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  1. Mentalii
    June 25th, 2012 11:50 AM
    Congrats for having succeeded them

    You know, I think I would've preferred champion Alder, by far than Iris x) And who's Jerry Sandusky btw?

    Aww, I was sure Leaf wouldn't be in the game... Why have they forgotten her again? Uh, I'm sorry to admit it but I think we'll never see her in a Pokémon game again... Unless they make a spinoff or something like that with all the protagonists... And, even though you're disappointed, you should buy the game, just to try it out ! It seems there are many improvements.
    And I'm happy that Red is in this World Tornament I think I'm gonna really enjoy this world tornament. I love to see former characters coming back. Though I regret that we don't have a battle frontier instead. Don't be too negative, I'm personnally as reluctant as you, but I see several positive things too

    I've no faith in developers anymore, they are aiming at newer gamers, not true fans unfortunately... A lot of former players would play again if they were more aiming nostalgia points, I'm almost sure about it.

    Yes, I'll be done the 3rd, I can't wait this day, I'm fed up with all the texts I have to learn. There's no problem if you post it the 5th, I'll try to read it when I can, it's as you want, if you prefer to post it later there's no problem neither
  2. LapLace1500
    June 25th, 2012 8:59 AM
    Everybody's talking Japanese and it's confusing, it makes me want to crawl into a corner and cry. They said they might finish patching the dialouge in mid August. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ No.....

    BW2 is pretty good so far, it might even be my second favorite set of games. I made it to Nimbasa now. Training for my rumble with Elesa. And no, no Eevee's yet, where am I supposed to find these level 18 Pokemon!? It's in the grass, that's all I know. But, I'll try and go back to Castelia and search for that annoying Eevee again. If it exists. So, either Eevee is rare to find or the gameplay is messing with me, because they found a random level 18 Eevee in the gameplay. I'll just back track. And to be honest, Pokewood is not as exciting as I thought it would be. I don't understand JP but I got what everything meant later, and I actually think Musicals were better than this. So, no Eevee's yet, and I'll go and inspect Route 4 and the Desert Resort again to see if any Trapinch's or Vibrava's are there. I found a Liepard, ended up getting a Gothita. And two Minccino's ruined my team. I think Eevee is either in the the first three towns/cities. Sangi Town, the second town, it's nice and all, but it seems like Oldale town, the town that really looks unwanted imo.

    Some person claims to have found a full English version, while I'm playing through this I'm trying to get the password to open this .rar file. I hate password protected files, and you have to do a survey to get the password file which is on ShareCash. People get paid for our misery on there...

    Some people think it's weird how a lot of people play the Japanese version of a Pokemon game when the English release isn't that long. Events, it's all about events! You get those special Pokemon that nobody else is gonna get in the English version. And thunderstones, Black City still exists but I don't think we'll get there until post main-game like in BW, so that sucks. But you wouldn't even get it in White 2 cause there is no Black City. And N and Ghetsis are confirmed to be in the game. I saw a screenshot of them with what seems to be the version mascot and the legendary mascot from BW it's infused with. Along with you and some other people. I really wonder what happened to Brycen, I think that was him I saw at Pokewood. And I love how all Gym leaders have 2-4 Pokemon max. It makes less of a challenge and easier. I was gonna do an LP, but I'll wait for the English releases, but I'll still download the English roms because it's hard to record from a DS.

    Yeah, I'm at Nimbasa, now. I'm just waiting to get an Eevee, I won't be getting a Leafeon because random worker is block my way to Nacrene. Oh, and Iris's Pokemon, during challenge mode, are level 80, 81 and blah? Challenge mode? Makes no sense, but the first time, they're in they're mid to late 50's and I think one in early 60's. And did I seriously JUST find out Zorua and Zoroark arent's legendaries or mythicals? Wow, I did not know that, yet you only find each once in the game and they're both activated by events.

    Anyways, the Eevee hunting shall commense/continue! If I don't find one anytime soon, I'm screwed. I hope we can go to Pinwheel Forest after this badge. I really really need that Moss Rock.
  3. LapLace1500
    June 24th, 2012 10:49 PM
    I was watching a playthrough. You get a level 10 Eeve from a woman in Castelia city. It's not as high leveled as the wild ones but, it's easier. I'll try and find the wild Eeve locations too. And it has a Dream World ability. I think I talked to every existent woman in Castelia city and none have an Eevee, but this kid has a level 17 Eevee. Anyways, you get to meet the opposite protagonist in Nimbasa City. And guess what!? They get to talk.. T_T
  4. LapLace1500
    June 24th, 2012 8:52 PM
    I use No$GBA all the time when I play a DS rom. But, BW2 gives you the sane blue screen error that you got on the BW roms when you played it on No$GBA. I tried using the BW code to clear that up, but it just freezes when the Black Kyurem appears before the title screen appears. So, I'm just using DeSmuME 0.9.8 to do it. No special settings, just set to the frameskip to 9 to make it faster as DeSmuME lags.

    Nah, I said I was a math nerd, never said it that way :D

    I could take Kris and get rid of that weird thing she calls a hat... But, Game Freak making frilly dresses and tights? Please, they wouldn't even make half of a dress. They think protagonists, being future Pokemon trainers, have to look all miniskirt, long pants, tank tops and and long sleeved shirts with terrible shoes, most of the time.

    The town map, it shows the region, it's not frozen. I know everybody is all like "Praise the Lord!" they don't have to battle Kyurem with weak Pokemon. But, I think Plasma and Ghetsis will freeze it up anyway. If he can't liberate Pokemon, he'll just freeze people and take them away from them. But, the region could be frozen but they just didn't show it on the map. And there are two Icy mountains on both sides of the region. Near the middle.

    And the Eevee should be found on either the next route or the route after where I am. If only I knew how to get out of Pokewood... I only have two badges. My current team is Dewott, Riolu (still not happy yet) and Whirlipede. I never thought I would have a Poison type on my team, besides Roserade. I really need to know how you get to the next gym, being Burgh. I hope Riolu evolves by then. I've been so bored trying to figure out how to get there, my entire team is 25 from battling level 10's and 11's
  5. Mentalii
    June 24th, 2012 6:35 AM
    Phew, I took 2 outf of the three baccalaureat I have this year. The History-Geography one and the Written French one. And July 3rd, I have the oral french. This is almost over, but I have still a lot to review... This week will be very hard.

    Haha, and to think that we hoped to have a cute girl champion this time... I guess you already know it, but, we'll have to get stuck with Iris this time... And, even if her outfit is a little better than the former one, it's still Iris, and personnally I don't like her. At all. What a disappointment ! All my hopes fade away !

    As you said, it's pretty complicated... But I think that'll be something great, now that I've watched a lot of trailer and so on, I'm really looking forward to playing these games !

    Aww too bad :/ I appreciate Skitty and Delcatty, they're cute, but like Lisa and you I'd would have prefered Persian It's stronger and more elegant !

    Concerning your chapter, I'll read it after my exam Because those times I have no time, that's awful... And I just started my review... That's despairing.
  6. LapLace1500
    June 24th, 2012 3:39 AM
    Oh, and here is a picture of the new Entralink Sorry, if I'm ruining the game for you xD

    And the watre turns all rainbowy sometimes.
  7. Frazzevous
    June 24th, 2012 1:42 AM
    Oh, all right.

    I think I know whom you're referring to. Well, no offense, but I don't think Leaf is as popular as he is; plus they don't really make a hero/heroine return or something.

    All right.

    It's okay; I understand.
  8. LapLace1500
    June 23rd, 2012 11:49 PM
    I was confused at first. But on Route 20, you and your rival have to find a lost Herdier. A woman and a man, they look like breeders, ask for your help to find the woman's Herdier. I was confused to why, Cam (my rival) was just following me. And he gives you a Paralyze Heal. Team Plasma took the Herdier. But, they don't battle you and only give you Frustration, TM. They look ugly xD You find Azurills and Psyducks there. Also, Sewaddle can be found on Route 20. And there is this thing called a Friday Box? It records Medal information. Wonder what medals are...

    And Riolu, not version exclusive. It's found north to route 20 :V
  9. LapLace1500
    June 23rd, 2012 10:54 PM
    No, Thunderstone's won't be a problem. All of the items and their descriptions are translated too, so that will be easy. Although it will be hard to find that certain place to find the Archen Fossil as the names of places are still in Japanese too.

    I don't usually Ice Beam every Dragon type. I actually end up using Water type moves on them sometimes and that works for me. And my decision to get a Lapras is based off of my name. Laplace being Japanese for Lapras

    The BW2 title screen is amazing. Well, sorta. You can see your progress on the bottom screen xD And, people ask you a lot of Yes/No questions. So, I answer yes to all of them. And theres something about the town map. I'm not gonna tell you, but guess what happened to the town map.....

    Something I would always like to see in a new Pokemon game would be instead of just getting to play as one female/male protagonist, we could choose from older protagonists and that generations protagonist. It would be even cooler if we could dress them up. I mean come on, the people of Game Freak are not fashion designers xD And, you would be able to play as Green for all of eternity. And even better, I get to see a modern Kris.
  10. LapLace1500
    June 23rd, 2012 12:13 PM
    Yeah, I can do all of that. But, the Archen fossil thing will be hard considering the only things that aren't translated are dialouge. It's a fan translation, so they're working on the dialouge, but everything else, except options and dialouge are translated. But, yeah, the others will be easy. I should get back to that anyways. Yeah, Iris will have a Lapras. Completely forgot about those. I guess that will be my Ice type even if it's not found that early.

    Let me guess, it's Red? Seriously, Red is annoying. First of all, he doesn't talk, second of all, even though Ash is based off of him and Ash's Pikachu never evolved, you'd think he would have evolved his. It's not like his Pikachu refuses to evolve too. It would be nice to see Green again, especially with an animated battle sprite.
  11. Frazzevous
    June 23rd, 2012 5:11 AM
    Oh. Haha. What about her that you hate so much?

    Well, if that character really affects your decision, then all right.
  12. Hikamaru
    June 23rd, 2012 4:36 AM
    Oh, just telling you that if you want a Persian in B2/W2 you need to trade for one. Yep, your beloved Persian is not available until the National Dex so you have to cheat.

    And not to mention the reason they didn't include Leaf in the World Tournament was because well, Game Freak see the male PCs as the canonical PCs. (Except for B/W, in which people think Hilda was the canonical PC)

    Game Freak often have a tendency to focus on male characters more than female.

    I guess that means you want to skip B2/W2? How sad....
  13. Frazzevous
    June 23rd, 2012 3:15 AM
    All right. Eh? Iris? Hum... well, I guess that's okay. Who is that?

    Wow, that was lucky. xD Oh, I see.
  14. LapLace1500
    June 23rd, 2012 12:48 AM
    Also, this confused me. Look at Shizui's feet o_o here

    BTW. I'm playing the Black 2 Japanese rom. That's right! And you get to name your rival!

    Ok, I found the English versions. Weird, it's not even released yet! Idk if I should have them. On one hand, I paid for them, pre-ordered. On the other hand, the games aren't even released here yet. I picked my starter and battled the first gym. I will not ruin this for you Unless, you want me to. Just so you don't end up buying it if you don't like it.
  15. LapLace1500
    June 23rd, 2012 12:40 AM
    The x in her name reminds me of the word toxic, but that's all. And I don't think I'll be calling her Roxie. I've been calling her Homika for way too long to start calling her Roxie. It might get some time to get used to. And BW2 was or is going to be released today in Japan. *EXCITED* I wonder what it's like. I hope that only the map is frozen and not the actual region. That will suck. It would be better if it was like in BW when the clouds were just hiding the region. Other than that, I need to know the English names of the protagonists and the rival. Especially their manga names cos Black and White are already taken. And Iris is the champion? I guess I'm gonna have to train my Ice type really well. And Iris must be 12 if it's 2 years after the BW events. Youngest champion ever. Hey, and the female champion we wanted! :D Well, whatever, it's nice having another female champion. Also, Alder's specialty was pretty stupid imo. Bug Pokmeon, really? All you need is a Fire type and a water type to win. Simple. So, he wasn't as hard as the other champions, even though he had the highest level Pokmeon. But, if Iris does specialize in Dragon types, I hope they don't decide to be stupid and make her Pokemon level 80 or something. It was easy with Alder, but dragon types are hard to face especially since most ice types aren't that strong compared to dragons. And it's stupid that Cheren is the first gym leader. So, for two whole years, you decided to dump your old Pokmeon, and your starter and start all over again? He would have been more appropriate as the last gym leader, as he was really strong two years ago. But, it's just stupid. BW2 girls Japanese name is Mei. Weird, we already have a May. I hope they name her something else.

    So, what have you been up to lately? I've been breeding. A lot. I already have about 35 Pokmeon eggs? Hatched 13. Tbh, I always thought breeding would be boring especially having to hatch them, but it's easy if you have patience. And you retire the game with at least 2 million Well, I do. We'll be going for vacation this Thursday. I might not bring my laptop, but I'll still be online, at times.

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... attend anime conventions in the NC/SC area? I've got a convention next weekend and was wondering if any members here would be there.

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Which restaurant makes the best fries? These don't have to be fast food places or even chains; if there's a locally owned restaurant that serves up the best fries in the world, please share

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For my final 2015 post, and my final Top 10 list post, here are my top 10 anime/game waifus, presented in image format!

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6) Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White (Pretty Cure)
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To celebrate, I'll be posting this video I made awhile back.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable day today! Me, I spent my Christmas at one of my favorite places in the world

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