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    I like to do a lot of stuff. I go 'skating' in my boots at the park in the icy volleyball courts in the winter, ride up to Kmart and McDonald's in the summer, and everything in between. I like to do crazy things like blowing up lemonade at McDonalds, doing my friend's face like a vampire all with with red lips and drips and stuff and the going out, or dressing up like aliens in the heat of the summer and 'stalking' kids at the playground and rinding scooters in Kmart and all sorts of things. My friends and I sell lemonade in the summer, and I take care of the stand while my sister rides her bike covered with advertisements and screaming LEMONADE 5245 CHESTNUT! (our street) and another friend climbs the tree and bellows LEMONADE! and stuff and the last one goes to everyone's door and tells them about it and it works and we rake in 30 bucks becasue of them.

    I am 15 and I am the leader of a great club called Club Neon. My club is quite big as you can see here: We have a bank and get club t-shirts and do stuff and sell stuff and have sleepovers and parites and contests and 'carnivals' and discos and all that stuff. Read on about all that stuff here:

    I have lots of things: a DSi and a DS lite, an iPod nano, a Gameboy, and I have tons of games including my 7 Pokemon games (soon to be 9 when I get HeartGold and SoulSilver). I love making flipnotes, check them out sometime, especially if you like idiotic violence. Flipnote Hatena: Arachnid. Check them out at flipnote under arachnid.

    I have traveled to lots of places: Cancun Mexico, Hawaii, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin (duh I live there), Minnesota, Michigan, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Illinois. I am also in Tae Kwon Do, for about 4 years.) I have also been in piano for almost 7 years. I am the grande finale in piano recitals and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Piano is gone for now, I still know how to play but no lessons.

    I have 3 websites: and and Club Neon is really growing, so start having fun by joining. You have to be a girl and several other things, check out the site.. Alice in Chains is the BEST BAND EVER (next to the AWESOME Corrosion of Conformity). Really, if you say, "No they aren't!" that's because you haven't listened to them, so don't give me that. I also like Smashing Pumpkins, the Ramones, Devo, and Foo Fighters.

    Im on several different sites.
    DeviantART: Eeveelutions15
    Neopets: rhiannonweiss
    Yahoo!: [email protected]
    Fanpop: Arachnid
    Flipnote Hatena: Arachnid
    Facebook: Rhiannon Weiss
    Youtube: TheClubNeon
    Wikianswers: Arachnid

    If I had to recommend to you video games, here is what I would say that for the DS and DSi, get Kirby Superstar Ultra, for Gamecube get Mario Party 6, for Playstation get ATV Offroad Fury, for Wii get Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and i have never played anything else. I don't like Wii that much (lucky I don't own one!).
    Female ♀
    Favorite Pokémon
    Deoxys is my favorite pokemon for looks FOR SURE. But I have a very strong attachment for my two year old Giratina. He is level 100 and has been in my party since July of '08. He beat the Elite Four 18 times. I love him so much.
    I also have a strong attachment to the evolutions of eevee. My favori
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