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  1. Xolace
    June 26th, 2013 10:19 PM
    Ahhh! I just saw this. I'm so sorry. Are you still available? Or would later tonight be more ideal?
  2. Xolace
    June 26th, 2013 3:14 PM
    You are the best Miau!!! Thank you so much. <3

    You have no idea how excited I am. I get to have a Milotic that the legendary Miau bred and owned. More Miau in my game? Yes please! Hehe.

    Thanks a ton for doing this for me. You didn't have to rush at all so I really appreciate it. I'll be on around the same time we traded last time. If not we can just do it whenever were both available. n_n

    I'll bring two but only because you're making me. 3

    I hope you're having a lovely day Miau. Hope we get to chat some more soon!
  3. FennekinFox
    June 26th, 2013 10:38 AM
    Well I found someone thats going to trade them all, but if you still want a Vulpix and female Tepig, I can still do the trade.
  4. Galoria
    June 25th, 2013 12:56 PM
    Ooh thanks c:

    You're right! I was there too, but it was really quick indeed, I stoped it too!~

    That weird how the world is so small.

    I'm Galoria there, nice to meet you, again :D
  5. R a c h e l
    June 25th, 2013 10:01 AM
    R a c h e l
    Your avatar is so beautiful!
  6. Galoria
    June 24th, 2013 5:14 AM
    Dat avatar '^'
  7. Xolace
    June 23rd, 2013 6:27 AM
    Well, perhaps not whenever I want. I usually work the graveyard shift so that leaves me unavailable for most people. I'd really like to though. I think it would be fun since I haven't battled anyone since the days of Link Cables.

    I'm sure you could, but I don't want to bother you with another breed. You went out of your way last time to find a Modest one for me. I think I'd feel comfortable with it only if you decided its Nature. Hehe.

    Well...I just wanted to make sure. I didn't want you to reject it. I do have a habit of over doing things though so please still accept it anyway. n_n

    I know I don't know you well but you're really fun to talk to. I hope we can be good friends some day.
  8. Xolace
    June 23rd, 2013 5:43 AM
    Wonderful! It's been lovely talking to you these past two days so I was hoping you wouldn't feel bad about it. I've played this game the casual way for far too long so this is refreshing. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to things so I may have taken this too far this early in the game. I still don't know how to check for a Pokémons IVs or anything but I'm having fun looking for the right Nature. Also, I did catch a Modest Petilil. I did so the same night that you bred that Gothita for me. <3

    I've never battled online but I'd really like to try it. Maybe we can do so for fun some day. I think that would be nice. n_n

    I have 5/6 of the Pokémon I want for my team. Riolu, Growlithe, Elekid, Petilil, and Gothita. All I'm missing is my third pretty Pokémon. Feebas!

    I hope you don't mind but I got you a gift. I'll send it to you soon so please say you'll accept it. You've done a lot for me and Id feel terrible if I couldn't do something for you.
  9. Xolace
    June 23rd, 2013 5:00 AM
    I've always played Pokémon without caring for Stats, Nature, or Abilities. I still don't know how to come up with move sets that work well nor do I really know anything about playing this game at a higher level. Don't regret talking me into anything, you haven't done anything that I couldn't have figured out in time from asking around. As far as fun is concerned, I'm having the time of my life. Just being able to play has brought back so many good memories.

    I find this fun and exciting. Discovering all of these new things and learning how to push a Pokémon to its true potential is truly a great experience.

    It has brought a new element to the game that I for years remained ignorant to. So please, don't regret helping me. I asked for this. I would be sad if you felt bad for doing so because I still feel like I owe you for even talking me through all of this. Let alone specifically breeding a Gothita for me for nothing in return.

    Please believe me when I say you haven't stripped me of anything. I'm still fully enjoying the story, I'm just doing so a bit more slowly than I usually would.

    Thank you so much for everything Miau.
  10. Xolace
    June 23rd, 2013 3:29 AM
    Hm. It looks like I didn't have it figured out at all then. I really need to learn more about how stats work next time before I go out and catch anything. I kind of feel dumb now because I've been training some without the right Nature. Even so, I believe it would be best to catch the ones with the best Nature now so I can breed them later and start them all at level 1 with Pokérus. That would be my best option right?

    I had no idea that other stats could be better choices for certain Pokémon. I figured everyone just focused on Attack or Special Attack.

    Also, no Feebas until after? That's a shame. I was really hoping I would get one earlier than that.

    Sorry for sending you such long messages by the way. Please let me know if I'm bothering you.
  11. Xolace
    June 23rd, 2013 1:20 AM
    I'm definitely loving the Nature feature. It makes it so much more interesting when searching for Pokémon. Though I have to admit, it's pretty hard to get a good Nature and ability. I've been searching for a Modest Petilil with the Own Tempo Ability. It would be so perfect when using Petal Dance. The tough part is catching them though. They're constantly healing so it makes it really difficult to get their health low. When I finally do the Pokéball always breaks. u_u

    I think I might go back and start to recapture some of my Pokémon. I'm not high enough level to take on the third Gym Leader anyway. At the very least I've captured 5/6 of the Pokémon I want. Now I just need a female Feebas. :D

    By the way, what Nature would you recommend for the following?


    I feel like all they should all be Modest minus Riolu. Though I suppose it depends on the attacks that they're best with.

    I'm still very thankful for the Pokérus you gave me. I had no idea it even existed. Let alone how hard it was to find.

    When it comes down to it, I'm just glad I even got to see a Shiny. I'll find another some day.

    Hope you had a wonderful day by the way.
  12. Xolace
    June 22nd, 2013 2:10 PM
    To be honest I don't really know. I thought I would figure it out while in college but that doesn't seem to be happening. I've considered taking up a business major as well as one in law. However, I'm also heavily attracted to computers, math and science. I've dipped my toes in just about everything there is. Heh. I'm sure it'll come to me.

    The Pokerus you gave me spread to quite a few pokemon I captured. I caught about 6 Petilil and an Eevee before I finally caught the one with a modest nature. So I have about three in the PC including yours that caught it.

    I had no idea that certain natures boosted certain stats and dropped others until a few days ago when I noticed one stat was highlighted in red while another was in blue. That's a pretty useful feature. I'm still not entirely sure how EV and IV training work but I suppose I shouldn't worry too much about that until post game.

    Once you mentioned the Modest nature I did my best to find a Petilil with it as well. It didn't come with the ability I wanted it to have to avoid confusion after a Petal Dance so I'm considering trying to find another one.

    As sad As I was that I didn't capture it, I realized I would never use it. I have never been a fan of Raticate so it would have ended up being neglected in my PC. Though, I suppose it could have made for a unique Pokerus mule. I have faith another shiny will come my way. n_n

    I hope you're having a wonderful day Miau.
  13. destinedjagold
    June 22nd, 2013 4:59 AM
    Your avatar... so...
  14. Xolace
    June 22nd, 2013 3:56 AM
    See! That sounds awesome! n_n Getting a customer to give me their email isn't exactly satisfying. I'm currently major-less. I still don't know what I want to do with my life unfortunately. :T

    I figured you might need the Elekid! I tried my best to be helpful. Hehe. You've been too kind and keep being generous even though you just met me. It's really nice to see that people like yourself are out there. So no I will not stop thanking you.

    You're actually the only friend I have on my 3DS so I'm on the same boat. Minus being helpful...or useful in anyway. >.>

    News to share! The PKRS has spread!

    My Gothita hatched at last! It got a 4 in attack and 6 in the rest. Seems pretty well rounded.

    Also, I found my first legitamite shiny! A Ratata which I OHKOd but it was my first encounter nonetheless.

    I caught a modest level 17 Petilil with 36 Sp. Atk.

    And I found a wild Eevee! I didn't even know I could find them in the wild!! :O
  15. Xolace
    June 22nd, 2013 12:37 AM
    I'm quite envious. I've been working retail for far too long. I work the graveyard shift regularly but on occasion they make me work double shifts due to lack of employees and budget cuts. I don't feel any sense of accomplishment working where I do. Even though I know its just until I get through college it still makes me feel a bit empty being there. Your job sounds like its interesting to say the least.

    I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best then. I'd hate to see my pretty little Lolita be a male. You better quit offering free help by the way. Otherwise I'll have to find a way to spoil you and you won't like it. (Well I hope you will.)

    I truly miss the original anime. I haven't watched it past the 3rd Gen but I do miss it dearly. I was so sad when I heard the voice of Meowth died.

    Again thank you so much. You really have no idea how happy this made me. n_n

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