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  1. Nathan
    July 4th, 2013 5:42 PM
    Yeah it's been a good while. School's over for me.
    Fine. You?
  2. Nathan
    July 4th, 2013 5:34 PM
  3. Sweets Witch
    July 4th, 2013 2:25 PM
    Sweets Witch
    Aw crap, it's summer season time. I forgot everything that I said I'd watch. DR, Ro-Kyu-Bu, Milky Holmes, WataMote...I feel like I'm forgetting one or two. Probably not Free!, though. I'll watch it if this dude I know likes it, but I much prefer cute girls doing cute things.
  4. House
    July 4th, 2013 11:52 AM
    AAAAAAAAAAH I miss you too! ;-;
    Oh noes, you're not supposed to sleep that little! :c *hugs* I feel so sorry for you ;-; I think I'm going there to steal you and bring you here, so you don't need to go through such torture!
    Well, I think for now all I can do is wish you good luck with your homework!
    Aw Marina! *hugs tighter*


    Yup, the Portuguese. It's interesting because even nowadays some Portuguese people still think they're superior to Brazilians. Oh well!
    I see! I end up knowing of stuff because of social networks and the internet in general. Haha, I know! It's a city-state. I researched a bit on your country just so I wouldn't be a complete ignorant and also because it's good to know about others' countries c: But I knew that it existed already xD I noticed that Singapore has lots of official languages, do you speak any other languages aside from English?
    Ahah! They really thought those things? xD "They are with the Yakuza" AHAHAH! xD Oh lord, people can be so ignorant!

    Mhm, I saw it! Mmkay, I shall be waiting <3 Hm, I don't know Marina! But I think it's gonna take quite a bit of time. Not as much as the time it takes for something imported from the US to come here, since it's a letter, but still! I wonder what you'll write me! c:

    Maybe! But that would mean you know my weakness, OH NO! I hope you don't abuse it :c
    Aww! I'm so glad replying me doesn't feel like a hassle to you! I also love writing stuff for you! c: *secretly tickles*

    Ooh I have never heard of those animes! Gah, I'm so outdated when it comes to anime and manga! Well maybe I could create a Tumblr but I don't think I'd use it a lot! I don't know, it doesn't look like something I'd throw myself into. I barely post here and I don't use facebook for anything else than its IM chat part, so I dunno xD Yeah, it can range for being a little thing to being pretty much complete lack of color! Oh cones!

    A polar bear! That's probably right, yup! I prefer cold weather, I'm as white as a polar bear because of not staying in the sun a lot, I love sleeping, I can kill you or be the sweetest animal... Ahah, you do know me very well already, Marina! xD Awwww! Can I become your polar bear plushie instead of being a real bear then? I'd obviously not be as soft but still! :c

    Hahah that's true! A big part of the creepiness of horror movies comes from the fact that we tend to overthink it later, instead of laughing at how ridiculous some stuff can be xD Well I guess lack of attention leads to it not being scary, yup xD Wait do you mean you only have to answer one question from 12 or you need to answer multiple questions from those 12, but you're able to choose which?

    Ahah! Well, it's through Steam, so it's way easier for me and for them too! Besides I already have a bunch of games, ~100 of them, in my Steam account, so it's not like I'm desperate for more. I might as well I give you some if you ever happen to turn into a PC gamer! Oh Marina! MARINA! o.o You must be so thin! 44~48 Kg! How tall are you? o.o But that's true, way way better to eat than not to eat xD ! It's okay to not to save any money right now! *pokes*

    Yeah, I noticed it... But you're Marina! You can take it! I know you can! ;-; And like I said, I'll always be supporting you no matter what!

    Hahah I don't either, I don't even have the means to pay school right now! It's all right though, I'm going there through canoe. I'll bring food and the internet with me. That's right, the entire internet. ALL OF IT.
    Thank you Marina! I've been in the English world since I was 7 years old c: Your grammar and writing style is also awesome <3 I'm also looking forward to hearing, well, you in general! People say I have a really deep voice.

    Hahah yeah! I suppose it's all right! Aw you're so nice Marina! I think your message is great, it's the content that matters c: My message didn't really get that big either but I hope you still like it!
    Aw thank you lots and lots too! You also make me super happy c: I love you too, Marina, I really do!

    Thank you again! <3 And welp, you're probably asleep now so good night and good morning/afternoon/evening/whenever you read my message! <3
  5. Sheep
    July 4th, 2013 8:35 AM
    Ugh... I wish. >.< I can't wait to be done, I hate school haha. I'd rather just work!
  6. Sheep
    July 4th, 2013 8:28 AM
    Yeah, over where you are it's college and then uni, but for us college is pretty much uni. :D I can't wait to be dooone
  7. Sheep
    July 4th, 2013 8:11 AM
    I do, I'm in college. Just finished my fourth year, I should only have one semester left so I'm graduating a little late since I changed my major a year in. ;~; It is a pain!
  8. Sheep
    July 2nd, 2013 8:30 AM
    Bahaha yeah it's been a while since I really kept up with it. ;~; I need to catch up with Sherlock too. >.>
  9. House
    July 1st, 2013 6:20 PM
    Ahah, I'm sure you're a pretty pretty girl, no worries! c:
    Don't worry about it, when you sent your message, I was still sleeping! xD But aw that sucks! Don't cry though, Marina, soon it'll be over! :c *hugs*


    Mhm and sometimes the new generation doesn't want to change either, so the cycle gets longer and longer... But my country didn't get help from them, it got explored from them xD. For example, the US was a colony whose main objective was populate, but Brazil was an exploration colony. So we only got things taken away, not given c: Oh the news! You know, I don't watch or even read the news as often as I probably should! In fact, I rarely even watch TV nowadays! What about you, Marina?

    You'll see it, Marina! *coughitsnotcoolnopenopecough* Ah you're a really organized person when it comes to notes and everything! I rarely rewrite my notes! I guess it may be a pet peeve of yours yes xD. *poke* But it's certainly not a terrible one, maybe deep down you just like things SUPER CLEAN in your mind c:
    And I can't either, Marina! I wonder what kinds of things we'll tell to each other! Perhaps it'll be in the same vein of the stuff we write here c:

    Yeah! It's okay though, DC even did a reboot of all its series recently. Now it's the New 52.

    Haha no problem, madame! I'm sure you're capable of anything you want to do c: Oh I see! That's very interesting, you have layers of ticklishness! I'm personally very little ticklish :c Only my mom knows how to tickle me a little bit. Oh well! It means I'm less vulnerable, in a way xD. If I were to tickle you in real life, do you think you'd end up squirming too? xD

    Oooh! OOOOOOOH! That makes much more sense now! Thanks! There's SO MUCH ANIME, Marina! xD But I like it though! I've heard about most of the stuff you post there c: There are some colorblinds, though, that do see the colors all messed up, like patients with tritanopia - they can't see blue or yellow, basically only shades of red. Ahah! But which type of bear am I? Brown, Black, Panda, Polar? c:

    Your dreams have sequels? I've also never heard of that before! You have some pretty odd experience with dreams, Marina! Odd but great, of course! Hahah, what a fearless person you are when in group, then! I personally dislike horror stuff because it actually scares me... A lot! And also I think some of its series or movies are kinda dumb, like the Saw series! The plot and environment are like "wut" to me. Oh well! I don't think you're strange, just maybe different in some way! Different is good! And after all, you're a strangely awesome person! One of the coolest persons I've ever met! I just thought your sister was older because you said she was moving tuition papers around, maybe they could've been higher education tuiton papers c: It's okay to not have a great political sense. Each one has different talents c: I can also help you with politics, if you ever need to do something related to it! And hah! That's funny, I never thought of it as an old movie! That could be a nice way to put it! And thank you, Marinaaaa! c:

    Hah, same thing here, Marina. There's this girl that runs to me whenever anything happens, it being a conflict or not. Bárbara... Oh lord she's such a troubled person, you have no idea. But anyways, mhm, I'm glad that doesn't happen to you nor me! c:

    Yeah, I think he was supposed to be Tony Stark's son or something like that, yikes! That would imply Tony straightened up and became a full on father! I think cartoon movies can be as good as live-action ones, as long as they're properly made c: Mask of the Phantasm is one of my favorite movies!

    Aw you're so nice, Marina! But you have to understand that I'm actually "surviving". I'm not old enough to live alone, so I'm still living with mom. It's just that I rarely have money to buy my own things. The things I usually buy are books, sometimes food and games on Steam (because they are much less expensive there, as there's no way to impose taxes over a download c:). Most of the games I buy on Steam I give to friends though. There's really no way anybody here can survive alone with only $50 per month xD. Now how do you survive on $30 a week? ;-;

    I see! Here they also increase the school time, but it's nothing like 12+ hours o.o You must be one hell of a woman to endure it all, mhm!

    I hope we meet soon ;-; And then you'd see how my English pronunciation is! I only have myself to speak in English here :c Gahah, you don't have to apologize, I love writing things to you! Writing the first time took some time, but rewriting it was quite fast, because I already had in my mind what I was going to write c:

    Aww! That makes me feel good and bad! I read your message right after I wake up, but I take almost all evening to answer it, since I have to keep doing other things while writing. That must make you anxious, I'm so sorry ;-; But I'm glad that you get happy when you see it c: I'm also always excited to see your reply! You write so much interesting stuff and you use words in such a nice way, it's great <3 Don't worry about answering me late, really. I'd wait alllllll year if it was necessary c:

  10. Sweets Witch
    July 1st, 2013 12:42 PM
    Sweets Witch
    That's actually a good way of putting it. It's like Lucky Star dipped in shipping fuel because everything is a ship and 99% of the ships have the potential to be canon in some way.
  11. House
    June 30th, 2013 6:35 PM
    Marina! I wonder if you look like this Marina.


    Aww the world is indeed a nasty and mean place! *holds on to you* :c This reminds me of Rocky's speech to his son...
    It is! I think maybe fear is one of the reasons. The other is probably laziness. They fear that changing will end up making things worse than they are now but they're also too lazy to try and change the things! Although now I think part of those emotions have faded a bit here.
    Indeed, your country is really, really young! Mine's independence was in 1822 but it was really an "independence" between quotes, because it's always been dependent on other countries even after that, economically, financially, culturally or politically.
    Aaah I've seen that cloud in the news, it seems quite scary... But I'm at the very least glad that you're all right, madame!
    Gahah, yes, the hello kitty issue can be considered laughable xD. It may be even a bit funnier for me since I don't really like Hello Kitty nor McDonald's!

    I'm pretty sure it is, yes xD Guys who study Exact Sciences usually have terrible handwriting. Mine isn't the worst though, I've seen handwritings much more terrible than mine! I also have two types of handwriting - cursive and one that's like the fonts we're using. I personally think the latter is cooler c: And don't you say that about your handwriting! It's probably the prettiest thing ever!
    My house's actually on sale, but I'm pretty sure I won't be moving soon, nope c: I'll send you my address through PM and then maybe you send me yours, just in case!

    We will, Marina! Eventually, of course, but we will! <3

    He still saves the day! I'm not going to say much about the series because it kinda ruins the mysterious nature of it. Also you have to take into note that it's an Elseworlds publication, which means it's not "canon" to the main Batman we know, which lives in New Earth c:

    But that's one certain thing! The first time it'll always not be so good c: Don't flip your tables yet, lady! Besides, beauty is relative, what may be fantastic to one's eyes may be terrible to another's! And regardless of what you do, I'll always be supporting you! c:

    Ahah, I could, but no matter how much I tell you those things, you always seem to be nicer and kinder, Marina! <3 *tickles* Are you ticklish, by the way? c:

    That's all right! I still want to see it! Unless you don't want to show it to me, which is also fine c: Well I think it feels um normal(?)! I don't see colors all messed up, though. The sky is still blue to me, and so is the grass green, the sun yellow, roses red and so on... The thing is that I confuse colors that are "similiar" to me. I can confuse dark green with brown, dark blue with purple, some shades of red with some shades of green, darker yellow with orange... I'm not the only one in the family though, my uncle's also colorblind c:
    Nononono you're much, muuuch better than me! If I'm a tenth of what you are, I'll already be super happy! c: And I'm a little bear now? Ahah! *bearhugs*

    So that's the kind of dreams you have? That. Is. AWESOME! Okay so I have a few questions for you! Have you seen that girl in real life? Do your dreams usually end in a bad or good way? It seems you're not a big fan of the horror genre, is that true? The tuition stuff also sparked a question! How old is your sister? It sounds like your the younger one c: Also, would you mind switching dreams with me? Haha!
    Sorry if I asked too many questions, feel free to ignore any of them if you feel like it!

    It's great to see that people deal with conflicts in a mature way over there! I find it sad when family conflicts end in a nasty way, because of the consequences it has on the teens when they become adults. I see those conflicts and consequences quite often since I'm pretty much the psychologist of quite a few teenagers and adults =P

    Wait there's an Iron Man cartoon? Wait WAAAAAAIT I think I remember it! It was a poopy cartoon which they tried to adapt Iron Man to little kids, even though he's an irresponsible philantropist! Yeah, that's one of the bad ones... Well I'm not sure about Marvel, but DC usually has great animated movies and/or series - Batman TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League (Unlimited), Static Shock... The movies also tend to be great because they sometimes are comicbook adaptations c: I'm very rusty on animated Marvel stuff, I only know that 60s Amazing Spiderman is cool! Haha! xD

    It is! We basically have to pay 160% for the product plus the shipping! *sigh* Right now I only have a Wii and a crazy computer, because the rest is too expensive. I don't find it much of a problem at the moment though, since I haven't been playing games a lot. And awwh Marina! It's okay though, things will change... I'm also quite broken. The only income I have is $50 a month that comes from my grandma... Sometimes!
    Aaaaah now that's some table-flipping material! How can you handle staying in school for 12,5 hours, Marina? HOOOOOOOOW? *hugs tightly* ;-;

    Mmkay, I'll search some stuff up too! Living far away from each other is so hard, Marina! ;-;

    All right then! But I'll eventually drag you to Skype or some other place because I don't want to lose contact with you in any way, nuh-uh! <3

    (Fun fact: I had to re-write this entire VM because I accidentally lost it from my Clipboard because I had "Ctrl+C"ed something else!)
  12. Sheep
    June 30th, 2013 1:39 PM
    Hmm.. I love The Welcome Lounge, Chit Chat & Polls, Pokemon Clubs is fun too, and Pokemon Anime :D aww, no problems, school is a pain.
  13. Sweets Witch
    June 30th, 2013 5:08 AM
    Sweets Witch
    I think the summer season starts next week because most of the spring shows ended this past week. As for DR, I used to be pretty big on it until the fandom stopped being to my liking. The games are pretty good, though. I own a copy of 2 and I've been playing it blindly, and it's pretty fun. I keep having to look up plot synopses after every chapter since I don't know Japanese and the story is pretty solid.

    Yuru Yuri's alright if you don't mind there being no actual plot. It's one of many shows that centers around cute girls doing cute things.
  14. House
    June 29th, 2013 2:10 PM
    Aw Ma-Ri-Na! You're the nicest! <3

    Hm, that's actually a great idea, I'll do that too! c:


    Ahah, it's not a conspiracy, trust me xD They didn't "pop" out of nowhere, they were always there. It's just that nobody was taking them into consideration c:
    Some issues of my country trace back to colonization times, circa 1500s.
    But thank you a lot, Marina! <3 What about your country? Are there also lots of problems there or do things tend to be a bit better?

    Haha, indeed! Although my handwriting isn't really that good, sometimes it gets horrible, specially when I'm taking notes quickly from class! You, on the other hand, sound like you have the prettiest handwriting ever! c: I hope I get to see it sometime!

    You may think it smells fine because you're Marina - being Marina implies that you have some mad skills for food! So well, eventually I'll go to Taiwan with you for us to eat it, mhm!

    Mhm! But that's one funny thing about comics, even though the series Batman has ran for 70+ years before a reboot, he didn't age a lot. Usually in comics the characters tend to age just a little bit or even stay at a fixed age for a long time! Unless it's a special issue. For example, there's a series called Batman Year 100, in which Batman is indeed a centenarian c:
    I find it great that you love the fictional worlds! *hugs*

    Hm... I think that's actually only a question of training, honestly. You may not know how to make an entire page because you really haven't trained yet! I'm sure you'd be able to do it after a few tries c: Also, you've been talking about your Tumblr a lot! Would you mind sending me the link of your Tumblr so I can see it? =P
    Well, I'm the worst type of colorblind, I suppose. I once took that Ishihara test, you know the one with circles that has numbers in them, and I only managed to see the numbers in the first stage. It's not something that bad but um I just can't differentiate some colors! Awww Marina you're sooooooooo great! c: But I'm pretty sure that you're so much better than me! If I already have an awesomeness overload then you must have a mega awesomeness overload, Marina!

    Thank you so much, lady! *cuddles and kisses your cheek* Have I told you already how nice you are? Hah!

    Oh yes, right now I'm studying all Portuguese and Brazilian literature periods, but the stuff I write is dissertative indeed c: I personally think it's better to me since I was never great at fictional writing. Well, different people, different tastes c: Oh Marina, there are lots of people with way more talent than me here! But still thank you a lot c: Aw but they're still dreams nevertheless! Besides you remember them everyday, you have no idea of how awesome that is!

    You wouldn't? Ah you must be one brave woman, then! *poke* You have to teach me how to be as brave as you!

    Hah, it's peaceful with me! My brother doesn't accept things easily, he's too stubborn and that sometimes leads to problems. Mom and I have learned how to deal with most situations though c: Well at least things usually end up without any severe consequences there, I hope?

    Hm, I've heard of most of those animes but I haven't watched any! I really don't watch anime often. The last ones I've watched are oldies!:c
    BUUUUUUT I've watched all of the cartoons you listed! And hey why isn't Batman The Animated Series there hmmmmmmmm?
    And in regards to bands, I know those! I'm not really familiar with them because the bands I like are also old and usually not many people like them nowadays! Oh well!

    Ah it's still quite cheaper than here. Here a 3DS costs R$700 or ~U$714. I also still have an "R4" but not quite! I have a clone called N5, which is poopy, and I have one called Supercard DSTwo, which I personally think it's great, it can emulate GBA games on the DS through the Port 1! Aw but is an SD card also expensive there? Maybe you could try buying a better one! c:

    Ah I think it costs a lot! :c I don't know how personal shipping works either, but usually when I buy something from the US or another country (which is really rare), it takes a super long time to come here and the freight is crazily expensive!

    Also Marina, do you have any other way of contacting ourselves I can add you on, like Skype or Facebook? Of course, if you don't mind telling me!
  15. Sweets Witch
    June 28th, 2013 8:50 PM
    Sweets Witch
    A lot. Haha. Recently I've been trying to watch every Pretty Cure series but I don't have the attention span to watch them in large chunks so I get distracted with other stuff easily. The summer season won't be easy since there are like 6 things that I want to watch, plus all of the stuff I wanna rewatch and finish. And there's all of the stuff that comes out later this year like SnO 3 and Tokyo Ravens and SAILOR MOON although that might be 2014. How about you? What do you like?

    Oh also I guess I should mention that I love Yuru Yuri since my OTP is from it.

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