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Super Sentai, Mairu!

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  1. Ayano Katagiri
    February 28th, 2009 4:57 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Well... otherwise it's waiting for season 2. Which is like, an eternity away.
    Yes. The ASOS thing was plain weird to start with when I first heard of it.
  2. Ayano Katagiri
    February 28th, 2009 4:19 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Oh! XD Wow... I totally misinterpreted that.
    It's kinda like the real show, just exaggerated like most of the -tan and -chan specials that they keep releasing nowadays.
    o.o That makes it even more weird.
  3. Ayano Katagiri
    February 28th, 2009 3:40 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Oh, so you've got it? I don't like the format that it has... =\
    Um... Haruhi-chan. The latest Haruhi stuff that got released at the start of February.
    That... was just weird, and kinda lame imo.
  4. Ayano Katagiri
    February 27th, 2009 6:36 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Oresama wa hentai kamo? Iyaaaaa~!
    Um, like eliminate/delete. /deathnote reference.
    XD That's not the reason why it's meant to help.
    By the way, have you watched the Haruhi-chan videos yet?
  5. Ayano Katagiri
    February 27th, 2009 5:01 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    What are you trying to suggest there. :O
    De wa... sakujyo?
    Oooh... it's a good game for beginners, I've had a good go at it and it was too easy for me. xD
  6. Ayano Katagiri
    February 26th, 2009 8:55 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Not like THAT!!! Ewww~ ._.
    Aaa, warui. Gomen, gomen.
  7. Ayano Katagiri
    February 25th, 2009 7:22 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Because I have special specs. I can see EVERYTHING!!
    I think that's spelled right...
  8. Ayano Katagiri
    February 24th, 2009 9:50 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    That's drawing a fine line. XD
    382/400! :3
  9. Ayano Katagiri
    February 23rd, 2009 8:17 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Is that meant to be sarcastic? :O
    I passed my Japanese exam! :D
  10. Ayano Katagiri
    February 22nd, 2009 8:28 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    You're not meant to abuse the power?? ._. I can dish out one punishment now. xD
  11. Ayano Katagiri
    February 22nd, 2009 1:39 AM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Ah, but that's abuse of power! xD
    <_<;; Yes I am. It seems....
  12. Ayano Katagiri
    February 21st, 2009 4:48 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    I can't be bothered... but when you're almost twice as tall as some of them, it sometimes isn't necessary. xD
    I've been told that many times.
  13. Ayano Katagiri
    February 20th, 2009 6:21 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    Haha... well some of us can hand out punishments. xD
    Nah, it just happens to be that the subjects I like also happens to be the ones with more work.
  14. Ayano Katagiri
    February 20th, 2009 4:04 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    In only a few ways~ there's not really that much power. xD Yeah, I know. Which... is kind of annoying sometimes, but it also happens to be the subjects I enjoy so there's a compromise. D:
  15. Ayano Katagiri
    February 19th, 2009 11:25 PM
    Ayano Katagiri
    We have to look after the newbies in the school pretty much and run some sections of the school. I don't know... maybe I exaggerated. I take the most difficult subjects (asides from English now) so I get quite a bit of work. Plus all the extra other non-school academic stuff that I do.

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