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    Quick Self-Introduction
    Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★
    ⯈ Order: Saurischia
    ⯈ Suborder: Wyvern Feet
    ⯈ Infraorder: Armor Shell Wyvern
    ⯈ Superfamily: Flying Wyvern
    ⯈ Family: Rath

    Every rose has its thorns. The "Dreadqueen's" thorns are barbs full of deadly venom, and they can scatter a purple cloud of suffocating death in any area she alights. She blooms proud and alone amidst her own desolation. Requires special permission to hunt.

    Dreadqueen Rathian tend to be bigger than normal Rathian, while also having a purple tint on their scales, as if poison had been seeping through all parts of their body. Poison can be seen secreting from a Dreadqueen's tail whenever it attacks with it. Dreadqueen Rathian are truly dangerous monsters. The Hunter's Guild only allow hunters with special permits to hunt them down. Dreadqueen Rathian have the same moveset as their relatives, however, they also have new attacks. They often use their poisonous tails to attack hunters and inflict either poison, noxious poison or deadly poison. Also, much like Gold Rathian, Dreadqueen Rathian are capable of combining a flame bite and a poisonous tail attack, making them even more dangerous. Sometimes when enraged, Dreadqueen Rathian will fly high up and then plummet down onto their targets while also attempting to hit them with their poisonous tails.

    Dreadqueen Rathian have many of the same adaptions as Rathian, however, there is a few differences between them. Dreadqueen Rathian are known to have purple-colored scales, giving them their additional name, Dreadqueen. Their scales are tainted this color due to the immense amount of poison they produce, making their scales and shell deadly to touch with bare hands. This overflow of poison is due to them living in certain environments, which have altered their poisons. Unlike normal Rathian, Dreadqueen Rathian are able to scatter the thorns on their tail on to the battlefield, like rose pedals, making an area hazardous. These thorns leave behind poisonous clouds on the ground. If this wasn't deadly enough, Dreadqueen Rathian poisons come in three different forms; Poison, Noxious Poison, and Deadly Poison. Dreadqueen Rathian also has stronger fire-breathing abilities.

    Rathian fear almost nothing else found in their habitat range, except other large predators and Elder Dragons. She may prey on lesser wyverns, particularly bird wyverns such as Jaggi, Velociprey and their alpha forms such as Bullfango.
    ✦ Flying
    ✦ My mate Dreadking Rathalos! ♡♡♡
    ✦ Fireblight
    ✦ Poison
    ✦ Deadly Poison
    ✦ Noxious Poison
    ✦ Fatal Poison
    ✦ Eating lesser bird wyverns & Hunters
    ✦ Nesting in Area 8
    ✦ Poison Duration X2

    ☒ Dragonblight
    ☒ Thunderblight
    ☒ Elder Dragons
    ☒ The Hunter's Guild
    ☒ Lagiacrus, Seregios, Tigrex, Gore Magala, Brachydios, & Deviljho
    ☒ Poison (Negated)
    ☒ Flash Bombs
    ☒ Zinogre Sword and Shield
    ☒ Severing my tail
    Ruined Pinnacle
    Female ♀
    Queen Bitch // Territory Survailance // Waifu
    Forum Pair
    ♡ Dreadking Rathalos
    Also Known As
    Rathian // Deviant Monster // Deadly Princess // デッドリープリンセ
    Favorite Pokémon
    ♥ Salazzle
    ♥ Mega Charizard X
    ♥ Mega Charizard Y
    ♥ Naganadel
    ♥ Moltres
    ♥ Reshiram
    ♥ Turtonator
    ♥ Dragalge
    Go Team
    Do not display
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