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  1. Yaliw
    July 16th, 2009 11:55 PM
    Hi, apparently you were attracted by my awesome posting skills.
    Nah, You must hate me so your leaving me a mean message. Go ahead, I have a thick shell and a frozen heart so do your worst.

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  • About Yaliw
    Started with blue version with my first pokemon Squirtle and went from there. Over the years i grew attached to water and fighting types as well as steel (in gold). I used pokemon others wouldn't use becasue either A) hard to train or B) better alternative. These included Ditto, Tangela, Victreebel, Primeape, Scyther (in blue), Noctowl, Murkrow, Tropius, Luvdisc (lol), Sceptile (when swampert and blaziken were popular), Huntail, Skuntank, Drifblim etc.
    well in a pokemon forum i guess you talk about pokemon so:
    im starting to enjoy giving pokemon strange movesets and trying to find new double-battle comboes. Designing theme-based teams (such as rocket, water-only, etc) that actually work and can stand up to pro-teams is always fun for me.
    Male ♂
    Favorite Pokémon
    Blastoise, Jolteon, Magnemite, Primeape, Dusknoir, Poliwrath, Sceptile, Skarmory, Lucario, all of'em :)
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    Loving my Blastoise since 1998!
    Playing Shiny Gold Version now.
    Sceptile, Camerupt, Aggron, Gengar, Swellow, Walrein.
    Beta 6 Please!


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