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  • About Nurse Kevin
    Quick Self-Introduction
    I'm Kevin, and I like Horchata.
    Played Pokémon games (particularly RPGs) since 2006, with the first game being Pokémon Sapphire Version. In 2009, I played Pokémon Pearl Version, where I got a better understanding of the concept of EV training. However, this improved more when I played Pokémon Platinum Version (my favorite Pokémon game in Gen. 4) in 2010, when I learned about the concept of IVs. In 2011, I learned about the possibility of modding Pokémon games from Gen. 4 and Gen. 5, and decided to try modding myself. It worked. I got some mods done, not massive ones, but simple ones like changing trainer data/sprites and dialogue. In 2012, I pretty much took a break from Pokémon games as a whole, as I was getting lazy of doing mods and breeding Pokémon with perfect IVs. With that said, I thought I was ready to quit Pokémon. However, in 2015, when I learned about the remake of Pokémon Sapphire and how much easier it was to breed more perfect IVs onto Pokémon, pass more diverse egg moves, pass natures and abilities, and obtain Pokémon with hidden abilities, I just had to get back into it. And here I am.

    • Cyrus, the villainous leader of Team Galactic, is sort of a senpai to me, though I'm personally against his ideals. Not sure why, but for every new Pokémon game that comes out, I always make sure to use his team of Pokémon from Platinum with the exact moves and abilities.
    • Since Pokémon Pearl I've always played as a ♀ character.
    • Most of my favorite Pokémon happen to be Dark-types.
    • I like all of my Pokémon to be ♂ (when they can be, of course).
    • After Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, I can't help but fancy Archie.
    • Depending on the circumstances, sometimes I can be a rather salty player.
    Video Game Modifications
    Male ♂
    Also Known As
    Alpha Glory
    Favorite Pokémon
    • Mightyena
    • Houndoom
    • Crobat
    • Sharpedo
    • Honchkrow
    • Sneasel
    • Weavile
    • Gyarados

    • Roserade
    • Shaymin (Sky Forme)
    In-Game Name
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    You know what this is.


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