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  1. Sheep
    June 28th, 2013 6:16 PM

    Oh my gosh yes! I'm soo excited for that! :D

  2. House
    June 28th, 2013 5:00 PM

    Hah, I'm also glad you have no problems with it!
    And of course! I love sincere words, especially when they're yours! c:

    I see, so you complete each other! =P And nooo I don't think getting back to "normal" would be particularly good because it'd mean the main issues in the country would be still here! I think the media's also only showing the violence part there and that's not the point of the protests, it's just an unfortunate thing that's inevitable...
    Ahah, but we almost write letters to each other through here no? Only they're faster! But it'd still be super cool for we to send real letters to each other, mhm c:

    What you said was right, it's just that looked it up on the internet to know more about it and it said "stinky tofu". Stinky and smelly mean the same, really! Oh boy, it'd be a challenge then! We'll see what happens when I get near it - but if your sister said that... I dunno anymore!

    Mhm, both before he became the Batman and during his 70+ years of Batman-ing. Though for a long time the comics where quite campy and didn't present the world in a serious and dark manner. Until, Marina, A Death in The Family. That was what made Batman start to get called "The Dark Knight". I think maybe the comics would be comical to Joker, but I'm not sure if that distorted and dark world would make anyone sane laugh xD. So you really do take an interest in all kinds of fictional world!

    What do you mean it isn't a lot? I find it great that you both know how to do those things! For example, most people don't even know that webpages are made of essentially text! And if you know HTML and CSS (which I'm pretty sure you do too!), it means you can create pretty sites and templates! I can't do those things properly because I'm colorblind, so I always need to check out some sites on color combinations c: Don't worry about not knowing how to play an instrument (yet), you're already super-duper awesome! If you did, we'd have an awesomeness overload and you know that always makes universes explode!

    Aawww! But what if I want to be cuddling with you all the time? Can we do that too?

    Aaah I see! So you must be one very creative woman! c: Do you mostly read stuff or do you like to write too? Animal Encyclopedias sure are scientifc! Haha, you're a really great person, you know? c: Aaah I have a friend who specializes in dreams, I gotta be careful not to tell about you to him otherwise he'll be poking me 24/7 to meet you! Haha!

    My dog acts so much like a human it's unreal xD. I see, I see! I haven't owned many dogs, I think this may be my second one or even first one! My dad didn't like to have domestic animals -aside from turtles, fishes,that sort of stuff -, so I didn't have much contact with cats and/or dogs (my parents divorced recently, hence he doesn't live in my house anymore). Ah I also pity pitbulls for that! But sometimes they scare me! There's a pitbull in a house nearby and he gets so angry when people or dogs pass by that he almost jumps the fence he's in! ;-; Once he managed to jump the fence and attacked a dog.

    Mhm! Both my mom and dad never nag me, which can be considered kinda odd. But I dunno, I'm me so I don't think proper teen-parents relationships apply to me very well! =P It's great to have a friendly relationship with your parents mhm!

    Oh no, you just got a really rare memory capability! It's a great thing! Hm... You know what? Mhm, I want all of those! And maybe even tell me some of your favorite bands too! c: I want to know eeeeeeeeeeverything about you!

    Hm I see! Me and my brother are very different! He's still quite young, a 9 year old, but you can already see he's going to differ to me even more in many aspects when he grows up. We also "fight" daily. I guess that's part of being a sibling though xD

    Wow! But Marina you shouldn't be so pressured! You're going to do great at it, so great the guys at Cambridge are going to be like "Oh lord, I think this girl should study here!". I think that at the very last, you'll do okay at it, lady. You seem so worried about it and it's not like you're wasting your time c:
    And yaaaaaaay for the 3DS! I also have to still buy myself one! I don't even have a DS anymore, since the last one broke. It stayed alive for 6 years, it was already time for him to take a break, I suppose. Is a 3DS also super expensive there?

    Aw you're so kind Marina! <3 I'd also wish you a very happy birthday but you've joined here after it this year :c It's okay though, I can save up to buy you a gift next year!

    That's great then! *hugs* c:
    Well... None, really. I've never been much of a poster and I don't think I ever will be. I've been here actually for 4 years and I've only posted 10 times if you join the post count in this account with the other account. I'm not really playing pokémon lately either, so I lost a substantial quantity of my interest in it. The main reason I'm still here is because of the people I can talk to! If I had left, I'd never meet you and I wouldn't be so happy! c:

  3. Sweets Witch
    June 28th, 2013 1:36 PM
    Sweets Witch

    Oh man, don't get me started on the parts I liked. We'll be here for days.

    Okay so the first one is actually really, really subtle and I didn't even notice it until someone on Tumblr pointed it out, but it's how Maid-chan looks kind of like one of Ryuunosuke's old friends. I wish that there had been a little more on his past to confirm whether or not he based Maid-chan off of her and there might have been a little note of it in the novels, but most of them are untranslated so I haven't bothered to investigate.


    I was also a huge fan of anything that dealt with Misaki and Jin, whether together or individually. They broke my heart so many times but I loved them so much that it didn't even matter. I saw a lot of myself in the selfish side of Jin and it was a really sobering experience.

    Of course, I liked Rita and Ryuunosuke. They were so cute together and I'm glad they got a lot of screen time together towards the end. What about you? What parts did you like?

  4. Sheep
    June 28th, 2013 10:01 AM

    I love Ed, Envy, and Izumi too <3 In fact.. I love all of them, they're such good characters!

    And ohhh someone recommendes Karneval to me so I need to watch that. Also gotta watch Attack on Titan. I'm so out of the loop with the new anime omg >.<

  5. Sheep
    June 28th, 2013 9:33 AM

    Yeahh FMA is amazing. *__* But I prefer Brotherhood baha. What other anime have you seen?!

  6. Sweets Witch
    June 28th, 2013 6:12 AM
    Sweets Witch

    Oh sweet lord. Anybody who likes SnO is a perfect person. I'm so glad that somebody out there is excited for it as well. Somebody on Tumblr posted a couple of raw pages from the latest chapter and seeing them destroyed me inside because it's the one series that I'm completely emotionally invested in.

    And I totally agree that Sakurasou is underrated. People shrugged it off as just some school life/romance anime, but they completely overlooked all of the underlying messages threaded throughout it about how hard work isn't always rewarded and how comparing yourself to others does nothing but make you feel bad. It preached a lot of hard truths and I really respect that.

  7. House
    June 27th, 2013 9:02 PM

    It's okay! I quite like long replies and I love your replies, so it's best of both worlds! c: I just warn you that it's going to take a bit more time for me to reply to them too, because I unconsciously make mine longer heh! If you want, I can try to tone it down too. Also, I love the emoticons you write, they're so cute! Hah!

    I wouldn't say it's having a tough time, more like a weird time! There are a lot of things wrong here and when the government increased the taxes (The famous 20 cents) people just exploded into rage and got out to streets to protest! Now they're striving to fix the education, health and transport system but it's quite complicated. I'd have to stay an entire day with you just to explain the situation in my country xD!
    And that's so nice of you! But you really don't need to ship anything to me! xD Unless it's a letter! I've never received letters! Not even bills yet. But nobody wants to receive bills right?

    So your family's got them priorities right! Hah! Hmm, it's called Stinky Tofu right? It's probably that stinky because of the dried shrimp, at least that's my guess! I don't eat tofu that often so it'd be nice to check it out, mhm!

    Haha, it's all right! c: Some people don't even consider Batman as a hero because of the way he acts! The movies, specially the live-action ones, have a world that differs from the comics. Usually things are much more complicated, dark and disturbing in the comics! The "Dark Detective" reference I got from the comics, I'm not sure if he's ever been called that in a movie or TV series xD It's okay, we'll watch and maybe even read some stuff togetheeeeeeeeer! c:
    Look I can even use quantum mechanics to prove that the gravitons from bed have different tensors from the rest of the world! =P

    Ah you'd make yourself as much as fool as me! I've never played a piano and I'm not the greatest at improvisation either but I survive it! It'd be fun c: It's okay to only know three songs, at least you don't know no songs at all! Of course I'd teach you, indeed! We'll go real slow, starting with Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker! Hah, just kidding, even I don't know how to play that one!

    Aw reaaaaaaally? You're so nice, Marina! *hugs* c:

    Your collection of storybooks? c: Which types of books are you into, lady? I'm mostly a scientific books type of guy but from time to time I pick up a literature book to check it out! Right now I'm starting to read "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel García Márquez and last time I was reading a book called "Eugene Onegin", which is quite an interesting book. It's made by a Russian guy called Alexander Pushkin and it's a novel in verses! Pretty cool!

    Aw I see :c Ahah the birds that fly! My dog tries to catch those! Sometimes he gets them. Sometimes I think my dog is smarter than he looks, really. He doesn't simply gets the birds, when he gets them, he instantly breaks their neck and boom they're dead! Aww well you'll eventually get a dog, I'm sure! What type of dog do you want? Mine is a dachshund!

    She is yeah! But sometimes she's a teenager! I'm really glad I have my mom, though. She's one of my best friends! Your mom also sounds like a real warrior, Marina! c: Do you also have a friendly relationship with her?
    Haha I sure will! I've helped her quite a bit of times, this will just be one more of those! C:

    I think I do! I don't remember most of them, only some that really strike me, like when they deal with something important from the past or something that's been bugging me recently. It's not strange for people to dream everyday because everyone dreams everyday xD. It's just that some of us remember them dreams everyday, like you! And that's super cool! <3
    Wait a second this part also answers something I've asked previously! So I'll throw in a new question, what is your all time favorite fictional series? c:

    Hey Marina's Sister! Oh, I'm starting to think that everyone indeed likes House! xD Aw thank you Marina's Sister! I'm sure that she's also a quite nice person, specially if she's anything remotely close to you, Marina!

    Hm... But do you have exams before your finals or only your finals? My "finals" are also in November, but after September's tests I usually don't even need to take classes anymore for the year c: I can quite see that you're trying your best and I believe you'll end up doing good no problems!
    And hey it ends a week after my birthday!

    So now I'm the one who apologizes for the length of this VM xD.

  8. House
    June 27th, 2013 8:48 PM


  9. Sheep
    June 27th, 2013 6:18 PM

    Ahh you are so sweet thank you. ;~~; And you're definitely one of my favorite new people (don't tell anyone else bahaha) so hopefully you're around for a long time!

  10. House
    June 27th, 2013 4:35 PM

    Pfft you won't simply be trying, you'll succeed Marina! Yeah it's quite sad that most people are coursing something they don't like for the money, hm... Well, just one of the sad things of this world, unfortunately :c I'm pretty sure it's going to cost quite a bit, but I still have three years to figure out what I'm going to do exactly with my life c: And thank you, Marinaaaaaaa!

    I guess so! It's just that things tend to be quite cheaper in Paraguay than they are here, in Brazil. Import taxes are almost unexistent there! =P
    Aw but did you end up buying anything interesting there regardless or nope? I heard there are all types of food there! I think mom and I would like going there. Mostly me, since I eat pretty much anything, but still xD.

    Haha! I was just referencing the Batman! Ah I also wake up very late on no-school days! Sometimes I get to sleeping even beyond noon, like today >.> Not my fault the bed is so comfortable, right? Hah!
    I think it's sounding decent! I'll record more stuff soon but right now I'm trying to learn some things first c: And maybe that will happen, yes! But I think it's not that likely, really xD. Well, we never know what might happen tomorrow!
    Oooh! Birthday ukelele! And you used to play in secrecy, now you HAVE TO show me yourself playing, mhm! You owe me some Maj7 chords, lady!
    Yeah, you can either buy an electric piano, which is good but in my opinion it's not worth it. If you want to spend lots of money in something that's electric, you might as well buy one of those workstation keyboards, like the Nord Stage 2 or Korg Kronos c: Now if you somehow get real rich and decide to buy a piano, go for the Bösendorfers or Steinway Ds! By the way if you buy any of those I'm going there RIGHT NOW to play with you! <3
    Wait that means I have to necessarily get turned into one of those to cuddle with you? Aw!

    Well, "original" manuscripts! I have them but I don't have them at the same time. They're scanned manuscripts from some universities, so I have them in very well organized PDF files! Most of my books are digital because of two reasons: Some of them are really old, rare and/or expensive, so it's way easier to get them through the internet and the second reason is I wouldn't have enough space for them! Right now I have 1029 books/articles, I can't have that in real life xD.
    Aah I see! Well of course you can still compare to me! See, I don't spend hours researching on a single species c: And I love dogs too! Of course I don't know them as well as you do, but still I have one and I love him c: Do you have any animals in your house?
    Worry not for soon I will maybe have to get focused on school stuff too. Not only because of me but also because of my mom. She didn't complete her high school degree when young so I'll have to help her with that, since she wants to complete it now. And also she wants to get into college, so here I go to the rescue weeee!

    Mhm, when you sent me that message it was 6:44 AM. I was probably dreaming about using Newton's Method to solve Implicit ODEs while drawing something on a white board - in black and white of course! I always dream in black and white! Sometimes there's a hint of red, so it turns into sepia c:
    When are your finals, Marina? In August?

  11. Sheep
    June 26th, 2013 11:52 AM

    Hey there, you are awesome :3

  12. House
    June 26th, 2013 10:21 AM

    At least you have an idea of what you'll choose instead of being completely lost c: The stuff I'm going to study also doesn't have an interesting market where I live. I may need to move to another state or another country even... But what matters, my lady, is whether you like what you're doing or not, because nobody wants to be stuck doing what they don't enjoy their whole life! I'm sure you will find a way because you're awesome and everyone in university loves awesome people, mhm!

    Yaaay! Looks like you really, really enjoy travelling! xD I plan on buying some nerdy stuff there. I'm going with dad and we'll try to find a Raspberry Pi. Oh the nerdiness has no limits with me c: Oh Ma-Ri-Na! *hugs tight*

    I don't really have problems with switching my sleep times and you may be the Fallen Detective, but I am (also) the Dark Detective! c: I usually don't have problems with waking up for school either (6:15 AM), except when it's cold or during Summer - it's still dark when I wake up during Summer! Anyways, I don't think it's actually since 1st grade, because kids are only 6 year olds by then! Ah, the education nomenclature has switched recently here so even I get confused. Let's say you take 7 years of school and put it into an exam! c:
    I really don't think I'm that musically talented, I just know some tricks hah! By music production stuff I just mean knowing how to use VSTs, record and edit songs xD Here is a song I tried recording a little while ago, I'm not sure if it's your type of music and I also don't think it came out that well but still... It's a version of Dire Straits' "Love Over Gold". I did all the instruments in it c: A friend wants me to add vocals although uh I think I'm not ready to do that xD
    You play the ukelele? That's awesome! You should also show me yourself playing mmmmmmmmmmhm! And buying a piano? Oh lord... It's so expensive! Even I don't have one... Here an eletric one costs like 7k moneys! ;-; Also if I ever get turned into a dog/cat I'll run to you!

    Yeah! I have like 360 papers/books on Math! I've read almost all of them, but some aren't in English/Portuguese/Polish (i.e. some are original manuscripts by Euler, Riemann, Newton, Erdős...), so those I can't read as well, even though I understand some of it c:
    How crazy are you about Biology, lady?
    And hey here I am again!

  13. Nathan
    June 26th, 2013 7:37 AM

    No need to control yourself. It's alright to say what you want.
    Thanks, it's nice knowing you as well

  14. Nathan
    June 26th, 2013 6:36 AM

    Yeah I know. It's really difficult to learn but I like it a lot. When I was young, I thought things were so easy. Growing up, I realized things were more complex.
    Yeah that's why they exist

  15. Nathan
    June 26th, 2013 6:17 AM

    You don't have to be sorry. I love listening.
    I dream to be a game designer. I've been wanting to create games since I was a little child. So one of these will do for me
    -Game Designing.

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