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  1. Cynic Kaka
    August 26th, 2009 4:01 PM
    Cynic Kaka


    Yes. Now get on AIM. xD
  2. Cynic Kaka
    August 25th, 2009 5:45 AM
    Cynic Kaka
    ..Now I know where I got your AIM from!

    -.- Oh. *head desk*
  3. de_darkrai
    August 16th, 2009 10:04 PM
    Hey,do u have TCGWC WORLD09 Weaviles?
  4. GymLeaderSilver
    August 1st, 2009 12:50 PM
  5. GymLeaderSilver
    July 30th, 2009 12:48 PM
    You never responded to my points, but every time you posed an argument I had already stated that in my previous post too, and explaining why it wouldn't work out. So I didn't have to acknowledge your "new" solutions, because I had already thought of them in the previous post and explained why they would not work. I'm not offended you have a different opinion than mine, and first of all I did not "yell" or "shout," I spoke calmly. Calling you an idiot/fool doesn't make me in an angry state, it means I decided to throw in some words. And that shows you didn't read it, I never said you're an idiot for liking Hoenn or Emerald, I said you were an idiot because your solutions were illogical and I had already addressed them. IF you have time, read over my replies again before you say such stupid things.
  6. GymLeaderSilver
    July 30th, 2009 8:07 AM
    But again, you fail to read what I wrote. AFTER HOENN'S ELITE FOUR, THERE WOULD BE NO RED. Because Red couldn't get any higher level than the leaders already are with 100 being the max, and lvl 60-90 is too low, you're like level 70 at the end of Kanto, so it would have to be higher. And once they hit lvl 95-100, Red can't get much stronger, so he's no longer that insane secret challenge anymore, he'll be brushed aside easily, he's supposed to be so strong and ahead of your team which is perfect since he's high level 70's when you fight him. If a professor calls you saying &quot;Hey go to Mt. Silver!&quot; that would ruin Red's charm, read what I wrote about how it's such a cool mystery and stuff. Also, Battle Frontier was stupid because everyone was the same level always, so it's not like a real gym leader where you can either undertrain or overtrain, you'll always be identical to them. And also the gameplay of R/S/E is also tied to the region, I and many others thought Emerald was boring because of the region too, it was so boring and ... blah. There was none of that Pokemon flare to it, all you did in the beginning was just run around from town to town doing errands in such plain looking towns. The grassy routes looked so bland and had that boring atmosphere, Gold and Silver somehow was more exciting ... plus the music tracks in GSC and RBY have this insane &quot;stick-in-your-head&quot; type thing to them, to this day I still whistle some of the tracks. Hoenn's music made me want to puke ... it failed to capture that feel the older games had, and the tracks were more annoying as hell than enjoyable. Plus the legendaries were all fat and stupid like Groudon and Kyogre, and Rayquaza ... Rayquaza tries so hard to look cool but fails miserably. Now, bringing my opinion into this about the new &quot;elements praised today&quot; that you mentioned: Contests are lame and stupid and are played by girls who suck too hard at the actual game so they have to tie a ribbon on their Pokemon and all this other stupid crap. Battle Frontier was terrible and so boring, it was so tedious and you just do fight .. after fight ... after fight .... after fight. And there's no challenge, you're all the same level. Everyone is like level 50, 60, etc. even if you went in with a level 75 it will bring you down to their ****** level, so what's the fun if I can't even used my hard-trained Pokemon? Natures are cool I guess, I never really cared about them much when I play the main storyline of Pokemon games but in competitive battling it is important. But the abilities should be more varied, it should be like one Pikachu has like 50 different abilities it can have, rather than just having &quot;Static.&quot; Also, in your last paragraph when you refer to the &quot;Classic Region,&quot; do you mean Kanto? If so, I don't know why the hell everyone says its so bland and empty and nothing to do, there was ENOUGH to do. Going through the gym leaders is enough, I don't want a stupid long epic story like Lord of the Rings, or Bioshock. I'm there to play the game, who cares about the story in a game like Pokemon? This also means there should be no more backstory on the Rival, because that would kill his mystery and that would change it from what it was before. What the games had before was perfect, it had a quest, which was to get through the gym leaders and collect Pokemon, beat the E4 and get to Red, the END. That was good enough, it was simple and a kid could play it (which I did) And yes, you're right, all I am in to is nostalgia, which is the whole ****ing reason we are buying the remakes you idiot. And people and Nintendo are trying to add enhancements into the game and replace our old things, well when this stupid company tries to recreate the old experience with new stuff added on, they forget that it's no longer the same original game we played years ago!!! Same problem with FRLG, Sevii Islands can go burn under my dog's stools, they were so damn boring and actually made me stop playing for 2 years. AFTER ELITE 4 SHOULD ALWAYS BE MEWTWO, no more questions no nothing, it should ALWAYS be Mewtwo after you beat Lance in RBY. End of story. But no, they had to add in stupid lame islands just to make more money and using that as a seller, and in this game they will likely add crap that will ruin our old loved game. And technically, you say I'm obsessed with nostalgia and don't like whats underneath it; gameplay, but you fail to understand that I want the nostalgia of the old gameplay. Also stop copying and pasting my own lines on me, that gets really annoying.
  7. GymLeaderSilver
    July 29th, 2009 7:51 PM
    Well okay, I just wanted you to clarify it was an opinion. And @ that remark you made about that "DISCLAIMER - THE FOLLOWING IS MY OPINION" .... come on think about it. You go onto a thread in a Pokemon website and say "Hoenn looked the best compared to the others, and it was the best region compared to the others which were bland and dull," when you say something like THAT, then it is required that you say it's your opinion, or else people will feel that you're saying they are wrong for not agreeing with that. That's what starts flame wars. And it's like you didn't even read my reply ... IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE to keep it going longer with a 3rd region. The gym leader problem I mentioned would occur. Trust me, I'm 100% sure Nintendo would not want to risk that issue coming, by boring players with the last 5 gym leaders all being lvl 100. So the result is it going longer, but most people, probably even you, will be bored to death. It will seem to drag on and on. And yes true, people did not go around telling you "Go fight Red!!", but that is exactly what made it so cool. You had to find the final battle of the game yourself. It was almost like a secret, and when you find it and look back on it, you think "wow I never would have found that if I didn't walk that few extra steps in that cave" ... plus it's in Kanto, so if you went to Hoenn right after the chances are before leaving you'd explore the rest of Kanto, Mt. Silver. In G/S, it's perfect because right after Kanto there is nothing left to do, but explore. So it makes the climax the battle with Red. If you did that fight with him, then proceeded to Kanto to skip around Littleroot Town and dance around holding Ice Cream and a Teddy Bear in Candyland Town and whatever the hell those cities are named, it would kill the moment with Red. Adding it at the end, (after Hoenn) is retarded because everyone you just fought before would be level 90+, so how much higher can Red get? There's nothing past level 100. And @ my last statement, my answer is: It is an opinion since different people can think different things, but at the same time it's fact because any true Pokemon fan can appreciate the classics, we don't care about "not enough land variety" in a damn 8-bit 2-D game boy colour game, we care about gameplay. Apparently all you're into is looks and not into whats underneath the game: Gameplay.
  8. GymLeaderSilver
    July 29th, 2009 3:12 PM
    Can someone please tell me why people are so against a longer game with more stuff to do? And can someone please explain to me why Hoenn was such a terrible region? It's already been proven time and time again that these aren't PURE remakes--they're keeping ALL the same features, but adding in loads more stuff to keep players entertained. I've never seen so many people angered over the possibility (however real this map is) of a bigger, longer, and more entertaining game. You'll still get the same "nostalgic" feel from HG and SS. It's not like Hoenn would be completely removing everything you ever loved about the second generation. And obviously if it was included, it wouldn't replace Kanto. Isn't Kanto already comfirmed by the fact that, hmm... the Magnet Train is visible on the drawn-out map, routes in Johto lead to Kanto, Indigo Plateau is Johto's Pokemon League and is in Kanto, and these are enhanced remakes, therefore, they wouldn't exclude it? And once again, please, someone give me reasons why Hoenn was an unholy abomination, the worst thing to ever happen to the Pokemon series, and unworthy of anyone's praise? If anything, Hoenn was one of the best regions. It was exotic, it looked nice, and had tons and tons of differing locations. Sinnoh was bland as hell other than the snow, which was on very little of the actual map. Johto was bland as well (something they're fixing in HG and SS, thankfully), and Kanto was too. Yes, Kanto is the classic region, and is my favorite, but how can you argue that Hoenn didn't at least look the best?
    A longer game with stuff to do isn't always a good thing. The game should end ALWAYS at the finishing battle vs. Red. It was perfect, the last fight of the game. Adding Hoenn after would be stupid, plus your Pokemon are lvl 70+ at Red so there wouldn't be many levels to gain in a new region, the 1st gym leader would be like level 75, which would get you to level 80, and you have to do that 8 times? Pretty soon, the last 4 or so gym leaders will all have level 100's, making no more challenge for you as 100 is the max, they won't get stronger as you progress through the region. You might say, they could just add it in BEFORE Red so that Red still remains the last battle, but then you would contradict yourself; the original Kanto plot would be changed then by not making Red follow after fighting Blue. Why does everyone hate Hoenn you ask? Well I'm sorry pal, but everything you said in the 2nd paragraph is mostly wrong. No, it cannot be accepted as an opinion because you stated it like a fact, saying "this was better than that, this looked better, this that blah blah", you didn't say you felt that way, you stated it as fact. So that has earned you this: 3RD GEN IS THE ABSOLUTE CRAPPIEST, UGLIEST AND MOST BORING REGION OF ALL TIME. Bet you didn't like that. Emerald was extremely boring because of the slow beginning, it was so lame and slow that made no motivation for you to keep playing, honestly to get to the fun part you had to push yourself so hard to not put the game down and go play a different game. Plus 3rd gen Pokemon are terrible, they don't have that classic charm that the 151-251 Pokemon had when they came out. Plus the graphics were bad in Emerald, I hated the colour scheme. Gold and Silver's colour scheme was autumn and olive-auburn styled, Emerald made the grass vomit tinted green, and the Pokemon's colour palettes were ruined from what they should have been. And may I know from your point of view, what makes Hoenn's environments any more varied and less-bland than the others? It has everything every other region has, grass, dirt, rocky areas, sand, water. Every Pokemon game has that, (except for sand in the earlier games). And how can you say Platinum was bland? It had snow and palm trees in the Battle Frontier with different coloured grass even ... (not to say I'm a 4th gen fanboy, I still hate the grass colour in those games). A true Pokemon fan would hate Emerald.
  9. dragonarche
    October 4th, 2008 8:55 PM
    hi my name is Shadow Magikarp and davin AKA platinum lucario is my best frend too
    and so is kyle AKA lucario 9

    and are you a rom hacker??
  10. Rinnosuke
    August 27th, 2008 7:08 PM
    so your the one who took y SN arent you (rolls eyes)
  11. Platinum Lucario
    July 26th, 2008 5:44 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Hi, I'm Silver Riolu known as riolu 9's best friend, how are you?
    If riolu 9 is friends with you, so can I.
  12. Chimchar 9
    April 13th, 2008 4:57 AM
    Chimchar 9

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