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    Bruno should be up there, he was in two elite fours! He really should've evolved that Onix though like in my fic...

    Hoo hah! Bruno is my top fave. He's muscular and hot but he's not a lame-brain... in the anime he was smart and knowledgable about Pokemon. And when you defeat him in GSC, he keeps his speech short. But best of all, Bruno trains my favorite Pokemon type and has my favorite Pokemon in his team (Hitmonchan). It's too bad in GSC the elite's levels were so low and most of his Pokemon have low HP that he was easy to beat. REALLY needed a Steelix.

    I also like Koga. Back in the RBY days I was obsessed with ninja, so when I found out there was a ninja gym leader I was excited. But his team was not that great looking and weren't swift like a team a ninja should have. It was because of Koga I made up my Ninjami Pokemon line (they were poison/fighting, but when Dark types were introduced I made the final form dark/fighting). In GSC I found it even more amazing that of all gym leaders the game chose Koga to become an elite (and his new Crobat was impressive).

    Even though I'm not crazy about them, I like making Lance and Steven lovers XD