Mmmm I only eat Oreo Cookies out of all of them. Used to love Ice Cream even but even I don't eat that much. Strawberry FTW! haha

    Ahh Gabrielle is a cute name! Did you hold her? I don't know about you but when I held them, I always imagine what it would be like if I was the one having a baby instead. Guess I'll find out when the time is right huh? lol

    Ahh were you in any club/activity in high school? Like an art club, student council or a band? Did you even do anything in high school?


    ^You seem to have yourself a twin x)
  10. Livewire
    August 5th, 2012 5:53 PM
  11. Sector
    August 5th, 2012 2:31 PM
    YES!!! My driver just won the race tonight!! I'm so excited and happy!! Ahhh I just feel like partying for the rest of my life right now :D

    Terrible dancer you say? Nahhh, you just have a unique way of a dancing called "The Katie Dance." You did go to your own prom, right?

    Aw, sounds like the baby will be raised with much care with the newly parents! I wish them the best with their new path in life. What's the baby's name? Girl/Boy? I also just found out that I'm going to have another GREAT niece or nephew. That's #27 of becoming an Uncle again. & I don't even have a kid of my own yet. Let alone having more nieces/nephews than the years I've been living myself! 27 vs 21. Yeah, I feel so old too be this young these days haha.

    Yes, yes, it was that good! I actually loved it much better than the first one. Though I'm a diehard action fan when it comes to movies, Dark Knight Rises easily has it. Whereas Dark Knight didn't really have that many action compare to this one. Honestly, if you saw the 3rd Transformers how Chicago fell in total control of the Decepticons, well Gotham sort of fell under the wrong hand itself in a similar way in this movie. It was real good & much better than Transformers definitely!

    The trailer I saw before the movie though, The Man of Steel which comes out next year, is making me dying of wait. I love Superman! haha.

    Purple's your favorite color? Anyway, so besides your love for candies and Subway, what else do you like to eat? I have a feeling Muffins & Cupcakes are coming into this conversation
  12. Livewire
    August 4th, 2012 4:17 PM
    And yeah I've watched a lot of House haha. Olivia is pretty hot.
  13. Sector
    August 4th, 2012 1:16 PM
    Oh yeah, speaking of surprises.

    I can see this happening from you
  14. Sector
    August 4th, 2012 11:10 AM
    Ahh I get it. You just found out you have a thing for girls not long ago? Interesting. I grew up with 4 sisters & they like to dress me up in dresses and put make-up on me when I was younger, or so they say. I guess they put some sort of spell on me to be NOT boring like the guys. haha

    You never seen the Notebook??? That's like, the core of all females. Every girl's favorite movie, its like, the real test to become a woman by just watching that movie! You & your sister must rearrange that plan, at least before you head back to school. Trust me, you won't regret it Though I prefer Dear John & The Last Song myself, they actually brought tears in my eyes, Notebook didn't. I blame my sisters haha.

    The question is, do you actually watch a game everyday? lol Have you ever been to any of the games? I've been to one Cleveland Indian's & Cavaliar's(When LeBron Games was there) home games, 2 NASCAR Events (Detroit) and a race (Charlotte, again). I guess I should fit in time for a Football game down the road, since school's football games doesn't count haha. Actually I would love to go to these sports games more often, even though I don't watch them on TV. Simply because it was actually really fun. Need to attend another Baseball game however, it was freezing horribly when I went to the Indian game for Mother's Day Since you randomly burst into singing, would you consider yourself to be a dancer?

    Oh Detroit has the beautiful lighting to the city at night from afar? OMG That's awesome! I remember seeing that with Cleveland. It was like...Christmas in July beautiful. Oh..I never understood the whole Christmas in July reason. I'm just making that up x)

    How's your weekend going thus far with your cousins? How exciting is she having a baby? That's a good thing, babies are cuter without the blood on them. Remember, I have 25 nieces and nephews, I should know by experience being in your position haha.

    Dark Knight Rises was......AMAZING!!! Its a must. You have to watch it! I went to the drive-in with my nephew, and my gosh, it's the best movie I've ever seen. If you don't watch it, I'm taking you with me next time >=O lol Though it was good enough that we both didn't want to stay to watch Rock of Ages afterward. I'm just as much of a fan of Tom Cruise's as I am to Will Smith & Vin Diesel.
  15. Sector
    August 3rd, 2012 1:25 PM
    Ahh so you get butterflies when you find out you have a crush on the girl you're talking to, huh? Guys are boring so therefore they ARE horrible

    lol there's only 4 Pirates of Caribbean. The Curse of the Black Pearl, The Heart of Davey Jones, At World's End & At Stranger Tides. There's suppose to be 2 more coming along for a total of 6 of them. I actually love Penelope Cruz so the fourth was awesome, but I like the whole Will & Elizabeth storyline also! Did you know that Avatar will have its 2nd movie made in 2014 and 3rd in 2015? That's two more in the making! Your favorite movie Do you like Nicholas Spark's movies? Notebook/Last Song/Dear John,etc? Or the books?

    When it came to race day when I was younger, I always wore a hat, shirt and pants that support my driver. Now? I just wear the PJ's I have. P.S. I hate hats xD

    I'm confused...a light pollution? I'm no expert about the eyes, what exactly is that? lol And what exactly do you normally day dream about??

    Okay so here was my interesting dream:

    So during the dream, I woke up in a middle of nowhere outside at the resevoir (The same exact one as where I live close by to). There was a sudden war going on between females and males alike. Apparently I was the “chosen one” for both sides and whichever side I was on, would be a huge threat to the opposite side of the war. So the ladies all took me to their headquarters, there were only 2 guys on their side while the rest were on the other side. Yes, they were bad. Don’t ask why I keep making my gender the bad guys here x) haha. Anyway, they showed me their weapons and stuff, but also shown that they had powers and that’s when I became shocked. And realized I had some of my own, which is an unique brand of powers. I honestly can’t remember right now what happened afterward and before the whole battle started but hopefully you get it! The battles ended, but an even more threaten squad or working with them came into the picture...then I woke up. It felt so real though!

    I do have to say I have been writing pages on Microsoft Words of my TV show I always wanted to make real. Its all only on my laptop and only a few knows about it. I don't share it because I hate to have my idea stolen like that

    Aww congratulations to your cousin! Babies are so cute! Well, except when they are covered in blood. lol I don't want to ruin your time being with your cousins, take your time. I'll still be here when you return home. Cherish your memories together! They don't come everyday!


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