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  • About Prof. Apollo / Shadow Boss Erebus
    My name comes from an OC I created, the first professor not named after a tree and the head of the villainous Team Shadow.

    I like working with concepts, most of which will never come to anything but are fun to imagine. My current project (again, with no expected outcome) is Pokémon Sun Version / Pokémon Moon Version.

    I'm working on a storyline, imagining some legendaries, and playing around with Gen III graphics to try and create what these games might look and feel like.

    My team (as Shadow Boss Erebus) is as follows:
    Umbreon Lv.56 ♂
    Weavile Lv. 55 ♀
    Bisharp Lv. 55 ♂
    Deino Lv. 54 ♂
    Spiritomb Lv. 52 ♂

    My post-game rematch team (also as Erebus):
    Umbreon Lv. 75 ♂
    Zoroark Lv. 72 ♀
    Weavile Lv. 71 ♀
    Bisharp Lv. 71 ♂
    Hydreigon Lv. 70 ♂
    Tyranitar Lv.70 ♂

    My post-game team (as Prof. Apollo via event):
    Espeon Lv. 75 ♀
    Celebi Lv. 72
    Metagross Lv. 71
    Gallade Lv. 71 ♂
    Gardevoir Lv. 70 ♀
    Xatu Lv. 70 ♂

    That just about does it really. Sorry, that was a long read. Thanks if you persisted and read it anyway.
    Pokémon (obviously), various other games. I also make Progressive House music. Search "Callum Morgan - Glacier" in SoundCloud to find me.
    Lincolnshire, England, Great Britain.
    Male ♂
    Also Known As
    Callum Morgan
    Favorite Pokémon
    Deoxys and Genesect are my favourite legendaries. I also have a thing for Dark types.


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