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  1. Nakala Pri
    July 31st, 2013 11:54 PM
    Nakala Pri
    Happy Birthday! We didn't talk much, but I hope you have an awesome day all the way! :D
  2. Hikamaru
    July 31st, 2013 10:12 PM
    Happy birthday to you <3
  3. machomuu
    July 31st, 2013 8:51 PM
    Happy birthday! I may not know you that well, but you are a rather important member of the Video Game forum, so I thought that it made sense to congratulate you on another year (and hopefully more to come).
  4. Warship
    July 31st, 2013 2:59 PM
    Happy birthday :D
  5. Dansparce
    July 31st, 2013 12:05 AM
    Personally, I think Nintendo need them more. It would definitely encourage/force fans of Atlus games to buy Nintendo, and would bring more attention over to the Wii U. That said, I can definitely see Sony giving it a shot, (although they could quite easily be outbid by a few bigger companies) and it would encourage me to get a PS4 eventually.

    New question: Who don't you want to buy Atlus?
  6. XeroNos
    July 30th, 2013 10:44 PM
    No, I like One piece and Naruto and .... but i only watched Dragonball sagas.
  7. Dansparce
    July 29th, 2013 8:30 PM
    Microsoft is one of the companies that I definitely don't want Atlus to be bought buy. Mainly because of what they did to Rare. Who do you think would be the best fit for Atlus?
  8. Dansparce
    July 29th, 2013 11:36 AM
    Yep. I think Nintendo buying Atlus would be a great buy, and considering all of the promotion they've been doing for SMT IV, I wouldn't say its unlikely. But the debates over this are crazy. If you look at the comments under any news article related to this, The Sony and Nintendo fanboys are in a huge war...
  9. Dansparce
    July 27th, 2013 8:42 PM
    1. Mines Platinum. It improved everything that was wrong with diamond and pearl like the non-existent fire types over the course of the game, actually being able to catch the pre-evos/evo's of pokemon introduced in D/P and the slower surfing.

    2. I'm in a tie between Awakening and Blazing Sword. Awakening has so much stuff to do in it, Anna's first playable appearance and the fact that I'm probably going to be playing it for years to come. But Blazing sword is also a fantastic game. So idk

    I mostly read Awkward Zombie and Brawl in the Family
    I've been reading Awkward Zombie for quite a while now, and I really enjoy Katie's work. Also, I found out about Brawl in the Family a couple of days ago and I can honestly say that while reading the Waluigi comics I have laughed the hardest I ever have. Also, the non-Waluigi stuff is awesome as well, like How the King stole Christmas and The Scrooge/Mario one.
  10. Dansparce
    July 27th, 2013 7:58 PM
    Since we haven't talked in a while, i've thought up three questions to ask you.

    1. What is your favourite Pokemon game, and why?

    2. What's your favourite Fire Emblem game, and why?

    3. Do you read any webcomics?
  11. Arlo
    July 27th, 2013 7:53 AM
    Red/Blue's sales? I doubt it. That was too much of an "event" and I don't think it'll ever be duplicated, much less surpassed. It's just that for a while there, Pokemon wasn't just a game - it was that generation's Hula Hoop.

    I'd say though that Gold/Silver's critical acclaim was already surpassed by Crystal, and it could be argued that it's been surpassed at least a couple of times since then, already, with Emerald and B2W2. That illustrates the problem with "critical acclaim" though. Is it measured by sheer number of positive reactions or by the ratio of positive to negative? Do you only count "reputable" critics like metasites or do you count posters on message boards, even knowing that the 47 criticisms/compliments posted under 47 different accounts on a message board could still all come from one disturbed shut-in in a basement somewhere?

    How would you rank the "acclaim" of RSE? The Hoenn games get a LOT of heat, particularly on /vp/, yet on pretty much every "favorite gen" or "favorite region" poll I see, they're no worse than third and often second or even first. So obviously a lot of people love those games, and the criticism they get is more notable for being loudly repeated than for being widespread. Or, similarly, look at the Unova games. For every poster who talks about how much they love the games/region/dex/etc., there's another poster who just goes, "RAARGH! ICECREAMCONETRASHBAGOVERDESIGNEDPIECEOFCRAPLINEARHAND-HOLDING!!!1!1"

    So which counts more toward "acclaim?"

    Personally, I'd say that G/S's critical acclaim has already been surpassed, and rightly so, and I certainly hope it'll be surpassed again, and repeatedly.
  12. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    July 26th, 2013 2:50 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    Hey Pinkie!

    That's interesting trivia...also another reason I'm guessing they cut them out is because of space constraints. I heard the creator of Pokemon barely had space to sneak Mew in.
  13. Nakala Pri
    July 25th, 2013 10:52 PM
    Nakala Pri
    Sorry, Ima bit unfamiliar with that. I watched my sis play the game and I suddenly loved Roxie! She is like me in so many ways.
  14. machomuu
    July 25th, 2013 8:04 AM
    As I said, they've been fixed. However, as I said before, these fixes alone and the small changes between each game are not enough to make for full-blown sequels. Those technical issues are hardly game breakers, and they don't destroy the experiences on their own, nor do the fixes alone make the later games better. A game is more than just technicalities, and those are only a few problems. This is why so many people can and have played Pokemon GSC without having played them when they came out. Newer, younger gamers who didn't play from the beginning, who started from DPP or BW.

    I'm against bias, and I only wear nostalgia goggles when it's needed, but I've examined the games from a critical point of view, and they're still solid. If you let a few problems take precedence over the solid parts of a game then you're just trying not to like it. Again, those are a problems, but they're hardly big problems. They aren't game breakers, and just because some people don't care doesn't mean that the fanbase is broken. It'd be broken if they wanted that stuff back, but they don't. It'd be broken if they said that they games were worse than their modern contemporaries because of those issues alone. All games have flaws, and if those are the only flaws, not all of which I consider flaws...well, I don't think it should be so hard to see why it has such acclaim.

    Of course, there are others. There are other problems, but I've already explained why people like RBY/GSC so much. Maybe they're not the best games in the series, but as an original and as a sequel to RBY respectively, they deserved the most acclaim for what they did (and they, especially GSC, still do things that the modern games don't). You can accuse it of being a case of nostalgia goggles and ignorant fandom all you want, but there's more to their popularity than just their technical flaws. That's why even non-pokemon fans enjoy them. The only thing that I think is "broken" about the fandom is that they don't demand more, that they've been so okay with more of the same for years. People have left the franchise for that reason. I almost left the franchise for that reason. It's not about the fanbase or nostalgia.

    Though, when you think about it, XY's acclaim doesn't mean a thing. Main pokemon games always get massive appeal, and the chance that the acclaim for XY will reach that of the 13 year old GSC is...not unlikely. Actually, Pokemon games have reached it before. Many times. By many reviewers. It's not a new thing, the main Pokemon games always get massive acclaim and always appear of "Best Of System" lists. The games just have a lot of fans, and that's a testament to the fact that people like the games for their merit, not because they're classics or nostalgic. And the merit is what matters, the merit is the reason I looked at BW2 and started to realize that they care again, and the merit is the reason that I'm looking forward to XY. There wasn't a massive amount for change, but they're changing anyway. They're working to make the sequels feel like sequels...and that's really all I could ask for from them.

    As far as sales are concerned, RBY is...a special case. First Gen Pokemon had 6 games. Six games. There was Red (Japan), Green (Japan), Blue (Japan), Red, Blue, and Yellow. Now, let's pair this with the fact that, at the time, Pokemon was THE thing. It was the talk of the town. Kids everywhere watched the show, and collected the toys. Its popularity was unfounded, with kids often buying both versions and the third (or fourth) version. Now, let's go further with that. Piracy wasn't big back then, at all. It happened, but it wasn't as easy or seamless as it is now. It was because of this popularity that GSC sold so well, but with this it is understandable why GSC, which is often considered the more popular of the two, sold less (though not by too much).

    Nowadays Pokemon is popular, but not nearly as popular as it was at the beginning. A lot of the kids who liked it when they were younger grew up and stopped liking pokemon or games altogether, and the next generation generation of kids weren't as taken by it as the first. The chance that any Pokemon game's sales would reach RBGY are pretty close to zero, because the factors are too extraordinaire.
  15. machomuu
    July 24th, 2013 8:36 PM
    Not necessarily, and I think that Final Fantasy is a chief example of this. On a basic level, one could say that Final Fantasy 1-10 are pretty much the same. In a very basic sense, one would be right. However, when you start to look at each one and look just a little bit beneath the surface, one starts to realize how different each game is, and they only become more diverse from there.

    Not every series needs to do that. Heck, I might say that Final Fantasy is something of a minor extreme in terms of making each game different and trying new concepts, so we take a look at Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem is a series that is identifiable by its gameplay, and when one plays a game, they'll know it's Fire Emblem because it feels like the others.

    So why do I think this is a good example? Because it knows how to play it safe and still introduce new concepts. I could play Fire Emblem One and not feel too jetlagged, but it wouldn't feel as much like Fire Emblem. However, after they introduced the Weapon Wheel, they didn't stop there. They tried to make each game feel like its own game, introducing and removing mechanics so that no matter where one looked in the series they would see a unique experience.

    Another example, and I think this is incredibly relevant, is Shin Megami Tensei. Shin Megami Tensei and Pokemon are pretty similar in many respects, but the difference between the titles is that Shin Megami Tensei didn't have to totally change it's genre or gametype to feel fresh but it still managed to evolve without feeling like it was stuck in time. It managed to apply that modern coat while adding more and more to the game, as if the game always had more to offer you, but it still felt like Shin Megami Tensei.

    And those are just a few examples. Turn-Based RPGs of any kind do evolve and they do change. Some make drastic, series altering changes and others make traditional but still sequel worthy changes. Pokemon does add things, but at a much, much slower rate. Heck, I'd go as far as to say that XY should be the fourth generation game, because if you culminated all that was added between DPP, BW/2, and XY, you'd get enough content to warrant a sequel. On their own, however, they just don't add that much (well, except maybe XY, but that doesn't change the point. It doesn't have to be like Final Fantasy and play with other genres. and it doesn't need to completely rework its gameplay, but all I know is that over the past couple of generations, it's been doing what it can to get the most money the fastest possible way, and XY is my ray of hope that they are starting to care again (as was BW/2, but we'll see).

    As for Red/Blue and GSC, I can go on record and say that I can't really say those problems are deal breakers for me or for most of the people that play/ed the games. Sure, they were hard compared to the current ones, but I think most people will agree in saying that the recent games aren't that hard. I think RBY/GSC had a moderate difficulty (though I hear BW2's doing a good job bringing it back). As for post-game content, that was fine as well. Sure, there were no battle frontiers or Sevii Isles, but that didn't stop people from getting tremendous playtimes and always finding more to do. As for the type diversity and the rosters, they weren't huge problems, and they certainly weren't problems that made you want to throw your system at the wall because the forgiving nature of the pokemon series always balanced that out. Plus, as you said, those were merely technical issues, and they're hardly deal breakers. They aren't minor, but they could be fixed easily. And they were. Heck, there are people that go back to play the games because of those things. That doesn't mean we should overlook them, but the music in the first two gens was so great, and they still did well at what they did, offering memorable characters, locations, and story that people never forgot. They didn't mind the technical "problems" because they had so much fun with the game, as well as with the technical problems, that they enjoyed the problems themselves. If we were to look at each title as if they all came out at the same time, maybe outlook would be different thanks to the different features, but regardless, people like the games, especially GSC, for their merit. People like RBY/GSC not just because they were something fresh, but because they complimented each other as prequels and sequels. They had a lot to offer, and a lot of new to offer. If BW had been the second game or if DP had been the second game, all with the improvements that the games that preceded them had, they would have been meet with incredible praise because as sequels to RBY they work. However, as sequels to RSE/DPP and RSE respectively, they just don't cut it as full blown sequels.

    As for the games you listed, I don't think Zelda II is bad at all, and I think Gamnonbanned and AVGN highlight pretty well the reasons why. It was hard, I'll give it that, but it set in place RPG elements and a open world that was unseen in a NES game, and the music was still great. Sure, it wasn't LoZ, but I'd hardly call it bad or even anything but good.

    Same with Adventures. I'm not going to say it was great, but I think people would have looked at the game rather differently had it gone with it's original concept and passed up the Star Fox coat. People can sometimes be averse to change, and I realize that there's more than one franchise out there that would have gotten a lot less flak if its "black sheep" title had different name.

    Eh...sorry for the wall of text. I just started typing and realized that I had a lot to say, I might have went a little overboard, though -.-'

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I bought myself a new webcam from Best Buy yesterday. It's a 1080 HD webcam that can take pictures and has two built-in mics for voice chatting. I plan to use this to chat with someone special on Skype, who also uses a webcam, but if any of you also have Skype and a webcam and are interested in chatting with me, feel free to add me, but be sure to let me know who you are when giving a contact request, because I've had contact requests from spambots in the past.

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Ever since I've watched XY060, I've constantly kept seeing that &quot;gruesome&quot; scene regarding Serena's hair, and it's been haunting my memories to this day. I tried thinking about Smash (particularly attack animations and voice clips of Bowser, Bowser Jr., Little Mac, and Shulk) to get out of my system, but it somehow keeps coming back. That episode has been affecting my concentration at college, losing my focus. My heart was recently aching a bit after I woke up, which could symbolize...

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I'm dealing with a difficult choice that would affect my time at my new university. There's another math class I'm suppose to take, called MATH 413, in order to complete my major, but it's only available every odd year during Spring semester. My adviser never told me about this class, only recently by my Advanced Calculus professor, nor was it listed with the other math classes during my registration two weeks ago. Now I have to crash that class by Tuesday afternoon in order to add it to my schedule....

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If you're a theme park enthusiast, then you'll probably know that Selfie Sticks are becoming all the rage these days, to the point they're being wrongfully used by people during rides and shows. Not only do they bring a nuisance to other guests trying to have a wonderful time, they also bring a huge risk factor to both other guests and the owner using it. It's becoming a major concern for fellow ethusiasts, so they're preaching for these parks to ban these items for the safety of these tourists....

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I seem to be having some bad luck when trying to buy Majora's Mask-related limited editions. When it was announced that Majora's Mask 3D was getting a limited edition Skull Kid figure, I had to Gamespot the day after to order it, only until I was informed that they were out of stock. Then when it was announced that the New 3DS is getting a Majora's Mask theme, I head towards Gamestop at the time it opened and tried to order it. The employee was having trouble getting my order on the computer due...
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The scene where she
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The scene where she...
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Honestly, I wouldn't...
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Take all four classes.
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