The PokéCommunity consists of a mix of people from all over, from Pokémon enthusiasts to competitive battlers, budding artists to game designers, or just people who want to come to a great place to chat. To maintain this community, we’ve constructed the PokéCommunity Rules for all members to abide by.

To enforce these rules, we’ve handpicked a team of voluntary staff who, like you, are here to enjoy the community and have a nice chat, and also help promote the areas they run. The staff are here to assist you if you need anything, but are also here to keep the order and deal with any violations to our rules.

The moderation team cannot possibly review every single post in their respective areas, however. That’s where you come in. To help us better the community, you can assist us by:

Moderation Process

Where action must be taken, staff may respond by doing any of the following:

  1. Moderation comments in threads (“intervention”)
  2. Deleting posts
  3. Closure or deletion of threads
  4. Warnings and infractions
  5. Bans

If you have any issues with decisions made by the staff, follow the dispute resolution process.

Types of Moderators

The moderation team at the PokéCommunity consists of:

The current moderation team and their contact information may be viewed at any time from the Forum Staff page.

Dispute Resolution

You may not necessarily agree with a decision taken by a moderator. If you feel you've been unfairly infracted or an issue in a thread has been improperly handled, you may raise the issue with that particular moderator by sending them a message.

If you choose to dispute an issue with a staff member, please do so civilly. Resorting to abusive language or harassing staff members will lead to further action being taken. Moderators are to respond to all issues in a civil manner themselves.

Should you be unable to resolve any issues you may have with a moderator, send a message to an Administrator. Note that any decisions made by an Administrator are final.


If particular posts require moderator attention, you can help us by pointing us in the way of those posts in question. You can do this by clicking the report button for that particular post. All you have to do is write a reason as to why you feel the post requires attention.

Once the post is reported, the moderators will be able to view the report in a dedicated reports page. For each report, moderators will be able to view information such as the content of the reported post, the person who reported the post, and the reason for the report. The number of reports we receive help us sort out which issues require urgent attention.

Moderators handle each report seriously, and will take appropriate action where they believe it's needed.


Moderators reserve the right to post a moderation comment about any issues they have with a thread. Most times, moderators will intervene if there is an argument between members in a thread and it causes the topic to derail, or will intervene when members break minor rules. Please take care to follow the advice of moderators at all times.

Intervention is the middle-ground step between warnings or infractions, when a moderator deems it unnecessary to issue a warning or infraction. Be sure to keep the moderator's comments in mind so that you know what you can and can't do.

Freedom of Expression

We apply the rules where they're relevant — your posts, and by extension, your speech, on private spaces such as the PokéCommunity are not constitutionally protected and may be removed if they break the rules or violate our Services Agreement.

Deleting Posts

Posts are typically deleted if they run afoul the community rules or the rules of the area where the thread or post are located. If you disagree with the reason your post was deleted, you may contact the moderator who has deleted your post.

Thread Closure or Removal

Threads may be closed by a moderator for any of the following reasons:

We delete threads if they grossly breach the PokéCommunity rules or appear to be advertising.

Infractions System

The PokéCommunity has an Infractions system for dealing with members who consistently break our rules. If you break rules or ignore interventions, you may be given either a warning or an infraction as a result.

The Infractions system runs on a system of points and the amount of infractions you receive. The points you may receive will vary depending on the severity of rule broken. If you accumulate enough infractions or infraction points, you will be banned from the community, and will be unable to post. Some areas may also impose additional infractions, so please read the rules for those areas for any infractions that may apply.

For first offenses, you may receive a warning.

This is more of a cautionary message and does not award you any infraction points. It is usually given before an infraction and may be given in tandem with an intervention. This is often referred to as a yellow card.

You will receive an infraction for serious offenses or consistently breaking rules.

Infractions, also known as red cards, each have infraction points associated with them. Most infractions will expire after a given amount of time, but the number of infractions you have will continue to count.

Whenever you've received a warning or infraction, you’ll receive a private message listing the infraction, the reason you were infracted, and the offending post (if applicable). You can check your infractions or warnings under the Infractions tab in your profile.

Infraction times will stack. If you receive a second infraction for the same offense, the time remaining for that most recent infraction will be added to the the time it takes for the new infraction to expire. For example, if you break a rule and are given a “behavioral offense” infraction (which lasts six months) and it expires in three months, and accumulate a new behavioral offense infraction, those three months will be added to the six months for the new infraction.

If you disagree with an infraction you’ve received, you must bring it up with either the moderator that awarded the infraction, or a higher staff member (see Dispute Resolution). This is to be done via private messaging with those parties—threads or posts discussing infractions or bans will be removed.

Overturned infractions are marked as “reversed” and do not count towards your infraction total.

Infractions do have bearing on your account status, as they may lead to a ban.


There are various reasons we may ban an account from the community, most commonly through receiving too many infractions. Through the infractions system, we may ban your account if you accumulate the following number of cards or points, whichever comes first:

Bans based on number of infraction points

If the total number of active (non-expired) infractions exceed the following numbers, your account will be banned for the times shown below:

  • If you earn up to or have exceeded 9 infraction points, your account will be banned for two weeks.

  • Earning 12 points or more will result in your account being banned for a further three weeks.

  • Earning 15 points or more will result in your account being banned for one month.

  • You will be banned indefinitely if you accumulate 18 points or more.

Bans based on accumulating infractions

While red cards lose their point value, the number of infractions you earn will still count towards a ban. If you earn the following number of red card infractions and these infractions have not been reversed, your account will be banned for the specified times:

  • If you have received 5 infractions or more, regardless of expiry, your account will be banned for two weeks.

  • If you receive at least 9 infractions, your account will be banned for one month.

  • Receiving 13 red cards or more, whether expired or not, will result in your account being banned indefinitely.

Note: Bans do not duplicate. For example, if you receive 12 infraction points at the same time you receive 5 cards, you will still only be banned for two weeks.

Other bans

We may ban accounts for the following reasons:

Appealing a ban

If your account has been banned, you have the recourse of submitting an appeal via the Ban Appeals area, which will only appear while your account is banned. This allows you to communicate with and discuss your infractions and resultant ban with the PokéCommunity staff.


The matters involving a member's infractions and bans are kept between that member and the PokéCommunity staff. This information is generally not disclosed to third-parties. If you wish for more information on a previous ban or infraction, follow the Dispute Resolution process. The PokéCommunity staff will not respond to requests for information on a ban in public sections.

Joining the PokéCommunity staff

The PokéCommunity select staff members for discussion areas on an invite-only basis. This is based on criteria such as:

Some areas of the PokéCommunity, such as PokéCommunity Daily and the Social Media Team, may also accept applications. We occasionally announce when applications are open for these areas.