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  1. Powerflare
    February 22nd, 2011 7:57 PM
    I haven't been on Pokécommmunity for a while, but now I'm back. How have you been?
  2. Forever
    January 21st, 2011 10:00 PM
    Be more active in B/W plz.
  3. donavannj
    January 21st, 2011 7:43 PM
    Well hello there!

    Originally Posted by Devil Flamingo View Post

    I predict everyone single Haxorus trainer will name theirs one of the following:

    - Haxorus
    - Haxxorz
    - Haxxer
    - Haxxx
    - Haxx R Us
    - Haxx Russ
    - Ha Xorus
    - Hax Orus
    - Russhaxor
    - R U Haxxin
    - HaXxXorZ

    Personally I prefer Hydreigon's name. I like that they went all German on my ass (lots of Germans in NYC, are there? I didn't know that o.o) and instead of going for the obvious "Hydragon", they got the "drei" in there. To be honest, what I'm most surprised about regarding these names is that so many of them look un-English... No offense to you Amurricans, but aren't ye lot supposed to be monolingual? What's all this "Zebstrika" and "Cinccino" and "Zweilos" nonsense? I thought American kids could barely read English, let alone other languages.

    Most likely, half of these names will be butchered. Save of the kids who took German, most of them will probably wreck Zweilos' name and go all "zweeelows" instead of "tsvaeeloss". I mean, let's face it, [ts] + [v] is practically brain-breaking for English speakers. XD Ofc, those of you who speak something other than eeengleeesh needn't take offense, ofc. And those who don't needn't either; I'm poking harmless fun at the stereotype that Americans are monolingual, even though this isn't the case as often as most people think, lol.

    All I know is, I can see plenty of people s-s-sttrugg-g-gling with these names; my friend from Ohio just complained she can't pronounce half of these, and I can't help but go, "Oh Arceus, here we go... I expect I'll be hearing that often in the months to come". :P I do apologize if I come off as rude; as someone that studies languages and linguistics and is well on his way to being a polyglot, I can't help but be a smug fat grass snake and look down on people who can only speak one language. :]

    /is secretly a Serperior irl



    I still read it anyways.

    I know I butcher most foreign languages in no small part due to my accent and my inability to roll my "r"s. XD

    I've found my accent very conducive to speaking words from the Northern European languages, though. Then again, I'm about 3/4 German(25%)+Danish(25%)+Swedish+Norwegian, with the remainder of my ancestry being English, Scottish, Irish, and French.

    Also, those Haxorus names made me lol.

    I apologize for this nonsensical rambling. I'm kinda braindead at the moment. ._.;;

    Anyway, what languages is a polyglot like yourself studying?
  4. CuteBunny
    November 20th, 2010 5:18 AM
    Hi ;>
  5. Aquacorde
    November 19th, 2010 8:20 PM
    Oh yes, you are allowed to have any number of images, as long as they a) do not go over 1mb total in file size and b) fit into and are aligned in a 500px by 300px space. I'm sure the mods assumed you were wanting to align them like you have now, since that's the kind of thing they usually deal with in that thread. You are definitely safe in terms of pixel size to use six Isshu sprites if you stack them; I'm not sure what the total file size would be for them, though.
    Ah, but you would still be over the width limit if you left-aligned them, unfortunately.
  6. Aquacorde
    November 19th, 2010 7:53 PM
    Originally Posted by Devil Flamingo View Post
    XD You call that reasoning? "It breaks the rules if you add another"? ... I'll just run along now and be another mindless drone in the forum, don't mind me. *transforms into a Mareep* Baahhh, bahhh! I'll go join the sheep flock now plz.
    Excuse me, but I believe the purpose of the signature limits are to reduce strain on the server, first. Also they are there to stop screen-spanning images from clogging up people's viewing of things. 500px for width is a good limit because some of the fixed-width skins condense signature space down to a rather small amount, and things beyond 500px either get shoved to the line below, which screws up aesthetics, or extends the post section of the poster, which is irritating.
    If someone were to let you bend the signature rules simply to put your entire team in your sig, it would inspire many to complain "Oh, that person can do it, I should be able to."
    That all being said, the problem with the new B&W sprites are that they are rather big for signatures. However, this can be remedied by stacking them up. 4 on top and 2 on bottom is a nice setup, as is 3 on top and 3 on bottom if you like symmetry.
  7. donavannj
    November 19th, 2010 7:48 PM
    Dude. The signature width rules are hard and fast. If you want to show six Pokemon in your signature, find/make smaller sprites so you can fit all six.
  8. Livewire
    November 16th, 2010 10:01 AM
  9. Livewire
    November 12th, 2010 8:29 PM
    You missed it. I had an Epic Jalorda profile scheme going today. :[ But my comp killed it.
  10. インフェルノの津波
    October 13th, 2010 9:26 AM
    You just can't handle complex Pokemon.
  11. Livewire
    October 12th, 2010 10:07 AM
    Oh your posts are win. XDDD

    Pass more judgment!
  12. インフェルノの津波
    October 11th, 2010 3:12 AM
    But yeah, B/W is the weirdest region ever.
  13. Powerflare
    October 9th, 2010 9:48 AM
    I've been busy lately and its been hard to get online. But I'm going to be posting more often now (in the B/W section mainly).
  14. JX Valentine
    October 8th, 2010 6:12 PM
    JX Valentine
    How's this? ;D

    Also, clearly, Magic Crap would do something, dear. Just not something that'd be particularly useful to, well, anyone. It'd come with an unskippable mini-game in which trainers would have to clean up after their Pokémon.
  15. インフェルノの津波
    October 8th, 2010 2:05 AM
    "Hey, dude, what's your name?"


    "Whoa, back up, is that your real name?"

    "Yes it is."

    "It sounds like you killed a man.."

    "I know. Wanna meet my other friends?"

    "Um sure, what're they're names?"

    "Seattle, Tokyo, New York, Denver, Tuscon, St. Cloud, Roswell..."

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