PokéCommunity Live
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Welcome to PokéCommunity Live!

This is the more laid back, faster moving younger brother of PokéCommunity. Kinda like Skype or Facebook's chat, messages sent here show up instantly. Topics are as broad here as they are across the forums: everything from Pokémon to art, gaming, and politics.

We try to keep things more laid back in the chat. We have three simple rules:

Some things to remember

  • Nicknames in the chatroom are not the same as usernames on PC. We try our best to create a nickname for you based on your PC username by taking out spaces and illegal characters, but sometimes popular names will be taken. Having the name "Pikachu" registered on PokéCommunity does not mean you have "Pikachu" registered in the chat.
  • The "password" box on the chat login page is not asking you for your PokéCommunity password. It's asking you for your chat password. Registering a nickname on the chat is different than having an account on PokéCommunity. Click here for help on how to register your nickname.
  • The chatroom has a more laid back atmosphere than the forums. If you find yourself easily offended, it might be a better idea to not join. Conversations in the chat are sometimes inappropriate for people under the age of 16.
Joining the chat

The chat is displayed at the bottom of this page. When you're done reading this info, you can hide the box by clicking the little arrow at the top right. If you want to open the chat in a popup window so you can keep it open and continue to browse PokéCommunity, click the button below:

If you're experienced using IRC and want to use your own client, click here or join #thepokecommunity on irc.systemnet.info. You can also use our java-based client.

Need help?

View our FAQ or ask questions at our Chatroom Help thread.