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  1. fade101
    October 15th, 2008 6:33 AM
    Lmao!! Yeah, same here! :D
    Wait, year 12 is like teh 12th grade right?
  2. fade101
    October 12th, 2008 6:19 AM
    Nice! You already tried 3?? Me haven't... T.T
    Hahaha, i've played 1 n 2 before coz my couz owns teh xbox...
    That lucky .......
    Hahaha... hey uhh, your in school?
  3. fade101
    October 10th, 2008 12:03 AM
    Sweet!!!! I love that game!!!
    Have you tried Halo 2... or even better 3??
    Your not into final fantasy huh... well idk, diffrent people, diffrent taste i suppose
  4. fade101
    October 5th, 2008 9:52 AM
    Guitar hero? Sweet!
    Are you into rpgs? Or racing games?
    Such as final fantasy, kingdom hearts?
    And need for speed? Or grand theft auto?
  5. fade101
    October 3rd, 2008 7:53 AM
    Hahah! Buy one? Its pretty expensive dude and well... i have to work for it then...
    Do you have playstation 2?
  6. fade101
    September 18th, 2008 2:38 AM
    LMAO!! Its just funny how i've done it a million times and still dont know what its called T.T
    Dude, i still think its pretty neat even if its for kids XD
    You can like uhhh do more while bodyboarding :D

    Sooo, you have a DS??
    If only i had one too *sob*
  7. fade101
    September 16th, 2008 5:10 AM
    *gasp* There is??
    Gosh... i feel like a noob..... loser now
    Bodyboarding??! I've heard about it and it sounds fun!
    LOL at less cooler, what made you say that??
  8. fade101
    September 15th, 2008 1:51 AM
    Lol!! Hey surfing is tough... I remembered trying the first time...
    The damn thing wont stay put, i need like somebody to hold the board while i get on it :D
    And the accidents
    Geez, they should have made helmets for surfing XD
  9. varial295
    September 14th, 2008 3:33 PM

    i dont know wat mine is but one i fix my ds il tell u
  10. SizedYourLife
    September 13th, 2008 7:45 AM
    yea its fine i kinda realized it when you wanted to rebattle right after but keep trying youll get there
  11. ihavetoes.
    September 12th, 2008 9:21 PM
    yeah i know was my first online game, and i havent played diamond since august 2007.
  12. SizedYourLife
    September 12th, 2008 8:52 PM
    good game but you might wanna work on your team a bit
  13. SizedYourLife
    September 12th, 2008 8:37 PM
    100 singles standard will be fine
  14. SizedYourLife
    September 12th, 2008 8:22 PM
    hey ill battle you single standard rules FC:5026 1549 6700
  15. varial295
    September 12th, 2008 5:34 PM
    ok get r4eady ur donbe hehe

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