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The PokéCommunity Rules

At PokéCommunity, we endeavor to provide a fun and inviting atmosphere — we want you to have a good time while you're here! This, however, means we have a few rules to follow and standards we aim to uphold.

These rules are set in conjunction with our PokéCommunity Services Agreement. Breaking these rules may result in the deletion of your posts and may lead up to a ban through our Infractions system.

While the following rules apply to the community as a whole, some forums within the community may have extra rules, so please check for rules in such forums before you post. We attempt to ensure that you are notified when we make changes to the rules, but in the event that you don’t receive a notification, please check these rules occasionally to keep up-to-date.

On this page

  1. In short…
  2. Infractions system
  3. Behavioral offenses
  4. Posting offenses
  5. Minor offenses
  6. Bannable offenses
  7. Other rules
    1. PokéCommunity Account
    2. Signatures
  8. Interpretations and Exceptions

In short…

The PokéCommunity rules are simple. To summarize…

  • We expect you to be respectful to other members. Don’t troll, harass or attack other members.
  • Distribute content that you’re permitted to. Don’t plagiarise. Don’t distribute music, TV show recordings, ROM or disc images of games, etc.
  • Selling of goods is not permitted.
  • When posting, stay on topic and avoid posting two or more posts in a row. Limit inappropriate language, and do not override the filters in place.
  • Don’t advertise — unsolicited advertising will be removed. You may also not solicit monetary donations.
  • Providing or linking to inappropriate content, such as pornographic or extremely violent materials, will result in a ban.
  • Infractions may apply in the event that you break our rules.

Read on for detailed explanations on these rules.

Infractions system

In cases where members do not follow rules, moderators or other staff may intervene or issue warnings and infractions through the Infractions system. This system runs on a system of points and the amount of infractions you receive. Infractions are issued for the following types of offenses: behavioral offenses, posting offenses, minor offenses and bannable offenses.

For first offenses, you may receive a warning.

This is more of a cautionary message and does not award you any infraction points. It is usually given before an infraction and may be given in tandem with an intervention. This is often referred to as a yellow card.

You will receive an infraction for serious offenses or consistently breaking rules.

Infractions, also known as red cards, each have infraction points associated with them. Most infractions will expire after a given amount of time, but the number of infractions you have will continue to count.

If you accumulate enough infractions or infraction points, you will be banned from the community, and will be unable to post. More information on the Infractions system, as well as bans, can be found in the Moderation policy page.

Behavioral offenses

Behavioral offenses may incur a 4-point infraction with a six-month expiry.

Behavioral offenses across the forum include the following:

  • Trolling - Inflammatory or irrelevant messages with the sole intent of provoking other users or inciting controversy.
  • Harassment/Personal Attacks - Insulting, harassing, or threatening your fellow members. Respect everyone on the forum regardless of their views or opinions.
  • Distribution of illegal content - Unauthorized distribution of TV shows, movies, video games (including video game disc or ROM images), music, or software. You may not discuss how to obtain these materials, upload them to the PokéCommunity, or link to other web sites containing these materials.
  • Plagiarism - Do not claim the work of anyone else as your own. Always remember to credit others for their creations or works.
  • Offering paid goods/services - You may not use the PokéCommunity to sell goods or offer paid services. Monetary transactions of any kind (such as trading cards, digital content, other goods, or even links to sites like eBay) are not allowed on the forums — we provide no protection for transactions made on the community and ban them to protect the interest of all parties.

Posting offenses

Repeated or major violations of posting rules may result in a 3-point infraction with a three-month expiry.

Posting offenses across the forum include the following:

  • Off-topic/SPAM - Meaningless posts, or posts with no relevance to the thread. Such posts often do not add anything to a thread and hence may be removed.
  • Double posting - Avoid making more than one post in a row. Edit posts if you need to add more content to them. See specific sectional rules for where this may not apply.
  • Censor bypass/excessive swearing - Purposefully bypassing the censor through coding or alt code text. There is a filter enabled for most common swear words and it will censor these words automatically - you may choose to disable the censor if you want to. Do not swear excessively.

Minor offenses

A minor offense may lead to a 1-point infraction with a one-month expiry.

Minor offenses across the forum include the following:

  • Signatures - If your signature is disabled three times by a member of staff, you will be given an infraction.

Bannable offenses

Breaking these rules may result in a permanent ban.

Bannable offenses across the forum include the following:

  • Unsolicited advertising - Advertising websites or forums is not permitted. If you'd like to link to a website or forum post, it must be relevant. You may, however, advertise in your signature. Any other advertising deemed irrelevant may be edited out of posts without question. Joining to advertise a website or service will result in a permanent ban. Under no circumstance are you allowed to advertise monetary donation requests.
    • The use of referral links when referring to other services is prohibited. External links posted anywhere on the PokéCommunity cannot be placed behind a paywall, require registration to sites other than PokéCommunity to view content, or profit from each view obtained. Referral links are handled the same as advertising and will be removed if detected.
  • Explicit content - In no section of the community can an image or link to a pornography site be submitted. Deliberately posting explicit content will lead to an immediate, permanent ban, regardless of a member's status or position.

Other rules

PokéCommunity Account

In order to post in threads or chat with others at the PokéCommunity, you need to register. For when you create and once you have a profile:

  • User names must be appropriate. Users with inappropriate names will be banned and you will be asked to re-register your account.
  • Do not share your password. You will be held responsible for any infractions or bans you receive.

One account per member. The PokéCommunity does not permit the use of multiple accounts by a single person. We have tools for tracking members using additional accounts to back up an argument, mislead other users or evade a ban. If we’re made aware that you use additional accounts, we will disable these accounts and apply any relevant infractions to your main account.

Members sharing an additional, single PokéCommunity account must be transparent about which member is using the account at any one time. These accounts should have some purpose, whether it's representing a separate web site or sharing a blog.

Family members or users who share a household with more than one person are allowed to have more than one account.


Your “signature” appears at the end of every post you make and is a space to make your own, within reason. Overbearing, excessively sized signatures can adversely ruin the experience and remove the focus from the actual posts, so there are rules to keep signatures in line.

  • The content of signatures should not exceed 600 pixels in width or 350 pixels in height.
  • Content in your signatures should not exceed 2 MB in size.
  • YouTube videos cannot be embedded into signatures.
  • Your signature may not link to Pokémon GO cheats of any kind, including but not limited to coin or Poké Ball generators. Such cheats may be malicious and therefore unsafe to download. Using them can also result in a permanent ban on Pokémon GO accounts. If these links are seen in signatures they will be promptly removed.
  • [spoiler] tags are not allowed in signatures.
  • CSS width in percentages is not permitted. It should be noted that all staff members have the ability to view the code in your signature, and if it's found to have a width% value, it will be disabled.

Interpretations and Exceptions

Only the PokéCommunity staff may determine whether a rule has been broken and what corrective action is needed. We realise that this isn’t always clear-cut, and may choose to make exceptions at any time. How the rules are interpreted and what exceptions apply are left to the discretion of the staff.

If you don’t agree with how the rules have been interpreted, follow the process for disputing a moderator’s decision.

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