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  1. Kanto_Johto
    August 31st, 2012 5:13 PM
    That's awesome news! Fingers crossed that they take you on, I'm sure you'd do a fantastic job.

    Yeah, they're young and impressionable, so usually musically related stuff grabs their attention straight away if the lesson is practical and involves instruments, even if it is an improvised tambourine, haha. And I think 11-13 year olds will be easy enough to teach. Bearing in mind they're beginners and don't know all the ins and outs of the sax/guitar, they'll probably be impressed by my ability, despite the fact that I only play guitar as a leisure instrument really, aha. I did an A level in maths so I'm secure if that ever comes up .

    I certainly do! The best books are the ABRSM grades 1-5 Music Theory In Practice books, without a doubt. Here's a link to the grade 1 theory book. The other grades can be found on that website, too. You probably wont need to go into grades 6-8 unless you're really into learning about classical music.

    The Beach Boys are incredible. Brian Wilson's vocal style is one that I try to imitate often. That song is pretty sweet too, the bit from 4:09 and 7:34 are my favourite parts. Dat piano.

    Jazz piano is fudging awesome. Have you ever heard anything by Vince Guaraldi? He did a lot of the music to accompany the Charlie Brown cartoons. His stuff is incredible. A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my favourite soundtracks/albums ever.

    Here's his absolutely beautiful arrangement of O Tannenbaum. I know it's not Christmas, but it's too good to only listen to during November/December.

  2. DarkIceForever
    August 31st, 2012 4:44 PM
    I'm practically high all the time. People tell me I have that natural 'high look'. Nah, I don't smoke weed anymore, don't need it, plus I'm trying to get a job and a whole lotta other sh*t that involves drug testing.

    I got a highs from my anti-deppressants though. Took em for my anxiety and insomina. From what I hear mary jane is the cure for all of that. Though I actually started get panic attacks after started rolling and smoking blunts. I rather smoke the medical stuff than the sH8t i used to get from my connect. Btw, I from southren cali, so medical shops are all over.
  3. Honest
    August 30th, 2012 9:42 AM
    Blah, New York's a weird place. There've been big fights about the medical marijuana thing here, as well. You should've seen my school, it was crazy when they held the meeting or whatever.
  4. Honest
    August 30th, 2012 8:20 AM
    Wow, I bet my friends would love to move to Austin. It's illegal here, too, and the cops actually give a damn. Although it's usually the older kids who smoke it, I don't think I've ever seen someone as young as 12 do it. Honestly, I don't think I'd be able to refrain from frowning at the kid.
  5. Honest
    August 30th, 2012 6:31 AM
    From what my friends say, it definitely sounds costly. Sounds like there's a lot of money to be made in the dealing business. Is weed legal where you are, just curious? It's not here in NY.
  6. Kanto_Johto
    August 29th, 2012 8:10 PM
    Money for old rope means a very easy way of making money, haha. It might just be a British phrase.

    If you enjoyed it you should definitely go for it. And yeah, 8-9 year olds are easy to teach since they're fascinated with instruments at that age.

    Here secondary school is usually ages 11-16, but I think I'm teaching mostly 11-13.

    It's never too late to learn an instrument IMO. And trust me, learning music theory can only be helpful and will actually improve your ability to play by ear if anything. I've completed grade 6 theory, and I'm still actively using my ears to work out melodies. I can also hear all the different harmonies when listening to music now too (which might be more down to experience than to learning theory).

    That song you posted is pretty cool actually. Usually that kind of stuff doesn't buzz me but that one was interesting. Though I'd say that sounds a lot more like John Lennon's/Paul McCartney's stuff from the 70s after the Beatles broke up. I can definitely hear the influence.

    This is more my kind of stuff when it comes to 50s/60s.





    That kind of stuff and Jazz is what I listen to on a daily basis. I'm always open-minded to other kinds of music too, providing it isn't hip hop/rap. I've never been able to get into that.
  7. Kanto_Johto
    August 29th, 2012 4:13 PM
    Ah right. I've never been in that situation before so I probably wont be able to say anything of any great help, but I'm sure you'll pull through it eventually. Stay positive!

    And awesome. You definitely should. Before I went to uni I did some teaching over the summer (in 2011 to 8-9 year olds), and I'm not joking, it was money for old rope. And really enjoyable too. I'm guessing you enjoyed teaching if you're thinking about getting back into it?

    I'm teaching secondary school kids Saxophone and Guitar when I go back. And yeah, it's definitely a good idea to learn Music Theory. The knowledge is extremely helpful and has helped me in writing songs/music. I tend to use a mixture of theory and learning by ear. I'd definitely recommend it!
  8. Kanto_Johto
    August 29th, 2012 2:39 PM
    Couldn't have put that any better myself. You're 100% right though. Learning from past experience is the key to success, no doubt.

    Oh right, what kind of dilemma? And I study Music/Music Technology at university, which is great fun. I'll be working part time teaching as well, though.
  9. Kanto_Johto
    August 28th, 2012 7:52 PM
    Good to hear! And no problem.

    That makes sense I guess. Tbh, some of the past memories I have with this account 2/3 years ago aren't too great either. I was a somewhat obnoxious poster back then. I'd like to think I've changed a lot since then.

    I take it you've enjoyed being back here, though? I've seen you posting around quite a lot, haha.
  10. Kanto_Johto
    August 28th, 2012 7:23 PM
    Hey My life is very good thank you, aha. How's life treating you?

    BTW, what made you create a new account instead of continuing with poopnoodle? Just wondered 'cause I knew you had another account before this one .
  11. Domo Genesis
    August 28th, 2012 6:55 AM
    Domo Genesis
  12. Honest
    August 27th, 2012 8:29 AM
    I swore to my friend a long time ago that I'd never do pot or smoke or drink alcohol or any of that jazz. But I've always been curious as to what it's like to smoke pot.
  13. Honest
    August 27th, 2012 8:05 AM
    Eh, pot selling makes me laugh cause it reminds me of all the people I know that are potheads. And it also reminds me of the time I watched my friend try to deal and get busted by the cops. We tried warning him, but nooooo. I guess that's what happens when you're high, lmao.
  14. Honest
    August 26th, 2012 4:30 PM
    I'm definitely giving Weeds a shot, it's been recommended to me a lot before. Pot selling just makes me laugh.
  15. Honest
    August 26th, 2012 4:14 PM
    Oh crap. With the exception of Arrested Development and Weeds, I don't think I've heard of any of those... I'm pathetic. ;;

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