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  1. k-log10
    July 21st, 2009 4:12 PM
    The Story

    It is five hundred years before a meteor crashed into Earth containing the last 150 types of poke'mon from the dying planet of Poke'stardus. As for now, there are hundreds of different types of poke'mon all across Poke'stardus. They have cities and communities like we do today on Earth. However, due to all poke'mon's abilities, situations on Poke'stardus are often much more serious than ours. Fires and crimes are more than often highly dangerous, medical situations much more horrifying and graphic. Natural Disasters are strong and never ignored. Many poke'mon have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting their community.
    In the city of Golswara, what we would think of today as New York, is the center of many of these problems.

    Your role

    You are a Poke'mon. Your job of choice is what you will be writing about throughout this RP. You may aplly for a job that has already been invented, or make your own job that will help the citizens of Poke'stardus. With the dramatic events that happen in your community of Golswara, your stories are filled with exciting tales from you occupation. The main subject will change throughout the RP, but for now the city of Golswara is going through one of its normal days. I will not reveal the rest of the main ideas because I would like for them to be a surprise.

    Main Idea for Poke'Jobs:

    Every poke'mon has its own abilities and strengths. These powers could be used to perform everyday jobs such as the ones that we humans do. The idea of this RP is to choose any poke'mon and a job that it may perform in its life. The options are infinite; you could be any poke'mon doing any job in the world that you may choose. The only restriction is that there are no legendaries. As long as the job complies with the chosen poke'mon's abilities, it will be good.

    Sign-Up Sheet:

    Since technically you are applying for a job, sign-ups will be considered a resume. All sign-ups should look like (or close to) this:

    My Resume:

    Name: (Name of your poke'mon and what poke'mon it is.)

    Age: (Whatever age is appropriate for the applied job will be fine.)

    Moves: (Four attacks your poke'mon has that will help it with its job.)

    Desired Job: (what job you want your poke'mon to have; try to make it original.)

    Why I want this job: (Explain your poke'mon's reason for wanting this job in particular.)

    Specialties: (What your poke'mon is good at in particular, examples are thinking, running, strength, etc.)

    Interests: (What you poke'mon likes to do.)

    1. Do not post a falty sign-up that is going to waste time and space. If you do not like this RP, there are many more to choose from.

    2. You may create more than one character, if you do, please only write about one at a time. If you would like to write about both at the same time, pm me and I may accept.

    3. Do not be inappropriate, for the sake of others who like to have fun.

    4. If you make a sign-up and I do not reply to it, it is not that I ignored you, but that I have missed it. Don't post anything asking me, just send me a private message.

    5. Try to make your posts long and interesting. They don't have to be a novel, just long enough to where other people are not done reading it within two seconds.

    6. HAVE FUN!!
  2. killet513
    July 21st, 2009 11:55 AM
    Send it again I must have not gotton it.


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