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  • Goodness I was looking for 'Leaf' this whole time and couldn't find you no wonder lol

    Love the profile and name! How've you been my fave sprout! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
    Your accent challenge was awesome, you have such a lovely voice!

    Love the new username btw! My long time gaming name, and an offline nickname, is Moriko, which means forest child :)
    I hope I didn't say anything that hurt your feelings in my PM. Miss our talks already. <3

    I hope you're doing well though!
    I just had a thought. Be a greeter in 'Meet and Greet'. You can practice your small talk and conversion skills there while at the same time get more comfortable with people. You don't have to neglect the other sections but, maybe spend more time there.
    hmm, that's strange, when you clicked send if it was timed out it should of asked you to sign back in and once done the message should have sent. I'm not sure why it didn't. A couple of suggestions for next time: 1) when logging in, tick the box that says 'keep me signed in' 2) you can highlight and copy your message before clicking send if you're afraid of losing it. That way if what happened to you happens then you can just re paste your message. It will save you so much time.

    How about starting by going for a walk around the block. Then as you get more comfortable and confident, expand the distance. If it's rainy or sunny you can bring an umbrella. If it's hot out, wear appropriate attire. If it's cool, do the same, wear appropriate attire. Baby steps Leaf. Set small goals for yourself, then you're more likely to accomplish them and continue. You can write your goals and progress on a calendar to keep track of everything. What about going for walks with your sister?

    As for your Anthropophobia, you're working on that. Both with your therapist and by being on here. Again, like your walks, you can start off small with a simple "hello" and smile when you're out and about. The more comfortable you get the more you can say. Go at your own pace.

    You have some good taste in movies! Just from your list, I like Alien, Aliens, Predator(1987), Terminator 1, 2 and I enjoyed Salvation, and The original Star Wars trilogy. I also like Passion of the Christ, Jurassic Park, the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, Seven, End of Watch, Fight Club, Tears of the Sun, Defiance, Enemy at the Gates, Lone Survivor, the Planet of the Apes prequals (Rise, Dawn, War), the Matrix, The Last of the Mohicans, James Bond movies, The Good The Bad and The Ugly and Starship Troopers just to name a few.
    That's too bad. There's always tomorrow though. Maybe you'll feel better tomorrow. That's good that you were productive today. I bet you felt good for getting that done.

    If a movie is well written and has a good story and plot, good characters and character development, and is cast well than I'll give it a shot no matter what the genre is. What's a few of your favorite titles from each genre? Do you like classics, more modern day or both type of films?
    Did you get out for a walk today and enjoy that nice weather Leaf?

    Of course! I like thrillers, action and adventure, crime and mystery, and sci-fi. I also don't mind a good drama and Historical flick from time to time. How about you?
    I'm glad to hear that it went well and that more progress was made. :)

    I'm doing alright, thanks for asking. It was another nice day today. A bit on the chilly side but, the sun was out. Hopefully tomorrow will be a repeat of today.
    I didn't recognize it but you were right, I definitely needed some time to be a normal person again. Thank you!

    Still, I hope you know you can come to me if ever you need a friend to vent to <3
    It was a pretty intense session so I'm still a little numb from it, but art helps me ground myself.

    Yeah, being lonely can be such a curse when you're in need of some compassionate human interaction. Sometimes it's great for processing your thoughts.. but if you need someone by your side and don't have that security it can really exacerbate those feelings of negativity. I completely understand. :c

    You're welcome to talk to me about it if you feel comfortable with it.
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