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  1. Mr. Meme
    November 3rd, 2016 5:21 PM
    Mr. Meme

    Oh well, at least we have TimmyTurnersGrandDad.
  2. Zakariya
    November 2nd, 2016 9:28 AM
    Where is your friend?
  3. JDJacket
    November 1st, 2016 10:20 PM
    Sorry I gotta make this a tad short today.

    I don't feel any pressure should be accepted on either side, but both sides should drop the censorship.

    I don't see how complaining about how a Pokémon character looks younger equates to creeper tendencies... *shrug*

    Insects are a vital part in the ecosystem, and you have more than a few thousand species living in your home at any one point. Even down to the teeny-tiny ones. Human pollination is a long and arduous process and termination genus' plants destroy natural nutrients in the soil and contaminate other plants, preventing them from reproducing. With Monsanto attempting to trademark and put forth copyright claims on a plant that's been around since ancient civilization is a bizarre way to go about things. Greed isn't a sustainable thing, mark my words.
  4. Aquacorde
    November 1st, 2016 8:11 PM
    I don't recall any articles of the sort- all I've seen for that kind of thing is simple speculation. There is this Hidaka interview which attributes the switch of Pokémon girls to a matter of switching up the "eye candy".
  5. JDJacket
    November 1st, 2016 4:25 PM
    TL;DR Censorship is bad, Exo is wrong

    Exodrake is wholeheartedly wrong. Human existence is not a sustainable thing. Animals do not adapt at how quick we are to destroy. Think of the governmental implications alone within the past 100 years. The Caspian tiger was exterminated by the Russians because they wanted the space. Avians are most likely to go extinct, mammals seem to be the second most vulnerable. In the past 500 years we've said goodbye to well over 1,000 animal species that we know of, and there may have been even more casualties along the way. It's accelerated to a point where human growth is beginning to far outgrow several animal species, specifically mammals.

    Saying that it's the fault of the Great Plains Buffalo for not 'adapting' is callous. It isn't a bleeding heart thing, its a preservation issue. Insects, specifically honey bees, are beginning to become damaged as time goes on. We've seen hundreds of bee farms bite the dust within the last ten years. Insects themselves are vital to human survival.

    Trust me, no one is ever going to forget how to make another human, yet we lack the capability of preserving a 'lesser' species. If we can't preserve what we have already, it spells a certain foreboding doom that won't be seen until, of course, it's too late.

    They also don't take polychlorinated biphenyls as a factor either. Plastics don't break down fast enough, and at the molecular level, at all. Creating an item that doesn't break down into a foreign environment is... foolish.


    On the articles of censorship: again, if you love digital or fake pornography fine. I can't consider these people as paedophiles simply because they have yet to harm any actual human being, however, once you cross that line it then becomes an issue. Real people are harmed through real photos. It makes it that more difficult to find the real villains when people are picking up cartoons and telling you they're criminals. How do you even slog through it when you're stopped and ordered to redirect your attention to yet another cartoon collecting crook.

    My view of censorship comes in the form of "I have no idea what is going on, please explain to me" and receiving a big box of otherwise sanitized documents. Censoring games and film because they are violent (think of Australia's censoring laws) or pornography because 'urine/femcum' or small boobies. Jane Patten had this to say about Australia's 'small boobies ban'

    I would like to clarify a few points. In the last 18 months [circa 2009] the Classification Board has revoked over 30 serial classifications [publishing approval] for a range of reasons, one major one being that the models appear to be under 18. These revoked classifications do not appear on the classification database.
    Late last year [circa 2008?] I attended a classification publications training session with 3 adult magazine distributors and one publisher. We were shown a range of images and the notes made by the board were read out. The underdeveloped nature of the model’s breasts was cited as a reason for the image to be refused classification numerous times.
    I don’t know which publisher Ruth Brown [author] spoke to but the 4 companies that attended the meeting with me have now drastically reassessed the publications that they will import or publish. All the publications that have been refused classification adhere to the very strict US laws that enforce model age verification in adult publications and films. These laws are upheld by the FBI. There is no chance that any of the models were under 18.
    Now, as fascinating as discussing pornography is I feel that I need to backpedal a bit and state that censorship due to perceived slights is a misuse of power (to prevent sounding like a perv). Censoring a movie or a game or a book for grotesque violence, despite it being wholly fictional, is doing a disservice to yourself. I recall Stephen King's book Rage being dropped from circulation because someone drew 'inspiration' from the book and went on a spree killing. Now, does a book spur someone to kill another human being? Of course not. The seeds of dissent were there already to begin with. What about videogames and movies? No correlation has been found between violence that is fictional and actual criminality.

    People have been killing people since before recorded history. Censorship isn't just about pornography, it takes place in books and film. If someone then has the power to decide what you see, what you consume, what you experience then you're not doing so much thinking. Censorship is what enabled dictatorships and governments throughout history to come to prominence. Propaganda and censorship fall in the same vein and I don't particularly like either.

    Now, does this mean that preventing a child from seeing someone's head stoved in is wrong? No, and neither is it wrong to prevent a kid from seeing something no one should have to see. Seeing real violence is mentally scarring and the smell never leaves you. Real death is a nightmare.
  6. Caaethil
    November 1st, 2016 3:46 PM
    I'm going to try to answer your posts veeeery slowly and veeeeeeery calmly.

    "Yet you're willing to believe every rumor related to Nintendo whose sources come from liars."

    I'm trying to piece together what this sentence even means. The source of the rumour comes from a liar? I suppose you mean to say the source of the rumour is a liar. Of course you would back that up with a link - I should know better than to expect you to actual back up your beliefs yourself. And as usual, your link has absolutely nothing to do with this subject. Seriously, show me where Emily Rogers is mentioned in the Eurogamer article. I dare you. Do you even read the articles you link me to?

    I believe the rumour will be right this time because it is being reported by Eurogamer, which has confirmed a lot of rumours in the past. This isn't Emily Rogers, pay attention.

    It is not confirmed that the Switch will not replace the Wii U. Lack of backwards compatibility is not confirmation. The PS4 is not backwards compatible with the PS3. The GameCube isn't backwards compatible with the N64. How is this complicated? What kind of leap of logic is it to say that a lack of backwards compatibility implies a third pillar? Especially when Nintendo have specifically called it their next generation home console.

    No idea why you think it will be an 'accident' that the Wii U is replaced. It wasn't an accident that the Gameboy is replaced by the DS - stop deluding yourself. The Gameboy was always intended to be phased out. Obviously they kept making games for as long as they system sold and they'll do the same with the Wii U, but they intended for it to end long BEFORE the DS, which is the main point here.

    I didn't call the group a cult. I think a more accurate term would be echo chamber, but there you go.
  7. Caaethil
    November 1st, 2016 1:22 PM
    Haven't had the chance to talk to your friend yet, but it seems I won't need to. You've seen it too, I know because you commented about it on Disquis. After your group's insulting dismissal and holier than thou attitude, it's all come full circle - the Wii U is most likely halting production very soon.

    Those that would call me a mother****er, or claim that I am causing them to lose brain cells, for believing it can eat their humble pie. I'm not trying to rub it in, I'm trying to make a point. Your side has been consistently condescending and insulting, as if people who believe the Wii U is ending just want to see Nintendo fail. You have personally talked down to this forum on Disquis over this, as if we are some kind of monolith of ignorance. Now it looks like you're changing your mind and frankly, I think we have a right to find it absolutely hilarious. You complain on Disquis that now the "Wii U is dead" crowd is going to get a bit holier than thou. Honestly? Yes, we totally are, and considering how you were doing exactly the same thing before, we have a right to be.

    Even if the Wii U gets more titles after the Switch's launch, the fact that they have no desire to produce more Wii U systems proves that they're ending it. It is now all but a categorical fact.

    Here lies the most pointless PM thread I've ever been a part of, 2016-2016. RIP.
  8. JDJacket
    October 31st, 2016 9:55 PM
    TL;DR: Real Lives > Digital Lives

    As far as I can recall, the laws are iffy in terms of Hentai as a whole. Possession of snuff films will get you investigated and potentially incarcerated, but owning the film Saw won't. It's always been a slippery slope and I think that efforts are put elsewhere instead of protecting the rights of digital citizens. Sims have the right to build as much wood furniture and fireplaces as I please.

    Exodrake sounds... not so smart. Evolution takes eons and is not perceivable in our time lines. Radiation, however, can be seen as a direct manipulation of the process though... Rhinos don't drive tanks and whales don't carry machine guns...

    I'm not suggesting genocide, but merely sterilization and perhaps a limit on how many children can be introduced into the world. The more people there are, the more mouths to feed, less fish to go around, savvy?

    I've never likes the Protect Law where it protects digital children and I railed on PeTA for protecting the rights of Pokémon and attacking Cooking Mama and Mario. It's much the case of Grand Theft Auto. Does going around in a digital car and mowing down fake or digitized citizens count as murder? The Protect Law doesn't word itself as well as it should and a 'depiction of a person' doesn't really clarify the process. It's a tool used to meet quotas. Instead of going after real criminals and protecting our living citizens (or deceased) we dump resources into finding non-violent offenders that look at cartoon pornos. I missed the class on how cartoons are real life characters.

    Censorship and fruitless laws are criminal. If the case does go to trial where someone owns this digital cartoon pornography, they'll be labeled a sex offender for about 75 years and a felon for the rest of their life. The same as if you harmed a real child. See the problem I have with it? Digitized lives do not equate as real lives. Real people die and don't come back, and conversely some courts treat them like they don't come back [digital] and feel pain as if they were alive. The Protect Law, some of which was found unconstitutional by the by, was signed by Bush jr. It created loopholes that weren't there previously. It made it potentially possible to own legitimate pornographic photographs of real children so long as they serve 'an artistic purpose'.

  9. JDJacket
    October 30th, 2016 9:02 PM
    Censorship, in terms of animated pornography is an issue for me. Lolicon and toddlercon, while I might find it... odd, it's a drawing, and I'd much rather have a drawing that harms no one rather than the actual thing, no?

    However, physical domination as evident in many cultures around the world, like China's foot warping, genital mutilation in several cultures, stoning, and the acceptance of rape is not okay. Real > Digital. If you have a game like Postal, for example and you go around deleting digital lives, I'd much rather you have your butt at home instead of running around with a shotgun in reality, savvy?

    Whaling, however, is a somewhat different issue. Whaling was also prevalent in much of Western culture once upon a time (hence the inspiration for the novel Moby Dick). I always believe in licensing to prevent over hunting or over fishing. Everything should be monitored and balanced to prevent over hunting. Siberian Tigers are a prime example. Chinese medicinal beliefs held that specific parts of the tiger would heal or aid the consumer. Tiger eyes, claws, testicles, brains, skin and other internal organs were coveted items on the market. Now we have about... what, 400 wild Siberian tigers in the the world?

    What of the Black Rhino? Irrevocable damage to the land and ecosystem is then a sign that someone must place a kind of embargo on the animal until they can recover to an acceptable. Career fishermen know this and eagerly plot out their year to allow for fish to re-populate their numbers before fishing them again. You can't sell tuna if there is no tuna, no?

    Too bad humanity is fighting a losing battle and the only way to win is to torch ourselves, effectively loosing our grip on the planet, but that's another dark conversation to have at another time.

    Believe it or not, several states have their AOC at around 16. Hawaii's AOC is 16, with a close in age (5 years) exception. So a 15 year old could potentially bed a 20 year old. Interesting stuff, but it's much more widely accepted that 18 is the AOC as a rule. Besides, Japan is getting desperate. They're getting older and older and nobody is having kids over there. I'd gladly help, but I doubt they'd ask me for assistance ohohohoho! Wait... no, not the... never mind. It sounds dirty no matter how I look at it. Fufufu.

    Ohohohoho! No matter! It is what it is. Hopefully I answered your questions. If you have anymore, fire away!
  10. Starry Windy
    October 30th, 2016 5:52 PM
    Starry Windy
    Partly that (even though nowadays I've getting over it, not to mention I was rooting for both Alain and Ash in the League that time), but then, actually it's related to the Sun and Moon demo discussion back in the day.
  11. Starry Windy
    October 30th, 2016 4:11 PM
    Starry Windy
    Well, I'm not into the anime for quite a while recently after something happened when discussing about it.
  12. Luna
    October 30th, 2016 4:18 AM
    Hi! My signature is from Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
  13. Starry Windy
    October 30th, 2016 3:34 AM
    Starry Windy
    So... you meant, most of the everything in Sun and Moon has been announced, right?
  14. CidHazard
    October 29th, 2016 10:33 PM
    with PC culture rising to prominence in the internet, and Feminist (Who'm really aren't feminist-just man haters who want a quick out for they're man hating) making click bait'y' videos for ads controversy, fame.

    These people don't get it... they don't understand other cultures... these are the people who lump anime as a genre... even tho it's a form of media. Saying it's softcore porn...

    It sucks and I agree with you... it sickens me to my core.
  15. Hikamaru
    October 29th, 2016 10:45 AM
    Welp, it appeared the Genwunner stuff in the new S/M live-action trailer thread caused the thread to go off-topic...

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I'm dealing with a difficult choice that would affect my time at my new university. There's another math class I'm suppose to take, called MATH 413, in order to complete my major, but it's only available every odd year during Spring semester. My adviser never told me about this class, only recently by my Advanced Calculus professor, nor was it listed with the other math classes during my registration two weeks ago. Now I have to crash that class by Tuesday afternoon in order to add it to my schedule....

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If you're a theme park enthusiast, then you'll probably know that Selfie Sticks are becoming all the rage these days, to the point they're being wrongfully used by people during rides and shows. Not only do they bring a nuisance to other guests trying to have a wonderful time, they also bring a huge risk factor to both other guests and the owner using it. It's becoming a major concern for fellow ethusiasts, so they're preaching for these parks to ban these items for the safety of these tourists....

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The scene where she
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Take all four classes.
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