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  1. Squirrel
    January 30th, 2013 6:25 PM
    Missing you already bby </3
  2. Squirrel
    January 30th, 2013 5:17 PM
    fdjgldf I need to learn to refresh more ;;

    Honestly I never use MSN any more, I don't even remember my sign-in thingy. xD But I see no harm in trying :D PM?
  3. Squirrel
    January 30th, 2013 5:16 PM
    ... I think that might be my favourite thing anyone has ever said in the history of ever. Was that whole paragraph just designed to make me adore you or something? ;; I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE GOD DAMMIT. I have a question though, why were worms attacking you in the first place!

    Fine by me! We'll have one child each then unload all of our abuse on poor little Xaxexixoxux :D (It doesn't even deserve a proper name (or even a gender (or even a closing bracket to this statement)) But how are we going to choose which is Nathan and which is Xaxixaiuixai without accidentally giving Xaiaicudiscyds the attention that Nathan deserves? If Xaafkgayrw gets Nathan's attention then we'll just end up with a happy moron and a severely beaten & abused prodigy. :(

    Hehe, okay! Remind me to ask for it later since there's no way I'll remember after sending this VM. :D Aww no, that sucks then :( I'm sure there must be a way to do it, we just have to be creative! Or you could move to England js. True, but it also means not having to spend 70 hours on each reply! Not that I don't enjoy it, it'd just be cooler to be able to talk at a faster pace or something. xD It's hard to get to know someone really well just through VMs D;

    Woo, so can I call you 'shawty' and it'll make sense? :D (I actually have no idea what this word means but I've heard people use it as a term of endearment for their *****es!) I think I'm around 5"10 but that's a complete guess! YAAY ESSAYS ♥ I will never share my stories with you go away.

    But you won't be a woman at the time! And it's just an excuse to rub the long, cylindrical object back into place ;p And we'll have our theme song playing ofc. It will be perfect.
    Yay for trees! I'll remind you every single day. :D (I won't) I'm sure a depressed picture would be adorable but you should be smiling at the fact that you have a tree! I'd kill four men and women for one of those. kwl kwl kwl kwl kwl FAB kwl. Hmm, if it helps I hope you don't die! I'd rather miss having you around. D: You should build a bomb shelter above your bed so it won't be able to break your face if it lands on you. :D

    Well I wouldn't know! The only proof I have of your appearance is that random pregnant Mexican chap whom I claimed was you, therefore as far as I know you're Mexican!

    What unique ideas are these? :o I haven't gotten round to reading any reviews yet since someone keeps sending me messages! (Don't stop 'kay. :D)
  4. Squirrel
    January 30th, 2013 4:37 PM
    HONEY IT'S WEIRD TYPING THIS STUFF FOR THE PM ;; I never talk to people about this kind of thing (I'm not even sure why I agreed to this!) so apologies for all the awkward wording and stuff :(
  5. Squirrel
    January 30th, 2013 4:13 PM
    -stops writing VM and obeys- Yes sir!
  6. Gyardosamped
    January 30th, 2013 4:00 PM
    Don't worry. :D

    A secret signal would be awesome! As for types of signals, I'm kinda on the same boat as you. I mean, possibly a wink or something? I don't know, LOL. That actually sounds kinda sexual if every gay started winking at each other as means of saying hello or something. It's weird for me because I definitely want friends who are like me, but I also don't think I'm ready to come out to my parents just yet, and if they see me or hear me talking about my "gay" friends, what are they gonna think? But they're gonna have to find out eventually. I'm definitely not going to be closeted my entire life. I honestly don't think gay girls can relate to gay guys as much as guys would to guys and girls to girls. & yeah, that stereotype is wayyyyy too annoying. Seriously, I've only actually seen/heard a few select gay people who act like that, and those are usually the extremely flamboyant ones who would have rather been born a girl/are making that transition, lol. I personally like who I am and what I was born with so I'd never think about getting a sex change or anything like that. @_@ But to each their own. I might just start sitting near him these next few classes. He's been talking to like everyone around him, so maybe I'll be able to pitch in a hello or something. You're right.. it doesn't really hurt to say hi to spark a convo. My parents do that same crap to me, too! Seriously, they jump to the most extreme conclusions whenever I do something nice for a girl or something. They need to get with the times, lol.

    I saw the video! That was suuuuuper creepy! The way she spoke throughout it seriously made me cringe. I know she may have a slight difficulty speaking English, but she seriously did not have to speak in that creepy, low tone of voice she was using. It was almost as if she was just screaming for attention posting that video. Like if she's been rejected irl and doesn't have anywhere to resort to except to her "Directioner" family, lol. That was just a weird video overall, and I actually sat through that whole thing dying for it to end! Haha.

    I'm also a huge fan of pop! I would say I'm very mainstream when it comes to the music I hear. Anything on most of the major radio stations (that play pop, RnB, etc.), I pretty much know by memory. Did you like's collab with Brittney on Scream and Shout? I kinda liked the song but I felt it could have been better. Too clubby for me. xD Anyways, to name a few artists I like, probably One Direction (obviously), Rihanna, Brittney Spears, Taylor Swift, the Biebz, Pink, Kesha, David Guetta, some Drake, etc. I've never really been interested in Indie music, but I heard Lana Del Rey is pretty good? My taste is also very messy. Seriously, I'll listen to practically anything that's out for the exception of like hardcore rap or country. Btw, do you know French/have relatives from France? x)

    I didn't know all that about The Wanted. I'm surprised I've never searched up how they actually got started. That's pretty insane that they pretty much got famous because they were given lots of time on the radio. I mean, they're okay, but kinda overrated now. The funny thing is that they're not even that famous now anyways. Most people don't even know who they are, especially here in the States.

    The actual only real story I've heard was from an Irish friend I had and apparently he was in some pub and everyone was drunk as hell, and he got into a fight with another drunk guy over something (I forgot what it was), and they pretty much got kicked out. The story exemplified pretty much a typical night in a bar/pub around the world, lol. I hope I didn't generalize too much! I never saw the pic of your drunk Prime Minister. I'll search it up! The media is terribleeee here, too. They sensationalize everything and turn small events into huge ones. They're pretty much ruining society and like brainwashing everyone. I like it sometimes, but I also hate it. I don't drink at all. I'm not even the legal age (which is 21 here and I'm almost 19), but I know people my age drink a ton here. I think people believe that drinking is the only way you can have fun with friends or just on a night out. It's not. There are soooo many other things you could do to have fun while staying sober.

    Well, depending on the category, severity and strength of the hurricane, we usually stay in our house or just go to a shelter if it's bad. We've never gone to a shelter before, and I can't imagine staying in a shelter during a hurricane, but a lot of people do because it could get dangerous if you're staying in your actual house and don't have adequate protection. Luckily, our house/cars/property didn't face significant damage during both Katrina and Wilma, but we did have a screen in the backyard break out and a window break, but that's typical. Now we have shutters so all of our windows and doors are protected. It's actually kinda boring during a hurricane because all you'll hear is intense wind and rain and you just gotta stick it out till it's over. A typical hurricane can last from like 6 - 24 hours depending on its speed. I think Katrina lasted about 10 hours and Wilma left quickly, lasting maybe like 5 hours? Hurricanes don't occur in all of the U.S., though. It usually only happens to the states that border the coast, so pretty much all of the outer states could get a hurricane. There are a lot of factors, though, that determine where hurricanes go.

    Thanks for being such a kind spirit about the long replies. X)
  7. Squirrel
    January 30th, 2013 4:00 PM
    Wait wait wait before I reply, do I write the VM first or the crush details PM first?? TOO MUCH TO KEEP UP WITH GOSH. xD
  8. Squirrel
    January 30th, 2013 3:33 PM
    With sexy results? Do the earthworms rip off all your clothes or something?? Or maybe they're just really sexy earthworms! Or is this another question that's left to the viewer's interpretation? D:

    Hmm, I guess we could just try being nice to them both and see what happens? It's a bit unorthodox but I think Nathan and Tameera deserve it! Oh honey, you'd fabulous wearing that. I've never watched either but I can guess the gist... basically I'll be an awesome loving husband and you'll be a cray-cray foo' dat don't know nuttin' 'bout no romance? At least you've warned me, now I know to strike first. n.n

    Ohh wait, are you in the Republic or Northern? I have no idea how much it costs to text to the Republic... There's only one way to find out I guess! (How do you accidentally text someone from China? XD) And that sounds wonderful! I get free calls but like I said, no idea if that applies to where you are so it might get expensive... On a serious note though it would be amazing to talk more outside of VMs, these things take forever to reply to. XD I KNOW RIGHT they look so cool but they're so hard to use ;;

    4th longest is pretty good, nice one! Oo, how tall are you? :o Can't wait to hear the stories (I think)! Lots of details please :D ****ty five year olds... only in Ireland. ;p
    Okay let's see... I've had three big crushes, one which also turned out to be a ****! The second was a loonnnggg crush but nothing ever happened with it, and the other was actually from here! I ended up dating the third one for a few months but it didn't work out for various reasons. If you want more detail that'll have to be saved for PMs!

    Hmm, I'll teach you guitar (pretend clay sculpting is relevant to guitars!) so you can play it in the rain 'kay! :D Oh man that sounds amazing! Woods are so much fun, you can walk around them for hours and make friends with all the squirrels and get lost and starve and die ♥ I want to see this tree sometime, preferably in a storm! Thunder and lightning are so cool eee, especially listening to it in bed so it's still warm and cosy!
    How can you afford your own accommodation straight away? :o But nah, it's not mandatory for us either, most people just choose to do it for convenience. (or to get away from family!)

    WELL YOU LOOK IT, FRANC(insert silly dash thing)OIS. (Pssst, I have no idea if that's a real name!)

    Sorry bby, you'll just have to make your's extra special! Every time there's a new post it's another post to read through and critique so I'm not excited either ;; But the turnout has been sooo much better than expected, last year's contest run by CatDog only received one entry. XD (Guess which won!) Everyone must've seen you enter and rushed to join in!

    IT IS THAT NAME IS WONDERFUL. It fits a really well-rounded and non-mentally-and-physically-scarred-by-his-loving-and-sexy-parents kind of child, so perhaps we need to rethink our strategies a little!

    There was a bit in here I was going to go back and add to, but I've forgotten which bit... ;;
  9. Gyardosamped
    January 30th, 2013 1:45 PM
    Hey! Sorry for the late response. I went to take a well-needed nap. @_@

    I really, really, really want to be approachable, but I know it's impossible if nobody knows I'm gay or if I'm not "out there" about it yet. It sucks, actually. I wish we had like signs above our heads that say we're gay, but only other gay people can see them. >.< I'm not into clubbing, either, which is why I haven't met people like me, I guess. If anything, I'd have to meet people at my college, which I know there are a TON there. There's actually this one guy in one of my classes which I know he's gay, but he sits on the other side of the room. And I don't want a relationship or anything like that for now, I just want to have some friends who are like me and that can relate to who I am. It's kinda too late to approach him because it's what, like the 4th week of classes? I can't just start magically sitting on the other side of the room (although I could if I chose to) and just start talking to him, lol. Gahhhh! I think my mom does say those things to see how I react to them. I mean, you can tell when a person is lying straight through their teeth. Usually they get red, they stutter, you can tell they're nervous, and seriously, whenever she asks me questions about a girlfriend or my wife or my kids or something of that ridiculous nature, I change the subject immediately. I'm just glad she's never noticed that I've changed the subject on her so fast. It really makes me feel uncomfortable, which is why I want to come out to her soon. >.>

    I'm tempted to actually go watch this "Directionism" video and might actually do that later. xD & yes, Lightning was actually a nice song! I was listening to it a lot yesterday night. You know, you'll hear a few The Wanted songs on the radio here and there in the States (or at least where I live), but you'll never actually hear anything about them or their concerts or anything. It's always, "There's a One Direction concert coming up, if you're the 60th caller, you get two free tickets and a meet and greet pass!" Nothing about The Wanted, though. (And I was only mentioning 1D again because they're another boyband!) Btw, what other music do you like? x)

    I was searching and I guess JLS got their fame from the X Factor UK? Which I guess is typical for all boy bands in the UK apparently, or Europe for that matter. Lol. It's kinda the same here, except we've never had a true boy band on any of the seasons, yet. We've only recently got done with season 2!

    I swear I've heard some crazy stories, but I can imagine it only happens to select people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's just like anywhere you go. I know people there like to drink, drink, drink, but hey, that's the country's tradition, so why go against it? You know, it's funny. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated over here, too, and it's obviously not as intense here because it's not one of those holidays we consider to be big, but everyone still gets a kick out of it and we do celebrate it in a large manner, especially in pubs and stuff.

    Florida is okay. As with everything, it gets boring pretty fast if you're not a tourist. >.> I live like thirty minutes from the coastline, but we all get the same weather conditions across the peninsula since the peninsula isn't that wide. And yeah, just recently we were brushed by Hurricane Sandy and a few others, but we were completely whipped around by Hurricane Katrina and Wilma in 2005. Those were the last two hurricanes that really beat us up here and I actually experienced myself. I'm ngl, though, I love hurricanes and the feeling of working together to accomplish things, cuz seriously, during those two hurricanes we didn't have power for like two weeks straight, so all the neighbors got together and we helped each other with food and other crap. It was kinda fun, but the destruction and deaths and stuff obviously isn't.

    That picture was actually insanely sexy and did really resemble them. If one didn't actually inspect it, you could argue it was actually them.

    Sorry for the super, super, super, super long reply. Don't hurt me. <3
  10. Squirrel
    January 30th, 2013 12:25 PM
    Now I really want to see these movies! What if you die and I'm left alone as a widow?? Or if I die and you're left alone! Did the tunnel ever get built?? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NINJAS!? The suspense is killing me! Let's go watch them ASAP D:

    He'll be the one that sits in the corner of the room slowly sobbing and depressing everyone whilst they're trying to enjoy their day so people will have to hit him and steal his money and stuff to make him stop sobbing and he'll come home and cry to us hoping we'll be able to help and then won't stop crying so we'll have to hit him more to make it stop. But only because we love him. And don't worry, I've got dibs in poor little Nathan. We'll treat him like rubbish and make him hate himself but in secret he'll actually be my favourite and we'll go out for walks in the park together and buy cotton candy behind your back and I'll let him have as much fun as he wants before taking him back home and mocking him in front of you and Tameera whilst secretly knowing that he's always my favourite. You can have Miss Perfect! Well you have to use the bumps for something! :D (Kudos if you actually read all of that btw. XD)

    I think you are! How much do texts cost you? I've got free texts so not an issue here, it would be cool if it doesn't cost you too much! (The chance of being bothered to write texts this long is about 0% by the way, touchpads are awkward. ;;) Just send a PM or something if you want to I guess. :D

    That looks... fun D: Did you have a good VO2 intake?? Haha, what is your history of crushes like then?
    That's just about cheerful enough for a funeral! Maybe we should go with something very subtly romantic. Le pomme de terre et sur la oiseau!

    Oh wow, you're the first person I've met who actually likes wind/rain too! The coolest thing ever is playing guitar outside in a storm, it's so exciting :D Do you like thunder/lightning? Your bed sounds like perfection, I might have to steal it. :( For the first year you live in halls but second year onwards you have to find your own accommodation so we've rented a small house! And the beds are amaaazzziiinnngggg. They'll put your's to shame!

    (... ahahahahhahahahahahahahahah -breathes- ahahahahahahahhahahah, oh god. At least I look better than you!)
  11. Squirrel
    January 30th, 2013 5:24 AM
    I would, but surreptitiously the bitter contempt of the harsh Summer snow escapes my grasp on this extended reality that we so call our radiations of existence in this carbonated world of our's. (That means hell yes, let's do it!) And the best part is we'll make so many people clinically depressed that they'll all have to come visit you for psychotherapy and we'll be rich! I'm not such a big fan of the ninja's part though, what if I get killed? ;; Although the image of a ninja randomly attacking an old man on a porch is pretty hilarious, I might be able to go for this... do you survive in the end?? :o

    Hmm... How about we just have two and favour one much above the other so we can install great self-confidence into Tameera and make her achieve even greater things? Plus if we're both pregnant at the same time we could play bumper cars!

    It won't let me text myself :( I'll just post my phone number on the forum somewhere and random people can send me creepy texts to reply to! :D

    You're fab. ... Yeah no offence but it sounds like you've crushed on some pretty dumb people. XD But thanks I think! I just tend to relate the song they play most to them whenever I hear it, which can get annoying very easily. :D Although I haven't had many proper crushes so that's only about 2 or 3 songs. :p Oui oui oui mon doux gâteau!

    I certainly wouldn't mind that. ♥ Windy is fun, especially when it's super strong wind and you're practically blown away! It's much more exciting than being able to walk to places without breaking bones. :D Oh man, you have a double bed? Jealously levels have gone through the roof, the beds in these halls are awful. :( But next year will have super bouncy warm double beds I can't wait eeee!
  12. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 11:47 PM
    The cold wind is blowing on the neck of a solemn sparrow, thus is my life. Come to think of it you might be right, that doesn't sound like fun at all... Okay new plan, I'll stay indoors playing computer games and calling you occasionally to check your process and tell you my new "thoughtful" phrase of the day whilst you dig! And I'd rather you didn't die in the collapsing tunnel to be honest! D: I'm starting to think this tunnel idea just isn't going to work, especially if they're racist tunnels. Maybe taking a ferry ride could be just as romantic and save on buying a lot of shovels? We just need to decide who's going to risk their life in the harsh waters of the Irish sea! (It should be you. :))

    First you grab a coin and put it on your thumb nail before using your index finger to create a flicking motion with your thumb, thus propelling the coin into the air before catching it and seeing which way it landed. :D (Don't worry, I know it's technical, I don't expect you to fully grasp it right away) Okay that works too! But I don't want to be floppy that sounds awkward :( At first I was thinking "Oh Nu God he's so nice sacrificing himself for me how lucky am I take me now swoon swoon swoon ♥♥♥" but I'm starting to think you might not have had my best interests at heart here. ;; Although I'm sure you'll look sexy with that bump bby. Don't worry I've got some Christians on my course and they're fun to wind up, I'll ask them today! If I don't return then have probably been dissolved in holy water. :)
    It's disappointingly thankfully hard to find an image of this on google... USE YOUR PRO GOOGLE SKILLS GO. Aww, you made it sad!

    I was planning to sleep more but I cannot disappoint! It wasn't fun, no one was awake. Texting is oddly boring when there's no one to text :(

    NO GO AWAY IT'S ADORABLE. Aw bby that song is makin me swoon so hrd <333 xoxox (Seriously though that song is awesome omg, so catchy XD) Oui! Je suis... fluenté! Tu es jealousé á mon skilléz!
    Wooo, tell me if you do! I'll give you a golden sunshine sticker as a reward! You have to tell me the second you finish every song and write a detailed review about each one k. :)

    Muscles are hot. (Apparently so is being really shiny!) But nah guys without loads of muscles are much better, it gets kinda ick after a while :(

    fx;kbgjgklj help it's cold and early and ahhh
  13. Gyardosamped
    January 29th, 2013 6:01 PM
    Btw, I just heard Lightning and it's quite good! Thanks for recommending it. x)
  14. Gyardosamped
    January 29th, 2013 5:47 PM
    Haha, I wouldn't necessarily say you could tell I'm gay, but after you know me for a while, one could argue I was, and not because of the way I act or anything, but just because I don't necessarily bring up talks about relationships or obsess about girls and crap like most males do these days. @_@ And yes, my mom gets super annoying when it comes to asking so many unnecessary questions! "When you and your wife... and your kids..." For God's sake, lol, she puts me in the most uncomfortable situations. Luckily, my dad is the opposite and has never questioned me before, nor do I think he cares about my love life.

    I'd count myself as a 1D fanboy, but I'm not like some of those hardcore fans, tbh. Yeah, I like their looks, music, etc., but I'm not a stalker and die hard fan, either. When people start really "obsessing" and start doing things out of the ordinary, that's where the problems begin mentally, lol. That's crazy that someone made a video about "Directionism". Seriously, when did enjoying the music and the band itself come to that? Anyways, once I'm done typing this message I'm gonna listen to Lightning. I agree with you that Chasing the Sun got kinda boring after a while. I Found You was kinda the same, but I liked their high-pitched voices in the song.

    I think I've heard of JLS before, actually. But, yeah, you don't hear about them here in the U.S.. I searched them up on Google and they are quite unattractive, ngl. Lol. Never heard any of their songs, either. I've always wanted to visit Ireland, but I've heard so many crazy stories involving pubs and alcohol and stuff, that it kinda scares me!

    The economy here is not great, either. I live in Florida, so it's pretty much warm here all year long. We don't really have seasons. It usually rains in the summer and is dry in the winter, but we never get any type of adverse weather conditions except for hurricanes, which I guess you guys call typhoons? :p

    That GIF was hawt, ngl, and boy does that look a lot like Liam on top and Zayn on bottom. I can't handle these sexy pics anymore! x)
  15. Squirrel
    January 29th, 2013 4:48 PM
    ... Sorry they keep getting longer ;;

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