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  1. Hall Of Famer
    July 15th, 2009 10:04 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    lol yeah, it was a little bit unusual that you ignored me last time.

    Well it is a shame that fan games and hacks are not even doing a better job handling the gender issue than Nintendo. It was kinda hilarious how a girl would play games on a handheld console called Gameboy, and I thought Nintendo actually didn't take female gamers seriously until they gave up the name "gameboy" and released DS. I still own an old Gameboy advance, but I havent played it for ages.

    So you are going on a vacation in Wyoming? I've never been to Wyoming before, but it looks beautiful jugding from this pic. I wish you good luck on your trip.

    Well, I'd still prefer forcing players to train a new set of pokemon in Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. It may be a little bit disturbing to a few gamers at the beginning, but the joy of raising pokemon is preserved. I dunno if people would still be interested in playing the game after all their pokemon have reached level 100. An alternative choice is to increase the level cap, which may sound weird but practical. And lol isn't Johto your favorite region in pokemon video games? Guess I won't be surprised if Johto is explorable before the players reach pokemon league in Sotw.

    So you have decided to use boat as the only medium for inter-regional transportation? Sounds like a cool idea to me, even though I dunno if it is appropriate for gym leaders to remain at their original levels from the video games. The transportation in Pkmn HOF is going to be diverse, as players will take boat/ferry to Orange islands, bus/train to Johto and plane to Hoenn/Sinnoh. The idea of airport is a little bit challenging because of the lack of appropriate tiles, but I'll give a try when the game reaches Hoenn.

    I have been busy recently after having engaged in a research program. I managed to complete a new map though, which took me an entire night:
  2. Alpha King
    July 15th, 2009 3:55 PM
    Alpha King
    Ah, my best friend is a Scorpio as "Seth" is.

    That dude probably is a dork chasing all his friends away. Strange story, lol.
  3. Alpha King
    July 15th, 2009 11:26 AM
    Alpha King
    OMG! That's totally like ! I'm kinda bipolar, lol. I don't go through mood swings all day but my mood changes about three times a day, sometimes less, sometimes more.

    My interests have been known to change after I get bored with it, but I definitely get back into it after a while. I'm a very...... wierd person..
  4. Hall Of Famer
    July 14th, 2009 1:57 AM
    Hall Of Famer
    How are you doing recently, Kaylee?
  5. Alpha King
    July 12th, 2009 7:55 PM
    Alpha King
    It's cool, I just wasn't in the mood for philisophical stuff.
    You may find by my songs that I write, that I'm deep, and I love to use lots of metaphors! I have passion in music too!
    I'm actually a Gemini, the twins, but I don't really pay attention to the zodiac signs as to why I behave the way I do, or have the personality I do.
  6. Alpha King
    July 12th, 2009 11:34 AM
    Alpha King
    No kidding, and, not to be rude, but I really don't want to hurt your feelings, but I kind of don't need a philosophical speech on the human brain and being rude. I know I wasn't speaking rude to her and I don't really care to talk about mothers anymore

    On a good note, I'm seeking out Evanescence's new album, supposedly coming in 2010!!! :D
    Amy Lee FTW!
    Ehem so, umm what , uh, what is up? How are things with you and "Seth"
  7. Alpha King
    July 11th, 2009 10:02 PM
    Alpha King
    Well, I love my mom, but......

    Anywway, yeah, I don't yell at her, but she always seems to think I am, like I'm like "Wait, What? I didn't yell" and that gets me frustrated!!!!

    So yeah I have trouble with her sometimes, now I just ignore her when she repeats her self with a louder voice cuz she's mad about something or another and i try to stay out of it..
  8. Alpha King
    July 11th, 2009 10:28 AM
    Alpha King
    OMG, you too!?
    My mom is sooooo self centered she always says "I shouldn't be having to clean this"
    Or "I feel like I'm overwhelmed by cleaning" when she never does anything all she does is cook!
    She's always on the computer looking up travel fares and criticizing any face on the Tv or criticizing things people do, and I'm like "Mom, stop saying those things, cuz you are probably wierder than her or him, in fact you're one to talk"
    Then, she's all like "What? Don't talk to me like that. Go to your room."
    I say "No, I'm not going to my room because you know what I'm saying ir true."

    She's like "Kevin, you better shut up before I smack you upside the head."
    I say "Go ahead hit me, like it'll hurt"
    Then she goes on a rampage. Usually, I don't go down without a fight
    Not as bad as my sis though, jeez she can screram!
  9. Hall Of Famer
    July 10th, 2009 11:06 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    I played a few hacks too, and I am kinda keeping an eye on Pkmn Light Platinum from Wesley FG. I do not play fan games very often, since most of them do not even have a demo with a gameplay longer than 1 hour. Perhaps fan games will be better than the official games someday, but it will be hard considering fan games are free and game developers are having a hard time finding helpers. I looked at your game thread a few minutes ago, and I am glad you are working on it again! Also thanks for you comment on Pkmn HOF.

    It is cool if you include Johto in your fan game, and it is not a surprise to me at all. I am going to make a revision for Johto just like what we did for Kanto, even though I am not sure when I will be working on the project new Johto(probably next summer?). I am thinking about a concept that enables the player to train new pokemon in Johto without deleting their existing pokemon, so a possible idea is to do something with the PC storage system. In this way, the PC of Kanto, OI and Johto are not interconnected, which means that players can not use the pokemon captured in Kanto/OI when they are exploring Johto( I will make an event that forces players to store all their existing pokemon in their kanto PC before they reach Johto). Apparently their old pokemon will be "unlocked" when the quest of Johto is over, and they will be able to use both Kanto and Johto pokemon in online battle afterwards.

    lol I am sure many of you wish to play Kris. I am not sure what the pokemon special manga will do with Kris. Will the new female protagonist becomes a new character, or will Kris simply has a different character design in HG/SS chapters just like Blue in FR/LG? Just curious.

    Well I do understand how weird it is when a girl plays Pokemon games and finds that the female character is treated as a male sometimes. A possible solution is to make a branch script for the male and female protagonist, but it may be time-consuming. It seems that most Japanese video game players are boys, so apparently Nintendo is not giving as many attention and respect to girls compared to boys.

    And no, you are not being rant at all. I pretty much enjoy the convo with you, Kaylee. Good luck on your game project, and hopefully you will get rid of the depressive family drama soon.
  10. Alpha King
    July 10th, 2009 9:36 PM
    Alpha King
    Lol, it's okay. Rafting can be fun, except when you get stuck in the rocks :O
    My grandpa lives with us so he can be annoying at times, but I'll see him til' the day he dies. He's 87.
    My mom is a cotrol freak. She told me to do something today, and I found an easier way to do it and even asked my dad if it sounded easier and he said yes, but my mom is like "Raah, do it my way, raah".
    I'm like please no mas!!!
    So there's this really cute site I'll send you!
  11. Alpha King
    July 10th, 2009 9:13 PM
    Alpha King
    When I wrote that I hadn't looked at his page for a day or so, so it said "LAst sign in: June 25, 2009 at....."
    Well, you get it. I didn't see that title til' just now. I've been a little less active. Lightshine is over a month old now so I'll revive that when I get the chance when stuff gets done. Mostly I've been obsessing over Evanescence (as usual) and playing a game. I don't pay much attention to hacks as much....
    So how have you been?
  12. Alpha King
    July 10th, 2009 7:21 PM
    Alpha King
    It seems as if machomuu quit.
  13. Hall Of Famer
    July 9th, 2009 12:03 AM
    Hall Of Famer
    Well yeah, I'd like to thank you for coming out such a unique and impressive name for HM14.

    I do think HG/SS are overhyped, but yeah, I'd like to get them too. It brings back my childhood memory and the new feature(like pokemon following their owners) is really impressive. I never played side games like Pokemon ranger and shadow of Almia before, but I may get one when I have the time and money. Do you play hacks or fan games made by game developers on PC? Sometimes I do, and my purpose is to find out what I can improve from my own game.

    You are right, G/S/C were indeed impressive, the only multi-region series in Pokemon video game history. I like exploring both Johto and Kanto, and how I wish there is game that integrates Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and maybe Orange Islands. I remember the Sevii islands were added in FR/LG, so perhaps Orange islands will be the hidden part of HG/SS? Hopefully I am right.

    If you talk about Crystal, well, it seems that the female protagonist has a completely different character design in HG/SS. Is Kris replaced by another girl?

    BTW, I have completed a new map for Orange Islands, please comment:
  14. Alpha King
    July 8th, 2009 8:41 PM
    Alpha King
  15. Alpha King
    July 7th, 2009 1:04 PM
    Alpha King
    Coolness, thanks. How long since you guys stated goin' out?

About Me

  • About Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch
    First of all, I'm not normal. I'm not here to collect "friends", find trades, what-have-you. I borrow chatspeak, but I don't speak it fluently, and prefer English most of the time. I came here for Shiny Gold, I started to post because of Shadow of the Wastes, and I check in because of that game, and those who actually have become friends to me.

    I am, however, quiet and introspective, a definite introvert. Too much noise and chaos isn't good for me, and sometimes I need a break from people.

    No, Kaylee Krysteenah Fynch is not my real name. And yes, I suppose it would be an epic name, although nobody would ever spell it right. So there's a downside to everything.

    Anyway, I'm an intellectual (but I'm not a genius), and I'm a bit on the philosophical side. I value love and loyalty probably more than anything. I'm a bit of a romantic, I guess. My sign is Virgo.

    I try to live casually, because I get stressed and/or frustrated very easily. I like a challenge, but only if I can continue making progress, rather than doing the same thing over and over. I hate trial and error, and tend to avoid risks.

    In fact, I don't bet on a coin toss. I probably wouldn't bet that a dice won't land on six. I'd rather not trust my luck. It's not that it's bad luck, it's just not reliable.

    When there's trouble in my life, I tend to complain about the small things, and keep the big ones to myself, laughing them off, and generally trying to keep my mind off them. It's a matter of dealing with my emotions... I let go of the emotions from the big things by complaining about the small things. And I keep the big things to myself to keep from bothering others with them. My emotions will seem kind of shallow because of this.

    And I'm as open as a book - I'm easy to read; what secrets I have are hidden between the lines. An open door hides nothing, but an open man is surely hiding something... to quote from Robert Jorden's Wheel of Time series. Maybe not a direct quote, but close enough... Though, an open door can hide something, too. I don't know if that's relevant or not. But, it's true.

    And, I'm not single. Nobody's asked to pair me, which is fine by me... because I'm not single. My love just doesn't have an account on here. Just putting it out there.

    I also don't want any PC family UNLESS we've become real friends on here. My real friends can ask me if they want.

    Oh, yeah. And although you've probably noticed if you managed to read this far down... I generally feel the need to explain almost everything, and thus write much longer messages than others think is necessary.

    -I have not updated this in forever, and things change, but I still explain too much, and I really don't feel like sorting out what should stay and what should go. Same goes for practically all my info, so.
    Pokémon, obviously, or I wouldn't be here.
    If I was a trainer, I think I would be a breeder. But none of this perfect IV's crud. Not when they're real creatures, especially.
    If the Light type existed, I'd primarily be a Light trainer. My other major types are Dragon and Psychic. I also like the Grass type somewhat.

    I also like other roleplaying games besides Pokémon, though I don't really like MMOs. They're built for teamwork and competition, and I'm not. But I like turn based games, games where you collect things, and games with customization.
    I played Oblivion (X-box 360) because it's super for customizing and collecting, even though it's not turn based. ^-^

    Philosophizing and introspection are also things I often do. And I'm a bit of a science-basher. Ask me about that, if you really want to know...

    I love creating things. This includes my Pokémon game, computer graphics, writing, and drawing, among other things.

    I've been reading since I was two. I like Fantasy or Semi-Fantasy/Sci-fi, generally.
    I have a heavy preference for happy endings, though such a thing doesn't actually exist.

    Criticizing the school system - yes, that's a hobby. If you want to do that, just send me a VM, or a PM if you like; it's a subject I could probably rant on for days.

    I like Yu-Gi-Oh, but... well. It's an interest, but not one I normally tend to talk with others over. Except my sister. ^^"
    Clear Island, Alacci
    Female ♀
    Staying occupied :P
    Favorite Pokémon
    Latias and Latios;
    Dragonite and Dragonair;
    Eevee and its evos, especially Espeon;
    Gardevoir and Gallade;
    Chikorita and Meganium;
    and Milotic.
    Also, in general, any that I find pretty or cute. ^_~
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    PC Brother: WeightyWillBill
    Also? This site doesn't allow enough siggy pics. :/


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