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    Hi there. I'm Ben. I'm a soon-to-be-sophomore in college. I'm pretty much the spitting image of the programmer stereotype: a pale, fuzzy, borderline social-phobic man with glasses who knows how to make stuff work most of the time but probably won't be able to muster the code to stop his rogue A.I. from destroying humanity thus necessitating that the main character go and stop the A.I. by force except then the A.I. is much more clever than expected and outsmarts the main character on numerous occasions and on some other occasions simply has more raw firepower due to its massive army of brainwashed robots but somehow the main character kicks all the robots' asses and gives some snarky defeat line referencing pop culture or computers.

    Basically, I'm a social outcast. I'm pretty quirky and sometimes what I do and say may not make sense but I'm really nice and I do my best to respect everyone I meet. A lot of the time the less pleasant aspects of my quirkiness come from my trying so hard to respect people that I wind up disrespecting them instead. I'm a relentless perfectionist and I expect the best out of myself at all times, which often leads to my being unable to work, something I think people tend not to understand about me.
    I love to write--not just prose, but anything. I love to write fiction, poetry, plays, music, computer programs, RPs, all of it. Basically my dealie is I love to create things and thenceforth have substantial control over them. I see my creations as my children in a very real way and love to work on them because it feels like helping them grow and develop.

    On an unrelated note, I also love doodling, sleeping, singing, piano, taekwondo, and, of course, playing video games, such as Pokemon.
    I live in California but am usually away at college in Pennsylvania.
    Male ♂
    I'm a student, but I also have a job as a math tutor for one of my friends.
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    My favorite Pokemon, in order, according to, are Meganium, Raichu, Typhlosion, Mew, Poliwhirl, Buizel, Noctowl, Horsea, Lickitung, and Pikachu. That's pretty much right except I have no idea what Noctowl is doing in there.
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