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  1. sg3360
    March 18th, 2011 2:13 PM
    AH right :L
    Well, it's still the same, cos I have Archen as well
  2. sg3360
    March 17th, 2011 12:39 PM
    Nah, I have a zorua and zoroark, so that's no use to me... If you have any other offers I'd be happy to consider them.
  3. 2Blue4u
    February 8th, 2011 9:54 AM
    Hey. I wanted to confirm that you're getting my messages.
  4. Gardenia101
    July 31st, 2010 12:37 PM
    I have an adamant
    And sorry, I don't know what that is
  5. Gardenia101
    July 31st, 2010 7:54 AM
    Choose the nature and I'll tell you if I have it
    Because I've been breeding them since January and have my share of shinies
  6. Gardenia101
    July 30th, 2010 7:01 PM
    ...And I have a shiny Miltank
  7. DarkAlucard
    July 28th, 2010 8:02 PM
    If isn't much to ask can you please post your thanks im my thread??? That would be awesomw n_n
  8. DarkAlucard
    July 28th, 2010 7:54 PM
    haha whatever you want to give me =)
    i'm waiting in wifi
  9. DarkAlucard
    July 28th, 2010 7:47 PM
    well is ok i'll accept slowpoke =)

    you have tm endure???
    i really need it
  10. DarkAlucard
    July 28th, 2010 7:44 PM
    i'm ready now, see you in WiFi???
  11. DarkAlucard
    July 28th, 2010 7:41 PM
    any poke with the item attached is ok? what are you gonna give me for the eevee?
  12. DarkAlucard
    July 28th, 2010 7:39 PM
    FC: 3867 6992 6638
  13. DarkAlucard
    July 28th, 2010 7:35 PM
    I'm in a middle of a trade could you wait like 6 minutes?
  14. DarkAlucard
    July 28th, 2010 10:27 AM
    i don't kno if i'm gonna be here in two hours but later maybe we can trade if not, don't worry i'll keep the eevee until we can trade =)
  15. DarkAlucard
    July 28th, 2010 10:19 AM
    naa i really don't need EV'd pokes (i'm doing this by myself).
    Anyway are you ready to recive your eevee?

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    Gold- 2751 3406 5643-The majority of my EV'd/Shiny on Gold can be traded for bargain basement prices. I only require we trade for Gen V Pokemon.

    I can also EV train pokemon and clone. I have yet to find the EV training hotspots in Gen V, but will resume soon enough.

    Current Gen V Shinies: Audino, Lvl 50. Jolly nature. PM/VM if interested.


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