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  1. sims796
    May 26th, 2008 1:25 PM
    Anti, he is trying to rule teh intarnetz. Duh.

    Now anyway, go on shoddy. I'm testing out a new team, and I need to run some test. this isn't a real match, mind you, shoddy sucks, and this can help my reading
  2. Anti
    May 26th, 2008 10:09 AM
    Okay, what with that obnoxious background music? I just woke up and that literally gave me a small headache. I would honestly listen to Soulja Boy, as it usually won't give me a headache despite me hating it.

    First of all, your opponent switches in Lucario on Brick Break, which you were obviously going to use. Whoever was arguing with me over at pe2k about if Lucario is a Weavile counter, I believe I am right

    Anyways, what was up with your team? 0_o 4 pokemon are weak to fighting with (lol) Azelf as your fighting resist ._. You have no wall besides Steelix (who is terrible without support from Weezing or Salamence). Was that...a joke team to go along with whatever the heck "Slim Shady" means? I mean, I really don't get the joke.

    You might wanna...change the team. Because looking at your other videos, you haven't had much more success as you have the defenses of Washington D.C. when Greqat Britain invaded us in the War of 1812 (as in no defense, basically).

    But...can you explain this joke?
  3. Sora_8920
  4. Anti
    May 25th, 2008 9:51 PM
    I think the whole board is inactive. There's nothing to post about ._.

    We need LIFE!
  5. Archer
    May 25th, 2008 9:32 PM
    You seem to have been pretty inactive recently, Anti. I think we could do with some smogonners.
  6. Anti
    May 25th, 2008 9:00 PM
    Or bad Milotic

    man, this team has been a lot of trouble making though. Ew...
  7. .
    May 25th, 2008 8:37 PM
    Hazerider is hilarious. It'd be cool to see if we could get him in PC. Love to see what'd he say to a few people making bad teams xD.
  8. Anti
    May 25th, 2008 5:31 PM
    I think Smogon should really reconsider what they put in the opinion section of Gengar's analysis >=)

    Today on, good times. I'll never forget that warstory where hazerider had the 300 references and totally hammered that log. rofl

    I am convinced not to be as narrow-minded when it comes to musical opinions! But first I need to know D_A's favorite song =D So spit it out
  9. Aquilae
    May 22nd, 2008 1:04 AM
    I like to abuse IPL's JollyWobb strat, meh...

    If by the logic that OU pokemon could beat Ubers, and Ubers cannot get past certain OU pokemon, you could just lump EVERYTHING in one tier. Metagross, Ttar, Blissey, Garchomp all are used in Ubers to great success due to their ability to counter several Uber pokemon and/or pose a significant threat on their own.

    Overcentralisation is the one and only criteria for Ubers.
    Usage statistics are the one and only thing that differentiates OU, BL, UU and NU.
  10. Anti
    May 21st, 2008 4:01 PM
    Congrats on the modship D_A...FINALLY (we've all been waiting for this moment )
  11. Anti
    May 21st, 2008 11:29 AM
    My greatest fear could be realized: OUs turning into a mini uber metagame.

    Regardless of how you feel about Wobbuffet or Garchomp, I think we can ALL say we fear Darkrai, Manaphy, and ESPECIALLY Deoxys-Attack more.

    Seriously, attack Deoxys in OUs is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, but Dugtrio usage would certainly climb. I wish Mamo and friends luck switching in, as they will need it.

    Seriously, Deoxys-Attack can break UBER walls, so by that principle4 we might as well unban Lugia and Giratina. I'm usually resistant to change, and this is Manaphy is REALLY good. REALLY good.

    I mean, at least Wobbuffet and Garchomp are at least somewhat VIABLE arguments...Attack Deoxys? You have got to be kidding me. If you think Garchomp is good...

    I'm sure most ubers could be beaten in OUs, but they would certainly over centralize things. At this point, I say we just keep everything the way it was before - Wobbuffet in ubers, Garchomp in OUs, and everything else in ubers. I'm so sick of this tier nonsense.
  12. Dark Azelf
    May 21st, 2008 7:31 AM
    Dark Azelf
    I saw that topic on Smogon and i was like LOLLOLOLOL when someone said "How does Darkrai beat Blissey 1 on 1 ?"

    *Facepalm* Focus Punch and Dark Void anyone XD

    Did you also see that "Why is Manaphy Uber?" topic. Some people want that in OU aswell. Wow.
  13. Aquilae
    May 21st, 2008 3:28 AM
    Gengar has three immunities and a 4x res to Bug, but the Scarf set is weak anyway. I would run LO Gar with Explosion for Blissey or something.

    I never had a major problem with Chomp and Wobbuffet, and to a lesser extent other powerful sweepers like Mamoswine on some of my teams. The definition of counter is archaic and in my opinion does not have any real importance in the D/P metagame. It would not work for D/P simply because of the increased number of pokemon and the sheer versatility that they have. Is Gyarados a Lucario counter? What if it has HP Electric? This manner of discussing pokemon is not achieving anything, the correct way to counter a pokemon is to simply play around it. So what if Garchomp has no true counter? You could always switch out to a Steel-type on Outrage, sacrifice a pokemon to revenge-kill it, etc.
    A team also needs to have a way of dealing with Garchomp in the first place, be it Ice Beam or Ice Shard, or a Scarfer. The most important thing to avoid is to create a team that has a huge weakness, Dragonite/Sala/Flygon/Chomp/Gliscor/Suicune is still Mamo weak as 5/6ths of it is slaughtered by Mamo.
    What a team needs is not a counter, but a "check".
    I heard the term "check" mentioned first by Maniaclyracist on Smogon, it is basically a pokemon that can revenge-kill the said pokemon, can't switchin on all its attacks BUT can switchin on some.
    If I named a check for Garchomp, it would probably be Jumpluff, an example first quoted by Bologo on Smogon.
    Simply a Jumpluff with Encore/Sleep Powder/U-turn can switchin on Earthquake and Swords Dance, Encore and U-turn. It can't switchin on Outrage which does not make it a true counter.

    Somehow it seems that people are voting to ban every Uber that would be balanced in OU. I saw a Darkrai discussion recently, and it seems that one of the major points is that it is useless with Sleep Clause and an inferior/similar Gengar.
    I won't make a tl;dr paragraph on this, but just to mention Darkrai has 125 Base speed and around the same defenses as Spiritomb and no Pursuit weakness.

    What would happen next? Deoxys-F being argued for unbanning because "Lucario/Mamoswine/Metagross beat it with priority moves"? This seems rather frivolous.

    To quote a post made by Aldaron on the Darkrai topic on Smogon:

    I don't want Darkrai in my OU metagame.

    Just because.

    I don't.
  14. Anti
    May 20th, 2008 6:54 PM
    lol Slack Off Infernape lol

    I have 5 tests in the next two days, so I won't be around until the weekend lol. I have a grammar test and an SAT words test tomorrow, and then a math, Spanish, and Civial War test on Thursday. Joy. I know what finals feel like though =D

    You know, I really with they would have given Skarmory freaking Intimidate, just to laugh at the phys/special split which totally tilted things towards sweepers. It's incredibly irritating how Salamence has more useful physical resistances than any wall except maybe a few steels. It's ridiculous.

    Also, I found the most interesting nickname for I actually think it's a pretty good pokemon.
  15. Dark Azelf
    May 20th, 2008 1:14 PM
    Dark Azelf
    what a rip-off it is that sweepers have better defensive ttyping and often recovery than walls.

    I totally agree, why is the blue hell doe Infernape, need or even get Slack Off ? C'mon Gamefreak, give it Snorlax already.

    ive run a Sub punch weavile, tis fun =)

    And Aquillae i totally agree, Bulky DDMence >> DDBulky Gyara, Roost and speed sways it for me.

    Toxic/Wish/Roost/Dragon Claw mence is pretty sweet aswell.

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Yeah, this is it for me. Five years ago today, I joined PC. Now my time here is coming to a close a half a decade later.

I won't go too in-depth here besides to say that my battling skills (and interest, to some degree) have eroded to the point where they couldn't be salvaged without time and effort that I can no longer muster. Furthermore, it just hasn't been all that fun for several years now for a ton of different reasons I do not wish wish to list, and having fun is the point...

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This blog won't be very long. I obviously haven't posted many of these. Yeah, school can be a pain when you have a lot of homework and not a lot of energy.

Anyway, I originally thought that the second iteration of Stage 3 (to use Smogon's wording) would just be Manaphy and the already-OU Latias...and that's how it was going to be. But now Garchomp is being added into the test according to Jumpman, I would assume due to the close 44-41 vote in favor of it being Uber.


Posted September 12th, 2009 at 2:44 PM by Anti Comments 5
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I figured I'd have some fun and predict the Stage 3 voting results. You can post some too if you'd like. I'll probably be wrong on about all of these, but I thought I'd have some fun so why not?

Shaymin-S - Uber

I think this will be voted Uber, actually. I think people are afraid of hax and afraid of Skymin's power and Speed. I actually don't blame them--it's a pretty effective Pokemon. I just wish...

Posted September 7th, 2009 at 1:17 PM by Anti Comments 8
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They have finally been released, and you can find them here. I'm glad they're out, especially since I contributed to them this time around :3

The biggest "shocker" to me was Blissey at number 14 (if you include the Rotom formes, which I will do for this whole entry). How the mighty have fallen. Blissey is probably the best defensive Pokémon in the game, and it's not even close to the top ten. As a user of Blissey, my guess is that Blissey being vulnerable to Trick as well...

Posted September 6th, 2009 at 8:03 AM by Anti Comments 16
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I know, long time, no see, right? People often complain about how S&M is dead, and while there isn't much we can do about that (after all, we cannot control who decides to frequent in the section), I figured that I might as well start using this again to maybe, possibly start some discussion. Honestly, I am still a bit puzzled by the failure of the Metagame Discussion Thread, and the best conclusion I can come to is that it failed because it was too bland or boring in some way. Hopefully I can...
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