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  1. Sarcastic Prince
    August 18th, 2010 3:06 AM
    Sarcastic Prince
    OK, but what about the "person in Hex" stuff?
    Do I need to memorize a list or what?
  2. Sarcastic Prince
    August 18th, 2010 2:17 AM
    Sarcastic Prince
    What's up? Just now, I was really angry at a newbie in the LP Thread. He posted a really stupid question. You can go look at it yourself.
    But then, I deleted the insulting post. You see, I don't wanna get caught by mods again.

    Anyways, since you're back, I still have this question.
    I can't seem to know the basics of movements.
    Last time, you helped me with a Movement script, right?
    I don't know how you did it.
    Can you define the commands you've put in it? Pressing the Ctrl + F2 button didn't help at all.

    I'll give you the script, just in case you need it.

    #dynamic 0x800000

    #org @start
    sound 0x15
    applymovement MOVE_PLAYER @moveplayer
    waitmovement 0x0
    applymovement MOVE_PLAYER @moveplayer2
    waitmovement 0x0
    movesprite 0x9 0xA 0xC
    getplayerpos 0x5002 0x5003
    compare 0x5003 0xC
    if 0x1 call @moveforward
    compare 0x5003 0xD
    if 0x1 call @movedown
    msgbox @say MSG_NORMAL
    trainerbattle 0x3 0x001 0x0 @defeattext
    msgbox @say2 MSG_NORMAL
    applymovement 0x9 @moveaway
    waitmovement 0x0
    hidesprite 0x9
    setflag 0x1300
    setvar 0x5000 0x1

    #org @moveforward
    applymovement 0x9 @movef
    waitmovement 0x0

    #org @movedown
    applymovement 0x9 @moved
    waitmovement 0x0

    #org @moveaway
    #raw 0x13 0x13 0x13 0x13 0x13 0x13 0x13 0xFE

    #org @moveplayer
    #raw 0x62 0xFE

    #org @moveplayer2
    #raw 0x2 0xFE

    #org @mm1
    #raw 0x1D 0x1D 0x1D 0x1D 0x1D 0x1D 0x1F 0x1F 0x1F 0xFE

    #org @moved
    #raw 0x10 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0xFE

    #org @movef
    #raw 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0x12 0xFE

    #org @say
    = [player]: [orange_em]Woah! Oh, it's\nonly you, Mary.\pMary: [aqua_em]It's only me?! Wow, [player],\nyou REALLY have guts sayin' that.\pBut that doesn't matter, as I'm going to\nbeat you to the ground now with\pmy awesome Pokemon!\p[player]: [orange_em]I won't lose!

    #org @defeattext
    = No! Pikachu, nooooo!

    #org @say2
    = Mary: [aqua_em]Pfft. You're lucky this time, but next\ntime, I won't go easy on ya!

    Oh, and by the way, I'm messing up some complicated data at the moment. Do you know what I'm doing?
  3. leachim_paloyz15
    July 28th, 2010 1:07 AM
    Hey tropical sunlight!!! How're you doing???
    and about Turquise, do you want me to sprite you something???
  4. DuoRyan
    July 19th, 2010 10:38 AM
    how your hack now?
  5. cspmoneymaker
    July 13th, 2010 1:04 AM
    Hey again,sorry for late reply,my bad.
    And I do hack a little,just everything I needed.
    I gotta go offline soon,see ya !!!
  6. cspmoneymaker
    July 13th, 2010 12:38 AM
    Hey sorry for the late reply coz I do lots of searching,ya know,I feuded with my sister,she disabled my admin account on PC and give me a limited account,trying to get it back secretly. :D
    BTW,something like Northern Snow is good for now.
  7. cspmoneymaker
    July 12th, 2010 11:37 PM
    Thx then,actually CSP is much easier than write the full name and it's a bit cooler too.
    And Tropical Sunlight,where did that come from ? You love it ?
  8. Tomackze
    July 12th, 2010 1:01 PM
    hey for your turqouis game, can we continue the betas with our save file? or no?
  9. cspmoneymaker
    July 12th, 2010 4:24 AM
    Haha,I knew you would ask. CSP is the short form of my name,Money Maker is my favourite song long ago. :D
    BTW,sorry for late reply coz I'm using a snail connection right now. :\
  10. cspmoneymaker
    July 12th, 2010 3:42 AM
    Haha,whatever it's not our business though.
    BTW,before,I usually log on,feel so at home here but now every seems to be changed.
    Hey,GREETING new friend !!! :D
  11. leachim_paloyz15
    July 12th, 2010 12:51 AM
    Okay, Good Luck on transferring all of it... :D
  12. loitraitim
    July 11th, 2010 5:57 PM
    Ah... thanks you :x
  13. Resultz
    July 11th, 2010 5:25 AM
    Thanks, ill look now, ive been away all weekend sooo...
  14. leachim_paloyz15
    July 11th, 2010 12:30 AM
    whats the bug? [or MAJOR problem] you were talking about???
    [sorry i'm just in the third town/city in Turquise...

    that happens to me all the time...[restarting the hack.]
    which is really annoying cause you'll have to start all over again...

    well, good luck restarting it! if you need any help, just say so...
  15. cspmoneymaker
    July 11th, 2010 12:30 AM
    Hi ! It takes quite a while until I got some free time to log on again.
    Thx for the answer and actually I was shock when I first saw his speech !!!

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