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Supporting YOUR Community

As PC has some pretty high costs (vB license fees, hosting costs, admin time costs and so on,) we hope some of you like us enough to help support us.. take a minute and donate a little something. Every little bit helps! You'll get some cool stuff in return: a unique usergroup complete with a colored username, a cool button banner:

Crystal Tier
to show that you're a PC supporter and more perks like increased PM space, bigger avatars, more album space (profile album and bigger image sizes), no ads at the top of the page, and finally, a private forum of your own.

PokéCommunity Supporters are divided into tiers. Depending on the amount you've donated, you'll have exclusive access to many Supporter-only features. Donate as much and donate any time - the more money you donate, the more features you'll have access to!

Silver Tier: $5.00 - $14.99
Colored username (Silver)
VIP Forums access (VIP forum, style forums, member interaction center)
500 PMs in your inbox instead of 200
200x200 profile picture uploads
150x150 avatar uploads
Background images in allowed in profile styles

Gold Tier: $15.00 - $24.99
Colored username (Gold)
Your own blog on hosted on PC
Future beta forums (such as member interaction center before it was opened up)
1500 PMs
300x300 profile picture
180x180 avatar

Crystal Tier: $25.00 +
Colored username (Crystal blue)
Ability to use BBCode (bold, italic, underline, font, and color) in custom user titles email address
2000 PMs
800x800 profile picture

Recurring Supporter is a supporter level that is using the vB subscription feature. We are automatically placing Recurring Supporters into the Gold tier[1] and once they pass $25 in donations, will manually move them to the crystal tier. To use this feature, click on the UserCP link, scroll down to Miscellaneous and click on Paid Subscriptions.

There are absolutely no commitments that you will have to make. Once you've donated, the benefits you're given will last as long as you do. Put a smile on that dial (:D) - once you've donated to us, you've just contributed to the PokéCommunity's total funding!

1. While you do not have to make any commitments in a subscription, if you do choose to cancel your subscription, your usergroup will be changed to the appropriate Supporter Tier depending on the amount you have donated.
Donation Methods

Currently PC will accept your donations and support using the following methods:

PayPal (recommended)

Using the PayPal button, you can select your level of donation and enter your details on the page. Or, you can send us your payment through PayPal to "[email protected]" (and note that if you're using this method, please ensure you state that the donation is for AND include your PC user name). You should use the same email address assigned to your account in all donations you send to us through PayPal.

SMS/Text and Phone Payment (beta)

SMS / Mob TXT service is no longer available at this time, sorry.

Pay with Amazon (New Amazon payment service, preset amounts only - beta)

Silver tier: $10.00 - one time

Gold tier: $20.00 - one time

Crystal tier: $30.00 - one time

Other Methods

Send a PM or email to Rukario for information on other methods you may use to support/donate to PC.

PokéCommunity Supporter Virtual Gift Cards

A whole lot of us donate to the community but want the benefits passed onto another person. That's okay with us, of course. Now, we're introducing a new (and free*) way to pass it onto others! It's more like a gift for us AND a gift for them. (Isn't that a little confusing?)

* Free as in, you still have to donate the proper amount, but you don't pay to have the card made and sent.

Sample/template cards

Pick a card: With these cards, you can change the text in the placeholder positions, and the value on your selected card (it's not all $25!). (Of course, the watermark won't be there).

Got a design you'd like to add to our templates? Send me a PSD, and if it looks good enough, we'll add it.
(Note though that once you send it and we like it, it becomes ours. Make sure they're 300 pixels wide and 200 pixels high.)

The Aperture Science Labs PokéCommunity advises that you will be infracted if you're caught sending out fake cards.


The sample cards here can be used as a base, but you can also have a special one sent with a different picture.

The process is simple: donate to us using any methods listed on this page. You must donate in either $5, $10, $15, $20, or $25 denominations.

Before or shortly after we credit your account with the donation amount (preferably before), send a PM to Hiroshi Sotomura (me) with the following details:
- The email you sent donations through (if you picked PayPal or Google Checkout), or the username you sent the donations with.
- The design of the card. If you wish, you can send your own card.
-- If you're choosing one of the sample designs above, you can tell me the text you want on the card and the amount you'd like to donate.
-- If you're sending your own card, please don't forget to include the recipient and the amount you want to donate on the image.

I'll be verifying all the details (seeing whether you paid us yet) with Rukario, but once that's over, the giftcard will be sent by us immediately or at the time specified. If you want us to be on time, you have to send your donation in on time. (Oh, and donations this way are final and aren't redeemable for cash.)

If you receive a gift card…

Either Rukario or I will send out the gift card (but if anyone else does though, please report it) to you on the behalf of the sender. You will be given the opportunity to redeem your gift card. If you don't want it, you can pass it back (and it'll be credited to the sender).

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