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I like rain.

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  1. Mr Cat Dog
    July 27th, 2012 1:51 PM
    Mr Cat Dog
    I'm repeating what he's saying with a friendly Ditto image!
  2. Sector
    July 27th, 2012 1:28 PM
    That's alright. Tell your friend "Jesse says hi" Did you have fun?

    Ahh so you're Katie. I'm guessing your sister name is...Katherine? Haha Just a guess is all!

    Well you've got to understand...I don't like going to places alone. I prefer going with a friend or someone I know. Remember when I said I don't like to catch up with old friends? Same thing only except it could be with a random person! haha If I wanted to catch up with someone, I would just call them up. Easier said than done though haha. Though I don't make it big deal out of it, if you catch me, a conversation will be started anyway

    I don't drink..I've drank before only twice. I don't see the huge enjoyment for it. Last time I was at a party, they actually wouldn't let me fly by without drinking so I had no choice lol. Though they tried to get me to smoke cigarettes. But I'm 100% against smoking, definitely. I hate the smell of it with a passion and am glad my mom quit and my dad had no choice :D Life never smelt better haha. How about you? You drink/smoke? I don't go to the bar because it's just not my thing. I've been to a several with my parents when I was younger though

    You can mono a Ghost type. Let's see here..Gengar is a definite must if you need any random Ghost type. Here's what I'd have:

    Spiritbomb(He's your Sableye lol), Gengar, Chandelure, Drifblim, Rotom/Golurk(I don't like Golurk, but he's for you!) & Jellicent

    That could work haha Then again you said you never interacted with other people? Do you have WiFi? People never check in their dashboard thingy on their DS & looked under options to connect. So yeah. I AM getting Black & White 2. So come October we can play together or something! If I get it that soon anyway lol I take it you're getting it as your birthday present this year?

    I search the web Its my little secret hahaha. You want more? I can start searching for some more.

    So my 'youngest' older sister is here with her kids, one of my nephew is staying over for a week or so. Yikes haha. I actually love Boo also! Mario Kart Double Dash!!-I always have the Peach/King Boo combo. So if it wasn't for Peach, I'd be choosing Boo/King Boo for all my games instead hehe.
  3. Livewire
    July 27th, 2012 11:14 AM
  4. Mr Cat Dog
    July 27th, 2012 9:44 AM
    Mr Cat Dog
    Originally Posted by Razor Leaf
    Wow you're a good poster!
  5. Livewire
    July 27th, 2012 8:18 AM

    Now to get that Taylor Lautner off my profile
  6. Livewire
    July 26th, 2012 6:42 PM
  7. Sector
    July 26th, 2012 9:16 AM
    Yes, with Chris Rock. & Good afternoooooooooooon! I feel like I should sleep more. But then again I won't be doing that again until tonight hehe

    Ahh so in the end, who gets the car? Her, since she will be the last to graduate college? (If she's going). That means you have to get your own car then right? Fun, fun! I chose my own car when I was around 15! My parents had to trade in one of my grandmother's car that was just horrible, they were choosing one while I was choosing the other. (The cars were actually identical, they were choosing a gold Chevy Prism, I wanted a white).

    Well there is a reservoir here for fishing, which isn't my thing. There are a couple swing sets and slides and stuff there. A rec center to go swimming. I'm legal enough to go to the bar here, Norwalk has about 10 of 'em or so. I'll never go there so don't even think that LOL. Movie Theater, aka UEC, but I don't like going there alone. Always better to go with a friend or someone. That's really about it! I'd have to go to Sandusky, which is 20 minutes north, to do all the fun activities. I've never been to Kalahari up here. Ever been there? Then there's Cedar Point, which I haven't been at for so long. The Beach/Lake Erie, which the seaweeds control now so we can't swim there. The mall, which is the worst mall I've ever been to, like 3-4 storied malls better. Yeah, I'm picky

    And what song will you singing? I hope its a good one, like country or something. You should show me your favorites btw.

    Which Pokemon do you normally like having in your party? I'm guessing you like mono-typing ghost types, right? haha. Do you battle through WiFi with others or do you prefer training and doing everything locally?

    I found a few more Ghost pics for ya. Hope you like them! The first one I'll have you find it on your own but its got that cute little Litwick on there! Second is actually cool, like how its done. & the'll fall in love with the house full of ____. You like Boo right? King Boo from the Mario games?

  8. Sector
    July 25th, 2012 10:58 PM
    Okay, if you haven't seen Everybody Hates Chris but wants a good laugh at something stupid, that's the perfect show lol. At first I didn't like it but now I do.

    Why not? Now that you've told me this, I think it'll be amazing to have red eyes. I mean, I may even just go to a contact place (Wherever you get them, at an eye doctor?) and get them myself But unfortunately that won't happen because I'm very, very sensitive about putting things close to my eyes actually. The only thing I'm sensitive about. Like when I'm going for a walk, a bug would randomly fly into my eye and it annoys me. lol But I guess that's the same for everyone right? The last one that flew into my eye was burning my eye about a month ago. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a firefly, or if you prefer to call them lightning bug. Since it was around 11PM when I was walking to Walmart. I should had drove that night, 'cause it definitely burnt for several minutes haha.

    You own a car? I hope you're a good driver

    I go to Walmart every other night, because there's nothing else to do here in Norwalk. Plus I go at night simply because I don't like playing catch up with people from school, at all lol. I really only go to Walmart during the day to get Subway, that's it haha.

    But the point is going to a store, like Walmart, with a friend is to find a toy, a ball for example and play with it. One of those big pink, blue or purple bouncing ball that's not even $3 that's about a size of a fan. Or ride a little bike that's on the floor. Or play a game on display (I always play the Wii, they took Mario Party 9 down for Donkey Kong Country Returns) There's really so much you can do, just think outside the box That's what I do, think outside the box lol

    You are definitely interesting, by far! Am I really the only one to see that? :O You said you were goofy and random. Got an example of one of your goofiest/most random moment? I think I can take it

    I have to check out 8 Mile sometime. I got Google Earth on my laptop here so I'll just check it out there, hopefully its got a good view!

    Pokemon adventure=Your games lol. Like what's your favorite Pokemon Generation games, who gave you the most memorable/challenging gym battle, did you catch all 649 or however many there are now-a-days? haha
  9. Sector
    July 25th, 2012 10:11 PM
    Haha I was just watching Everybody Hates Chris, I don't know why I watch it. It's so hilariously stupid, yet I like it for some reason. Guess I can thank my nephew for getting me into it xD

    Its that red? :O Cool! Have you ever thought about getting red contacts for yourself?

    I did had that in my mind. That you were definitely goofy. There was just something interesting about ya. Oh the location to shop is a secret. It could be the mall, at Walmart, at your local store, anywhere! It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you now would it? hehe

    8 Mile is the movie right? Never seen it...unless that's really a street or a town you're talking about? I didn't really explore Detroit much outside of going to a Hannah Montana concert & a NASCAR race. LOL That & you can actually meet Eskimos down in Antarctica too. I've always wondered if they are friendly too. What do you think?

    Alrighty. What's your favorite Pokemon adventure?
  10. Sector
    July 25th, 2012 8:22 PM
    Red contacts=Shows up as Red Eyes??? :O I seriously have to see that. That actually would be an interesting thing to see xD Isn't that like...a ghost eye? LOL

    Blue-Green? You literally have my favorite eye colors, dead serious! I think Brown eyes are definitely boring, especially black as well! I got half of the world saying I got Hazel while the other half says blue. I've spent nearly 10 minutes a dozen time in my life staring at the mirror trying to figure it out. I came to a conclusion. I got a granite looking-color eye shaded in, if you know what I mean lol. Definitely call it blue though, but got like a hidden gray area that shows the stone-like granite color. I probably don't even know what I'm saying right now. xD

    But a while ago it looked like I got half blue/half green. I don't know, my eyes confuses me as it does to many others. Not to mention my parents have brown eyes as all my sisters and brothers do as well. I'm the only one who doesn't and love it! :D

    Well guess what. I'm going to take you shopping some day. I put the enjoyment in shopping! You'll see. Do you consider yourself funny?

    No lol I didn't even realize that, Obama was elected in 2008? I blame the whole government for just being a government in general. Actually for everything else as well haha.
    So do you like living up in Michigan, you prefer living somewhere else, like in Antarctic or...?
  11. Sector
    July 25th, 2012 9:52 AM
    I knew it! So is it true that when you wear contacts, you can wear certain colors to change your eye color while wearing them? What color do you use? & your real eye colors are...?

    You don't like to shop that often? :O Not even for clothes?? LOL So I was hanging out with my best friend a couple days ago, the one that was in one of the pictures that you saw. We went to the Sandusky Mall over here to take this girl shopping right? Well I don't remember all that I've said or asked but after I told her that I'll buy anything to wear pink and whatnot, here's what she said. "If I was a girl, I'd be very, very funny to hang out with." That's an interesting theory...isn't it? haha I guess I should go to American Eagle with someone more often haha

    Why does everyone not related to me always get my cousins and nieces/nephews mixed up. You just did lol

    I rarely see my cousins, only one I really saw/talked to for more than a year was my math teacher in high school whom I stayed with during study hall senior year Only one on my mom's side I know of actually..aside from the ones I never met in Kentucky. Yeah. Sorry for the ramble haha

    But it wasn't until....2008, that we've had missing relatives not making it. Before that, everything was actually fine and memorable. All my sisters and their kids always made it. Its the economy problem probably. Did I mention I hate politics/government? xD
  12. Sector
    July 24th, 2012 10:10 PM
    Well it's actually VERY common to not leave Earth hahaha If someone does leave and comeback like..teleporting, we should search for that someone & go! haha

    3D hurts your eyes? :O You wear contacts? That's the first thing that came to my mind when I read that lol. My eyes are 20/20 :D

    Ahh so she's the outgoing, good @ sports type. While you're terrible @ sports &.....likes to stay indoors and relax all day? haha Was I even close? Who's taller?? Uhh hate to say it but I'd probably be shorter than you even

    Okay so my parents don't do reunions. We barely even spend time for Christmas together, hasn't for the past 4 years now. We go to Thanksgiving, but the last two Thanksgivings, half of my sisters didn't even make it. This all being on my mom's side. I never go to my dad's. They'd all be boozing & talking about things way out of my interest. So yeah. My mom's ex-husband does throw family reunions for his and my mom's daughters, I went to that a couple times in my younger years with my sisters. I'd like to change that when I have a family of my own in the future. \m/ I find it pathetic how everyone does their own things during the holidays...Spending times with your love ones are memorable and I really love playing with all the nieces and nephews with their toys.

    Yes, I have a niece who's only 7 months younger than me, married with a son lol. So every year from of age 21 down to newborn (My oldest brother got someone pregnant, if I remember correctly, #26...), I have a niece or nephew of that age currently. That's right!

    Anyway, I really enjoy playing with the younger ones around 4-9. They would get out their toy guns that shoot these soft bullets and we would run around and shoot it at each one and stuff. And the older ones in their teens usually arrive at the house and join in the fun. They got about 10 of those guns haha. It's really fun. And one of my nephew who I think is just starting kindergarten this fall, who wants to be chased and run away from know like around the table and stuff. He's real funny, at least he think he is haha. You should definitely meet him lol I think he'll definitely be your favorite of 'em all

    If only I can see them more than just the holidays though :\
  13. Sector
    July 24th, 2012 8:59 PM
    Yay!! We got something in common! So I just got home from being out right? I love looking up in the sky & checking out the stars. The ones twinkling colors always get me to thinking & questioning...what would life be if I actually went to a different planet in a far, far galaxy away from here? Ever had that thinking before? lol I'd hand down do it, I would seriously leave here and go wherever that is! Though I'd have to take someone with me, not sure how comfortable I'd be going by myself hehe

    Hilary Duff has been married for a year now & just recently, like several months now, had a kid A son to be exact!

    Oh yeah I forgot to answer your question about Avatar, I like it, but isn't one of my favorites. Why didn't you care for it? xD

    I always enjoy playing Mario Party games with someone! I could play it all day long if I had to with a friend lol. Party is suppose to be with friends, playing with CPU isn't as fun unfortunately. Oh well haha

    You & your sister close or you two don't get along that well? My family has a complicated way to explain, I'm the only child my parents had together, but I have 8 half-siblings...(5 sisters & 3 brothers), but I only really keep in touch with half of 'em. My mom's family..all sisters. Let's just say I got a good, spiritual side, my mom's and a evil, criminal side family whom I ignore, but have no choice to see because my dad always let them in the house. (Don't worry, I either lock myself in my bedroom or leave, when they do) It's part of the reason why I've always wanted to move to South Carolina in with my sister and her family. Ready for this?

    Try 16 nieces, 7 nephews & 2 GREAT nephews by the age of 21. Making ME feel old haha. My dad once told me a few days ago, "How do you not have gray hair yet?" LOL I guess its because I don't get stress out about things easily

    What'd you think about that? I wish I can see a shock on your face reading this hehe
  14. Sector
    July 24th, 2012 3:07 PM
    Right on time, I'm heading off to Subway in a bit. Best. Restaurant. Ever!

    If you want to call it my trademark look, go right ahead. More power to ya!

    Oh Katie. I'm going to get you into some Mario games. Its going to take over your life. haha Have you ever played the Mario Kart or Party series?

    So I just remembered. Casper Meets Wendy, The Ghost Whisperer. Casper has to be at least a cute ghost to you haha. Wendy was cuter If you haven't noticed by now that I love Hilary Duff as well hehe. She's like, the only good girl of all the celebrities out there. Happily married, with a kid. Never doing any drugs. I'm proud of her :D

    Do you come from a big family? Only child?
  15. Sector
    July 24th, 2012 11:22 AM
    Ahh thanks! I have to say that if you think its spiked on the front, you're wrong. Its suppose to be wavy That's called 'Mr. Napkin Head'

    You sure know your Syfy stuff lol. Today may be a good day after all. One of Will Smith's movie is on right now on FX(Big fan of him), Avatar is on tonight, day's looking pretty swell. Guess I can say its another relaxing day for me. What are you doing for today?

    So besides Pokemon, what other games do you like/play? I can certainly see you playing one of those nintendogs and cats games 24/7

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