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  1. Meyneth
    November 12th, 2014 11:38 PM
    Well, Precure I could, since I've seevn every season except for three (Yes and Gogo and the currently airing Happiness Charge) but I've seen only about half of Gundam...there are a lot of seasons. I could write something out for you, though :3
    I tried to get into One Piece, but stalled a bit...there's too much of the anime now. I might try the games, though...there's a Dynasty Warriors spinoff, plus an RPG. Might be a good entrance strategy...worked for Gundam. xD

    He is! He's one of my favourite dub voice actors. I usually watch dubbed unless I see a voice actor (Yuri Lowenthal) that I don't like in the cast, or it's easier to find subbed. It depends on the show, really.

    I watch a little, but not much...anime doesn't cater much to my sense of humour. The last comedy anime I watched was the ridiculously titled Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama ****eiru, which was pretty good. I enjoyed Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, though. Well, the third season was a bit too Japanese for me in humour, but the first two were gold.

    I still have to watch can't be any worse than the Lucario movie, surely? Or the Kyurem movie. I dunno, Pokemon movies tend to be very hit-and-miss these days, since they essentially recycle the same plot over and over.

    Perhaps. But nonetheless, it's an excellent soundtrack you shouldn't deprive yourself of...although the artwork WOULD spoil the surprises~

    Comments under a spoiler also, because reasons:

    Ohhhh, Vocaloid! I've not heard that song before, although I like bits and pieces...Melancholic is my personal favourite song. The fan-made ones are awesome, as well...Hatsune Miku humming classic Sonic is amaaaazing.

    Yeah, I've got this one on my iTunes somewhere...whilst I grew up with Cardcaptors and prefer it to the original, the original does have some nice music in it :3

    I keep meaning to get into this's on my to-do list.

    Yeah, I've heard these...they were quite surprising, for a Mario game. Although they've been making vocal tracks more and more since Brawl, I've noticed...not that I'm complaining. xD

    Shadow of the Colossus is an alright game, although it feels quite empty a lot of time. Bits and pieces of the OST aren't bad by my reckoning, although I'm not quite as passionate about it as you are =P

    I'm always set as busy unless I'm focusing specifically on Skype...which doesn't happen much, aha. I'm usually on here as well, or watching something, or doing whatever else. Right now I'm going through profile comments and trying to wake up; I feel like death, aha. And essays are fun~
  2. Anime-fan
    November 12th, 2014 2:08 PM
    Finally someone who likes anime around here hey
  3. Akiba
    November 12th, 2014 1:36 PM
    >Supportership benefits
    >Decorates profile with Grisaia
    >Not Touhou

  4. Meyneth
    November 12th, 2014 9:33 AM
    Gundam is quite big in Japan, but not so much outside of it, at least not anymore...I loved the early Universal Century works, though. 00 was good too (a watchable Code Geass, I'd call it) but Wing bored me to death. Eureka Seven is, in short...trash. The characters are bland, the art style is ugly, the plot makes no sense and goes absolutely nowhere, and with the exception of one track, the music is horrible. The sole redeeming quality it has is that Crispin Freeman voices one of the central protagonists. xD

    Male-oriented MG anime are good for the odd laugh, if nothing else~

    Well, the animation has been getting better with each season...although I thought B/W backpedalled a little bit; it made Ash look about 8 instead of the 13/14 he looked in DPP. XY is a happy middle ground, at least for me. I don't hold out any hopes for Serena having a romance with Ash, least, not in the Japanese version. I expect they'll twist her lines in the dub to imply it, like they did with Misty in the second movie. xD

    I shall see what I can do...if worse comes to worst, I'll re-download it, delete the album art, and re-upload it. It's the second OST and the movie OST that would be the problem; the first is fine as it only has HibiKana on the front cover.

    Yeah, it's fine...although I don't pay as much attention to Skype as I should sometimes, as I almost-always have it open, yet leave it whilst I'm doing other things. Gotta kick the habit. xD
  5. Danny0317
    November 12th, 2014 4:08 AM
    Thanks man, yours is looking quite sexy =)
  6. Meyneth
    November 11th, 2014 11:12 PM
    Gundam is an acquired taste...I'm struggling with Reconguista, because the art style is very similar to Eureka Seven, and that is one of the worst shows I've seen. Build Fighters probably wouldn't appeal to you quite as much as it does to me; it's a shameless fanservice series for every Gundam series to date. The joy in watching it is in the references, otherwise it'd be a lot like Angelic Layer...that is to say, boring. xD Ore Twintail is a weird's either a very clever mockery of male-oriented MG anime, or twisted wish-fulfilment...or both. I don't mind it, though. XY isn't that bad, but it's no Diamond and Pearl yet, I don't think. But then, Dawn was my favourite of Ash's female traveling companions, and Serena has yet to really DO anything.

    I can find you a link to the OST if you want to listen to it all without potential spoilers...with Suite and Fresh in particular, you need to be realllly careful, because the plot twists come from certain team members who join later in the series, and the second OST albums have them on the cover. And that is all I can say without spoiling it, ahaha.

    I noticed; the notification popped up when I turned my laptop on earlier. Added you back~
    Yes, I am a bit shy, although I don't necessarily seem it sometimes. I guess I have varying degrees of comfort? And congrats; it looks like your donation was noticed :3
  7. Danny0317
    November 11th, 2014 7:03 PM
    The yolo life, you?
  8. Danny0317
    November 11th, 2014 6:03 PM
    Are you the IRC Alex?
  9. Meyneth
    November 11th, 2014 12:23 PM
    It's a weird Facebook, only anonymous, so people are more free with what they say. But at least the pictures are nice...unlike Facebook. xD

    I don't put ongoing seasons on my MAL or what I plan to watch, just what I'm watching day-by-day. Mostly because I'm too lazy to update it. If you're curious, I'm keeping up with Akame Ga Kill, Argevollen, Cross Ange, Gundam Reconguista, Gundam Build Fighters Try, HaCha Precure, Ore Twintail Ni Narimasu, Parasyte the maxim, Sailor Moon Crystal, selector SPREAD wixoss, Shigatsu, Shingeki no Bahamut aaaand...Pokemon XY, but that one in dub. xD

    *looks her up* Wow, I've only seen one series with her in it! xD;

    Replies...also in a spoiler! Saves space. xD

    Yes, Xenoblade is awesome! Best game I've played in my twenty-odd years of video gaming, no least thus far. Hopefully Xenoblade Chronicles X will surpass it~

    NieR is an underrated gem; it was Cavia's last game before they were absorbed by Square Enix. The graphics were as hideous as the soundtrack was amazing, but it was a pretty grim game...

    Careful! If they use certain images for the background, you could wind up spoiling one of the major surprises! But yeah...Suite's transformation music is amaaaaazing. So is Smile's actually, although it's not QUITE as good.

    The first version has a little more orchestra in it...I lean more towards the second theme, though, if only because it's more melancholy, and it suits Karasu as a character a little more. The battle theme is pretty spectacular, as well. Somehow it never gets old...I think it's the build-up mid song that does it, and how it's used in the anime.

    I believe the episode was called "The Cat Concerto" and it had Tom playing it. "Snowbody Loves Me" is another favourite of mine, and it uses bits and pieces from Chopin...took me years to find that out. Ehehe.

    Opera is an acquired taste, I think. I went to see one once and got hooked on it; it's a fairly interesting style.

    O_o You've actually heard of all those? Well...I wasn't expecting that. xD

    Yeah...I more than get what you mean. The majority of my music library is comprised of that sort of thing; it's why I'm so drawn towards vocal tracks. Orchestral tracks are capable of conveying drama, but there is nothing like a haunting choir to send shivers down the spine! Japanese tracks, for me, are mostly anime OPs and EDs, plus a few vocal albums I've taken a shine to. Bits and pieces~

    Ahaha, Touhou! I'm quite fond of the piano arrangements floating around on Youtube, plus the metal/rock remixes; they're very fast-paced and dramatic. I never did very well at the games, though. xD

    Well, the main reason Suite got a 10 and Fresh/Splash Star got 8s from me is primarily the soundtrack, and the theme. Suite is music-themed, and it clicked with me immediately. The other two have fantastic plots as well I think, but they didn't click on the same level Suite did. The others I liked to varying degrees.

    No no, it's perfectly fine! I'm equally as does these things to me. Asking me to share tracks I like is opening the floodgates to an ocean of text, ahaha. My Skype is in my profile; I don't mind if you add me. Thank you for asking before adding me, though - I get a bit unnerved when people just add me out of nowhere without bothering to talk to me first. xD;
  10. Meyneth
    November 11th, 2014 7:56 AM
    I just reblog pictures every now and then and keep in touch with a few people from old forums that are now gone...I used it quite a bit a couple of years ago, but I never got into the whole "social justice" thing they've got going on there.

    Oh, that's got an anime series airing right now! I'm not keeping up with it - I'm already tracking 13 seasons; I can't really afford to get any more right now - but I DID strongly consider it before deciding it could wait. xD

    Her VA was surprisingly cute, yeah. Most Japanese VAs sound the same to me, so it was nice to hear something that stood out a bit more...although Ryuko is voiced by the individual who voices Cure Melody, so I recognized her as well. xD
    My music taste is eclectic...I listen to video game and anime soundtrack, classical, symphonic power metal/rock, and 70s - 90s rock and pop. See spoiler below for some of my favourite tracks...a small selection; I could go on and on and ON about music; it's a huge passion of mine! What sort of music do you listen to?~

    Only two of each, because otherwise this will get very long. xD

    The God Slaying Sword - final battle for Xenoblade Chronicles...I dragged the battle out just to get to that bit at 3:12, aha.
    Cold Steel Coffin - the theme for the Aerie in of the creepiest village themes I've ever heard. NieR's OST is easily my favourite video game OST overall, it's 90% vocal <3
    Let's Play! Precure Modulation - That's the Suite Precure transformation theme...the best transformation theme ever, in my opinion. I love the OST for this show in general, actually. xD
    Karasu no Theme 2 - Karasu's second theme (xD) from Noein.
    Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - Used in one of my favourite Tom & Jerry cartoons~
    Huntmen's Chorus - I'm fairly big on opera, as well, and Der Freischutz is probably my favourite...I'd love to see it live somewhen.

    I'll just list some bands for symphonic metal/rock...Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Edguy, Avantasia, etc. Picking two songs from that lot would be impossible, aha.

    As you can probably tell, I have a soft spot for anything with a choir in it. I like select Japanese songs as well, but I promised I'd limit myself to a couple from each category, as you said "some" and not "all". xD

    Well, if you haven't heard anything about Precure or its fandom, I'll not go into specifics. I'd just advise that you don't stray into it until you've watched a few of the shows, as they'll inevitably bias you in favour of some series and against others, and I think they all deserve a chance! Even the ones I didn't personally like. But yeah, it's pretty bad...the magical girl fandom in general is pretty scary. xD

    Ohhh. In that case, yeah, I'd say wait until tomorrow - I think the head admin does it, and I've only seen them about early in the morning GMT, so I'd expect they're asleep. I'd say you'll be at donator status in 24 hours at the absolute most :3
  11. Meyneth
    November 11th, 2014 7:06 AM
    Thanks! I'm glad you approve :3
    I...haven't added it yet, have I? Damnit. I'll get around to it's not a very good Tumblr anyway. About 90% Suite Precure, 10% everything else. xD

    I might give the genre another go if I can find some captivating titles...I'm strongly considering Hatofu Boyfriend, because it looks hilarious. Hanako was my third favourite in KS, after Rin and Lilly...although I think she was better off in Lilly's story than she was in her own; it was nice to see her come out of her shell!

    Nonon wins points with me for using classical music as her theme, and doing it well. Her battle was both fantastic and ridiculous, and I loved it for that! For Precure, I'd say look at each of the series and decide which one appeals to you the most then go for it, outside of the All-Star movies they're not connected at all, so you can start wherever you feel like. Don't ask for recommendations from the fandom or read MAL reviews; Precure has one of the worst fandoms I've ever seen, it's biased in favour of two instalments and ignores the rest entirely. Only read the plot summaries (this is especially important for Suite and Fresh, which have Cures introduced late in the series; don't spoil the surprise!) and just...go with your gut, I guess! much did you donate, how did you donate, and how long ago? I used the button at the top of the page to donate via Paypal, and I was blue the next morning; the admins did it automatically. If you use Paypal, do you use the same e-mail address as you use for your PC account? They might not know you've donated.
  12. Meyneth
    November 11th, 2014 6:20 AM
    Yup! All you can spoil for yourself now is the post-game content and any minor changes they've made, and those aren't really spoilers. I'd say it's good to know about them in fact; means you don't miss them!

    2009...around the time Platinum/HeartGold & SoulSilver were released? Yeah, I guess there would be a lot going on here then. But I just nicked the colour scheme for my profile from my Tumblr layout, to be honest. xD

    I've only played three visual novels (both Danganronpa games and Katawa Shoujo) but the Vita is great for JRPGs as well, just like the PSP was before it. I don't think they've localized too many visual novels yet...maybe Danganronpa's success will change that?

    Eh, to each their own, I guess...well, I'm in the minority, but I'm used to that, aha. I think part of the problem was that I was badgered into watching it, and I was expecting it to deserve the pedestal it was put on. Kill la Kill does have a fair bit of fanservice, but I think that's the whole point of it, since it's about clothing and whatnot; it kinda makes a mockery of it to drive its point home. Although the transformation sequences did make me wince a bit, and I have to admit that, until Nonon made her debut, I wasn't overly enchanted by it.
  13. Meyneth
    November 11th, 2014 4:46 AM
    Yeah...might as well just not go into the ORAS section of the forum, avoid Serebii entirely, and keep going. You can't really spoil remakes anyway, right? xD

    Thanks! Ahaha, not to worry; I appreciate the thought...I'm still newish anyway, my profile isn't worth stal...ah, checking out. Ehehe. And yeah, it is a Vita JRPG. Looks pretty good...lack of English voice acting is disappointing, but it's better than nothing! Another shiny Tales platinum trophy to add to the four I already have. xD

    I go through phases of watching a lot, and watching hardly any...there has been a lot of interesting stuff this year, so I've been watching a lot. Lord, no! I found Madoka horribly disappointing and highly overrated, lacking in character depth, originality and story...but the music was nice, and the animation wasn't too bad. I wouldn't even consider it a proper magical girl show. But I'll spare you the full length tirade. xD
    *checks* Well, you're a lot kinder with your scoring than I am! Ahaha. How are you finding Kill la Kill? I really enjoyed that show, it reminded me of Gurren Lagann, only without the mecha. But equally over the top.
  14. Meyneth
    November 11th, 2014 4:26 AM
    Well, I didn't mean tell me EVERYTHING, aha.
    I haven't been thinking about it that much, actually! Being in the EU, I've been shafted by Nintendo for the millionth time and have to wait an extra week before I get my hands on them...but it doesn't bother me as much as it otherwise might. Tales of Hearts R is out this week and I've just had my birthday, so I've got plenty of games to occupy myself whilst I wait~

    Yeah...I watch a lot of anime. Mostly magical girl and mecha at the moment, although I dabble in everything; whatever looks interesting. Picked up Nisekoi last night and if the first episode is anything to go by, I'm going to enjoy it. What sort of anime do you watch?~
  15. Meyneth
    November 10th, 2014 11:01 PM
    Ahaha, it's not a problem! The invitation to chat is open to all members, after all :3
    Soooo, what's on your mind?~ (Thanks! I'm still considering a username change to "Celestia" or "Celeste" to match the theme. xD)

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