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  1. Rayshin
    August 5th, 2012 5:16 AM
    Hey there, bro. Welcome to the Forums.

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    This is like writing an obituary isn't it, writing about yourself describing what you are to other people; don't know what to write and never do really. It either leaves you hanging like a suspenseful novel or ends up with you being bored like a documentary on paint drying, I suppose I'll say I'm an interesting person; there isn't a middle ground with me. You either like me a lot or don't like me at all, which is fine with me; within reason.

    Well, I can list the physical aspects of myself; brownish hair that is shoulder length. Greenish blue eyes, right handed and five foot eleven; possible taller.

    If you haven't noticed as of yet, I'm a writer; amateur though I do write. I'm also a fan-fic'er, though I'm still very new to the aspect of fan-fictions; I also have an interest in Movie making as well.

    If you need a label, Goth fits me well; if you'd like to know the differences between that subculture and the Emo fashion style simple send me a message I don't mind explaining it. I'm also a vegetarian, though I can eat white meat such as Chicken and turkey; I refuse to eat fish though.

    There isn't much else to me, other then basically what is in everybody of the human species; though I do suffer from Aspergers Syndrome. But that's hardly worth mentioning, such as my sexuality; I'm Bi.

    If you want to be friends, I wouldn't mind hearing from you; but do be warned I don't friend Soul Sucking Brain Zombies. If you don't like me for whatever reason, feel free to leave your reason; I'll be sure to get back to you on that. ^_^"
    *Taps chin* Well be shocked but I like Pokémon, I also enjoy other Animes; Mangas and books of sorts. I'm a Harry Potter fan, though I've never read the final book; yet. I'm also a watcher of Glee, though I wouldn't refer to myself as a "Gleek"; I'm also a World Wrestling Entertainment fan. I enjoy playing UK Football (Soccer) when my flat feet allow, I'm terrible as Basket ball but I like to attempt it; I love to swim. I'm also a fan-fic reader, though only if it has a pairing I'll enjoy; I don't search for the truly rubbish ones on the web.
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    Ekans/ Arbok, Koffing/ Weezing, Meowth/ Persian, Wobbuffet.
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