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  1. Karma Police
    February 27th, 2013 11:19 AM
    Karma Police
    Heh, I understand man. Let's just forget that.

    So how's life been
  2. gimmepie
    February 27th, 2013 8:28 AM
    It happens to people all the time, especially when the thread comes alive like this. Don't be too discouraged, whilst this does happen more often to newer members I'd say the RPers are a very accepting bunch I have found (plus you have a very solid concept). You'll be fine.
  3. gimmepie
    February 27th, 2013 6:40 AM
    That is basically reiterating what I already said. By chapters I don't mean a list of event and I mean each chapter has one important goal but how the player achieves that goal and what goes on before and after are up to them. Basically that means that your plot will be fulfilled but at the same time players won't get bored and feel that they have no creative freedom.
  4. Elaitenstile
    February 27th, 2013 3:47 AM
    Hey friend, I think I'll give you a Fennekin Avatar, here :

    Made by me, no probs to use! (I'm Creampuff, if you didn't know)
  5. gimmepie
    February 26th, 2013 9:05 AM
    These "keys to success" of yours are complicated but really I have learned that a few things are hugely important

    1. Uniqueness even between similar RPs (which is one reason my RP is more true to the anime whilst Red's RP Echo is more true to the game).
    2. It has to be something that catches the attention of people through the world, plot and history.
    3. A good OP (such as one with formatting and structure) does better than one without.
    4. Listening to players in your RPs is hugely beneficial.
  6. gimmepie
    February 26th, 2013 9:02 AM
    I started RPing later last year and have at this point made five RPs with three being pokemon based.

    Reapers and Novia are still going with Reapers being my first real success. My very first RP, The Pokemon Survival challenge went reasonably well at first but, as you said people began to drop out activity, Aeterna crashed and burnt in the OOC and Ultima still has one die-hard player (excluding myself) but really is like a person clinging to life on the edge of a cliff by one finger and is going to be officially dead sooner rather than later.

    How do you mean a theme?

    I'm looking forward to what you come up with :D
    My own SU is in the post directly below the OP.
  7. gimmepie
    February 26th, 2013 8:46 AM
    You may be interested in checking the OOC because I have decided to change the mechanic related to capturing and encounters.
  8. gimmepie
    February 26th, 2013 8:38 AM
    Hmmm I'm giving what you are pointing out.

    I am very well aware of the issues with these things but I am also not willing to discourage beginning RPers so I try to keep a balance. Yoshi, for example, is well over their 3 day time limit on the reservation and as such the reservation on Eevee has been removed. The good thing about an RP like this is that if a player becomes inactive it won't be hugely detrimental to the RP since we can just go on with our journey's and assume they quit or died or something.

    I'm relatively new to RPing compared to a lot of others but I'm at the mid-way point when I'm starting to learn the "tricks of the trade" and am having some level of success... and for some reason I churn out far too many ideas. Comparing this and Reapers (my current active RPs excluding Ultima which is "active" but is really dead") you can see that I have got a clue now, that being said I appreciate your advice.
  9. gimmepie
    February 26th, 2013 8:21 AM
    Well on our first point we seem to be in agreement haha and on our second you have raised an interesting point that I didn't consider. Out of curiosity which method would you prefer, the freedom to choose or it being based on GM discretion in the same manner as evolution and the learning of moves?
  10. gimmepie
    February 26th, 2013 8:10 AM
    Firstly - Communication between characters is at the players discretion although I would rather not have everyone all meeting up immediately (although it is likely we'd have seen each other around since we are all starting in Coriolis Town).

    Secondly - It is generally assumed (from what I have seen) that you will primarily roleplay from the trainers P.O.V. and as for a system how you come into contact and capture the pokemon is mostly up to you as long as it is a pokemon I have said you can catch, isn't ridiculously strong and ends up in one of your pokeballs. The main thing about this RP is that it stays more true to the style of the anime and allows for a less restricting experience than similar RPs and whilst it may lack something in the sense of a achievement presented by levels I feel as though it also gives a lot more creative freedom to RPers.

    Thirdly - The IC has been submitted. We start when it is accepted by Skymin.
  11. gimmepie
    February 26th, 2013 8:02 AM
    I don't really want to go with the whole classic "evil teams" idea but that being said some form of antagonism towards or between character could be interesting. Perhaps rather than a set antagonist I could give people the opportunity to create rivals (although that is probably to similar to another Journey RP going right now and honestly with players interacting not strictly necessary).

    I may throw something interesting in somewhere, I'll have to wait and see but I am always open to suggestions.
  12. gimmepie
    February 26th, 2013 1:16 AM
    You are expected to interact with the others at some point in the RP XD

    Plot twists? I'm not sure but I'm always thinking of things.

    As for events I'm already brainstorming in my head for some interesting events I'm considering swarms, tournaments, eruptions... all sorts xD

    As for your channel I'll have a look later
  13. TheUltimateG.J
    February 26th, 2013 1:12 AM
    hey can u pls insert pallet town pokemon heartgold music in my pokemon firered game hack?
  14. gimmepie
    February 25th, 2013 6:59 PM
    Compose? So you do music for games then?

    I saw, very good SU.
  15. Pepster98
    February 25th, 2013 3:57 PM
    Im just going to give you all my music and you can insert it (the ones you want ) when its time to insert the music

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