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  • Oh my lord your signature and theme are absolutely adooooorable
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    Aw, you're too sweet. :)

    I'm still pretty beat up about it tbh. Taking it harder than I thought I would. Obviously I'm like fine and it's not the end of the world, but I'm definitely still sad in a way I didn't really expect to be, if that makes sense?

    Idk, but I miss my dog. :<
    No; that's not acceptable either under the current rules. The rules state, " You must post your videos as they are uploaded to YouTube."

    BUT! Stay patient as I will be taking a look at the rules in the LP area. I'm going to revamp them and I think I'll modify it to work to include Twitch. Just give me a bit of time. :)
    Nooo.. of course you still are. :(

    I just.. when someone leaves for x amount of time I like to give them an opportunity to walk away without any strings attached. It's nothing against you, dear, I promise! It's something I believe prevents conflict, you know?

    Sorry I've been so quite. I've got so much going on right now almost every spare moment I have online is occupied with my art.
    we use a modified vB 3.8 backend... while it is mostly generic vB it has been highly modified over time to what you see today.
    Doing great, and yeah I was like crippled with slow internet last week but it's all fixed now. And yeah I heard you're not going to be around as much am I right? If so, good luck with your real life plans.
    Oh dear.. it's okay. It makes me so happy knowing you've gone on to do great things. If there's anything I could ever wish from the people I care for on PC, it's to eventually spread their wings and fulfill the potential I knew they had within. Knowing I've been a part of your progress is an honor to me, and is the greatest service you could ever have done. I'm so proud of you, I hope you know.

    Go. Live your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Do the things you never thought you could. Reach for the highest of peaks and challenge yourself. I wish nothing but the best for you and yours.

    Just never forget that you'll always have a friend here.

    Hello. I'm just here to remind you that your Beach challenge was accepted and is still lurkin around the challenge subforum. Initially, I signed up for it and with a big question...but since you never replied and summer is now at end for me, I could not do the run anymore. Oh well. See ya 'round!
    Sounds like a solid plan. Winn Dixie is hiring too, hmm. I'm shooting for an office job or staff assistant job rather than cashier at the moment though. >.< I'd much prefer Publix over Winn Dixie haha.
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